Review Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s – The Beast

hey guys this is Nick from technique reviews today I’ll be reviewing the Xiaomi mimics – is at the moment I’m busy sitting in sunny Beijing just a couple of hundred meters from our own apartment buildings yes I live in Beijing and I did a couple videos for you guys showing a reviews on the likes of the s7 and LG g5 about two years ago I’ve got quite a few good hits on the qua wave p9 busted I did and I’ve been silent ever since for that point I just want to apologize because I really was getting on quite the roll and I thought I’d bust a rhyme and hit it with you guys today with the brand new sharmini mix – it’s so anything that I could say that makes me feel a little bit sad as I come to you today after using this device for around a month is that Xiaomi has already launched a new ace a brand new device has all the same specs with an AMOLED panel on it it makes me feel slightly sad because my device was only their top dog for a merely two months so let’s see how this review packs in with our Xiaomi me mix tunics enjoy so let’s move on to the external look of the device we have the beautiful black ceramic designed by Xiaomi at the back on the left hand side we have the dual SIM tray at the top we have the two antenna lines with the mic and on

the right of the device we have the volume rocker as well as the lock button at the bottom we have a USB type-c 2.0 port with a single firing speaker and we have a wonderful 5.9 inch display which is sadly only IPS thanks to charming but in daylight things are pretty good with the brightness set to max so yeah that is it for display in the daylight and a wonderful beautiful body of the mean mixtures look at that back you you okay guys so moving away from this unique body of the Xiaomi mimics – yes let’s take a look at that beautiful screen so this is indeed a five point nine nine inch IPS yes IPS sadly no AMOLED display but it is an IPS display with a whopping eighty one point nine percent screen to body ratio now that might not seem very impressive but what charm you’ve done is they’ve given you the illusion that it is actually more there is no display not which I think eighty percent of people out there will be happy about no ugly display much over this and no need to cover it up but unfortunately there is quietly hefty chin over here and like I said before while you do see the light and proximity sensor and the camera over there it is only because of the screen guard that I do have on this phone it is more like that in reality with a slight indication of the camera down there so with the phone this is probably around the wrist which is eighteen point one percent of the remainder of the body is mainly found in the chin with very tiny Basil’s or measuring it the same around the phone the top and the two sides we do have a speaker at the top here which you can vaguely see over there but might get to some people

because the previous Xiaomi me mix and mimics – did not have that they had the voice recording when you’re on a phone going through the vibrations of the screen itself instead of an its own speaker but that has its advantages in the speaker departments here as well which we will get to later on in this review so when it comes to the screen does have a nice big screen which they claim is an all screen display obviously with the rumors of the new vivo Nix that is taking things to the next level with barely any of the visible bezels alongside or the top and the chin is probably a third of this chin this is quite a picture but like Xiaomi have designed it as I said when you’re using the phone you’re mainly looking at the top of the phone you’re not really looking at bottom of it so when you look at it like this yes maybe the chin might bother you but in other terms I think the thing that might bother most people is the lack of an AMOLED panel so in daylight it goes perfectly fine you can actually see everything if the brightness is on max because this is an IPS display as soon as we put it down to half of that it is kind of okay using in indoors day to day use it won’t hurt your eyes but if you do want those poppy colors and vivid clarity of playing games and watching videos it is gonna have to be up to the top and unfortunately that is going to take a huge knock in the battery part of the video and talking about battery this uses less because it does not have quad HD support this is a full HD plus panel which is only 1080 by to 160 pixels it has the same

PPI 403 which a normal 16 by 9 aspect ratio would have on normal 1080p by 1920 but because of the aspect ratio of 18 by 9 it just ups that pixel counts a little bit more because of the full HD Plus which makes no difference to the PPI talking about brightness as we said before sunlight is definitely okay for this phone even though it is only IPS although an AMOLED would be better and coming into that we also have Gorilla Glass 4 along the top no Gorilla Glass 4 at the back though like then you 1 + 6 but it is ceramic so in my opinion it is slightly tougher and less prone to scratching so yeah that’s it for the display okay so let’s move on from the display part of the phone on to the nitty gritty Hardware the boring point of review videos so we’ll try to keep this short and simple packed in here is the latest flagship Snapdragon 805 which you’ll find them below the likes of all the top dogs are Samsung and LG and one cluster like we have the 845 coupe wifted and Audrina 630 GPU which is what truly makes you display Sean depending on what the display is the mission is of course which we recently got into but yes so that is the GPU and CPU chip of the support

