Review Huawei P30 Pro!

everyone Tim Schofield here it’s time for my huawei p30 Pro review the latest phone from Huawei now I hope you enjoyed that intro I actually partnered with epidemic sound that has licenses for music that I can actually use in my videos so as you can hear in the background I have some music going I’m gonna start incorporating more of that into my videos so hopefully you enjoy it if you like that intro just drop a comment let me know what you think any feedback is actually welcome now if you’re interested in trying out epidemic sound I will post a link in the description for a free trial if you want to kind of check out some of the music they have anyways let’s go ahead and get into the review now I was actually in Paris for the launch of the p3 Pro so I’ve been using it for some time now even accidentally cracked it as well so I’ll talk about that in just a second but let’s go ahead and start talking about design of this phone first things first let’s go ahead

and talk about the color of this phone now this is actually one of my favorite colors I’ve ever used on a phone while wheeze design team over the past two three years has done an incredible job coming up with some very unique colors that also look really great and also have a gradient depending on how the light actually hits the phone taking a close look you’ll see a very flat bottom where the SD card and expandable storage slot is however it’s a proprietary huawei card so you’ll need to buy one separate it is not microSD one single firing speaker which is kind of a bummer I’m someone that likes to listen to audio out of my phone so it is one directional and of course just pretty average sound quality it doesn’t get fairly loud I just wish it was stereo on the right side of the phone you’ll see the power and volume rockers power button is a little bit of orange to it which I’m a big fan of again shout out to their design team for just adding little things there’s also a bit of a texture difference there’s an indent here which you can feel and kind of feel the difference between the two buttons now up towards the top there is an IR blaster so I do control my family room and bedroom TV with this phone actually comes in handy quite a bit and this phone does have very minimal bezels it does have a curved side which some people like some people don’t I do like how the content does spill off the display

myself but it does make for some more thin sides to the phone now up towards the top you do have a notch that has not gone away in 2019 very small notch granted but there is one the p30 Pro does have a glass back which will accumulate a good amount of fingerprints like most glass backs – I also want to make note this is a fairly slippery phone so if you set this on maybe some sort of angled surface it will probably slide off so just kind of make note of that if you sit on your couch with any sort of incline to it it’s definitely going to start sliding off of it this phone does have an IP 68 rating for water resistance and dust resistance just in case any accident happens and of course with the glass back you get wireless charging but not only do you get wireless charging you also get the reverse wireless charging right there so you can go ahead and set other wireless charging devices on the back of it to share the charge now if you look in the top corner of my phone you will actually see a bit of a cracked and I’m honestly surprised how small it is what ended up happening was my shorts had a hole in it but not at the bottom of the pocket it was actually the lining of the pocket itself that had a big gap in it so when I put it in my pocket it wasn’t actually going into the

pocket it was just going straight down into the ground and it landed on some tile when I when I heard it it sounded like I was like oh man that screen is cracked for sure but luckily it wasn’t pretty minor damage to it which is very promising Huawei also updated the in display fingerprint scanner which has seen a noticeable improvement from the mate 20 Pro Series this has actually been the fastest fingerprint scanner I have used it is optical so it’s a little bit different than ultrasonic there are some benefits to ultrasonic however this has been the fastest in-display fingerprint scanner I’ve used and also I easily get used to putting my finger in the same spot after using this phone for a while just can do it just about every single time in terms of the display you have a six point five inch OLED 1080p display so it doesn’t quite push that 1440p display that other flagships will have however that will help you save a little bit of bad real life but we’ll sacrifice some quality when watching those 1440p videos and any other content in 1440 within display settings you can actually change that screen resolution down to 720p which will help you save even more battery life if you’re interested you can actually change the color mode and temperature to it a good amount switch between normal vivid or change it on your own and

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also you can hide the notch oops not that one if you can actually via software just hide that notch if it’s not something you want to see and overall this is a solid 1080p display the one gripe I really have about it is the auto brightness I wish it would get brighter in certain situations and then in bright daylight I was kind of wishing that it got even more bright but that’s really about it so I find that I was manually kind of pumping up the brightness occasionally not all the time but in certain situations I needed to moving on let’s go out and talk about one of the main features and one of the best features of the P series and that is the rear quad camera now one of the lenses in the quad system is actually a tof depth sensing lens but the other three ones a telephoto four five times optical zoom one is an ultra wide-angle lens and a standard wide-angle lens now the P series has been known for their picture taking why we even shows it off with their branding and their partnership with Leica being horizontal as you would probably hold the phone to take a picture I want to touch on real quick the 50 times zoom capabilities on this phone and no you are not going to get great quality pictures out of the 50 x oom it is digital zoom but it’s more of a concept and a proof that we always actually trying to push the limit of what you can do with a smart phone camera the fact that you can zoom in 50

