Red Magic 3S Unboxing and Giveaway!

every person Tim Schofield right here someone to do an unboxing of one more gaming phone this is the red magic sixes from a company called Nubia and theoretically this bomb seems insane excellent it has the most current Snapdragon a 55 plus processor you obtain a 6 factor six 5 inch 90 Hertz display paired with a 5000 yes 5 thousand milliamp power battery and considering that this is a video gaming centric phone they have points such as an RGB strip on the back an air conditioning follower on the within and also even front-facing speakers so I wish to promptly show you what can be found in the box as well as let’s go in advance and examine out the red magic twos let’s go and obtain begun opening up the box looks like we have our red magic fives right below on the left side I’m gon na set that sideways for just a second continue and see what else comes in package on the right side you have a basic billing adapter it is USB kind An and after that of training course your black and also red USB kind A 2 USB type-c billing cable finally in the left box a sim ejection tool and also just some Quick Start Overview some red magic stickers as well as guarantee information which’s all that can be found in package no I’m additionally distributing this red magic twos so if you want to win it simply go on as well as click the gleam link listed below its simply much easier for me to do it with gleams so click the link with there make sure you register for the YouTube network and make sure you are complying with on Instagram allow’s grab the video gaming phone take it out of the packaging we’re head away I’m observing where it says red magic fives as opposed to an acetate a lightning screw so pretty trendy branding there taking a close look you’ll observe it looks various than any type of common smartphone out currently because I’m 40 fulfilled megapixel camera on the back currently on the sides you’ll notice several points it has a haptic trip activate right there a vent for that cooling follower quantity up quantity down power buttons and afterwards an additional among those haptic triggers on the

Side you have a button I believe to place it in the pc gaming setting sim card slot as well as you can additionally have some accessories for this phone up at the top they still do exist a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack as well as after that down at the base you have a USB type-c slot for billing as well as like I discussed on the front you’ll discover a speaker grille right there at the base and also an audio speaker grille up at the top which is undoubtedly my favorite set up I like when the noise just comes at you and also enjoying movies or of training course playing some games some more point to mention looks like there is some air flow on this back logo design below and also after that of program you do have a fingerprint scanner along with where this strip will light up if you look closely they do have a pre-installed display protector on the phone good of them to have actually added that currently I’m gon na run with the startup procedure and also just speak concerning anything noteworthy allow’s established up that fingerprint scanner so it is just regarding where my tip finger is going to exist on the phone so simply setting it down lifting it on up running via the startup process shouldn’t take as well lengthy with any kind of Finnick physical fingerprint scanner out now they pretty a lot function as they ought to and they are really fast and also snappy I can add one more one if I desire to I won’t for now we are currently on the residence screen as well as first things first I desire to turn this switch because that is how you obtain right into the video gaming mode now while you are triggered you can add a number of various video games you can pick to block telephone calls if you want to the Aurora band on the back and also is really lighting up I’ll obtain a much better shot of that in just a second but additionally seeing I can listen to the fan extremely somewhat running if I’m completely peaceful I additionally feel a little bit of air however you can in fact tailor if you want that fan on

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or not earng or not like in all my unboxings I want to go on and also leap right into settings extremely promptly scroll down 117 jobs for you out of the 128 so 8% is made use of currently let’s proceed as well as examine out that finger print scanner on the back so I will certainly establish it down it does have a subtle vibration as well as it will unlock so again allow’s go in advance as well as put down a little extra area immediately it’s really rather easy to discover for me it’s extremely narrow so my finger will certainly quite much fill up out the entire fingerprint scanner every single time you can fine tune that LED strip on the back for numerous points whether you wish to have them for incoming phone calls notices billing there’s a lot of different ones as well as you can customize the led results that take place so again with RGB in pc gaming those two of clearly work together so you can tailor that on this phone and below’s a check out one of the settings with numerous shades going on that back strip and as you can see with a darker area it will be a bit more famous however type of cool that you can tailor it and also yes you can tailor the fan itself you can have smart change or rapid air conditioning if you simply desire the maximum fan rate going it will actually make more sound when you transform on the rapid cooling so it’s kind of as much as you if you desire that running or you can customize it pull back so it’s intelligent based upon the real temperature of the phone swiping in from the best side you have a number of various settings it allows you know what the temperature level really is the speed the CPU as well as GPU are going for so every one of those points you anticipate out of also a video gaming computer to allow you recognize you can change the 40 shock you can transform it on or off it claims the details games that it does

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support leaping into the video camera application allow’s go on and also it concur and maybe snap simply a couple quick pictures so you can see that shutter speed feels really quick they do have an evening mode too where you go in advance and also take a longer direct exposure shot they also do have a pretty mode which I’m presuming will make your face a great deal softer yes they have the pro mode to transform all the white balance ISO all that good things as well so we’ll have to do some more screening with that said rear electronic camera and total lets everyone want to talk regarding with my unboxing and initial impressions of the red Magic sixes pretty cool how it has a cooling follower on the within for the high-end games that you’re probably going to want to play and afterwards of training course make certain to enter in that giveaway I will certainly connect to it down listed below thanks for supporting the channel I constantly value it I’ll attempt as well as obtain increasingly more free gifts going soon and as always men thank you quite

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