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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

this is technique as well as welcome to a sixty Hertz battery drainpipe test in between ten of one of the most effective Snapdragon 865 powered handling chip phones on the planet we have the black shock 3 probe over right here with a five thousand milliamp hr battery definitely substantial the s20 ultra with the exact same 5 thousand milliamp hour battery the red Nikkei 30 pro zoom Version comes coupled with a four thousand 7 hundred million power battery the 1 +8 Pro with a four thousand five hundred ten million power battery the tool professional red magic 5gn are cuneo 3or compared with a 4 thousand 5 hundred million power battery specified x2 pro with a 4260 genuine me x50 professional with 4200 and finally the runs 2 with just four thousand milliamps we have 90 Hertz and 120 Hertz as well as 144 Hertz on a lot of these tools however that was recently covered in a previous train system on ensure you individuals take a look at that video hereafter however, for currently we’re gon na maintain them all at 60 Hertz to make this a seriously fair test and all at full HD plus although they awesome qhd+ resolution screens here if upgraded the software’s on every one of them Gaza’s is strategy and also without more ado allow’s go [Songs] I know what you people are thinking there is a lot on the display now but we’re gon na start here with a battery percentage battery temperature in degrees Celsius in addition to CPU temperature in levels Celsius at the beginning as well as we will certainly then compare this every 30 mins in a time interval which we do have at the top right-hand man corner whenever you see the moment interval time over there that is showing the existing portions within the battery icons on top of the screen the existing application performing at the top left-hand edge which is presently Chrome as well as the present leader on top which is presently absolutely nothing after half an hour we have 97 percent

on the black surprise 95 on the Samsung 96 on the redne 95 on the oneplus 98 on the Xiaomi 96 on the red magic 5g at 96 on the IQ near 3 only 5 on the locate x2 professional 98 on the X 50 Pro as well as 97 on the top is 2 currently factor we had the runs 2’s through at 100% with 90 Hertz in the last one but you people need to bear in mind that several of the high refresh rate panels even when claimed slaps a great deal of them make use of intelligent control which means that in applications that can not push the high refresh price panel they actually drop it down to 60 Hertz for better battery life so I believe that smart control on several phones can actually do a better job than just just 60 since it in fact understands how to manage each private app for the basic experience that they think that you will get as the individual up until now after one hour we have 94% on the black socks three per current leader the specific same percentage the Newton Pro and X 50 Pro both with 95 percent really satisfied to see that the read Nikkei 30 Pro is not on top here it basically controlled the last examination but remember the read McCain 30 Pro is the only phone below that has a max revitalize rate of 60 Hertz where every one of them can increase to 90 120 144 respectively where the K 30 presume edition is entirely covered at 60 so the previous test and also this examination need to be quite also Porat 3rd is doing a little even worse than that I do have all of these devices presents readied to the specific very same Lux meter reading that is a luminescent meter definition that it is utilized to tape-record a great deal if you men missed it in the beginning of the test go in advance as well as inspect it I made certain that there were all over 42 43 over there so see to it you check that out there are all even and also if a screen does

change get a bit a bit trial throughout the examination I do undoubtedly change that once again while we’re doing the examination two hrs 81 on the black chalk 81 on the s20 ultra 84 on the k34 zoom Edition 79 percent just one plus April currently the only phone going below 80 percents over right here with the fire following to Pro which was doing the worst now with 80 percent 79 cent 85 percent on the mutant pro 82 percent on the raid magic 5g maybe 3 on the close to three the to pc gaming phones 144 Hertz display screens that are now dropped to 60 are doing far better than their previous keep up limit rejuvenate price over there after 2 hours and 30 minutes the existing leader is now awarded to the Shamy meeting pro with the real me X 50 proton out dipping somewhat listed below that and we also have the red McCain 30 presume version on par with that said at 80% which is really excellent for the X 50 as well as the K 30 presume version but we still have that 1% lead on the mean Pro right here the black top 3 Pro is doing somewhat worse than his previous test now presently at 76% 77 percent for the ace 2 which has a thousand less numerous amps than the Black Shark using the exact same Hertz as well as it’s doing a better job now 73 percent for the ACE – after 3 hours instead of 72 on the Black Rock tiniest battery contrasted to greatest battery the smallest one is doing better due to the optimization of colorist as opposed I would certainly say to me UI but the black truck is running happiness UI which is really comparable to the mio I skin yet I in fact think that the optimization the battery optimization on brand-new UI is virtually the most effective that you get when it involves battery that you are seeing on the rhythmic 830 and the Shamy means 10 over here