okay and there are three different variants of this mimics 2’s we have the six week 64 gig variant which is the bottom of the range variants you do get most your value for money in that device but 64 gigs is not enough when there is indeed mode support for it is accordion this mobile so I would rather go for the hundred and twenty eight over two hundred fifty sixty meters the 128 gig variant which is the one that I have oh yeah comes with the six gigs of ram which for me is the main Sienna for it my laptop has eight gigs of ram my gaming PC has 16 gigs of ram sixteenth of ram and a cell phone is more than enough that’s why Samsung still thick and algae so stick to the loyal for peds around with six gigs of RAM Barrett seems to be shifting to eight gigs is a bit of an overkill but it is there if you do want the option they can period also comes packed in with it free wireless charger which we will get into that a little bit later but if you want to buy that separately it is relatively cheap and it could be worth it if you’re that kind of person so talking about this phones variants I think that if you are purchasing this from anywhere other than mainland China you should definitely go for the 80 to 50 60 period not because of the storage or because of the ramp but because it supports more LTE bands yes so no

matter where you go in the world Xiaomi have said fact this phone will work anyway if you get the top dog model so bear that in mind if you do decide to pull the trigger on this purchase okay so there is in fact dual sim in this phone actually all three variants there’s awesome so that’s a nice bonus when you travel with me I’m saying mainland China so my Chinese have popped in here and myself it’s important yes but I’m quite sick you know which is nice inconvenient not all for example but a lot of things have different variants which cost quite a bit more if you do what that’s that extra some popped in yet and sometimes they are tricky to find now another thing with this phone it lacks a 3.5 millimeter audio jack which Samsung have kid and one plus F kicked conveniently it does suck but if you’re someone like me I only use Bluetooth earphones or bluetooth headphones so I don’t even make use of it but it does kind of the little converts are packed in the box with all three variants if you do need to throw in your USB type-c port 2 3.5 millimeter jack so that you can use your will why’d your phones or why difference okay so let’s go onto the speaker now the speaker of this phone may be coming in a bit closer to you there is only a single fire you speak over here and single firing speaker is right over there nothing on this side like an iPhone but then again because Xiaomi have included this speaker up at the top here it does work as a bit of a dual

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speaker system and let me show you so when we place five max volume by the way so it is coming through this bottom speaker here and it’s coming through the top two if I blanked this are you can still vaguely hear the top but what a mainly for vocals made so it’s very subtle very light but it is there gives it a bit Madame atmosphere so it comes boost it with all these standard Wi-Fi connections are not anything so that that is quite the list of atheists you have your usual too bad yo so it comes with NFC which is always nice to have in a phone a lot of Cheaper in phones such as the likes of Evo tend to ditch the NFC support because it’s just that extra cost that not everybody uses so it doesn’t make a massive impact to your day-to-day everyday life with the phone for me it doesn’t make too much of a difference I mean I pay for my gas with NFC is used for wireless aquatic 7 at the back which is quite convenient but if you don’t have that there are the means of doing it so it is not there when you need it now but if you like using your price to pay when you go to a shop then by all means get this phone you will have no issues with their support when it comes to bluetooth we have Bluetooth 5.0 a lot of cheap devices have purchased

before – this comes with the latest Bluetooth 5 window which is always nice to see and once again with a budget for it such as this and the likes of one-plus which are flagship killers known as flagship killers they do not come my P 67 or 68 that’s all workgroup certified so do not take this guy to pull with you do not leave him close to it because I that even a couple splashes from what I’ve seen on other people’s videos online is that it does suck up would have quite well it absorbs it quite well and destroys your fire unlike one plus the one plus six which recently washed which doesn’t have an official acute rating but they have tasted it and it does withstand quite well because they have put waterproofing in on itself just without the certification to keep things cheaper this doesn’t not have any water proving the phone and do not take this place to work but I found outside in the rain is okay so don’t stress about that as long as your face your speaker operates a Ray Ray Ray okay so another thing with this part and the most important thing when it comes to hard way is it smashes every single thing you throw at it it smashes all the benchmarks and was actually at the top for a couple of weeks and so one plus released a 106 hardware-wise you could say that this phone has a lot in it and it does get kind of boring when you are talking about hardware he left the fingerprint sensor for the software and the main reason for that is

