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OnePlus 7: Way Under the Radar!

hey what is up individuals mkbhd below and this is the oneplus 7 not the oneplus 7 pro the oneplus 7 it’s that phone that you might have neglected existed however if you understand anything about oneplus phones it became quite familiar rather quick so we had the oneplus 7 pro currently i’ve raved concerning this phone as well as …

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OnePlus 7 Pro vs OnePlus 6T Serious upgrade!

hello are you beautiful person you this is Chris from Texas Bert and I’m here with a fresh new one plus seven prom we’re gonna do a full side by side with the last generation one plus 60 to see if 60 owners should consider an upgrade to the 7 probe cause the pro on the title should give you …

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OnePlus 7T Pro vs OnePlus 7 Pro What’s changed?

along that you ravishing person you this is Chrisman to expert I’m here with a fresh new 1 + 7 t pro only just launching right now for this video she’ll be gone live just as Pete Lau wriggles is way off stage the dual side by side with the original 1 + 7 pro launched earlier in 2019 the …

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