The Battle For The World’s Most Efficient Graphics Card

in today’s video i’m gon na attempt and also beat the most reliable graphics card on the market by clumsily tweaking a much less effective graphics card yet first today’s video is sponsored by be peaceful as well as their new fx collection of items which is basically like their remarkable basic products however with rgb be quiet has actually rgbified their pirok 2 air coolers pure loop 2 aios as well as purebase 500 situations and also thinking about that they make use of non-proprietary rgb ports that ought to decrease the rgb battle and the ideal part regarding it is to commemorate be silent’s 20th wedding anniversary they have actually obtained impressive discounts on these items until the end of september so check the web link in the video description for some discounted be silent goodies thank you be quiet for funding today’s video clip the graphics card that i have actually tested that gives the a lot of framework rate per watt consumed is this little person the nvidia rtx a2000 which is an extremely excellent however extremely costly quadro-ish graphics card currently basically how nvidia made this graphics card was they binned some rtx 360 passes away and after that they transformed the core arrangement a little little bit undervaulted the black out of them and afterwards they were entrusted to one of the most reliable graphics card on the marketplace today which got me believing the rtx 3060 isn’t a super reliable gpu as well as under rising it aggressively brought about the most efficient graphics card so what occurs if we under safe the graphics card that is the most effective graphics card in the world today apart from the little a2000 which according to technology powerups reviews was this graphics card the amd rx 6600 exactly how we’re mosting likely to begin this process is i’m going to drop the a2000 in our testbed back right here to ensure that we can see what our target is for this test

now with battleground 5 running at 1080p high setups we are getting virtually 2 frameworks per watt right here that’s some crazy stuff i simply rapidly intend to mention right here that this multiplayer map provides a much higher framework rate than the single gamer little game that i usage for the benchmark runs so if you see a reduced standard in the benchmarks than you were anticipating hereafter video that’s why and also the reason i do this is since the solitary player gives incredibly repeatable lead to terms of go to run variations whereas the multiplayer is all over the area oh and i’m not only mosting likely to use battlefield 5 because amd and also combat zone 5 have rather a warm love taking place and it would be really unreasonable to the a2000 to only make use of that i think i’ll use gta 5 to stabilize it out since that appears to have the hots for nvidia so with all those asterisks out the method allow’s go down the rx 6600 in below in its supply configuration and see what that does but previously going down the rx 6600 right into the system i had to do some mathematics to identify the amount of frame rates per watt we were getting from the a2000 now i’m no mathematician but on very first impression the rx 6600 might be attracting even more power yet on this even more demanding map are we are we obtaining a high enough frame rate that it’s already extra reliable than the a2000 let me allow me rapidly go do

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a benchmark as well as see and after intensely grinding the numbers i pertained to a dreadful awareness so it feels like with field of battle 5 the rx 6600 is already more reliable than the a2000 which might make for a very unpleasant and also short video clip but maybe that amd battleground 5 relationship is just more effective than we were expecting so allow’s try gta 5 and also see if that’s any type of different and also after doing the gta 5 criteria 2 things came to be clear to begin with we still had a video clip as well as 2 game optimization is exceptionally important to the outcomes we get having stated that allow’s begin tweaking the rx 6600 to see exactly how efficient we can obtain it oh intriguing amd’s chauffeurs have an automobile under vault option allow’s provide that a try oh now um i don’t think that’s made a whole lot of distinction we’re still in the high 90s in regards to power level and the frame rate additionally looks the very same so let’s swiftly do the oh tank oh container tank storage tank uh so allow’s do the standard yet i don’t assume car overvolting’s done a lot as well as no regrettably the vehicle under safe really did not make a difference or a minimum of as far as msi afterburner can determine power draw i after that attempted to by hand undervolt the card which likewise didn’t seem to make any quantifiable difference to the power attract the only thing that took place was when i went under a thousand one hundred millivolts the card would certainly just crash so i set the voltage to a thousand one hundred millivolts as well as after that relocated over to the power limitation slider which unfortunately just allows us go down the power restriction by six percent which is rather.

unsatisfactory however allow’s see what difference that makes that’s quite an underwhelming decline in power draw yet it’s less and if we have not gone down any type of efficiency after that we would have acquired some performance on the 6600 yay consider that we did actually get some more structures per watt currently however we can not reduce the power draw any longer it looks like the auto does not wish to utilize much less than 94 watts so rather of reducing the power draw i believe our following alternative is to overclock the graphics card to see if we can get even more efficiency out of that 94 watts so let’s let’s do that but regrettably the previous outcome was the most effective one i can obtain if anything overclocking the graphics card simply made it run worse no issue what i did to the sliders i couldn’t reproduce it benchmark after benchmark i was simply going in reverse as well as there was no other way for me to squeeze additional frame prices out of that 94 watts of power drill which placing the dramatics aside is actually still very outstanding due to the fact that with that said bit of power draw reduction the rx 6600 is a good smidge more effective than the a2000 in field of battle v but once more that’s with battleground 5 a video game that seems to have inappropriately romantic sensations for the rx 6600 and it was currently extra reliable even before the power draw decrease so allow’s see if the rx 6600 had the ability to shut the void with the more requiring use case gta v currently in supply configuration with gta 5 the performance void is rather substantial in between these 2 graphics cards since the a2000 and the rx 6600 obtain about the same frame rate however the a2000 uses 30 watts much less power so dropping 6 percent of the power draw on the rx 6600.

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isn’t mosting likely to make much of a difference however ideally gta 5 takes to the overclocking a bit better fine so adjusting the lame slider has dropped the power attract the expected quantity as well as if anything we really obtained a little framework rate so we obtain a respectable bump in structure per watt but still not nearly enough so let’s hope overclocking aids currently over the last while attempting to overclock the rx 6600 it appears like the core regularity slider doesn’t in fact transform the core frequency in video game i think the graphics card is practically running as quick as it can in that respect the only point that’s made any type of in-game distinction has been playing about with the memory slider so i have actually maxed that out and also ideally that’ll assist us capture the a2000 allow’s see as well as with all the sliders maxed we have actually acquired a really impressive three frames per secondly which means the rx 6600 is still fairly far behind the a2000 in terms of performance in a game like gta 5. Aside from an extremely outstanding showing from the much cheaper rx 6600 sadly i wasn’t able to do much adjusting to the little card which i’m gon na criticize on rather a secured down walkman to be straightforward regardless it was a much closer race than i was anticipating and also depending on the video game you’re playing you might actually have the most effective graphics card out at the moment which brings me to the end of the video thank you for viewing bye international.

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