Are Smartphone Notches That Bad??

everyone Tim Schofield here and as you can tell I get a ton of comments talking about notches on smartphones even if the video has nothing to do with design of a specific phone people are still gonna come out whether or not they like the notch on their smartphone and I do have to say 2018 is definitely the year of the notches so many smartphone manufacturers decided to use that design language of a notch in their flagship phone now I’d like to take a look at the phones from this year and see creative ways that companies have decided to not include a notch in their phone also take a look at upcoming phones to see if that knotch trend is something that’s going to continue or if it’s something that will die out drop a comment let me know if you’d like for it to die out if you really don’t like the notches if you like them love to hear from you guys let’s get started now if you’re wondering what a match is normally the display of a phone is a

perfect rectangle however on some phones towards the middle top you will see kind of a cutout towards the top where the screen continues up the right and left hand side however there is a black cutout towards the top for that front-facing camera and sensors as well I would like to begin talking about Apple and the notches they were the ones that included it in the iPhone 10 however they’re newer models that they came out with all year in 2018 the iPhone 10’s the iPhone 10’s Macs and the iPhone 10 are all had notches now the main reason for this is because Apple solely has face unlocked face ID on their phones instead of a fingerprint scanner and to be completely honest Apple is just doing away with the fingerprint scanner they are going to continue to improve upon their face ID technology so when it comes to Apple devices I think in the near future you can potentially expect to see notches on all phones in 2019 essentially because they need all of those sensors to make their face unlock so secure and work exactly

how it should if you’re looking to buy an Apple device without a notch you will have to go all the way back to the iPhone 8 to get one and then of course there is the Android side where you have so many smartphone manufacturers that there are so many different designs for phones which makes Android so great because so many manufacturers can develop phones and you can pick and choose what you want in a phone companies like Google LG Huawei and one-plus went all-in with the notch and had a flagship phone with the National they did look a little bit different LG and the Google pixel 3xl had very prominent notches on their phones the wah whee-wah way mate 20 pearl also had a notch as well now some of the notches weren’t as obtrusive the 1 plus 6 1 plus 60 had a water drop notch along with that mate 20 which gave it a much better look and didn’t take up nearly as much space now Google gave you an option if you wanted a notch or not get the pixel 3xl if you want the notch if you don’t like the Knights you’re gonna have to sacrifice size and get a smaller pixel 3 and you sacrifice bad life or you could go the route of Samsung phones and in their flagships they have really stuck to their roots they have not included a

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knotch they have included a headphone jack in their flagships as well with the s9 s9 + and galaxy note 9 now the s9 and the note 9 both have very minimal bezels however up at the top there is a black bar as opposed to there being a notch and I still think both of those phones look great not having a notch you can also go the route of the razor phone – and have very large bezels however you have very good front-facing stereo speakers now this next phone I’d like to talk about is nearly bezel is right here and has one of the cooler ways to unlock your phone using face unlock so watch this if i go ahead and swipe up to unlock my phone it unlocked the phone and you saw a bit of a mechanism pop up and down now the find X is a pose solution to getting rid of the knotch and you will notice on the back of the phone there’s no camera and on the front of the phone there is no camera because both of them are within the phone now let’s go ahead and show off a closer look at that face unlock now let’s try a better angle here so if i unlock the phone it pops up and slides back down so it will only raise up

when that camera gets activated so if I open up that camera app you will see it will stay up for me I can go ahead and take a shot and then if I back out of the camera app it will slide back down motorola also decided they were just not going to have a notch on their phones and low key motorola makes some of the better devices out there at the price point that they’re at so now let’s talk about the future of phones in 2019 and my prediction is that 2019 is going to be the year of the cut out so not the nut I think the transition is actually going to happen or there’s going to start being a cutout in the display so of course the big phone coming out early on is the Galaxy S ten from Samsung and there have been a ton of leaks already about it but realistically what’s going to happen is there’s going to be a

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small cutout in the display for that front-facing camera and even potentially two cutouts for a dual camera system now unlike Apple the main on unlocking Android phones is with your fingers and Qualcomm actually developed a way with their processors to have a full-screen fingerprint unlock and since that’s the case there are a lot less sensors needed on the front of the phone now whereas Apple needs all those sensors to keep up their top-of-the-line face unlock don’t get me wrong Apple does face unlock the best but they do need a decent amount of sensors for that whereas on Android it does have face unlock but it’s not as secure and it’s not as consistently quick as APIs so that’s just my opinion on the future of phones I could completely be wrong but I think 2019 is gonna be the year of the cutout and the in display fingerprint scanner now I’d also like to give you guys my opinion on the notch itself specifically because I’ve used so many phones with notches without notches and when it comes down to it overall I do get used to it having a notch it doesn’t really bother me when I just look at the phone however functionally there’s times when I get really annoyed by it specifically when I have notification icons on Android I love notification icons however there’s such limited space in the corner you

can’t have that many which is a nuisance also when watching fullscreen videos it just cuts into the content and playing full-screen games that not just gets kind of annoying now realistically I don’t mind the water drop not nearly as much as a full-on match I think that was a great kind of workaround to the full notch but of course then you just kind of sacrifice space for any face unlock sensors added security that you would like to add or of course you could go the route of hiding all of your cameras inside your phone and have it pop up only when you need it so there’s specific workarounds to the knotch I think overall it will start to get phased out transitioning to the cutout and then from there we’ll see kind of what happens so overall that’s some I definitely want to talk about the notch kind of wanted to recap a lot of phones this year upcoming is my top favorite phones and top favorite budget phones so be sure to click that subscribe button so you’re notified when I drop those hopefully you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up if you do and as always guys thank you very much

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