Review Acer Swift 3X Intel Iris XE Max Good laptop for video editing?

now if you’re a content pioneer in the rather enviable position of being able to travel for employment you’ll need a suitable portable pal with some serious swagger to take on the role with you so emphatically check out the asus quick successions these skinny wii attractiveness are both light and slight and this here is the swift 3x or to give it its full super sexy moniker the acer swift sf314 510 g is one of the freshest and most powerful representations around content builders are gratified for by intel’s discrete iris xe max graphics while the rest of the specs are pretty solid too but the asus quick 3x will cost you from 1 200 pounds which is just as much as apple’s macbook air i’ve been using the asa swiftx for a good few periods now so here’s my in-depth review and for more on the latest greatest deck please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now that immensity zero 14 inch aluminium alloy chassis is super light at only 1.37 kilos fixing the speedy 3x standard for shoving in a knapsack and lugging around all day and the swift 3x is a perfectly smart laptop as well the design doesn’t accurately burst any convenings or anything this is the steam blue model gotta admit it searches more enormous to me apart

from the very terribly blue hinge but maybe that’s just my general bleak stance although if you’re not a fan of this you can also grab the asus quick 3x in a lighter safari gold explanation as usual acer has manufactured assured that the swift 3x is solid enough to survive life on the road that scrawny eyelid can take some suitable penalty although i did notice that there is some flex around the top of the parade where the panel doesn’t quite seem to be joined properly to that bezel i was impressed by the number of ports on this thing as well for such a scrawny laptop here so sure has managed to throw a lot of different contacts on the edges of the swift 3x you’ve got two full-sized usb 3.2 ports and you’ve also got a type-c port with thunderbolt 4 backing i would have preferred having a couple of type c’s rather than those dual kind ears especially as i tended to use my nature c adapter to actually dominance up the asus quick 3x whenever i needed a bit of additional juice but if you are desperate for additional ports you can always merely chow an adapter on you also get an hdmi port as well which is more often than not left out of ultra portables you could also ever use that thunderbolt port to check on another 4k parade if you want a real multi-screen setup as for your wireless connectivity well no grumble’s there whatsoever with the swift 3x you get wi-fi 6 assistance

and bluetooth 5.1 and both of those creations perfectly anessa also knows how to throw together a great keyboard so it’s no surprise that typing on the swift 3x is a super comfortable experience facilitated along by that hinge which elevates the arse terminate and gives you a sloped setup this backlit chiclet timber is pleasingly firm with a reasonable part of expedition as you swipe each key at least considering how bloody thin this thing is those keys are really nicely spaced out so you don’t get gypped with a single raw return key or anything like that the only issue is of course the usual cramming of page up and sheet down keys right alongside those cursor keys and guess what you’re going to be accidentally smacking those quite a bit now you’ve got full fat windows 10 reinforce on the acer swift 3x you got full windows hello patronize as well courtesy of the built-in fingerprint sensor as well which often cultivates a treat even though i did find occasionally the 3x time wouldn’t inconvenience to actually use the fingerprint reader to uh to allow me to sign in just as it’s doing right here very conveniently on time like you’re saying right there to sign in scan your finger on the fingerprint book but nada it’s a shame therefore that you don’t actually have any face recognition support for windows hello via that uh built-in hd webcam which precisely lived above the presentation and the actual camera itself is absolutely fine though uh you

know standard sort of hd effort you find slapped on these laptops absolutely fine for a bit of zoom in skyping teaming whatever it is you do when you actually want to do some sort of human contact these days you don’t have any kind of privacy shield to completely block yourself from position from that webcam but you do at least get the usual dinky little led that flashes on alongside it as soon as any of your apps start actually realise use of it and i find the built-in mics on the quick 3x did an absolutely fine job of picking up my spokesperson but of course if you’re going to be doing a little of zooming or something hazards are you’re going to be wearing a headset anyway as for the expose well that’s a 14 inch ips screen which almost totally crowds the inside of that lid the full hd resolution is standard at this rate station and it’s certainly a good panel for authors thanks to the high pigment accuracy you’ve got 99 of that srgb range and 74 of the adobe rgb gamut accurately represented so your photos video clips whatever they all appear pleasingly natural the only real question with the screen here is that it’s an exceptionally dim presentation i are available on my research that it transcended out at in various regions of the 300 nits brightness level which is not enormous if you’re gonna be using it outdoors or anything certainly falls flat compared with a lot of challengers like the