three and also a half hrs turning up now after seeing a lot of clips on YouTube 67% for the black shocks 69 for the Samsung 73 for the K 30 still the lead over there matching the meeting over there with 73 the oneplus with 66 69 on the red magic 5 g which is trading blows with the IQ neo via with the same battery with 70% they 66% on the Oppo locate x2 Pro doing better than its last run 72% for the X 50 Pro 69% for the ACE to over there after 3 as well as a half hours presently does K 30 Pro as well as me 10 Pro as well as operate in the VLC video media app right now and also going into that for our interval once again 3% even more for the h2 tiniest battery rather than 63% on the largest battery the black chalk 3 Pro which has 63% instead of 66 on the h2 that is extremely insane current leader currently once more only the K 30 presume edition with 71% 1% more than that of the meeting Pro now we’re mosting likely to be doing selfie video recording placing or words a lot of you individuals have stated that using them takes more battery drainpipe so I’m really gon na do both here electronic camera 1080p at 30 structures per 2nd because most of them are covered at 1080p 30 frameworks per 2nd utilizing the selfie webcam all the phones took a pretty huge overturn here 56 for the black shocked 59 for the h2 still 3 percent greater than that of the black shocked carnitas still decay 30 Pro zoom edition over right here with 65 percent over them guys if you are enjoying this video clip please make certain that you hit that subscribe button it takes a hell of a long period of time to tape-record such a video

literally an entire day and also even more than that to edit the video also I’m presently making use of the video camera app once more to tape 4k 30 structures per 2nd making use of the back video cameras up right here I utilize 30 structures per 2nd because a couple of the phones are covered at 30 frameworks per secondly for a strange factor although they’re all using the exact same snapdragon handling chips after 5 hrs we have a number of them below the 50% mark that is why you’re seeing a great deal of orange on the display the various other only above 50% is presently the X 50 Pro as well as the K 30 presume Edition with the K 30 assume Edition having a much larger battery than that on the X 50 Pro 4700 as opposed to 4200 that’s a 500 milliamp hour difference and simply got the exact same in between both of them so I assume the X of the Pro is doing a fantastic task over below we ran into to benchmark run over they don’t actually take into account ball games as a result of the warm they likewise close with each other it’s not really accurate and afterwards we did a 3d mark examination and after 5 hrs and also thirty minutes huge not every one of them listed below 50% er K 30 individual and also 46% the most affordable among the bunch is the opera and also x2 Pro now with 29% over there extremely really interesting to see that it is the most affordable year because the red magic 5g in fact did the most awful in my previous examination but it did have the

greatest refresh rate panel at 100 forty-four Hertz instead of the 120 on the are position now you individuals likewise require to remember that the IQ near 3 has an IPS LCD screen which has a tendency to drain phones a great deal greater than AMOLED displays which are seen across all other tools six hours over here 18% for the Oppo phone alongside professional actually clocking down there 22% for the 1 +8 pro as well as 21% for the blackhawk three pro which is not high with 21% on the top ace – really fascinating 25% on the X 50 per 35 on the K 30 professional currently entering into our very first video game below which is flip diving every one of them are doing quite decently six hours is already remarkably terrific shot which is screen in a timely manner for any kind of phone in the world as well as they all have past six hrs at this moment 6 hours thirty minute the red magic 5j really knocked at off the six and also a fifty percent hrs in my last examination making use of Mac’s refresh and also it still has 19% of juice and also the container it’ll be truly interesting to see what occurs six hrs and half an hour he has 16% on the black chalk currently 50% on the ACE 2 HX in fact went down reduced than that of the black store 23 on the 820 ultra which is doing extremely well compared to the previous examination 30% on the red make a 30 presume Edition really comparable to the last one 16 on the

