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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

hello everybody tim schofield here truly delighted for this video we’re gon na have a look at a laptop computer that is most likely better than my desktop computer this is the msi ge76 raider brand brand-new laptop computer from msi including the brand-new intel 11th gen i9 cpu big yell out to intel actually they’re the ones that sent me this laptop computer to examine out so not only does it have that new intel i9 11 980 hk processor it also has an nvidia geforce rtx 3080 gpu built right into it this is a 17.3 inch laptop computer as well as it’s insane that you can get that much power out of a laptop anyways with every one of that power as well as that 17.3 inch display you have a 360 hertz display screen constructed right into this laptop which is ridiculous i don’t assume i have actually seen a display with that high of a refresh price yet keeping that being said we are going to unpack the ge 76 raider from msi take a glance what comes inside and after that of program obtain some hands on with the laptop computer run some standards play some games see what sort of fps we can obtain out of it so let’s start so right here we are msi allow’s look into this true pc gaming laptop appears like we’ve obtained a microfiber towel we have our power line which is relatively large and hefty that makes sense you’re gon na have to draw a great deal of power uh to power this equipment basically and below’s a look at what plugs right into the laptop computer we have actually obtained our conventional customer overview and also service warranty details and also onto the laptop computer appears like it has some plastic up in the direction of the leading always very rewarding before we transform it on let’s take a look at the hardware of that ge76 raider so on the left side we have a usb type a port usb kind c port as well as a headphone jack there continuing on nothing on the front simply a little of a reflection to it if the light hits it a certain way and after that along the best side of the laptop one more usb type-a port 2 of them and also an sd card visitor which i love to see i personally would instead have a an sd viewers than a.

mini sd reader even if it collaborates with my video editing and enhancing process now turning it over on the back just even more air flow uh we have actually obtained a display port out mini show port out a thunderbolt usb c port ethernet port hdmi and this is where you in fact have your billing port so great deals of different ones on the back which i’m a fan of specifically things like ethernet and also hdmi cables i do not actually need those coming out the side it’s a lot easier if i can access simply usb ports and also sd card slots due to the fact that i do not require to reach around the back at all times and also extremely promptly under you have a strong rubber disrobe right here and also in both corners to ensure that it does not glide around and just a little a layout for some even more ventilation flipping it over up in the direction of the top is the msi logo type of a titanium shade look to it and as you all understand in every solitary one of my laptop computer videos the one-handed opening examination which this should pass really quickly taking into consideration the dimension of a pretty much every 17-inch laptop passes it anyways it did customarily now i’m going to power it on for the very first time uh we might take a better consider this hardware so if you keep in mind exactly how i stated it’s type of reflective check this out it in fact has some shade changing taking place in the direction of this strip it’s really subtle and in individual it looks actually great it looks far better to the natural eye.

than it does on cam for certain it’s far more smooth not as uneven there is a backlighting to the keyboard this trackpad is relatively tiny for a 17 inch laptop computer i’m actually type of surprised that it is a little bit small however or else we do have a full-size key-board with a number pad on the right certainly we’ve got our intel core i9 sticker label in the lower left which nvidia geforce rtx moving along we have actually started it on up and also fortunately because intel did send this laptop they really pre-installed something called rugs where i can actually run criteria and also check a bunch of different points immediately this is an amazing enhancement that intel includes when they send review units so simply yell out to intel for doing that and a closer take a look at that light strip down at the bottom so it’s not simply in the direction of the leading fifty percent of the laptop computer you’ll notice on the side here it also does illuminate so a really cool seek to this laptop computer so let’s have a look at that 17.3 inch ips present like i claimed it is 360 hertz you can see it in the bottom left however if you go right into settings there is msi real shade so you can really tune the display screen just how you desire it there’s let’s button to gamer you will not see it i can see it to my eye button when i transform this yet you could not see it on video camera however it is kind of changing the shades around you can tune it to nonetheless you wish to.

gamer anti-blue srgb workplace movie or program setups and you can actually tailor the brightness as well as the shade temperature level to your preference so anyways allow’s enter into screen setups and also i can also just inform by scrolling on this uh this page that it is a really high refresh price i’m thinking it’s 360 hertz let’s most likely to advanced and also it is 360 hertz refresh price which is crazy greatest refresh price i believe i have actually seen on a screen you have actually also got that msi facility integrated in to check your cpu gpu use there is that 11th gen intel core i9 11 980 hk cpu combined with that said rtx 3080 laptop computer gpu 32 gigs of ram i have a great deal of video games mounted we have actually those carpets mounted 742 jobs available still on that ssd allows you know the temperatures and also then if you most likely to attributes perhaps an individual circumstance today it’s on equilibrium you can most likely to silent if you wish to transform those fans down extremely battery individual as well as extreme performance which i would certainly kind of suggest if you have it plugged in perhaps you can in fact counter the core clock and also the vram too so you got some overclocking choices now keeping that being said i’m going to run one of these rugs and really show you the results so we’re gon na do vegas pro here with a 4k provide simply to give you a concept of how much time it’s a video data that’s 4k 15 secs long about 138 meg so like i stated it runs this test for me so you can see the results without me having to do it manually it will.

