Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Unboxing!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here it’s time to check out Samsung’s newest laptop the galaxy book flex and this is a Windows laptop which will also turn into a tablet with some very unique features I’m excited to unbox this and check it out the trackpad in this laptop is a wireless charger so you can set your phone your wireless earbuds anything that wirelessly charges on to the touchpad of this laptop and it will charge it for you so we’ll test that out in just a second and not only that it includes an S Pen yes like you have seen in Samsung’s Note series of phones it includes that inside the laptop so I’m curious to see what that mechanism is gonna be like to pop the pen out and of course since it turns into a tablet mode that’ll be great for note-taking drawing and others so we’ll test out a lot of that and check out more of the features of the galaxy book flex let’s go and get started well let’s begin now this is the 13.3 inch model it also does come in a 15.6 inch model which is going to be $50 extra now there is just one model so you don’t really have any choices between different processors or different

storage this has the latest 10th gen i7 processor from Intel along with 8 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of SSD storage so right away very cool looking blue color to the galaxy book flex setting the laptop to the side for just a second let’s see what else comes in the box it does have an ejection tool for the micro SD card slot nice it does include that inside we’ve got our Quick Start Guide and an adapter a USB type-c 2 HDMI cable adapter another adaptor they included USB type-c the USB type a maybe you have some peripherals to plug in that aren’t USB C yet and they do have a tool to take off the ends of the S Pen and some extras as well maybe you wear down the tip of the S Pen and other things so nice of Samsung to include these extras and finally you have our AC adapter that does not disconnect from our USB type-c cable and here’s just a look at these stats if you’re interested before I do the one-handed test let’s take a closer look at the Galaxy book flex in

that blue color so here’s a look at the hinge which like I said it does go all the way around and closes into a tablet there’s some space here for ventilation down at the bottom or ventilation and for grips on the corners so it’s not going to slide around on the left side a headphone jack a standard a USB type-c slot a micro SD card slot for expandable storage a welcome addition or just transferring files etc you have one of your speakers now I did say standard USB C slots on one side because these two on the right side are Thunderbolt compatible so you have three USB C slots total two Thunderbolt slots I’m so happy they included these and then right here is where the S Pen is housed kind of nice it protrudes out just a little bit from the side so you can kind of feel where it’s gonna be press in and it Springs out and you could just go ahead and pull the s-pen on out any close look at that S Pen obviously very similar to the S Pen included in that note line it does have a button here for some actions and if you want to you could just go ahead and click this like a normal pen putting the S Pen back into the laptop very easy just go ahead and click it back in now you do have your power button on the right side and another one of those speakers like in all my laptop videos let’s do a one-handed opening test and it definitely past

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that but one thing I will mention is that it actually was kind of hard to get my finger into this opening down here it seems like they could have made it a little bit deeper so my finger could fit into it I kind of had to go at it with my nail to get it open but actually pretty happy that the one-handed test was passed so easily it has enough weight down at the bottom so it opens up and it doesn’t even kind of tilt up at all and here’s a look at the front with the keyboard and the touch pad which also can charge your devices wirelessly it is Qi enabled on the bottom right like I said tenth gen i7 processor with intel iris plus graphics and just a blue style overall on the trackpad and the keyboard kind of cool actually kind of hidden in the keyboard is our fingerprint scanner below the enter key which is kind of an interesting placement usually you’ll see it in a bottom right corner or something like that so we will set this up in just a second I’m going to quickly run through the startup process and only talk about anything that’s noteworthy setting up that fingerprint scanner let’s go ahead and place our finger on and lift and set it down definitely feels like a wide area to actually scan our fingerprint now it says try a different angle let’s go ahead and do

that real quick move your finger a different time each time but an interesting placement like I mentioned I don’t think it’ll actually be a problem while typing more to come in the full review all right we are all set up as you can tell it does convert all the way around to a tablet and it is full touchscreen so you can just go ahead and start using it as you would a normal tablet alright so I had to give the laptop a quick charge but figured I could actually test out that fingerprint scanner seemed to work really well there that was just waking it up from sleep now I did shut down the laptop so I’m gonna press the power button to turn it on and one thing I’m noticing when in tablet mode I can actually easily find and place my pointer finger on that fingerprint scanner so if I do go ahead and need to unlock it in that tablet mode I can just set it down and it unlocks it is compatible with Windows hello the galaxy book flex from Samsung has a 1080p display using Samsung’s cue LED technology at 60 Hertz pretty excited to really check out this display and of course it does have minimal bezels surrounding it with the laptop unlock taking out the s-pen will actually bring up a group of options you can create a note smart select screen right live message show window so there’s multiple options similar to that of the Galaxy Note not only that but of course with using the stylus and on the touch screen it

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should be much more precise than your fingers going to be and of course since it does fold into a tablet there’s multiple ways to use it if you want to go ahead and set it on a desk like so one thing I’m noticing is that the screen does rock just a little bit when you go ahead and tap on it a little bit more than other laptops that I’ve noticed that actually have this capabilities anyways in settings there are Samsung settings for auto booting if you want to go ahead and reduce fan noise one big thing wireless power share which we are going to turn on so we can wirelessly charge from our trackpad there’s also a couple different ones battery life extender battery plus mode you can also really change the display with Q LED color whether you want dynamics standard reading natural professional profile so it’s kind of up to you the different coloring test them all out and figure out what you’re looking for there’s hdr+ there’s even an outdoor mode which I’m going to turn on because you’ll see the screen did get even brighter so hopefully when I am outside I’ll be able to see it better and the S Pen has additional functionality with the button you can go ahead and play pause mute you

can customize these quick settings to a gesture up as a volume so what you do is you press the button and go ahead and gesture up and what’s gonna happen is it will go ahead and raise that volume when I am making that specific gesture all right wireless power share is on with our trackpad here is our Galaxy Note 10.1 may the 4th be with you let’s set that on down and right away is at 68% and we are wirelessly charging our phone through our laptop all you really need is a Qi compatible wireless charging device such as the galaxy butts plus just go ahead and set that on down and the light is on so it is now charging my wireless earbuds through the trackpad kind of cool one thing I noticed is that the trackpad will not work while your wirelessly charging as expected the wireless power share will turn itself off if it does not detect a device so as to save more battery and overall that is everything I want to talk about for now with the galaxy book flex be sure to click that subscribe buttons are notified when I go live with that full review pretty sleek looking device with that blue color and drop a comment let me know what you think if it is something you will consider picking up and as always guys thank you very much

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