Realme X2 Pro vs ROG Phone 2 Speed Test

what’s up individuals you’re back with Technic and also today we have a rate test between the actual me x2 pro as well as the Asus rock phone to delight me look striking at the back with it’s weird logo yet beneath the hood we have a Snapdragon 855 plus processing chip and also 8 jobs of around the version that I do without a doubt have below along with ufs 3.0 storage basis rock phone 2 is basically the exact same I have the 8 job ram 10 cent version over here with a snapdragon 855 plus processing chip under the hood and also ufs 3.0 storage space too i have transformed off all of the animations beneath programmer alternatives on both phones to keep things as also as possible when looking into duty performance of both phones as well as i’ve additionally made it possible for the highest refresh price on both panels that being 90 hertz on the X 2 Pro as well as 120 Hertz on the rogue phone to to press out as much performance and power as we perhaps can get I have actually additionally enabled high performance setting on the X 2 Pro and the variation of high efficiency setting we carry the rogue phone is ex-spouse setting we have darkened all the icons over there with a little written Yan logo on the side since of X mode and also we will be utilizing my GoPro video footage near the bottom left hand edge for accuracy so maintain an

eye out which these are both amazing phones to claim the least men so without more ado let’s go so if you individuals are brand-new to the network over here we are doing round 1 that’s what we starting on that begins with a boot I have fast sent the boot over below x2 professional obtains the initial factors in round 1 over there after that we’re going to proceed as well as rejuvenate application icons when booting right into the phone and the x2 Pro gets the second factor over there Run 1 includes that along with the facial acknowledgment and under screen fingerprint sensor and we’ll start with the finger print sensors they are both optical and we’re gon na do based out of 3 years so the x2 Pro obtains it over there yet isn’t designated a factor given that we’re going to be doing based out of 3 so that was the very first one so the x2 pros 2nd one so the x2 Pro as soon as again and also certainly it takes the cake here being finest 2 out of three now we will certainly go and examine as well as confirm that as well as the x2 Pro gets the third points in round one due to the fantastic stylish fingerprint sensor currently sampling our facial acknowledgment we do have the rogue phone to activating a little bit quicker yet it goes right into the lock screen and not straight into the phone and also ideal three out of 3 for the x2 Pro when again getting four points in round one leaving the rock phone 2 in the dust which I thought I would never ever be claiming in round one over there now we starting with round 2 going from electronic camera completely to club gene and also the rock phone obtains the

first factor opening cam over fast over there changing the cams around though the x2 pro obtains it now men if you are new to the network as I claimed earlier take an appearance around the screen we have the factors on each side of the gadget we have a little green tick under each phone that is alloted the point when a point is provided under the branding top left or top right specifically near the bottom left of the screen we do have the GoPro footage there to make certain that my fingers are touching on the display that’s screen at the exact same time and I have actually reviewed this clip over and over again to sign in sluggish motion which phone actually is worthy of the point often it can be some portions of seconds in between both devices but I am alloting it as precisely as I possibly can with my human fingers over below I always have highlighted which round that we are on below the branding of each phone left wing and the right over there so you can see that we are currently on rounded two and afterwards at the bottom I also have an indicator on how much time each round takes now we will certainly be doing a speed examination over below with through the rate test giant over below examining at the Wi-Fi speeds and we are obtaining quicker speeds and also it took 23 secs to end up the examination rather than 31 secs on the rock phone to the x2 Pro eliminated it there when checking out Wi-Fi network rates currently we’re going

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you’re mosting likely to Spotify over below and we have the x2 post-national shattering up that point and we are going to examine up some Adobe absolutely here including Photoshop as well as Adobe Rush so Photoshop Express opening over right here as well as the Urraco into opens it up somewhat quick over there however the x2 Pro opens up the image to get functioning right in immediately instead of the rock phone to currently exporting an image over right here the x2 Pro takes the cake over there they both have ufs 3.0 storage so points must be pretty similar when conserving things to storage such as that photo in Photoshop and Adobe Best thrill over below we’re mosting likely to enter into thrill and it does take a little while to obtain into it as well as when we do export the clip it will certainly be a complete cake clip at 25 frames per second over here individuals and I will certainly be fast-forwarding it by a thousand six hundred times initial rate so else we would certainly be resting below for a min and a half to await these examinations to go considering that it is a hundred Meg documents as well as also that ufs 3.0 storage space isn’t going to be as snap as the nvme SSDs that we see in the iPhone 11s currently going and also making each clipper through as I said this is quick sent a fair bit over right here men we have a min as well as 20 seconds on the x2 Pro in a min as well as 25 seconds on the rock phone – so the x2 Pro takes the cake when it pertains to exporting a clip using premiere rush currently entering into