times on a smart phone is crazy to me anyone I’ve shown has really been wild by it I was originally and it’s not to actually take usable pictures but it’s more of showing hey look at what we’re trying to do with a camera even five Titans optical zoom seems like a feat to me now taking a look at the viewfinder of the photo just stamping a quick picture you’ll see these buttons down here now if you tap on it it jumps quickly to five times zoom I wish there was an in-between to jump to 2x zoom but if you tap it again you get a ten times hybrid zoom to actually zoom in which uses digital and that optical lens or course you have the ultra wide-angle lens which I would prefer to have over telephoto but it’s great having both because of course they’re scenarios for both do have a ton of modes including a pro mode you can go to more where there is just a lot more even in underwater mode if you’d like to use that portrait and also the infamous night mode night mode on huawei phones has been amazing just takes kind of a long exposure shot you’ll see it counts down let’s you know to keep it steady and you can get some really good shots with it aperture mode has actually been one of my favorite most to use especially over portrait because it doesn’t necessarily need to detect a face it just detects an object and you can kind of

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determine how blurry you want that background to be now I’ve generally left it disabled but it’s nice you have a quick toggle to turn on the AI so if you wanted to get picture without it you can and then go ahead and turn it on and if it detects a specific scene it will go ahead and optimize your photo now with the sensor they have in this lens low-light pictures have been incredible not just with night mode turned on just with the standard photo that you take in lower lights now I’m going to show some of the pictures I’ve taken lower light good lighting scenarios and overall this has been my favorite overall versatile camera to use whether it’s a low-light shot whether it’s a telephoto shot I need whether it’s an ultra wide-angle lens this provides every tool I pretty much need to take pictures out of any smartphone right now now with that being said yes there’s gonna be some cases where another phone might take a better picture than this one however the amount of tools that you have with the different lens system on the back along with of course how great this phone is in dark lighting makes it if one of the best if not the best cameras on a smartphone right now in terms of performance on this phone this has Huawei zoned Kiran 980 processor I don’t want to go crazy amount of detail into it because this phone has handled everything I throw at it again with any sort of

multitasking anything I want to do with this phone the processor has held up over time usually they wait for the mate series to unveil their new processor so you can expect that later this year however of course right now the 980 still just holds up everything seems to fly of course on the latest Android 9pi with or emui skin I have gestures enabled sopra gestures swipe up and pause it will take you to your recent apps where you can quickly multitask if you’d like to also of course if you want to you can go ahead and go into something if you swipe from the right or left hand corner it will actually go back a screen and then if you swipe up from the bottom right or bottom left hand corner will activate that Google assistance you have all of those capabilities all with your gestures as I had mentioned actually if I want to go in to go ahead and go into an app with a left swipe menu I actually mentioned this in a previous video but I wish you could turn off the left edge detection for the back because sometimes I want to swipe over and you see it doesn’t work every time where you have to hit a very specific spot to get to that menu and as I mentioned Huawei has used emui for their skin over Android which has gotten better and better over time but I think that is probably still the downside of this phone there’s still things about it that need to be improved and I mentioned this in just about every review of any phone that has emui on it you’ll see on the lock screen no

notification icons up towards the top no notification right here however when i unlock the phone oh look there’s a discord notification up at the top which didn’t show on my lock screen so I wouldn’t have known it was there a little unfortunate that they don’t have all of those notification icons up there and if you log into your phone and go back to the lockscreen no notification shows up on it so that is one thing I think they need to improve upon feel free to join my discord actually I’ll link to it down below we have a good community there and of course with the Mui short comings there are some great additions that they’ve added to Android while we sure is great especially if you have a huawei laptop as well screen recorder built in but I also want to go into smart assistance and go into shortcuts and gestures because there’s some really cool ones with your knuckles that you can actually use you can double tap to wake the screen or pick up to wake the screen now if I go ahead and just knock on the screen with a knuckle just double tap it will go ahead and take a screen shot for me which is fantastic if I go ahead and swipe the middle of the screen it will go ahead and go

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into split screen mode for me so there’s some gestures that you can use with your knuckles and they work every time for me now I just want to go ahead and give some final thoughts on the p30 Pro now there are some really good upsides including the camera on the back the battery life you do have however you sacrifice a little bit of screen quality to improve that battery life umu I can be pretty hit or miss at times like I said it’s much better than it used to be though and like I said just that single firing speaker not the greatest and also missing a headphone jack you have to use an adapter or of course USB C headphones other than that though this phone has been great I’ve really enjoyed using it like I said I’ve had a fantastic time taking pictures with this phone it’s been a lot of fun I love to see how passionate Huawei actually is in terms of partnering with Leica and then developing just something new with their camera system and they’ve done a great job with their low-light pictures that you can take on this phone so that’s just about everything I want to talk about I hope you enjoyed the review video a lot more videos coming soon so please click that subscribe button if you’d like to give this video a thumbs up and as always guys thank you very much for

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