DJI Osmo Pocket – Best Smartphone Camera Replacement?

yo what’s up guys are back with your man Technic your go-to guy for videos on the latest tick wait a second Merry Christmas guys today is a festive day and I hope you have a wonderful day with your families and friends thank you for subscribing to my channel if you haven’t done already please hit that subscribe button for me below would be the best Christmas gift for me ever so today I have a bit of sweet tech food so my wife is being kind enough to give me an incredible Christmas prison and that is the Osmo pockets here it is I got this at midnight last night since it’s our tradition but I couldn’t open this because I needed to bring you guys an unboxing it was super late last night so I finally get to open my Christmas prison this morning and this is gonna bring my footage to another level this is supposedly going to be the best blogging kit update and you can just throw it in your pocket as the name suggests nice and tiny taken with you everywhere you go and get much better footage than you would on your cell phone maybe I’ll never produce well we’ll have to taste it up but this footage that you’re seeing me on right now is the standard my quality and video quality 4k 60 frames per second coming from my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and I’ll give you guys a little bit of a clip from this at the end of my video showing the mic and the video quality 4k 60 frames per second as well comparing it to what you would get on your phone because I don’t think this is a GoPro replacements as much as it is a cell phone camera replacement it’s to upgrade every software camera off a so you don’t have to worry about the cameras on your phones you can just focus on the other good features about it and just plug this in on your phone if all footage you need throw this in your pocket and you’re good to go so guys this is the

husband pocket and without further ado let’s go let’s unbox this guy the DJI Osmo pocket there’s not too much in the box here guys but that is the simplicity of this just nice and elegant there’s not much that needs to come with it to highlight the main product so this is a close-up of the Osmo pocket in this little box let’s leave that little guy for the lost and take this out okay so it looks like we have a little carrying case over here and some goodies on the inside so let’s have a look to the side so now we have a little hand strap over here and from what I have seen on other videos this is not for the Osmo pocket itself it’s actually for the carry case so if you have a lug there that’s where it goes so it tips on the top over there instead of the Osmo that’s a bit dumb if you ask me because I don’t really need to hold the carry case when I have my husband but then again at least my carry

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case can just hang on the wrist while I’m busy taking footage of Mars Moon I can easily put it back off there so put that to the side there we’ve got some papers over here telling you how to use it and maybe some tips there’s one in English it too that’s great for a bunch of different languages and then we have some goodies in here which we’re gonna need so I may as well take them out first is going to be the USB type-c charging port over here thank goodness they brought this if they didn’t I doubt anyone would have gone for it if it had a micro USB so you can also charge this guy using your power bank which is so great and any all your cell phones are going to be compatible with this as well if you have a new one since in this box we have a little dongle here which is micro USB seed to this funny stuff and that is because it clips onto the Osmo here so you could physically put your phone in there I’ll get to that in a minute and we have the same one with a lightning port for an iPhone so if you have a micro USB I don’t know if

you’re going to be able to find one of these with a micro USB to be compatible with your phone so all that aside guys and let’s have a look at this case just real quick so it’s a nice and smooth like a little suede in it remember that Osmo is not waterproof so you’re not going to want to get the case around water either so they could put the suede there to protect it a bit and you could see over there how they say you should put those but in DJI it’s really nice this is rubberized it’s really nice covered and just to show you guys the Osmo here it is while the quality like when you hold this it doesn’t feel light at all I’m a little gimbley over here just quality you know so this thing is so tiny and throwing it into the the case over here the way it shows me okay done like that in the case clip it in that is so nice guys just putting that in my pocket holding it it’s just this is amazing this is an awesome little piece of tic thank you dpi for doing this so let’s put some of this stuff aside here we don’t need let’s keep that with us and this oh that aside let’s take this off here so we can see that beautiful wonderful things there that is capable of 4k 60 frames per second up here and let’s take this guy off over here so we can see the little screen there and then if you look

around it DJ at the back is your charging ports at the bottom I hope that you can charge while your record that will help a lot but you do get to know faster charging of recording time on this so let’s go and turn it on what ah cool why’s that this little guy wow it’s like a little snake it’s he’s so cool so here’s a little setup over here we go a device not connected okay so you can really see how good the little gimbal is working over there to keep things going this is really cool and I mean if you snap that off you could snap the sonim and pop your phone and aside to any phone with type C really they’re good I thought it’s a little hard to do but I guess I guess it’s because it needs to stick in their property and if you just want to store it away as well you can just pop it in the other way over there well the touchscreen works really nice this is really cool pretty similar to a GoPro I guess there’s no device detected I’m gonna get this guys set up and show you guys some test footage but the quality of this is really epic look at this little gimbal look at that that is amazing guys this is going to take

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stabilization so another level so there you guys have it this is the Osman pocket and I actually just went out for Christmas lunch now and I must say I had a great nap and I’m pretty tired but I did give this guy a little bit of a test run and I must say it works fabulously well if I just show you BAM look at that little guy my wife says he looks kind of like et what do you guys think this is an epic little camera here and I mean it’s just so much to like about it this is not a GoPro replacement guys this isn’t an enhanced cell phone camera that has auto tracking which is insane if you’re following someone around the tracking on this thing is amazing but you cannot do it at 4k 60 if you do tracking if you want to do fixed tracking you have to do it at 4k 30 or 1080p 60 just to give you an idea of what the tracking looks like with active track on if you move it slowly side to side you can see the little gimbal holding the camera doesn’t move at all but the Osmo is moving side to side and the camera is not if you actually see what is on the screen yet it is so impressive it’s almost as if my hands are not even moving this is taking

image stabilization so another level guys and right now what you’re seeing me on with the mic test and the 4k 60 frames per second is my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so I’m about to switch this around and change it to my Osmo pockets so show you guys the difference of the enhanced performance going from a cell phone camera that is impressive to say the least to amaz my pocket to see what that looks like so guys this is coming through the Osmo pocket right now at 4k 60 frames per second like I said there’s no tracking mood right now so I just have the pocket sit on or I’m actually looking at my cell phone camera lens they’re not straight at the pocket I need to get used to that but this thing is amazing guys just plug it into your phone you have a full display unlike the girl for your limited to your display size there I I think this quality looks impressive to say the least let me know what you guys think for the mic and their image quality down below when recording video footage I’ll be sure to bring you guys a full review and guys Merry Christmas I hope you have a very jolly day today and an incredible evening tonight and all the best of the New Year and until next time guys this is technic

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