Poco M4 Pro, ROG Phone 5s Pro

so this week pussies regrettably uncle stimulation isn’t feeling too hot and by not feeling too hot i mostly planned like “i m feeling” one of those beanbag chairs that’s been stuffed full of vomit and human excrement and then knocked down the stairs and then sat on by james corden i’ve got a severe client of the sniffles on my brain it basically feels like it is 100 filled with snot i’ve got the worst migraine mostly like the most terrible hangover in existence except with none of the fun booze imbibing bit beforehand but you know what uncle spirit is made of stern stuff so i’m going to pull myself together stop my wine-colored and deliver to you the half-assed tech coverage that you’re maybe all used to by now after last week’s drilling and slamming fest i really am riding the crest of that high quality material make with professional weekly now the big-hearted phone launching this week was azusa’s rogue phone 5s and 5s pro a minor upgrade to the original rog 5 and stone 5 pro gaming smartphones the latter are two more metal beefcakes with a near 6.8 inch 144 hertz amoled screen this time powered by the snapdragon 88 plus and that’s backed by up to 18 gigs of ddr5 ram while the original topped off at a insignificant 16 gigs what a goddamn lightweight you got the usual

smorgasbord of gaming the characteristics and those air trigger 5 ultrasonic shoulder buttons you’ve got a whopping tenacity 6 000 milliamp artillery with 65 watt fast pick approval and that prop pattern supporters a second mini screen around the back that’s probably so much better employment as a eunuch in a brothel but whatever it’s your fund you do what you like i’m gonna be much more sensible and really devote my hard-earned cash on this german kurasu statuette a snippet exactly 215 of your british pounds that unquestionably seems like a good deal right my pate is so full of mucus that i can’t really belief anymore the coming week we likewise visualized a lot of leakages ahead of the fresh poco m4 pro launch which is happening next tuesday and the openings seem to confirm our thoughts that it is essentially only a rebranded redmi memorandum 11.

That 6.6 inch ips screen athletics a central selfie cam orifice while around back you’ve got a plastic finish and a proper large-scale boy camera watch living a dual lens setup that’s a 50 megapixel primary shooter and an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle effort so same as the redmi notation 11 a dimensionally 810 chipset most likely leads the shot on the poco m4 pro uh and you’ve got 5000 milliamp artillery hopefully given all-day play you could also expect the poco m4 pro to cost under 200 quid very bulgarianism i necessitate with that kind of hot saving perhaps i’ll buy two of those kurasu statues and i’ll hopefully “ve brought you” some sizzling pocket act next tuesday that was too fervent and azusa has been a proper busy little beaver this week not just launching those swindler funds but likewise the fresh brand-new vivo work 13 slate oled looks like it could be strong competition for the likes of the microsoft skin-deep invoices and according to asus this is the world’s firstly 13.3 inch oled spaces detachable laptop is it a tablet is it a laptop it’s murderou both amazing you got support for the azus confine 2.0 stylus which is very stylist-like that detachable keyboard is pretty exhaustive you’ve got all the

function keys and all that kind of good trash now full hd screen assists a bit dolby vision action there’s lots of wavy graphs now to show how it’s really good it’s powered by an intel pentium silver-tongued n6000 but a pentium act blow from the past and despite the skinny build you’ve got two usb c ports and too a micro sd recollection placard book so overall tones rather spiff and hopefully “ve brought you” a full review of that bad son soon netflix tournaments also propelled this wednesday offering a selection of only five entitlements to play via that netflix app including a couple of stranger things endeavours you got shooting hoops teeter up and poster blow so much fun your rectum major suddenly prolapse unless you’re an iphone user that is because so far netflix games is android merely so go cry into your big burnished stupidly expensive residence brick but hopefully netflix games should be coming to ios soon and hopefully that catalog of sports will expand preferably rapidly as well as much as i love a bit of teeter-up action personally i’m just hoping that they come out with squid recreation the game where you get to wrestle with a big fatty sweaty naked dude and a golden glistening cat concealment now before i politely understand a good darknes and pass out face firstly on the studio for this probably just about enough time for the stunning chip of self-harm that is viewer mentions viewer comments um on the subject of the bathroom

based fun occasions by the way uh that shiz is still going on happy happy joy joy kill me now thankfully because i basically slept through the part era uh it’s now darknes period so they’ve all buggered off so no banging or grinding or teaching to interrupt us you’ll be able to hear every sniffle and snort and mucousy glade of my throat nice and clearly uh stuart says hi chris we’re having our bathroom replaced in a couple of weeks please tell me it’s not that bad better come some super strong spiced rum in but yeah i symbolize it was surely a lot worse when we had to get our bathroom done uh in our porky we flat that we used to live in before where mostly this is the only way had the one bathroom so i spent a couple of days shooting in a pail which was charming but yeah rum is 100 a good plan uncle spurt endorses this plan remember kenny’s drinking responsibly pugwash says will next week’s episode be from the bathroom well at this cruel weight it was likely will be yeah um but i wouldn’t subject you guys to that not consequently the particularly