because when it comes to scanning your finger it opens up your software and the fingerprint sensor is blitz fast so if you see yeah but but but it is fast enough maybe not the fastest out there but it is definitely quick enough it is not made of ceramic so don’t scratch this guy and taste it us but ceramic is quite good so talking about the software the reason why I left the fingerprint sensor is because it also has a function and as Facebook so put my face over here and it unlocks and as soon as I hit unlock face face No okay face and unlock face and unlock face and unlock okay it is not the quickest face weight and it is definitely not secure because it does not have facial technology such as the iPhone X’s face unlock does that actually has sensors embedded at the top of the phone in its disgusting the ugly not sorry that’s my opinion and that obviously makes things a little bit more secure but that is because there is no fingerprint scanner in the Alpha and x-ray this does have one convenient e at the back which is nice and easy to reach so talking a part of this this is packed with android 8.0 oreo not 8.1 not sure why but very relatively similar so with Oreo on this it has Shami a throne on their usual MIUI 9.5 skin onto this so this is all in my UI base this is all Xiaomi they when I opened up the phone there’s not too much bloatware you’ll have your your me app like where I have a lot more

because I am in mainland China and this is a Chinese ROM version of the phone so the cool thing with the Chinese ROM version if you do live in China is it has Joe Vai smart I’m sorry that’s vivo vivo is jovi this has its me AI smart assistant so you flick it to the left and you get all your this is my favorite of my shopping list different shortcuts on how to paste it cancer tells me my football and everything I need to know it also has detailed things on your deliveries and times or linked to your cell phone so the AI works quite well in the software as well I haven’t noticed too much regarding the AI because Xiaomi still have yet to release quite a few things but with the software it is quite snappy as you can see over here if I slide a notification to the right I can actually say hard and then it will say this EPS notification won’t be shown again you can change us in settings at any time so I’ll cancel that because I do you want these notifications but it is as easy as that you don’t have to go tinker with settings to change things like that the settings menu looks pretty much like stock Android there’s no Google on a Chinese drawn version so I had to get a couple apk files to get a VPN and throw in the Play Store which works fabulously well so talking about Google services the keyboard on this absolutely sucked I had to throw on the Google keyboard over here to make things a little bit better and

sometimes I just seem to get slightly frustrated with how things work inside the safe I select this sometimes it doesn’t pop up with the selecting so I’ll do that Oh working now okay say an update that happened last night I was unaware of so you see like that over there now I cannot drag oh and then it pops up so I just have some issues with the Android system on here that do bother me a bit now talking about gestures on the software you can hold all the way up to show all your apps you can close all your apps like that I’ll hold up to show your apps you can go into them and then you can to go back you slide on either the right or you can slide on the left of the device okay so you the edge and wherever you are if you just do a simple swipe up it’ll take you back to home screen so if you go into Chrome simple swipe up back to home screen so that is it for the gestures as well now you also have scheduled sign up mode which is kind of cool so on this software if you press down or up on the volume rocker and you have a silent mode off and you put it on it will pop up with this so always thirty minutes one hour but if you hit settings over here you can actually do scheduled time on so four full days of work I have silent mode automatically turning on from 9:00 to 8:30 in the evening so that is quite an FTA I’ve thrown in quite a few cool things in the phone to make it more enjoyable now this is not I phone but in their launch events all they did the whole time was talk about how they are better than iPhone which I agree and disagree with but I do think it’s a bit

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ridiculous how they go but crazy with comparing with iPhone all the time makes me think that everyone should just buy an iPhone instead of a xiaomi but the softer way is implemented quite nice there is no app drawer as you can see so that’s more iPhone like but it is less like the likes of vivo and the likes of well where where their software has up screens such as this to show you different iPhone things with our friend Doc popping up at the bottom and they are closer to iOS then this is so this is actually leaning more towards an Android system than an iOS system where the others lean more towards an iOS system so yes this doesn’t mix the two but together quite nicely but it is still more Android for those Android lovers out there now there is no notch up here so the thing with the software on the camera Department is when you go into your camera you have to flip it around when you go into portrait mode so you have to be this every time but we will get into that when we get to camera so they are as cool but it is mainly for Chinese mainland people especially that eye voice assist because I don’t speak of Chinese I actually cannot give you any opinions based on that but once you throw in google and here you can get Google assistance which as everyone knows is probably the top dog at the moment competing with Syria so that’s cool but it is mainly for the functionality on the camera

which is still then it comes down to your personal preference on how you like photos so there is a few issues on the phone sometimes with an app freezing and whatnot but it’s nothing that they can’t fix so maybe 5% of the phone there is an issue with the software but 95% of it it is flawless and everything it absolutely smashes into the ground it is bullets fast so that is it for the software Department goes battery time so let’s get into the battery of the phone we have a 3400 milliamp hour battery it is cubed with a USB type-c port at the bottom it has only USB type-c 2.0 so it doesn’t have those speeds when you plug it into a computer and transfer files but we’re charging it doesn’t matter so this comes with a standard quick charge 3.

