Asus ROG Phone 2 vs Red Magic 3 vs IQOO Neo vs Lenovo Z6 AnTuTu Benchmark Test

you’re whatsup men you’re back with your man technic you’ll go to individual for videos on the most recent tech currently today it has to do with the most recent take as soon as again given that we have the Asus rogue phone – below with me with its bright and also shiny brand-new Snapdragon 855 plus processing chip currently this is intended to provide 4% rise in CPU and also 15% boost in GPU over the original snapdragon 855 chipset and I’m truly interested to see if that loads out currently it also comes combined with a 120 Hertz freshen rate panel which is actually outstanding to see as well as we have this awesome X make it possible for X setting which is sort of like high efficiency mode for it which sort of over clocks the CPU and GPU are we gon na open at 2 – variation 8 directly with there version 8 is rather different guys I need to state ball games do come out a little bit high at the end even though the test seems to be a little bit extra heavy as well as we have the movie a red magic 3 which also comes paid with 8 gigs of RAM though this has the original Snapdragon 805 handling chip in it and not the 855 Plus this is additionally a pc gaming phone like the Asus as well as various other problems does have fluid cooling this comes coupled with an active air fan as well which is truly awesome to see now we likewise have this video game room setting in it with a flick of a button so we can leap into and – – directly through it yet before we do that allow’s simply check some settings via the real game area settings you have quick cooling coming with the follower on Macs and we additionally do have

ninety FPS because this does enable a 90 Hertz refresh rate panel – but after that Asus is a little greater 120 nonetheless awesome boot and also – – via there along with you guys can see at the top it is also variation 8 the Aviva Iconia IQ is known as a video gaming driven phone as well as the initial intelligence comes with a Snapdragon a 55 processing chip but then you a brother the intelligence neo which is really low-cost at just 260 bucks around about comes with a snapdragon 845 chipset the base front runner chipset of lost sure what’s have an ultra video game setting below so we’re gon na open up and also – – right with that as well as I’m truly interested to see how six jobs of ram as well as in 2015’s front runner chipset do against the rogue phone – with that said beast snapdragon 855 chipset both the phones on the ride also contrasted with 60 Hertz panels later on Nova does have what they promotes 120 Hertz but it’s simply touch action yet it’s swamping price so it is still limited to 60 Hertz display over there it’s price basically the like the Viva near at around 260 bucks as well as yes it does compared to the most recent mid-range chipset the Snapdragon 730 I still assume that the in 2015’s flagship chipset the Snapdragon 845 does do better general nonetheless it’s a remarkable phone and also we have paid gaming setting on here these are all

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Monster phones to claim the least this is Method and without further ado allow’s go alright guys so I pretty a lot began them at the exact same time I inadvertently clicked the lenovo z6 a little bit fast over there this is undoubtedly running at 600 percent the rate of the initial criteria not to state that the benchmark examination is much faster I have actually sped the video clip up over here so that you people don’t have to sit right here all day and I’m not going to always be speaking concerning the actual benchmark though you individuals can see that in the start over there it was the same with a little unusual individual over there yet at the end below well in the center we actually have the terracotta soldiers from China which is truly outstanding to see because I’ve really seen these men below in Zeon which is an area right here in China these individuals look actually trendy on display and I was truly delighted to see them as quickly as I saw them pop up on the benchmark nonetheless they do appear like a little bit graphics heavy for the lunar over Z 6 as well as if you men saw it at normal rate you would certainly have seen just how much it had a hard time though you guys will see a little bit later on when I drop it to 100% however as of variation 8 it seems to be providing the phone’s a little bit of a higher rating so I’ll be talking concerning exactly how much far better each phone is at the end of the taste so be certain to stick about for that one men currently maintain your eyes on the RAM versions over here individuals I do not think that the RAM will certainly make also much of a difference in an end to to standard but these Snapdragon the different Snapdragon chip sets will certainly make a.

difference here distinction I have enabled the speeds at Rates% here now below we since testing on evaluating so Fluidness want you desire to people that out firsthand as you guys can individuals that 120 Hertz refresh rates revitalize the Asus rogue phone 2 is ridiculously smooth unbelievably as and also as quickly see it compared to the Iconia you can see that the Iconia is slightly laggy somewhat I currently say have to we did have a little bit of flickering with the Asus rogue phone too in as well video it does not like that such as person it individual because of due to the fact that high refresh rate panel guys and people as well as have the Nubia red magic 3 going at 90 Hertz over there and it as well as to be doing pretty good I great soon be bringing up a benchmark on these guys with individuals certain amount of games all the gaming phones video gaming I do have the black Shock 2 pro now professional currently guys and People will be will certainly them evaluating the via of sort and fortnight and check as well as examine fps is art so stay tuned remain that one too as you guys could people might fluidity on 100% of the z6 who is that lagging absolutely delaying bit there and weAs well as almost done nearly the test yet 600% you can see that the asus frog phone to finished first the new youBrand-new finished quicker than the red magic though it didn’t get a high score so in first place we didn’t have really did not asus rug for inserting guys the people is rating 488 thousand points have you ever ever ever before have men ever.

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just remember this is a variation 8 of the response to benchmark run so it is a little bit higher I assume we would certainly be striking around 4 hundred as well as ten thousand on a variation 7 and also then in 2nd location we have the Nubia red magic 3 guys this executed 3 hundred and eighty 3 hundred and ninety thousand in my previous examination one and also 2 to version seven so a version eights most definitely provided a little bit of a bump below however as you people can see it as 10.2% slow-moving I have actually done the mathematics here to the exact percentage over below after that they Snapdragon in 55 plus chip stated and also although these phones coincide rate you are certainly obtaining a far better Snapdragon chipset with the Asus wrong phone to after that in 3rd place we have 27.5% slower than the Snapdragon 855 plus chipsets with the Iconia however remember individuals this phone is nearly half the price of the Asus rogue phone – so it does a respectable job specifically with last year’s flagship chip the Menin/ z6 has a Snapdragon 730 chipset in this is practically 50% slower than the most recent and biggest Snapdragon 855 plus chipset however the intelligence near is still garbage’s didn’t/ z6 when it concerns points there now taking a look at some pointers over below the ISO Chirag phone journey has fluid air conditioning in it as well as it is resting simply one degree hotter then the Nubia red magic 3 and also of course.

people state that it is on a level surface area the red magic 3 however individuals the rear of the phone is angled so it can still suck a in and blow it out and also I have seen extremely comparable results with it in my hand no matter since your hands do obtain quite warm too now the coolest phone that we had there was the z6 as well as in the CPU division right here people you can see that the tapes are a bit low on Asus rock phone – red magic 3 and also the eye Cunha but would have a look at that z6 there individuals in the CPU front this is what truly matters that Snapdragon 730 is warming up however Queen 55 degrees as well as 70 odd levels resting at a medium of 63 that is outrageous men I can’t believe it I was truly impressed with all of these phones and also I need to say that I’m actually appreciating video gaming gadgets I never ever assumed that I would certainly as much but anyway people these are all unbelievable phones and despite which one you grab there will certainly be monsters in the pc gaming division and also up until following time people this is strategy.

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