Official Android 10 Update: New Features!

hi every person Tim Schofield below and also yesterday I just relocated right into an entirely brand-new house so still unloading a great deal of interesting things concerning the channel so remain tuned for that however it’s time to do a video on the all new Android 10 upgrade that simply appeared for pixel gadgets from Google I do have this upgrade set up and there’s a whole lot of brand-new functions consisting of a brand-new dark mode brand-new gestures also so I wan na proceed as well as have a look at whatever that is new with the Android 10 upgrade currently Google decided not to opt for the naming scheme they are just calling it Android 10 it used to be Android sign nonetheless it type of makes pick up that they surrendered on the naming of with the treats that they utilized to do such as pie nougat Oreo all those treats just due to the fact that line is an actually difficult one to come up with so they proceeded and simply said no we’re simply gon na call it Android 10 since Android 10 is out I will certainly be doing a reviewed video clip of the pixel 3 XL so stay tuned for that ensure you are subscribed and keeping that all being

said allow’s proceed and get into a complete video clip on the Android 10 update [Music] here’s my pixel three XL running the main variation of Android ten oh if I jump right into settings as well as most likely to concerning phone right here it is Android version 10 if you swiftly touch on it it takes you to that concealed his Easter egg that they perform with every version this set is upgraded as well as you can not act on it it provides you haptic responses with everything you do you can relocate the 2 numbers around or Android now likewise another thing intriguing that you can do is you can hold on the 2 numbers they will actually begin to spin points depending on just how you in fact push them so if I proceed and possibly pressing the hold on both there goes it starts to rotate currently if you go on and also do it the proper way the old Android hint logo design is possible so I assume I have it all set to go so let’s go on and also move the one inside the line up and you’ll see the background start to relocate there we have it we

have in fact completed this and also we can get to one more screen not exactly certain the right technique to obtain to it whether it’s press as well as hang on one of the numbers or faucet on Android however you’ll see below there we go I went ahead as well as did it not specifically sure properly to get to it yet just if you mess around with it you can possibly reach this display it’s just a puzzle that you can go on as well as interact with and address if you intended to but as you can see it is a brand-new and also upgraded Easter egg and nice that they still have the queue in there that you can turn on another thing there is a totally brand-new gesture system now I did a total factory reset and also it had these two buttons out of the box so I don’t understand if they’re mosting likely to have motions out of package just yet but if you proceed and also enter into system setups motions go to system navigating and this is where you can activate your motion navigation allowed’s trigger it and when we do so if you swipe up it will go on and also go all the method home you can go ahead and also swipe up and pause as well as obtain to those current apps which naturally you can swipe up if you wish to jump back in now if you wish to go back all you have to do is swipe from

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the right or left hand side as well as it will certainly raise an arrowhead right below so as you can see that arrowhead is appeared you can proceed and allow go it will certainly return now you can personalize the back motion if you go ahead and strike settings the particular sensitivity because it might contrast with an Abbe motion that gets on the side of the display so wonderful that they add that option you’re gon na need to play about with it to locate what jobs best for you you can likewise conveniently quick swap in between apps just down at the base to swipe to the right or to the left and as you can see depending upon the order you open the applications it will switch between every one of them you can additionally change back to the traditional 3 switch navigating if you would such as with the back house and recent applications button nonetheless I’m mosting likely to stick with gesture navigating as well as try it out Android 10 also brings a system-wide dark mode which is truly great I have a quick toggle right here or you can delve into settings to do so

