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Review OnePlus 8 Pro: Finally a Flagship!

hey what’s up individuals mkbhd right here we’re back and also yeah you got me i have actually been utilizing the oneplus 8 professional daily for regarding 2 weeks now and also i obtained ta claim they did it they ultimately did it they just went on and made a flagship like a bonafide complete sensation front runner phone finally …

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Review Camera OnePlus 8 vs Pro Full Photo & Video Tests

I don’t know if you’ve seen my foot 1 + 8 vs 1 + 8 Pro comparison is that the 1 + April is a beefy version of the standard model in most respects and one of those areas that has been a big improvement is the camera tech can as you can see the base 1 plus it comes …

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Review OnePlus 8 Worth that price boost?

you’ve got a can of feel sorry for the one plus it really launching alongside the superior one plus eight pro all of those headlines have definitely been nicked by its bigger beefier brother with that snazzy upgraded camera tech and it’s fancy 120 Hertz display and it’s la-dee-da wireless charging support bloody show-off but definitely do not sleep on …

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