Redmi K20 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9 Speed Test

you what’s up guys you’re back with your man Technic your go-to person for videos on the most recent take currently today it’s about the current take once more given that we have the balanced 820 Pro which recently launched here on our left hand side this is paid with a Snapdragon 805 processing chip 8 jobs of RAM as well as 128 gigs of storage space and also then on the right hand side we have the Shamim e9 with the very same specifications 855 chipset 8 jobs of RAM as well as 128 jobs of storage both are really similar right here guys they both made by Xiaomi the only difference between them is that the Xiaomi along with billing and also the raid mia has a larger battery at 4000 milli amperes so the Xiaomi me9 does have a little bit of a large electronic camera bump so we’re gon na go on as well as establish on both of the cameras over here to make sure that they behave and well balanced on the table I have actually also proceeded and removed the animations through the accessibility setups food selection on both devices given that they run the very same UI teen software application

The Uniting software program on the redmi is its fortunate much better now to keep things accurate I have actually paid my GoPro footage over below so maintain an eye out for that one on the bottom left-hand edge these are both happy to claim the least and without further ado allow’s go [ Music] all right individuals so we’re gon na start with round 0 here now round 0 is gon na consist of a boot over here after that we’re additionally gon na go on and taste out the fingerprint recognition as well as the face acknowledgment as well now after the boot we’re likewise going to taste a switch icons can load faster however beginning with the boot on round 0 watch on that GoPro video at the bottom left as well as around 0 on top of each line of phones simply below the branding so the very first point is designated to the red-meat k20 Pro and afterwards for the boot rate and after that taking place to opening up the phone as well as seeing which symbols freshen first you will certainly after that see on the appropriate hand side that Xiaomi triumphes they’re both paired with one factor each on around no over there individuals so now we’re.

gon na proceed and also taste out the fingerprint detects yeah now I will certainly create the name of the champion of every one near the bottom for each preference but we’re gon na taste them up three times to obtain one of the most regular one so the initial one over there the Xiaomi gets it nah no points were allocated for it since we’re gon na do this out of 3 over here and after that I wiII do it once again over there the crucial xx pro takes back then as well as then one even more time I’m gon na go on as well as secure the screen with the notice color over below to ensure that it is less complicated for me to do and also do the last one over right here and 3 2 1 proceed as well as do that as well as the situation 24sec CDN so for consistency most definitely the case we less expensive I have actually tested this art ten twenty thirty times men the situation when you Pro definitely takes the cake with consistency and also rate over below though they see the speeds are pretty similar currently we’re gon na proceed and also taste that facial acknowledgment over right here so since the cake sweetie has that sliding pop-up mechanism the Shami suggest i took it over there yet the Shamy 9 is an instantaneous unlock with the k20 pro you have to slide up on the lock screen first so what I’ve done is I’ve taken my face.

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away from the phones over below slid up the pop-up selfie camp and after that pushed my first area before both phones as you can see in the representation over there in the Xiaomi me9 is quicker there when again and we’re gon na go in advance and also do it one last time so as you people can see I’m gon na go in advance and also swipe up on the reading Kate Spencer pro leave it place my face in the means of both phones which time the grid indicate cage which come close to took it yet the Xiaomi will understand day because it was one of the most regular I did it all the time now just to allow you men understand there are no recent items we’re gon na go on and also run one from camera to stand out Geum run as well from club G to video camera as well so on run absolutely no you can see that things are quite also I’m anticipating points to be rather also throughout the entire tastier individuals because they do have the precise same software however the Xiaomi me nan takes a win opening the electronic camera and switching over the cam the Xiaomi me non-sex it as well taking a snap over there the red Me Kate Winky pro takes it so maintain an eye at the end of the day for the branding to see which phone does take it and afterwards we have the Xiaomi that took it.

opening the gallery app and opening the photo and opening up the calculator app it was most definitely at I inspect that a person and after that opening up the phone app it was for the Xiaomi as well as Read Me Kate went approach of the setups app currently opening Spotify I might see that the Xiaomi was certainly attack quick over there getting added points at 7 factors and also 3 factors specifically enchanting me 9 as well as creativity Pro however opening up Astro VPN given that we need a VPN in China the situation when she protects it and it likewise takes one more points for launching celestial VPN as well so currently that we have our VPN on as well as cleaned over there we open Facebook over right here and you can see that the redmi k24 has taken that also Ramin k24 also went ahead and also took instagram and after that opening up twitter the rhythmic age 24 to obtain as well so going into youtube over here people you can take a look over here that the xiaomi suggest I’m Tiffany took the point over there and points are quite also yet a two-piece and opening Netflix over right here the K to the K 20 Pro took it over there as well as took it open opening an account as well so currently our next step is gon na be Photoshop Express so.

