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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

what’s up people you’re back with Technic and today I have one more rate says for you but this time around in between the red magic 5g as well as the black shock 3 Pro the red magic 5g comes coupled with Qualcomm slater snapdragon 865 handling chip and also i have the 8 gig of ram version of the phone and the black shock 3 pro additionally comes with Qualcomm’s 865 and i likewise have the 8 job of ram version of this phone as well both phones are updated to the most recent firmware that they currently have offered to day and we have the hardware specifications er do not hesitate to stop briefly to find out more there have 144 hertz panel on the best magic 5g 9th right here it gets on the black shock 3 Pro we’re gon na go down the resolution on the black shock 3 approach 1080p to match that of the red magic as well as I have actually left animations on based on your men request on current surveys on my youtube channel yet one’s gon na be concerning boots and also fingerprint unlock round 2 is gon na be about originally opening
applications round 3 is gon na be concerning resuming application speeds and also rounded PO is gon na have to do with RAM administration’s we’re gon na be utilizing my little fingers

over right here so to keep things accurate we’re gon na pay GoPro video footage at the bottom left hand edge creates is Method as well as without further trouble let’s go we nostalgia with round one which consists of an attractive finger print unlock and also originally revealing application symbols the red magic 5g was 10 seconds quicker in the boots rather than the black shock 3 pro providing at its first point there the black shock 3 Pro promptly snacked its very first factors in round 1 when originally are revealing the application icons after the boots we’re mosting likely to taste that the finger print detects over right here both of them are optical viewers under the display we’re gon na do based out of three below any black chalk 3 gets at every solitary time offering it the second and also last points in rounded one currently you understand enter into round 2 over below and round two is mosting likely to consist of initially opening apps this has absolutely nothing to do with RAM monitoring it has absolutely nothing to do with the speed of the RAM either it just concerns that roll processing power if you individuals are new to the channel we have GoPro footage near the bottom left hand edge and simply underneath that we have a countdown timer counting to the next round the red magic 5g is presently up for pre-order since the 14th of this month and also you’ll have the ability to get it in your hands on the 21st of April 2020 head over to their page I have

left links in the description down below they are currently running a pre-order promo beginning at simply 5 hundred and also seventy 9 bucks there is a substantial bang for dollar right here when you’re looking at cost as compared to the specs of the red magic 5g as well as a beginning show to a web rate test over below we’re not checking download as well as upload we’re simply examining exactly how rapid each phone can run the test 32 seconds for the red magic 5g instead of 33 seconds for the black shot 3 Pro you mean that the red magic 5g is not increase the factors of that of the black shock 3 Pro currently seven factors for the red magic 5g in contrast to three points with the black shock 3 Pro the previous test that I just recently did was setting up the black shock 3 Pro versus it’s a little sibling the Xiaomi me 10 pro it in fact shed in that if you individuals have yet to see that please feel cost-free to head to my network hereafter video clip and have a supervise there reducing around 2 & 3 the black shock 3 Pro actually defeat the Xiaomi satisfy in pro when it involved speed up since round 1 as well as rounded 4 has nothing to do with speed due to the fact that it pertains to boots finger prints and after that rounded 4 relates to the remarkable RAM management with which we’ll reach later if you guys are brand-new to the channel over right here I additionally reluck at each individual clip to make

sure that each is open faster on one phone in contrast to the other which obtains assigned appoints black shocks 3 Pro was one 2nd slower in exporting a 4k of 30 structures per 2nd clipper or 25 structures per 2nd clip on Adobe thrill over there up until now we have 15 points for the red magic 5 simply is definitely damaging the black shot 3 Pro until now yet opening Facebook the black chalk 3 Pro text that we are we have activated celestial VPN over right here to make sure that we can open all social media sites applications given that I am presently living in China you people are appreciating this video please hit that subscribe switch and also smash that alert bar to ensure that you can be the very first to watch any of my videos showing up in the future today and also in the direct future the black shop 3 Pro also opened up YouTube somewhat much faster so it’s slowly capturing up over there yet firing over to my channel over right here the red magic 5g reached that a little quicker opening up a video over below the red magic 5g additionally reached that a little quicker as well as packed that a little bit quicker too I’m truly pleased with the black shot 3 Pro both of them are running youthis 3.0 storage space however as you men saw with the export of the picture on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe thrill over there the red magic 5g really exported the image as well as the video clip is somewhat quicker than that of the black shock 3 Pro so it’s doing something fantastic with its storage space optimization with the software program off the phone bringing right into our very first game

