Lenovo Z5 Pro vs Mi MIX 3 vs Honor Magic 2 vs OnePlus 6T vs Note 9 Charging Speed Test!

I have another charging speed test here for you guys showing what the Lenovo z5 pro can do amongst the other charging beasts yet we start off with the Xiaomi mimics 3 that is paid with an 18 watt charging block and a 3200 milliampere battery I’ve put these all in order of their battery milli amperes from worst to best then we have Lenovo z5 pro also 18 watch Simmons the me mix 3 with a 3350 milliampere battery which is not too much more so it’ll be interesting to see how that stacks up then we have the Onam magic two with a crazy 40 watt super charge from Huawei with a 3500 milliampere battery then we have the 1 plus 60 with a dash charging and that is a 20 watt block with a 3700 milliampere battery second biggest of the bunch and last but not least we have the samsung galaxy note 9 with the biggest battery but the worst charging block of 15 watts since it’s capped at that all of them are paired with their respective cables type-c and we have the crazy charging block guys this is Technic and without further ado let’s go so I have decided to do this in a method of intervals so I’m going to do 5-minute intervals so if you see the charging on always-on displays on some of the phones and and isn’t changing with the percentages that is because I am doing it on intervals here so the first one is going to be 5 minutes and there we have it 9 percent across the board on the 1 plus 60 mix 3 and Lenovo with 10 percent on automatic 2 and 5 percent on the galaxy note 9 I have set all of these to airplane mode and

since the owner magic two decided to turn on when I plugged in the cable I decided to turn him on then we have at 10 minutes 17 percent on the mix 3 Lenovo z5 and the 1 plus 60 now we have crazy speeds at 15 minutes with 47% almost 50 percent battery life on a magic – just after 15 minutes the others are pretty much the same except for the note down which is lagging slightly behind on 20 minutes we have 33 32 and 33 on the mix 3 z5 pro and 16 respectively 63 which is matte on the magic 2 and the galaxy note 9 really lagging behind there now with 30 after 25 minutes so we have 44 percent on the mix 3 now overtaking the z5 pro but magic 2 is just going mad here the 60 is doing just as good as the mix three beating Villanova there and the note nine is still lagging behind but it does have a much bigger battery so we have hit the 30 minute mark now and 85 percent on the magic – that is madness so I don’t think the lenovo is doing terribly here since it’s milli ampere range is between the mix three and the magic – but the magic – just has a crazy charging block with a supercharged now after 40 minutes the magic – with 94% guys that is ridiculous another z5 pretty close to 60% not terrible here still beating the node 9 though it does have a 650 million PA difference between the two you can see that the mix 3 and the 60 are pretty similar actually rate the 60 is better since it does have a

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bigger battery back 500 mili amperes compared to the mix 3 and it does have a slightly better charging block there now 51 minutes you can see 98% on the magic – that is mad 72% on the z5 Pro that’s the one you want to look at here since I have done this test before but all the screens were on so there we go at 55 minutes we have the magic to charge from zero to a hundred my goodness that is ridiculous I’m pretty sure that is one of the fastest charges out there if not the fastest you have to look at the milli amperes though so the 1 plus 60 does still do well and the McLaren edition with a warp charge is impressive to say the least let alone the super vooc charge from upper which is also mad so you can see here at an hour almost an hour and 10 92 percent on the mix 384 and receive the z5 pro 90 percent on the 60 and hitting the 1 hour 10 mark you can see 96 percent in the mix 3 90 percent on the g5 / 95 percent on the 60 so that’s not too far behind the mix 3 there and 82 percent on the note 9 and it’s starting to catch up even with that huge battery you can see that the galaxy note now with 86 percent it’s just 10 percent behind the mix 3 with an 800 milli ampere difference there guys that is pretty impressive for Samsung while the

screens off but it does poorly when the screen is on you can check out my other video I’ll pop up the link up above in a card so you can see we aging on there we go 100 percents for the mix 3 at an hour and 23 minutes and just after that hard 24 minutes for the 60 it’s pretty much Nick and Nick there but the 500 milli ampere difference I’ll definitely give that one to the 60 but for raw results I have to place the mix 3 second and the 63rd unfortunately if it was different circumstance I’m pretty sure that the 60 would have pulled ahead there but it is definitely impressive for the 60 in that respect so just four percent behind the galaxy note 9 to the c5 pro with a 650 ampere difference with the batteries so definitely the note 9 comes up ahead with in against the z5 Pro the with the raw specs of course the z5 pro is a heavier when you’re looking at numbers alone but not necessarily when it comes to how large the battery size is there so now an hour and 45 minutes has passed and neither of the two have hit that hundred percent mark and there we go we have the lenovo a tower and 48 and the galaxy note 9 our 49 so in first place we have the automatic 2 with 55 minutes which is ridiculously fast I cannot explain to you how fast that is that is

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under an hour from zero to a hundred it’s like 70 percent in 30 minutes I’m pretty sure it was like 85 that is mad if you just want a quick charge and go the magic to is for you the mix 3 comes out in second place here with an hour and 23 minutes which is 30 minutes behind the magic 2 and it has a smaller battery but then again it’s battery block it’s charging block is less than half of what is running on the magic tooth third place we have the oneplus 60 with the 20 watt charging block at 3,700 amperes just a minute after the mix 3 I would say the 60 did a better job in the mix 3 since there is a 500 milli ampere difference between the two phones there so this is impressive but the McLaren Edition like I said earlier is taking things to the next level so expect around 20 minutes less to that from 0 to 100 with their warp charge then in 4th place we have the Lenovo z5 pro over here that’s the one you guys have been waiting for 1 hour and 48 minutes which isn’t too bad at all if you do ask me it is still classified as fast charging though it is not super fast charging it’s not breaking in your reports here it’s not gonna make a difference in your day-to-day life with any of these phones that is still plenty fast if you’re looking for a budget phone remember this phone is pretty much half the price of the rest and pretty much a third or a quarter of the price of the Galaxy Note 9th opinion on if you’re talking

about prices from when it was launched to prices of what it is at now so the lenovo is still a crazy great phone for its value and this charging speed you don’t find in phones at that price then last place fifth place actually we have the Galaxy Note nine just a minute actually a couple seconds behind the Lenovo z5 pro but it 650 milli amperes more than that with a slower charging block I actually think Samsung does a better job here so if you look at it in more of a realistic way you you could actually say the magic – definitely hands down first then you could put this the 60 in second place because of the 500 milli ampere difference with the mix 3 mix 3 in third place and then you would throw the Galaxy Note 9 in 4th place possibly even third place trading blows with the mix 3 and the Lenovo z5 pro because of its crazy huge battery and then you would put the Lenovo z5 pro in dead last because of the milliampere difference so if you’re looking at it from the battery size then definitely the lenovo is lost and samsung roundabout 2nd or 3rd over there but guys this has been brilliant I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did making it stick around for more tastes like this and my final review on the z5 pro I’m gonna do a whole bunch of tests before I hit that and until next time guys this is technic

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