Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra – Game FPS Test

yo what’s up guys you’re back with Technic as well as today we have an additional comparison in between the average Pro meas 20 ultra though this time it’s everything about pc gaming yes those frames per second matter today we have 5 games all topped at 120 fps I’m truly thrilled to see how these two go head-to-head versus each various other individuals this is Technic without additional trouble allow’s go [Songs] these are the tough means configs on both phones do not hesitate to strike pause on the screen if you intend to see more details on that they have actually been 90 Hertz of fresh read panel on the chamois as well as 120 Hertz or fresh red panel on any type of Samsung so they are covered at 90 MPs and 120 fps specifically that are max settings right here in the beginning game here is bullet pressure it has an absolute max frame rate cap of 120 frameworks per 2nd though bear in mind that the chemisette display screen is restricted to 90 so you will not see anything greater than 90 where the Samsung is restricted to 120 the game is restricted to 120 so it’s great to see that Samsung have really decided to place 120 Hertz revitalize rate panel on this screen because all games will all high refresh price video games typically supports 120 max where the Xiaomi has a 90 as well as it can not exceed that to 120 even when playing 120 frames per secondly

game such as bullet pressure I really do dig bullet pressure if you people have not had a look at I recommend you should you do due to the fact that it in fact launched a long time prior to pop G mobile and also Phone call of Task mobile it’s still one of my favored shooters and out of those three video games it’s the only one that natively supports 120 frameworks per 2nd with pop G mobile just supports that on the Chinese variation which is actually impossible to give unless you have a Chinese identification anyway I have actually truly appreciated playing bullet pressure and also as you people can see the Xiaomi has no worry maintaining 90 the whole time where the Samsung type of fluctuates between 100 105 and 120 yet the Samsung obtained 113 frames per 2nd there in contrast to the 90 frames per 2nd on the Xiaomi and also if you guys do not think me about Ram we have the Xiaomi on 8 gigs of ram and also we have the Samsung with 12 jobs of ram we’re playing video games right here and also we never ever seem to use more than one gig of ram when playing these strong 120 FPS games so individuals Ram does not matter in a pc gaming examination similar to this whatsoever does not make your phone quicker the xiaomi goes to 90 frames per second since it is topped at 90 frameworks per 2nd dead trigger to another natively supporting 120 FPS

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video game currently bear in mind that when a video game sustains 120 FPS limit that you will hop on each phone is their Max and though one just under that is 60 so on the Samsung you do not have a choice for 60 as well as 90 as well as 120 you simply have 60 and also 120 where the Xiaomi you have 60 and also then 90 certainly there’s alternatives for 30 frames-per-second modes also but why would certainly you intend to do that when you have such a high refresh rate panel they activate to is definitely remarkable I believe it looks spectacular possibly the best-looking zombie game around you individuals should definitely check it out I have actually actually been taking pleasure in playing it on all of these phones and also 120 frameworks per second feels ridiculously smooth so there we go Xiaomi an additional secure 90 frames per second and one more 113 structures per 2nd on the samsung galaxy s 20 Ultra a next video game right here is into the dead yes I recognize what you’re assuming into the dead 2 is launched Nick why are you revealing us right into the dead well it’s because into the day supports 120 frameworks per 2nd and into the dead 2 does not on these tools so what I indicate by these gadgets is there has to do with a hundred games that you can play at 120 frameworks per second that support it however these phones the only video games I understand that they actually support today are these 5 games if you people recognize any type of various other games such as a brand-new gear Club actually supports 120 frames per 2nd but out these phones there are numerous games Altos Odyssey also as well as not on these phones I have actually evaluated them out these are the 5 that sustains 120 high refresh rate on the samsung galaxy s twin ultra any Xiaomi me 10 Pro

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together obviously maybe the Samsung can sustain other video games that the Xiaomi can not but these are the 5 games that they both sustain together and that’s why I’m revealing you people this comparison today the xiaomi was rather much stuttering around 90 there had not been constantly repair at 90 on into the dead 2 that we did still get approximately 90 frameworks per second the samsung was 114 it also went fairly reduced but it floated around 110 frames per 2nd next video game here is Temporal Kombat once more 120 fps cap on both phones but the xiaomi is restricted to 90 as a result of its screen another incredible game and also it is slightly much more graphically demanding than the other video games that we have tested below this combating game it looks absolutely beautiful as well as if you people have seen the PC or ps4 versions of Temporal Kombat prior to you would certainly know that graphics are heavy below 87 structure so it really went below 90 on average on the Xiaomi 100 Dean went over its common on the Samsung last video game of the number here is changed frontier it is one of my preferred platforming video games on a smart phone particularly on Android when again 90 and 120 on both of the gadgets it actually has a max cap of 120 you can see it really feels smoother when you’re playing sports video games thus as transfer right here over below it feels a whole lot smoother with 120 FPS your bike feels quicker doing backflips is less complicated you can really really feel the frameworks distinction of the 30 structures difference between the chamois

and the Samsung over below with 90 and also 120 specifically both of them succeeded Dashami obviously in 90 structures per second usually once again the Samsung the highest possible of this examination 118 structures per second it we have an overall typical frameworks per second on the Samsung of 115 fps and 89 FPS on the Xiaomi me 10 Pro though remember that the Xiaomi is capped at 90 fps and if it did have a hundred and also twenty Hertz freshen price panel after that the Xiaomi would certainly execute really comparable to the ACE 20 ultra considering that they have the very same snapdragon 865 handling chip I’m actually impressed to see that Samsung are striking extremely near to 120 I bear in mind that the Samsung can just be played with 120 fps when collections to 1080p as well as up until next time this is technic

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