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hey everyone tim schofield here and back in college my freshman and sophomore year i actually used a 17-inch laptop and i did enjoy the larger screen real estate however that laptop was so big bulky and it weighed a ton it actually ripped a hole in my backpack needless to say i’ve not used a 17-inch laptop since then however lg has solved a lot of those paint points with the world’s lightest 17-inch laptop the lg gram big thanks to lg for sending this unit over for us to check out and also sponsoring this video so we are going to quickly unbox the 2020 lg gram take a quick look at what comes inside and also talk about some of the features and a look at the design and overall portability that comes with this laptop and the power because it does have the latest 10th gen intel processor inside so let’s go ahead and get started here’s the new lg gram 17 and inside right away we do have our laptop we’re gonna take a look at that in just a second but on the right side here is where a few cables are you do have your power adapter which does have a proprietary slot for charging and then actually this is the first time i’ve ever seen a laptop include this lg included a usb type-c to ethernet adapter which is really nice especially when working from home i find myself wanting to use a wired ethernet connection all the time grabbing our lg gram i’m going to set it to the side for just a second we’re going to see if anything else comes underneath and pretty standard just an installation guide and getting started set up so it’s just about to peel off the plastic on this laptop and i honestly cannot get over how light it is especially considering that it’s a 17-inch laptop it’s kind of crazy now let’s take a close look at this lg gram so it does have a dark silver color and the body is made out of magnesium alloy which helps give you that really light

feel to it now on the right side of our laptop you have a micro sd card slot for expandable storage headphone jack two usb type a slots and a security slot along the left sides where your charging slot is another usb type a port hdmi port and a thunderbolt 3 connection which you can also charge this laptop with if you’d like to if you maybe have a usbc power brick laying around you can charge the laptop with that if you don’t want to use the included power brick down at the bottom you have five grips one in each corner and one in the back center to actually hold it steady when it is on a surface and raise it up off the desk just a little bit as always in all my laptop videos let’s try the one-handed opening test and this one easily passed as you can see i just opened it for the first time actually and it does come with a little cloth over our keyboard so here is our lg gram 17. Here’s a quick look at that full keyboard including a number pad on the right side power button in the upper right hand corner and we’re going to run through the setup process real quickly i’ll talk about anything noteworthy the lg gram does have windows hello integration with that fingerprint scanner that is embedded in the power button which has a lot of functionality to it so we’ll set this up and actually when the laptop is asleep if you press the power button to wake it up it will actually scan your fingerprint and unlock right away so we’ll test that out in just a second for

some quick specs this lg gram has the latest 10th gen intel core i7 1065 g7 processor it has one terabytes of m.2 ssd storage 16 gigabytes of ram but also wi-fi six enabled so if you have a wi-fi six router you can take full advantage of that lg also says you can get up to 17 hours of battery life depending on your usage it has bluetooth 5.0 and 80 watt hour battery and of course like i said 2.98 pounds first things first of course one of the biggest draws for this laptop is that 17 inch display and it’s an ips lcd monitor at 2560 by 1600 so it has a 16 to 10 screen aspect ratio and they do try and compress the body to make it a smaller footprint with the 17 inch display with the display being ips viewing angles are going to be solid also with that 17 inch screen watching videos is really great you can take full advantage of that larger screen real estate whether you’re watching netflix youtube it’s just better than watching it on a smaller screen and then of course with the 1610 aspect ratio it’s just a little bit taller than 16.

9 so when you’re viewing documents when you’re getting some work done maybe you’re reading some articles it just fits more on the screen vertically once completely asleep let’s press the power button with the finger i registered and look at how quick that was it recognized my finger as i was pressing the button it just wakes it on up and unlocks it right away for me and for me being around the house more while working i do move from

room to room i’ll even go outside and get some work done so it’s actually been really nice how light this laptop is because i don’t know about you guys but i always carry my laptops around even when i’m moving from the kitchen to the living room to the family room i’ll just bring it with me it’s i don’t actually like sitting in one room all day long so i definitely gotta move around and when i do it’s nice that it’s not cumbersome to actually carry this 17 inch laptop one other quick note since this laptop is so light you could take advantage of what it is a laptop so when you do set it on your lap it’s actually not going to wear on your legs over time it’s not heavy at all so it’s comfortable to have on your lap for an extended period of time and even though it is really light you don’t have to sacrifice that performance because it has that 10th gen i7 processor inside you can even do some video editing and edit in 4k if you’d like to along with some heavy multitasking coupled with that 16 gigabytes of ram you can have a ton of chrome tabs open while you are video editing you can even watch a youtube video while you’re editing so there’s a lot that can be done on this machine with that 10th gen i7 processor and since it does have intel iris plus graphics you can even do some gaming on the lg gram so of course with a 17 inch display you can take full advantage of it by playing some games i was playing some rocket league earlier definitely a game you should check out if you have not played it before and yes you can play fortnite on the lg gram 17.

this keyboard is backlit as well it has a low and a high setting so you can customize it to your liking or of course to save some battery you can turn it all the way off and it is also very satisfying to type on i’ve actually really enjoyed typing up some emails and responding some mess to some messages with this keyboard let’s do a quick sound typing test when it comes to the touchpad it is very accurate it does have those windows gestures built into it as well uh one thing to make note since it is a 17 inch laptop i kind of wish the touchpad was just a little bit larger it’s not too big of a deal because it’s not small by any means i just wish that they would have taken up a little more real estate with the touchpad so that’s my unboxing and hands-on with the new lg gram it’s pretty clear that 17-inch laptops have come a long way since i last used them big shout out to lg for making a laptop that’s thin light portable under three pounds in that 17 inch screen size so drop a comment let me know what you think about the new lg gram be sure to give this video a thumbs up be sure to subscribe as well a lot more content coming soon as always guys thanks

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