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hello everyone tim scofield here and this year intel launched their new 11th gen cpus as well as also redesigned their logo and currently that the 11th gen processors are out it’s time to take a look at the new hp spectre x360 laptop computer the shade x360 is a 2 in one laptop so it turns right around right into a tablet computer and this new spectre has intel’s 11th gen cpus inside huge many thanks to hp as well as intel for funding this video clip and sending over the spectre x360 for us to take a look at and also i have to say in the previous the specter x360 has actually been one of my favored styles in a laptop it is cosmetically such a good looking laptop computer currently we’re going to open up package take a glimpse what we enter and after that get some hands-on of the new spectre x360 let’s begin our laptop had not been the only point in the shipping box they also consisted of a leather bag to shield our laptop i’ll show this off in simply a second currently remember that your setup may differ depending on where you buy the laptop computer opening up our specter box greeted with our x360 immediately i’m gon na establish this sideways allow’s have a look at what we enter we have our common warranty details our arrangement instructions and relocating along is where our charger is to connect right into the wall surface and then

connecting into the laptop now this brick is actually a 90 watt charger as well as at the end is an exclusive connection for charging and also ultimately we have our hp rechargeable mpp 2.0 tilt pen let’s check this out worth stating it includes a usb type-c to usb type-c cord for charging and a pair additional pen suggestions and also here’s a close look at that pen it does have a pair different buttons for some quick activities we’ll dive into those in just a bit and after that moving along down towards the back all you need to do is in fact glide this on up and also it discloses that usb type-c charging port pretty trendy system to really get to it and also because it consists of that upgraded mpp 2.0 innovation you can expect less delays smoother color transitions and boosted reaction breaks of the pen and while holding it it definitely really feels comfy in my hand as well as onto what you all pertained to see the hp shade x360 this is the 15.6 inch design as well as it does have that new intel i7 1165 g7 cpu inside so let’s take a close look at this beautiful laptop computer on the left side of the laptop relatively distinct the edges have capability so on the left corner is where that power switch is relocating along the charging port and in hdmi port you have some air flow right here and your headphone jack and after that relocating along i truly simulate the shade accent that they use on their specter laptops truly gives it a really premium look to it on the right

side you do have a micro sd card slot for some expanding storage space more air flow you have a cam kill button switch which is actually nice to have as well as a usb type a slot usb kind c port and also look one more usb type-c slot in the corner so the corners absolutely have a whole lot of functionality and nice there are usb-c slots due to the fact that then you can just charge your pen in the laptop computer glance at the back it does state shade as well as given that it is x360 it will turn 360 degrees on these joints we’ll show that off in simply a second and afterwards a peek down near the bottom you have a full hold strip up towards the leading there and also near the bottom which i like that it’s not just 4 corners simply for that included grip and customarily in all my laptop unboxings let’s do the one-handed opening examination so it did pass the bottom lift it up just a bit yet you’ll still have the ability to open this laptop up with one hand let’s take off this keyboard cover as well as take a close take a look at our specter x360 while the laptop start up allow’s have a look at the key-board which trackpad is a really vast trackpad as well as there it is the new intel logo design you’ll see i7 with the intel iris xe

graphics integrated so we’ll be able to run a couple examinations on that particular you have a fingerprint scanner and after that up the top below is where those audio speakers are you’ll see bang and also olufsen one other point i desire to make note of desires i flipped the lid of this laptop i can still conveniently reach that power button due to the fact that there’s a cutout right below in the corner so my finger will fit in there extremely quickly and once more if you have actually something connected to this usbc slot there is space for it to go since they have that removed opening up now i’m going to run via the home windows 10 setup procedure and also just speak regarding anything that’s significant as i showed they do have a finger print scanner so you can safely authorize in so allow’s set that up basically all you have to do is proceed as well as rest your finger on the scanner lift it on up in my previous experience with hp laptop computers the fingerprint scanners have been fantastic they’ve been exact and quick now attempt another angle so allow’s do a couple other angles i do like this placement also of a finger print scanner it’s really easy to gain access to once you turn on your laptop or wake it from rest and we’re good to go up as well as all set to go allow’s have a look at the new hp specter x360 and also one point i’m noticing up at the top where the webcam exists’s type of a.

candy striped seek to it and also that is because there’s in fact a physical kill button to the webcam so when you’ll see i’ll transform the cam on it disappears so it definitely covers up the entire video camera literally so you understand that it keeps your personal privacy and keeping that home windows hello there combination it actually has windows hello setup where you can set up face unlock so you do not just need to make use of the fingerprint scanner you can also make use of face unlock allow’s have a look at that remarkable 15.6 inch 4k ips touch screen show the bezels are very marginal hp has actually always included really excellent looking ips screens they’re extremely colorful as well as indeed it is a 4k screen so if you’re editing video in 4k and even just watching 4k videos you can really obtain the most out of that web content something a little difficult to reveal on camera yet i’ve discovered is that viewing angles are actually broad so also when you consider the display screen from the side the photo high quality is actually excellent when it comes to efficiency like i discussed it has the 11th gen intel core i7 1165 g7 cpu inside and also.

this processor is insane quick it’s handled every one of the applications i have actually tossed at it i have actually done some gaming i have actually done some video clip editing and enhancing as well as it flies with a great deal of it it’s absolutely a renovation with these 11th gen cpus and also when it’s paired with that said 16 gigabytes of ram i can do a lots of multitasking and after that obviously with that added ram and the intel iris xe graphics i can even do some gaming this hp specter additionally has a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd paired with 32 gigabytes of intel optane memory so your storage is mosting likely to be insane quickly you can launch your most made use of applications at faster rates and after that of training course your os as well as your documents access is just mosting likely to be quicker general with this 11th gen cpu and also the xe graphics yes i can do some video clip editing however there’s a great deal of times where i simply wish to take breaks and play some of the greater end games as well as you are most definitely with the ability of doing that on this laptop and also general i’ve been really amazed with the iris xe graphics from intel specifically considering these are integrated graphics as well as you might still run several of these greater end video games on your laptop and do not forget you have that hp tilt pen as well as it’s excellent to have since the pen is mosting likely to be a lot more accurate than your finger and also with that enhanced latency as well as higher sensitivity you can have.

smoother changes in between colors get right into more information when you write draw and modify on your tools which two-in-one design of the shade x360 makes it extremely versatile particularly since you can flip it into a tablet and also usage that included pen uh it’s an actually great combo to have and a couple various other modes that you can utilize this 2 in one as well as on the whole the joint really feels really sturdy i have no issues with it jumping when i’m utilizing the touch display when it pertains to that included leather pouch something actually nice is that there is a port for your hp pen to go right into so you can bring that around with you and when it pertains to the laptop just go on as well as slide it on in and also once it’s in that bag you are all ready to go and also it will certainly maintain your laptop computer shielded and general that is whatever i desire to speak regarding for now with the hp spectre x360 like i mentioned this is just one of my favorite designs in a laptop particularly with two in one with the 4k touchscreen display screen as well as the included hp pen this is an actually flexible laptop total it’s great that it’s got that most current 11th gen intel processor with those iris xe graphics so anyways drop a remark let me know what you assume regarding this laptop computer a lot a lot more material coming soon be sure to click that subscribe switch and as constantly people thanks.

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