0 actually standard in new phones but still some new phone stick to quick charge 2.0 such as the latest Samsung Galaxy it’s not a nice line Plus this has quick charge 3.0 which some could say is better some could say it’s marginally better but I rates a little bit better but for sure the charging is really simply quick you’ll get a full charge in an hour and after 2 hours of charging it it is not nearly as impressive as the likes of the oneplus 6 with its – charging so yes the charging is quite quick the biggest part of a phone

that costs the same as something like at 1 + literally exactly the same for the very similar variants it has wireless charging wireless charging through a ceramic back 1 + throws on a glass back and doesn’t offer wireless charging show me keep the ceramic back and yes it is impressive to say the least that there is wireless charging through a ceramic back so while it’s charging it does not come with a wireless charger in the box unless you get the biggest variant that there is of the phone which is the 8 kickturn 56kg model but you’re talking about battery I get around a full 14 hour days damn length Oh going on Google doing some research watching some videos playing a couple of games that I have on my phone and I normally come home with about 20% battery left after a long 14-hour day so if you use this non-stop on your phone out rate you’ll see about 6 to 7 hours of screen on time full brightness lower that maybe 8 or 9 hours so it is packed quite well I mean there’s no a hefty resolution display on here so nothing to worry about when it comes to bed for your definitely beautiful day with and charge it at night as soon as you come back home and that’s it on battery moving on to the camera of the phone we have a very I phone ex look-alike at the back as most Android phones are doing we have a beautiful Gold Room around there with a dual then setup so in these dual in setups we have a 12 megapixel main sensor now this has an aperture of 1.8 which is quite good the lower the better the lower the wider which let in more light for especially low-light scenes we also have 4 axis optical image

stabilization on the 12 megapixel main shooter the secondary one is also a 12 makes a big megapixel shooter but it has an aperture of 4 of 2.4 and that is slightly more closed up and that is because it is mainly for the 2 times optical zoom feature as well as the feature widget has pack ting of the portrait mode which most phones are going for today in use of vigil camera setup which I would actually prefer if one of the lenses was monochrome like as seen on a while way since the p9 those monochrome Leica lenses actually do a fantastic job as they collect all the black-and-white daughter and put more detail into the full camera shot as they do with the comet color lens as well so this has dual pixel face detection quarter fog autofocus and a dual LED dual tone flash which is also great now if we move on to the front of the camera we have a 5 X 5 megapixel shooter okay which is down here this little guy over here looks up it makes you measure there because of the screen protector that I do have on it it has some dust trapped in there so this 5 megapixel shooter has an aperture of 2.

0 so it’s kind of in the middle of the back 2 lenses and it is only in 1080p so the recording is only at 1080p and there will be a 30 frames a second in the front we’re at the back we have a video shooter of 1080p 60 frames a second or 4k but unfortunately to 160 P 4k is only filmed at 30 frames a second unfortunately for that one so yes that is it for the camera other than the fact that there is slow motion but the slow motion is only at a hundred and twenty frames per second at 1080p or a whopping 240 frames a

second at 720p although it is quite a cutback when it comes to quality the double slowness definitely looks great which I will show you soon and it is not on par with the likes of Samsung which is which has a 960 fps and 720p so that it’s quite great but I’ll show you those now so right now let’s take a look at what this phone can produce camera wise so I’m going to show you some daylight snaps then some low-light snaps I’m going to show you some selfie snaps and then I’m going to show you some 1080p recording as well as 4k recording and names end it off on a slo-mo clip so sit back grab some popcorn and enjoy you you you you you you you you you you hey guys so this is running at 1080p 60 frames a second see the stabilization isn’t doing too bad the the highest optical image stabilization doesn’t look too good when you’re actually recording I know for a fact that it looks a lot better once you rewatch the video later and that’s what counts right so yeah this is 1080p at 60 frames a second be cool to have it higher but 60 frames is just as good as any so yeah I’m about to do the same exact video again but with 4k 30 frames a second here we go and here we go with video number two this is now the mimics to shooting at 4k video unfortunately this is only 30 frames a second unlike the other major flagships like Samsung an iPhone going for three 60 frames a second market for care the Sony shoots at 30 frames a second but hence this is half the price of those phones so don’t expect that generally but this is very similar video to the previous one you can see the difference the stabilization is slightly worse because of the frames but the details are impeccable I do think that this looks absolutely breathtaking and to be honest it is now 7:15 p.m.