we’re gon na open Photoshop Express as well as exactly how to get a factor which phone opens it up faster which was a revealing me 9 then which phone opens the image much faster and there was the revealing me 9 and afterwards exporting the choice as well as save solution gallery the k20 Pro was a little quicker there so perhaps they have up their very own monitoring a little better on that size tonight opening up Adobe Best clip over right here it was Shami me 9 look to take that and been available in connection with the rhythmic edge weights possibly now we’re gon na go in advance as well as export them both in complete HD 1080p and also allow’s see which one saves the video quicker and also it is without a doubt the Xiaomi me nine so show me me 9 is not a factor in advance overall any type of factors ahead in round one so currently proceeding and also opening Google Chrome it was definitely a tie there individuals I checked that a person over and over and over once again as well as it was certainly a time I was starting in our initial run of games over right here so simply to allow you men recognize when I do state it’s a tie offer them each a factor as well as.

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opening video games the Shamim e9 opened subway internet users a little bit quicker than the case with zero but not by a lot so currently the Shamim e9 is definitely taking a considerable lead by 2 factors and after that opening flip diving over right here we’re gon na proceed as well as open them up as well as let’s see which one’s mosting likely to take it and also it is undoubtedly the Shamim e9 currently going 3 points ahead of the h20 Pro in round one and an overall complete score there as well so now opening up the following video game which is the first Angry Birds game over right here I’m gon na see which one can take it over right here ideally the k20 Pro can take it to ensure that if it starts shutting that gap between it and also the chamois Mina as well as it does without a doubt take it currently with 13 factors in contrast to the 15 that Dashami me 9 does have so now we’re gon na proceed as well as open our 2nd lost game which is going to be Temple Run 2 and it will be intriguing to see since this is a little bit much more graphic protection though it is not the most graphically intense game around it does take a little additional juice so seeing over below on the packing screen you see that the Shamy indicate on most definitely pulls it up a little quicker there so it’ll understand closing that space over there and also making it three points in advance of.

the case we translate as well as our last video game over below is naturally pop G currently you guys need to know that it takes a while to begin this game up on all gadgets despite the chipset that you do have though it is significantly quicker when you do have a terrific Snapdragon 855 handling chip such as these factors do you have currently you additionally need to take into consideration that the net rates are going to be a little bit various over right here so it could be a bit slower than these gadgets due to the fact that I am utilizing a VPN over here however they are running the same VPN and they get on the very same Wi-Fi network so they are and you’ll see just how close it mores than below but the wet k20 shields it so it’s just a 2-point difference in rank one there currently individuals I have to say that it sort of sucks what occurred with my footage over below however regrettably it eliminated me opening up of G but I looked at my GoPro video as well as it absolutely revealed that it was a connection and after that it was also a tie in hardwood on your major K 20 pro to the next game over there and afterwards entering into flip diving it’s a tie again opening subway web surfers BK 20 Pro to overcome there opening up Google Chrome you can see that the k2000 to get over there once again and also it’s a time when opening Photoshop when opening up a dual clip opening Photoshop was the k2 right into Pro opening Netflix held true with Pro opening up YouTube was intriguing given that the Shamim e92 filled despite the fact that they have the exact same software program and also I have actually likewise seen to it that all the far better optimizations orpheus fine to interpret took it as well as it took it also for Twitter over there relocating up Instagram once more a great deal of these devices do have these two gadgets because of Xiaomi.

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software application has to refill them the k10 Saburo has actually been substantially quicker in reopening all the apps and also over there we saw that opening up astral as well as shutting off the k2 ET pro obtained 4 points over there however surprisingly enough the Xiaomi me9 kept Spotify open up behind-the-scenes as well as it opened rapidly as well currently with these system apps the K 284 simply appears to be shattering a typical calculator with a Shami mean I took it opening up gallery the Raven cake 24 took it as well as opening video camera this was a truly interesting one given that the pop-up had to appear yet the readme cake 20 professional actually did take it also now these phones are absolutely extraordinary guys they are seriously comparable devices as well as checking out an overall score over here the situation weights come close to 35 points as a person Dashami knives 24 the Xiaomi suggest I absolutely won in rounded one just by simply a fraction over there however in round 2 the situation wings Pro absolutely destroyed the Chaminade around zero points are pretty much the exact same so any kind of 11 factor difference in the total is not what I was expecting given that they’re running the exact same software the exact same specs the same everything indicates 24 it is more affordable also however these are both extraordinary phones and whichever one you individuals land up picking up you’re great to go up until following time people this is technic.

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