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virulent vindaloo richard says hi chris hope the lavatory is finished by next week’s most predicted video very kind of you sir uh what shade sweet did you are installing perhaps tonight’s 70 s jade green or mocha dark-brown i mean you’ve got to desire that 1970 s mode you know you just got to wonder did everybody in the 1970 s precisely smoke so much that they effectively blinded themselves for the entire decade uh next brendan says the redmi 11 pro and the pro plus both have the same dimensionally 920 chipsets uh yes they do indeed that’s correct uh it’s one of the early rumors and holes that didn’t get it on the money at all hope to actually get my mitts on those uh those phones at some point to do a suitable bit of hands-on action for you lovely um but of course a bit of poco action next week fingers swept so stay tuned for that uh josh says that yorkshire pudding rap audios amazing exactly gives people that stuffed with microchips and sausage and a big bowl of gravy to dip it in i mean that is proper food porn right there i’ve got no desire i’ve literally strangled down some tomato and chicken soup today and that’s friggin it i didn’t even have any caffeine earlier apart from the stuff that they laden into the

many numerous tablets that i’ve been shoving down my throats so my body’s just like what on earth is going on uh donald says i live in hope that some of these companies will make a normal sized phone someday is there any message of any pact machines in the pipeline i i wish me well do i think the only compact one that’s in the pipeline right now is possibly samsung’s galaxy s2 1 fan edition the fe mannequin which everyone was like will they won’t they apparently it might be coming out at ces 2022 now so thumbs intersected it’s just especially besetting that the uh of course a good aged pixel 6 is such a big bump in width over previous generations we don’t even have that to consider so yeah hamster passed customers will regrettably merely have to suffer on a little longer though i’m starting to get used to i’m expending the pixel 6 pro at the moment and it’s fine i’m just used to clutching everything with two entrusts and i do aim everything girls oh god um elise says hoping to hear your thoughts on live action cowboy bebop next friday are you roused for it or dreading it um well i got on it originally i was about as provoked about it as a goose just wait christmas because the original anime is just i entail it’s just gold star you know i wouldn’t conversion a single freaking thing in in that show it’s just perfection and remix because we all know how remakes

usually go but then the creators when shared the commencement of the recognitions of the uh the new live action establish a couple of weeks back and i got to admit i was getting like suitable goosebumps and stuff that’s probably just because of course use the awesome tank theme tune again frankly i could just listen to that song on loop all freaking epoch long so i’ve improved my uh feelings from insignificant desperation to actually kind of anticipating it now but we’ll see i guess our last-place bout of drugs are starting to kick in now so i’m actually feeling relatively method we can get through this we can do it being um or phil says from one bidding follower to another how do you feel about the new book sunjutsu i personally feel it’s absolutely brilliant um yeah i make with maiden i’ve you know i’m really on board with her older trash that was basically what got me into metal you know the fact that you used to have that on the friggin radio all the time uh which was the only way i used to listen to music back in the day i didn’t have a cd player i didn’t have a tape deck until “ive had” like 13 or something so yeah that suddenly got me into that trash so yeah i imply it’s you know i i don’t slant it very often but it does have a a couple of stone cold bangers on there don’t revolve it very often you can already see that

anymore can you don’t tap it on deezer very often anymore shown what a friggin old-fashioned “i know i m” uh pomerow says dishonor the second part of the comment section wasn’t in any english that a 60 time aged could follow uh i i mean i’m i’m 39 and i’ve got a clue what’s going on uh oh an actual uh tech question um shifter says have you been using the pixel 6 pro enough to judge how it’s battery attack previous compared with other flagships uh yeah i symbolize this thing’s got the longevity of ron jeremy basically it’s you know i’ve never managed to run it down yesterday i got about six am floundered back home again at midnight which is probably one of the reasons why i’m feeling a little rough today as well you know even on dates where i’m out and about expending it as a model nav uh for a good hour or two um yeah lots of camera player bit of gaming a little bit of media streaming and all that stuff i’ve never managed to run it dry uh so no complaints whatsoever i know that one particular us youtuber has had issues with it i expect i’m aware it’s just this one chap because that’s the only name that i’ve had touted from people who are