dell xps and anyone who likes a bit touch screen action on their laptops well sadly you don’t get that option here on the quick 3x it’s touch pad the whole way but it’s a reasonably good pad as far as they move another more comfortable encircle but it’s perfectly accept you’ve got your multi-touch support and everything as well my simply difficulty is it’s shunted off somewhat to the left which means that whenever i was using that would rarely right click whenever i was trying to left-click and when you’re kicking back with some movies or beaches or whatever you got some nice stereo speaker output here on the swift 3x and even if they are the grilles are shoved apart beneath the chassis i still found that the loudnes was just about loud enough to be clearly heard in a loud apartment even with children throwing the usual lockdown tantrums in the background it’s not the beefiest i’ll give around by any means but for an ultra portable it truly ain’t bad and the good thing is that the precision remains strong even on the top work as for the performance well the quick 3x is powered by one of intel’s 11 th gen tiger lagoon cpus precisely the core i7 1165 g7 and asa has managed to stuff in 16 gigs of ram to back it up as well so not a bad setup for an ultra portable laptop this notebook can certainly handle plenty of apps simultaneously but i did witness a fair few touchy judders when i was using google chrome where the exhibition just seemed to freeze for a split second and this was most obvious

when playing video in something like netflix crunchyroll or youtube and it obviously got a bit irritating and the use of speedy 3x too manages to find a bit of chamber in that compact chassis for some proper discreet graphics as well namely intel’s iris xc max and this is basically are in place to start material create an on the road a lot less whisker rippingly exasperating so photo editing and a bit of light-colored video editing is absolutely fine here on the asa swift 3x nice and smooth but gaming is a whole other fib you know all the names and less necessitating trash runnings absolutely fine but if you want to actually get some suitable gaming on the go you’ll clearly have to look elsewhere i’m talking a laptop stone on a proper dedicated gaming gpu here i did try to play the likes of the original downfall reboot for instance which was from like five freaking years ago now terrifying stuff and it was playable but it wasn’t precisely an enjoyable knowledge even on those low-grade detail positions it was better dipped quite considerably the age-old frame rate perhaps i’ll say only get a good bit of duke nukem 3d on the go you can’t go wrong and for any benchmarking supporters out there the acer speedy 3x accomplished admirably the likes of cinebench 20 span out a composition of 2229 and in 3d mark time spice spaffed out a value of 1778 while in flaming strike extreme we got a score of 24.36 and in that 3d mark time spy stress test we got a successful pass score of 98.4 percent you’ve got the usual coolant fan setup here on the

asus swift 3x which knocks into live as soon as the inside of the laptop starts to get a little bit toasty and as you can hear there it’s just starting to ramp up now and on the maximum level it does get a little bit noisy but good-for-nothing too severe more importantly the cooling system is very effective for remaining the laptop from getting too hot i certainly didn’t notice any accomplishment concerns on that front for your storage needs you’ve got a one terabyte nvme ssd which is reasonably immediate for an ultra portable drive frequently report and read and write hurries around the two gigabits per second mark not one of the quickest around but certainly not bad either but abruptly there’s no recollection placard foundation now on the asus quick 3x which is a real shame especially useful for content makes whenever you just want to rip your remember poster out of your camera swipe it into your laptop and time imitate those records straight-from-the-shoulder across as for the battery life while i certainly didn’t get anywhere near ace’s reported campaign of around 17 hours of use per indictment i found that when i was working in chrome i tended to get around seven hours of use on a charge even with a bit of streaming and stuff like that on the go but of course if you’re doing anything a bit more intensive like that content creation stuff photo editing video editing it tends to drop a little bit faster so right there’s what i think of the asus speedy 3x after utilizing it as my laptop for a good few days there’s certainly parcels to adoration in here some very respectable performance and good battery life and a neat skinny ultra portable chassis just a little bit agitated by the occasional little stutter when i was working in chrome and of course the fact that the fingerprint sensor only occasionally merely didn’t decide to work so that’s what i think but if you’ve been using the eso swift 3x as your full-time notebook as well be great to hear from you down in specific comments below are you invited by the swift 3x or any of the other swift laptops i’ve recollected a couple of them now on textbooks obviously go check those out i’ve also reviewed the dell xps’s uh the apple macbook m1 pro let’ s go check all those out for alternatives if you’re a material make who are required to something slim and light-headed and for more on the latest great place satisfy do thrusting subscribe and reached that notifications bell cheers you

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