right here is train internet users as well as a black shock 3 Pro opens that increased slightly faster currently 7 factors with the black shock 3 power as opposed to 20 points for the red magic 5g going right into our 2nd video game below load up diving a slightly more visuals ridiculous a little lengthy it’s a lots and also we get a point there for the red magic 5g in the pc gaming Division making it now triple factors in contrast to seven points of the black shocks repro going right into Temple Run 2 over right here somewhat more graphics crazy somewhat longer to pack the red magic 5g takes the 22nd a point in round 2 instead of the seven points on the black shock 3 Pro these names are obtaining extremely lengthy leaving from what you guys consider that opening our most graphics intense game of this test liked you mobile the game that you people played the most 17 secs on the roadway magic 5g 2 seconds sluggish on the black chalk 3 residential or commercial property at 19 seconds there and the Angry magic 5g surrounds with 23 factors instead of 7 on the black chalk 3 Pro that is Nickolas currently round 3 is going to be about resuming application speed this has nothing to do with RAM monitoring whatsoever so if the application is killed on among the devices however it’s not opens that up quicker we’ll obtain the factors since this is about resuming application speed and also not RAM monitoring’s RAM monitoring will come with in round four therefore far in rounded three we have two ApS on both phones Netflix was too close to call and if you

individuals are brand-new to the network what I do is I decrease the clips i rewatch at 3 four five times and also if it is simply 1 or 2 nanoseconds in between both apps on both phones over there I don’t allocate it aims at all if it is also close to call so if there is just 1 or 2 milliseconds between the phones yet it is noticeable that phone to open that application somewhat much faster than the various other phone after that I do undoubtedly alloted points over there until now we had four points apiece in round three o via the red magic 5g simply step it up and get data factors in rounded 3 and also it’s 6 factors after opening up Adobe Thrill going right into Photoshop Express it appears to such as killing these applications a whole lot of the moment and just before we enter into round 4 just to allow you men understand we are running eight gigs of ram from components of these devices i generally acquire the a keg of ram variations of these phones of all phones in fact i attempt get them if i can because the speed in between 8 and also 12 jobs of ram is absolutely nothing the speed of the ram on both of these phones is alpha ddr5 and also

that is what matters not the real dimension of the ram over right here if you run a benchmark test with a 12 job of ram phone and an 8 gig of ram phone as well as they both running the same storage rates Alpi ddr5 in this instance after that you will not see a distinction there in all and also 8 gigs of ram should be greater than enough to reopen these 20 applications over below your phone ought to have no issues maintaining them open however xiaomi states sorry we can not do that as well as the red magic 5g has now opened seven apps as opposed to zero on the black shock 3 pro the black shock keeps eliminating all of the apps over right here I can guarantee you people that I have gone into battery optimizations as well as transform them all off all of these various apps that we have right here I have actually additionally transformed off complete optimizations when it pertains to battery life on both phones in overall over below so if our 14 factors in RAM administration rather than absolutely no factors for the black chalk 3 Pro over there in round 4 total factors 47 factors for the red magic 5g rather than 16 for the black chalk 3 per that is absurd I believe the red magic 5g is officially the greatest rated phone on my speed test over here we take as well as wrongful which has nothing to do with rate and just assign points around 2 and three which is rate just then we get 32 factors for the red magic 5g instead of 14 for the black shock three Pro good our brand-new red magic people as a technic and also I’ll see you in the next one

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