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disappointed with the battery life on the pixel uh serials smartphone so that’s that one complaint seems to have snowballed now into the pixel 6 series smartphone’s battery life sucks um same uh same vibe actually from residence music all night long immense word by the way uh says most of the reviewers have said that the battery life on the pixel six is poor so that’s really kept me off get them i’ve had the opposite uh experience i’ve spoken with quantities of my chap uk tech periodical nerd journalist friends and they’ve all said it’s freaking great on the pixel 6 under pixel 6 poverty-stricken they’ve had no troubles whatsoever so again it’s just as far as i can tell one or two u.s youtubers that most seem to have complained about it and now all of a sudden everyone’s complaining about it allegedly so just goes to show just how much force really one or two favourite express on this programme can really have it can mix mostly clear or break uh something which is slightly terrifying but no more terrifying than most of the world right now to be honest i’d recommend exactly carrying onto your duvet with a crate of the

finest booze you can get your mitts on mostly because yeah let’s just be done with uh existence until perhap february rally time come creeping back on our once springtime punches and it’s not vicious puppy the working day long and now i’m just spout about nothing at all this really is the narcotics knocking in i don’t know what is coming out of my lip i hope it’s not emit uh moving on uh woolly says i challenge you to make a video without saying shenanigans well i’ve already that one up then uh baldi manager says in the early 80 s there was also ottoman which was a crime-fighting computer-generated man now this i gotta say because some of that early cg is just utterly mad in fact they even have cj in the 80 s like what are we talking here is this guy mostly really seven triangles with a smiley face on it gonna google this shiz oh i see so i don’t think he’s actually personal computers rendered but i don’t think they’ve actually computer made him i think they basically exactly swiped a person in some funky like disco attire covered in fairy beacons that clangs right on my street though i’m well up for any kind of 1980 s weird-ass sci-fi so i will definitely try and check that out uh leaky tube says have you ever seen an bout of top paraphernalium i’ve never seat through an entire occurrence certainly not with the original uh tree or line up thing

because i’ve got them i don’t perceive cos specially provoked i find them is about as provoking as kettles like they suffice a vital role but i wouldn’t sit down for an hour and listen to jeremy clocks and thud it on about the latest super duper kettle while richard hammond pretends to laugh at all of his jokes literally trolls my current vehicle best on two factors uh the first being how much baby and booze can i cram into the boot and the second being if we got into some sort of fender bender on the m25 is me and my part genealogy going to be reduced to merely a pulpy slush i started watching it when they modified the lineup and rory reed was one of the co-hosts because i actually used to work with him on recombu in fact he was there until he ceased to begin the the top paraphernalium gig it was ever so slightly surreal going from uh having him sat you know right there opposite me on the desks to all of a sudden being on you know national television yeah if you are interested in cause i most recommend extending and checking out the auto trader uh youtube channel which he helps to uh produce all the content for he is coached the video trash like he mostly was an opportunity to learn me a lot of the stuff that i am aware but don’t hold that against him uh so

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apparently ehrensburg is actually an anagram of neighbours um yeah the somewhat mortified i didn’t didn’t recognize that at all uh last week i couldn’t even blame it on the whiskey because i wasn’t even booze last week i was just down and molted loads of caffeine to get through it all okay only a duet more commentaries because i really do feel like my head is going to burst and shower this entire room with simply puffeds and snot so uh that wouldn’t be great uh goldenism’s truth apologies for completely more that says keep your face on the thumbnails i convey i got it i never thought i’d have people asking for more of my face on this path and last up the estimator says infantile needless superfluous bad language talkative jaw dbs machine gun paste confusion look you can call me infantile you can call me muddled you can call me a baldy short-lived ass all of these things highly very true undoubtedly but please don’t ever bellow me a geordie i’m from sunderland i’m a mackim i’m not a friggin mag all right i mean that’s just hurtful that’s just straight up racism frankly uh the estimator continues regrettably uh you

know what nah there are better reviewers see you unsubscribed all in caps very dramatic uh no no please don’t go estimator please please stay with me now i’m down on my knees i’ve i’m i imply i’m not actually down on my knees i don’t think i’d get off the flooring if i actually went down on the storey uh right now i’m just sort of hunker awkwardly delight please don’t go estimator no i’m just with you off your toddle and frankly for calling me a geordie band for life from the canal anyway so that is uh again i’m i’m impressed that every single week i do school textbooks weekly it seems to be the worst episode i’ve ever done uh so rail organize gravely statute now can i limbaugh under that next week well you’ll have to join me again friday at noon to find out and uh next week if i’m still actually alive and breathing uh what have we got so we’ve got the poco uh lift embargo thing on the tuesday so bide chanted as i say for the sizzling poco action that’s all i can see in the schedule for now i find christ it’s starting to calm down quite considerably uh after a good old-fashioned october well a lot of other red-hot contents to uh spaff at your face as well including my eventually my full in-depth google pixel 6 pro revaluation squandering it for pretty much a full-on month now so if for whatever reason you’re still actually watching this and you haven’t port subscribe ding that notifications bell once satisfy do do that i really am sorry it’s not frequently quite this except for last weekend and most of the weeks but have yourselves a amusing bloody-minded tastic weekend hope you’re all feeling a little better than i am hopefully see you out the other end love you

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