very easy simply leap into dark theme and right here it is simply change this toggle on and also off and it that really will alter the boot computer animation if you have dark theme on it will have a darker boot animation whereas initial light motif it will certainly have the lighter boot computer animation and like I claimed it is system-wide so you’ll see below in the Settings application totally various completely dark background pull down that notice tray you’ll see that is dark themed even the search bar the pixel theme that is themed and also as I pointed out various other applications can be themed too that our system apps and also even programmers can make use of it as well as naturally include dark style to their app if they wish to so if we go into the data app you’ll see it has that dark background if we go on as well as enter the Play Store it does not appear to have that theme yet jumping right into the clock app it does entering into the calculator it does so it just kind of depends upon just how these applications obtain updated I make certain a growing number of will start to have that dark style constructed in there’s a whole lot of outdated personal privacy setups if we jump into the cam app you’ll see a loud area only while utilizing the app or refute some of them will certainly also be always enable so they can utilize it behind-the-scenes you can tailor if you wish to enable that or not the cam app also has the nitesite mode integrated in

If you’re in a darker location it will take a long exposure shot you do have to hold it quite still as well as normally it will really function like magic and also actually brighten your picture whether you’re linked to a Wi-Fi network or you have your Wi-Fi hotspot going if you desire to share that network with a person you can create a QR code just select this symbol following to it verify that it’s actually you and you can go ahead as well as share a certain hotspot you’ll see my pastor I just placed in Tim one two 3 four 5 and you can go in advance and link to that Network and talking of sharing let’s go in advance and also press volume down in power at the very same time take a screenshot like regular allow’s go ahead and go right into that certain screenshot which is simply a picture as you can see now enjoy how quick as well as stylish it is when I press the share menu so go ahead as well as push it and also virtually immediately it brings up the share menu which is a truly nice adjustment it was a little bit delayed at times on various other versions of Android so go ahead and also push it provides you a quick

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preview of what you are sharing and afterwards you can additionally take automobile pick and also multi pick other images that you have really handled the phone or various other screenshots and after that you can obviously proceed and select an app so allow’s claim we wish to go ahead as well as choose messages it will proceed as well as choose a particular discussion or begin a brand-new message the next function is something I’m really delighted concerning in its contextual reactions within apps so allow’s state a person sends you a sms message within the messaging app and it has an address in it it’s gon na provide you a quick web link to maps within the notification as well as to be completely straightforward I can not obtain it to function however I noticed if you pay really attention map turns up but after that rapidly disappears as well as I’m uncertain why so I just sent myself a sms message so watch the notice carefully and also you see it claimed open map right there and afterwards it went to these other alternatives to reply to the message so not specifically certain why it’s not

sticking I do not recognize if they need to update it obviously the upgrade did simply appeared to ensure that with any luck will be fixed quickly with Android 10 Google is actually concentrating on privacy they have a committed consent supervisor to see what particular apps are utilizing what so for the video camera here are the applications that can utilize it right here are the ones that are denied it as well as you can go via the microphone phone SMS storage space all the ones that have various consents to your apps if you go to progressed there are a whole lot extra particularly activity manages location history advertisements and also usage and Diagnostics there’s likewise electronic well-being as well as parental controls developed market what you’re using exactly how you’re utilizing it as well as a focus mode which you can stop distracting applications when you require time to concentrate so let’s state you are obtaining a great deal of sms message you might go ahead as well as switch on emphasis mode so it will stop that details messaging Google is also expected to be including something called live caption as well as I can’t seem to obtain it to work where it takes a video

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and also if you even have no audio playing it will record what’s being stated in that certain message without needing information it’ll do it all on your gadget so I do not assume that’s presented simply yet don’t hold me to that as well as you’ll see below inscription choices below’s what it will resemble down at the bottom of a certain video clip you could transform language message dimension inscription design also and that’s just as far as I’ve gotten right into identifying identifying exactly how to activate those live inscriptions there are a lot even more comprehensive features added to Android 10 I will certainly include a link down below in instance you intend to discover more regarding them there is also foldable phone assistance you see a little video clip playing now so a whole lot to come more on Android 10 certainly like I stated updated reviewed video on this phone with this upgrade now coming really quickly make certain you do click that subscribe switch make certain to click that thumbs up button as well if you enjoyed the video as constantly guys thank you very much