asheville VPN since we need a VPN here in China in order to accessibility every one of those terrific and also clever social networking apps that all of you individuals do utilize on your phone everyday I’m not one of those individuals regrettably that is a little bit unusual given that I am a technology blog writer though the x2 Pro opens Facebook a little bit quicker over there as well as the rock phone opens up Instagram it’s advertisement quick there currently several of these apps do not actually matter to you men as well as honestly there are fractions of seconds in between each phone and after that I do examine on my channel when it involves speed up examinations bear in mind that these rate tests don’t necessarily imply that phone is a lot better as well as so much faster than the various other but it does offer you a little of an indication due to the fact that they are using the exact same hardware as well as if one can open an application much faster well why not check out which one can do that and that is precisely what we’re doing below however if you want my honest opinion regarding the phones I believe that the a triggers on the rogue phone to do the phone major justice I definitely enjoy them not a day passes we I do not wish to tear out my rogue phone to as well as play a game of cod mobile or pop G mobile and offer it a run for its cash while all the gamers on the web server as a result of my wonderful air triggers as well as the x2 Pro does not have that we also have that

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terrific huge 6000 milliampere battery on the rock phone to which the x2 Pro only holds 4 thousand however we just have 30 watt data charging on the rock phone – and also we have 50 watts on the x2 Pro which is ridiculously quick equally as quick as the 65 watts on the upper reno ace which literally this gets juiced up from 0 to 100 in 29 mins flat so if you people have yet to see that video see to it you check that out after this the charging rate examination of all 8 phones that I presently do have on my network now we’re going right into double numbers well greater than two times dual numbers on the x2 Pro as well as we have two times the score on the x2 Pro in contrast to the rogue phone so I never assumed I ‘d claim this the rock is practically the king of my network apart from the one plus 7 Pro which I recently needed to release however that had a regular Snapdragon eight the five chips it in and also it in fact beat the rock phone as well though the x2 Pro did beat the oneplus 70 and that is quicker than me seven Pro so going into pop G mobile over below it does take a bit longer than the majority of other games however the rock phones that takes it surprise surprise I don’t assume so this is a gaming phone through and also through and also there’s elite these on the back are not that anything that reveals its real shades now entering into rounded 3 over here guys shutting off run to there with the x2 Pro absolutely smashing the carpet burn – we are not

necessarily tested testing out unusual administration over below we equip likewise evaluating out how fast each phone reopens the apps that have currently been opened up to begin with so much it is a connection on wall surface now it’s 3 as well as 2 or 3 getting on the rock phone – but the x2 Pro promptly goes into making it a tie and also overlapping the rock phone – now going five to 3 for the x2 Pro currently double the points on the X 2 professional and even going further than that over there all the social media sites applications are opening up quicker on the X – probe and also when switching off Ashville VPN the exact same point can be claimed opening thrill the x2 Pro takes at as soon as again and also Photoshop the same point happens entering into Spotify that is a tie both tix under each branding over there as well as the speed instance goes to the x2 Pro settings mosts likely to the robbed phone to the phone application goes to the rock phone to as soon as again opening up calculator mosts likely to the x2 Pro gallery mosts likely to the x2 Pro and ultimately camera goes to the rock phone – Ana kept the camera facing forwards which is truly outstanding a little benefit to see both of them are absolute power homes but truthfully people greater than double the points for the x2 Pro with a total amount of 40 points instead of 19 points on the carpet phone – and also if I thought I would certainly ever be claiming this given that the rock phone – is the king of all video gaming phones now however the real me x2 Pro is faster nonetheless if you desire those in triggers and a larger battery I suggest you opt for the rock phone – but also for all features of these phones stick to me on my channel as well as until following time people this is technic

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