instantly do it it’s actually a really trendy means to criteria with different programs and also things and also i’m mosting likely to set up a couple video games and also we’re gon na take a look at the frames we can obtain uh on some games so we’re gon na see some gameplay as well i’m gon na let this go through do its thing i’ll return with the outcomes so with this examination we’re mosting likely to make use of the intel qsv equipment encoder with that new intel core i9 processor so not even mosting likely to utilize nvidia’s hardware encoder allow’s proceed as well as hit start and as you saw it goes through it five times as well as takes a min break that’s just how i established it up you can set it up various ways however i’m gon na let it run through 5 times we’ll be back right here are the results of that 4k render in las vega pro you’ll see it is gauged in secs regarding 353 seconds advantage i carry about a calculator in my pocket so it’s just under six minutes to make that 4k file which is great particularly considering it was utilizing that intel qsv equipment encoder love to see that so it just shows the raw power that this i9 actually has but likewise prior to i ran this actually i quit it and also set up some video games so you’ll see some video games right here on the left allow’s proceed and just run some 1080p video games and see what sort of structures we get so fast side note about to do some pc gaming however whenever i game on a.

pc gaming laptop computer i always place my computer mouse know the left side as well as bring the cable television around if i have a mouse that is linked through cable or else wireless no matter however that’s just kind of a pro pointer with the cord it simply type of keeps it behind out of your sight as well as likewise just kind of pulls the cable television a bit so it does not enter your method while you’re gaming anyways we’re gon na begin with some peak legends as well as jumping right into it in the upper left hand edge it will certainly show the fps uh in the food selection now it’s claiming 188 175 we’re gon na go on and also go right into video as well as the whatever is simply concerning right up you’ll see hi whatever enabled um which normally i won’t do i prioritize fps you’ll see it’s at 212 up top left-hand corner now yet i prioritize fps over some points so usually i ‘d sort of modify this i’m not going to this is simply the default setup for pinnacle tales in 1080p so we’re mosting likely to go in advance and queue up a video game and also see what type of fps we hop on extremely high settings all right so just landed in pinnacle and also i’m obtaining over 200 fps around 200 fps now which is remarkable it looks truly excellent um as expected super smooth i mean with 360 hertz in the screen uh whatever fps it is that i’m getting below i remain in a battle now i’m checking out the fps regarding 200. I died there yet at as i was in a fight there in combat all right so right now regarding 170 that’s the most affordable i’ve seen it go due to the fact that there’s a whole lot going on right currently yet that is incredible particularly since all the setups are just about at high whatever looks so smooth right now truly delighted with this really um large fan of the screen everything looks excellent so with i imply right currently 250 fps like to see it so let’s dive to another game perhaps a much less intensive video game i feel like pinnacle is one of the extra extensive games so i know i said less intensive than peak nonetheless i still feel like rocket organization is rather intensive nevertheless right now we are obtaining 345 350 frameworks a second which is insane there we go three it dropped down to 300 as i was about to score that which oh my gosh this is terrific actually since you recognize i have a 20 80 ti in my desktop and you understand this efficiency i really feel like is is even better so you recognize with that brand-new intel i9 paired with that 3080 and also a.

laptop is pretty insane i outrageous that you know manufacturers intel are really focusing on concentrating gaming a video gaming more accessible a lot more available as well as so basically still getting 350 frames a structures and um and also to desire note this is 1080p and just as well as apex i peak the graphics settings very high so this is very high graphic settings visuals setupsOnce more getting over Obtaining fps which is great and terrific as well as pairs truly that 360 hertz display everything display screen every little thing smooth big fan huge this and i and also iRecognize get the obtain so ah i was gon na see if i was gon na score that rating’m sorry guys for individuals just a casual match don’t suit do not stress letYet allow up lots now and currently as well as we get so as always a constantly look full appearance frame rate structure Price limitation everything as well as every little thing set vehicle collection so we are ready to go i haven’t played have not in a while so let’s allow up for a solo game okay video game all right our final gaming test video gamingExamination allow here weRight here getting almost Obtaining nearly probably around Most likely as we land it goes up uh again oh once more i need to require my transform’s just get simply a fight real battle but again justOnce again

under 200 fps with everything set to high right currently which i love to see that i suggest whatever looks extremely great allow’s go in advance and also get in a battle real quick as well as see what kind of fps we obtain while we there’s a person right there i have not played this game in a lengthy time people but this is this is amazing uh regarding 150 160 fps there while i was shooting so um equally as a standard there this is with whatever readied to high once again i prioritize fps over uh the quality settings anyways in video games so generally that is nearly everything i wish to speak about in regards to the ge raider from msi huge proclaim once again to intel really flaunts the power with the combo with the gpu which brand-new intel core 9 processor with video gaming so love to see it most definitely mosting likely to do some more testing if there’s anything else you want me to flaunt please let me recognize go down a comment i wishes to get a full review out of this laptop so once more drop a remark i can run more benchmarks if there’s adobe lightroom adobe after results i can run all these carpets that intel sent over and also really evaluate out those apps to make sure that’s it for me i wish you taken pleasure in the video be sure to provide this video clip a thumbs up as always thanks.

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