In the evening in Beijing so the lighting conditions are not the best but it’s the seems to hold its own quite well so if you for some reason decides to flip to selfie mode and you all you want to make a video call yeah sure you can do that the tap of the button on the screen but then you will look like this so Xiaomi sometimes actually indicate in the software that you need look the physical phone around so that you can actually have the camera at the top left over here which can be a proper bummer for those selfie freaks out there or people that just have the general Scott Corum or Facebook or so yeah bear that in mind when video calling or taking a selfie it can get they become a bit of a yeah you know okay method here’s my finger and here we go with the front-facing camera this is only 1080p this is the video recording on that I didn’t expect this to be very impressive then again you honestly who makes a video with a front-facing camera unless you just one of those crazy socialists but yeah this is it you okay so let’s wrap this video up with some final thoughts and of course the process it’s actually start with the pricing so the pricing will be here for the bottom of the range model which is the six years of RAM 64 gig storage units that is three thousand new one now when you convert that directly into USD you are looking at around five hundred and fifteen dollars so that is half the processing time for an X yes it is ridiculous you get almost everything and they boast the better camera and an iPhone X which I’m not too sure but but the scores that they have on camera benchmarks is insane and like I said before in the camera department it does take some truly incredible pictures so if you’re looking for pictures this price point doesn’t really get

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much better now at 3300 you won which is five hundred and fifteen USD you can get a phone of the lives of one of the recently released one plus six now the one plus six that comes in there well she comes with six gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage and no option for my grace in the quads life so it actually comes down to do you want more waterproofing do you want a better camera do you want a selfie camera that is been on a oneplus boys selfie camera where you have to flip the phone around to see yourself here are you even a selfie person do you need wireless charging if you do then obviously this do you want a phone that looks a bit more premium with no knobs this so moving on from the net the price stays the same as one plus when it comes to the 16th of RAM hundred and twenty-eight gig variant and that comes to 3600 Chinese RMB Chinese you want your stylus that is around fifty dollars more than the base version so that puts you at about five hundred and sixty five USD now that is around the same price as the one plus six actually in Chinese mainland it is the same so the only difference there now is that with the one plus 128 in theory you get the eight gigs of ram with the Shami mimics 2’s you don’t you get six gigs around 120/80 experience the only one that gets the eggs around on this is the top dog the the 256 gig variant of the phone but then again that also comes with all

the global LTE bet so you’re paying higher not only for storage like one plus when you bump up to the top dog model that is four thousand you won the same as the 256 gig and kids around 4000 won this one in that sets at about 625 USD on both apartment so this phone cost exactly the same as the one plus six and a lot of people have been very suspicious about the increase of the 1 plus phone so is it a huge increase not really but with this burn the reason why 1 + decided to increase its like is because they are slightly on pop I think that this Xiaomi mimics 2 s and the 1 + 6 are the best Chinese phones that money can buy and it’s just sad how so so it’s such little people actually know about Xiaomi around the world Xiaomi is a huge company in China and not just for this offerings but for all of their technology they make vacuum cleaners and power banks and laptops and everything oneplus make phones and year some people think that when it comes to technology once you specifically design and create only one specific product it will be better but I don’t think this is the case yes it does not have the AMOLED screen that a one customer does yes it does not have the notch which could actually good thing but it has wireless charging it has a more business design screen it is no premium it has a ceramic backing I’m not hating on the oneplus six at all I actually haven’t even used one today but seeing videos around the world oneplus is a huge brand I spoke to an American just the other day and told him that oneplus as a

Chinese fighter you didn’t believe me he thought it was an American brand that just shows you where customer loyalty is at these days technology is a huge part of our world that we live in today and the likes of Xiaomi and one class are making a massive difference to the industry and I think that Xiaomi has ticked all the right boxes except for just a few and for each baby phone a discount caliber for this price point full points for me are eight full points except for a few drawbacks so I’ll give this guy around 85 percent out of 120 so I hope to see you guys in the new near future if you like this video please thumbs up if you liked it even more than a thumbs up please subscribe below I would really love your support and one more thing just a tiny little cliffhanger for you guys for me especially I would like to know what you would want me to review first would you like me to get my hands on the new one plus 6 or the recently announced coming out on the 23rd of June vivo NYX which is the biggest baddest pop-up camera or screen display with an AMOLED panel that there is so please let me know in the comments below which one you would like me to review next I do have to pay for it out of my own pocket so for now until I get more subscribers so keep watching and I’ll see you next time on Technic reviews Chiz

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