Realme X50 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro Speed Test

the actual me x50 Pro price nearly half the cost of the 1 +8 professional besides it but exactly how does that consider when it concerns efficiency the genuine me x50 pro comes matched with Qualcomm Sleater Snapdragon 86 5 processing chip and I have the 8 job of ram variations the 1 +8 pro on the various other hand additionally comes combined with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processing chip and I have the 12 job of ram variation both phones have actually been updated to the most recent OS and here are the equipment specs feel free to stop briefly for even more info over below with 120 Hertz panel as well as Nancy hurts on the oneplus and genuine meat respectively and we’re gon na go down the oneplus to complete HD to match that of the genuine meat I have actually enabled high performance setting on the actual me X 50 Pro and also I have additionally disabled all computer animations on both phones here because that does show truth performance of both tools round 1 will certainly be all regarding boots fingerprints and face unlock round 2 will be all around at first opening up application rate and also round 3 will certainly be all about RAM management’s gon na be utilizing my little student fingers over right here so we’re gon na pop company which is the lower left hand edge for accuracy triggers Technique and also without more trouble let’s go Venus believed share with a simple boot to start to see which one can boot much faster from off the actual

me does it in 15 secs in contrast to 25 secs 10 seconds quicker than the oneplus 8 pro entering the initial factor there I’m in very first entering into the phone the real me likewise shows all the app symbols quick over there getting in second factors in round 1 currently we’re gon na go on and evaluate out the optical scanners under both of the screens on both gadgets over right here you’re just x50 Pro was faster the very first time a much faster the 2nd time and also allow’s see if we can do base three out of 3 over right here as well as promote the 3rd time getting its third factors in rounded one face unlock both of them are 2d face unlock not very safe and secure they both utilize the cams over below the oneplus gets it basically every single time getting at its first and also final points in round 1 making a 3 points for the x50 pro and just one point for the oneplus 8 pro in round one now round two is everything about app opening speeds every one of them have actually been cleared in the history as you guys just saw their very first point obtains designated to the x50 pro when opening the camera turning the camera though goes to the oneplus a professional making it 1 factors apiece well the x50 pro reaches the second point when taking a snap over there going right into the gallery application the x50 Pro is quicker over there and also the following app that we have on the cards over below is without a doubt calculator opening calculator you individuals can see the x50 Pro was slightly faster over there too now what I.

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do is if they are really close but one of them is apparent that it opened quicker even though it is just 1 or 2 nanoseconds in between both phones I do allot a point if there is just a couple of milliseconds in between them but it is not obvious I don’t advocate it aims whatsoever rate check web rate examination OPM and rate points up as you men can see at the lower right-hand man corner 21 seconds for the real me X 50 Pro let’s see what the 1 +8 Pro can do over here also 21 seconds there neither of the devices got designated of factors over there I have proceeded as well as disabled their computer animations over below due to the fact that if you leave animations on most of you guys commented on my previous video clip I understand many of you do utilize animations however this is not truly I presume a for general usage this is to see the function efficiency of the phones and if I leave computer animations on as I have actually done since if a poll on my channel lately where you people asked me to leave them on after that I would be shooting myself in the foot since it does not reveal truth performance of the phone considering that animations on all gadgets are various in.

speed going into Adobe thrill over here by the way the previous application Photoshop Express in fact exported the image quicker on the 1 +8 Pro we’re going to export a 4k clip 25 frames per 2nd compressors to 1080p 25 frameworks per 2nd over right here and render it on both phones with us buf s3 storage on both of them 5.5 secs quicker on the specialist comes close to 15 seconds as opposed to 20 point five seconds only one plus a pro currently 8 points a piece on both phones over below actually remarkable I didn’t assume that it would certainly be this near be here however opening up when it comes to VP anyone plus a professional obtains it yet they both turned it on in really similar time over them I mean in South initial social media sites app over yep this is why we require celestial VPN here in China due to the fact that you would not be able to open them up otherwise Facebook was also close to call very same with Instagram over there so neither of them got a point entering into Twitter over below the 1 +8 professional gets it making the 2 factors in advance of the x50 pro currently with 10 points in contrast to eight on the x50 pro but against a youtube comparable point can be stated the one plus a pro opens it up and tons it slightly quicker then the X 50 factor now making it 11 points on the 1 plus a pro slightly going than the space over there actually getting some lead there currently entering into my profile quicker also though the x50 Pro opens up among my videos quicker and also lots the whole screen a great deal quicker than the 1 + 8 Pro dude I did try this a couple of times and also.

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the x50 Pro got it every time opening up Netflix when we go into the X 50 Pro gets it but the 1 + 8 Pro certainly opened it up somewhat quicker simply 1 or 2 nanoseconds but it was noticeable you desire plus a pro open chrome quicker however the X 50 Pro loaded it quicker so neither point was offered over there Eco-friendly is our initial game of four games over here subway internet users the X 50 programs its 11th factors there currently passing 10 they’re simply 2 factors behind that of the 1 plus a pro second a game on the app cabinet over below mosts likely to flip diving which goes ahead to the 1 + 8 Pro making it 14 points now 3 factors in advance of the X 50 Pro next up here is Temple Run 2 somewhat longer to load a VF spew it up a fair bit and also I reduced it back down to real-time speed 1 + a pro gets its 15 factor currently really making the space a great deal larger currently with 4 factors in advance of the X 54 a shed game here pop Gaea mobile I have actually sped it up as you guys can see lower best hand edge the actual me X 50 pirated in eighteen factor five seconds 1.5 seconds slower than that of the one plus offering me one plus its 16th as well as last factors in rounded two 5 points ahead of the real me expenditures pro I have actually accelerated around Administration’s as you guys can see 200% in the bottom right-hand man edge we’re just examining which apps can remain open not really which ones can open quick over right here all of them have virtually remained open on both gadgets over below if they both maintain it open they’re neither points is assigned if both of them kill it as well as either factors is alloted just if one point keeps it open or one factor one phone kills it after that eight factors is without a doubt assigned and also there are absolutely no points below because the RAM management’s unreal me as well as one course devices are very comparable here pretty fantastic stuff despite the fact that we have 8 gigs and also 12 gigs of RAM specifically overall points 14 for the real makes 50 Pro the victor is the 1 + 8 pro with 17 points if we just consider Ross speedo vs 16 points in round 2 for the 1 + in contrast to your Levin points for the X 50 Pro let me know what you people assumed off this examination down below in the comment area this is Method as well as I’ll see you in the following one.

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