oneplus likewise fairly similar over there I’ll do a comparison table at the end of the video to compare the matte refresh rates which I performed in the last video so these seven hrs over below lowest remain in the hopper by alongside professional with five percents off the just seven hours which is still amazing screen on time over below do not think it is poor at all men it is actually terrific screen in a timely manner I’ll put that a fantastic point with the searchings for to pro yet it is doing the worst in this preference over below it is actually hanging on to that 5% over there if you look there % 7 hrs and 21 minutes that is seriously lengthy men I’m really satisfied with this due to the fact that the upper discover x2 Pro in the last video clip that in 6 hrs as well as 42 mins to gain 39 minutes over there opposed to the remainder of them when striking that 7 hours and half an hour mark the black shock is now 4% the upper ace 2 on one percenter going down quite a whole lot greater than the black soccer vo that is gon na get knocked senseless first and 4% on the 1 + 8 Pro over there we’re going to be going back into Chrome for a vertical scrolling effect so you can see that there are all on 60 structures per second still even after seven or eight hrs of the examination over below next picture to knockout is crazy thing 1% on the Opera is still going concentrating on the black shock as well as it knocked out initially at 7 hours and also 49 mins as opposed to 7 hours as well as 50 minutes on the Opera h2 which beat the black shock by simply one minute with a thousand milliamp hours smaller battery and also not long after that

workshops 57 minutes 7 minutes later the 1 + 8 Pro knocks senseless at 7 hrs 57 minutes obtaining the most effective percentage per min yet not the ideal numerous amperes per minute the cellar Realm’s irreversible are granted to the Oppo ace – with just 8.5 drainpipe permanence the black shark the worst with 10.1 gram per min since it has the most significant battery over there 8% currently in the s20 ultra as opposed to 15 on the k 30 Pro zoom addition 0% now we simply struck that mark on the red magic 5 G and also while I was turning the phone over the eye Cuneo III also knocked senseless at exactly worth 7 secs later but they were both in the same duration of 8 hours and 2 minutes so they have the same battery drainpipe the very same battery capability the exact same percentage per min and also the same milliamp hrs per min over there and afterwards we knocked senseless the genuine me X 50 Pro over there after just 8 hours in 11 mins not the most effective numerous amperes per minute yet really close to that of the top ace to 8 hrs as well as 25 mins right here the xiaomi me 10 Pro Knox are precisely the same outcome as its previous test with 90 Hertz on that particular is truly complicated once again we have intelligent control 8 hours thirty minutes for the s20 ultra is very impressive men it has improved by an hour as well as 14 minutes from its last test which is only racked up 7 hours 16 I have actually got 8 hrs and also 30 still 10% of juice left on UK 30 professional zoom initial gon na do some 4k recording below and play some video games enjoy some video clips simply to relieve the phone and also make use of the very same apps that we’ve been making use of just recently to see

what is going to occur with this monster of a battery phone I can not think exactly how it is still winning below 5 percent off the 9 hours this is the very same as the last examination people it is utilizing the exact same injures due to the fact that it’s topped out at 60 Hertz so it’s not that impressive sixty Hertz but it is a lot a lot more outstanding considering all the various other phones on the table here we’ll good to go to sixty ballots today and you people claimed if they were ready to 60 but K 30 would not win well I’m telling you currently you were incorrect because nine hrs as well as 19 minutes later the K 30 pro zoom Version knocks senseless ten minutes less than its previous run same 60 Hertz however 10 mins checklist last examination was 9 hours 29 minutes so I’m still really satisfied with that tenth place last but absolutely not the very least 7 hrs in 21 minutes for upper locate x2 pros small 4260 milliamp hr battery I’m truly pleased keeping that result ninth place the black shock 3 Pro with 7 hrs and 49 minutes over here still an extraordinary results over right here truly pleased with the black shock though with such a large battery you would anticipate it to be high up on the listing such a tiny battery the operates 2 with a min far better time than a black shock 3000 milliamps list seven hrs 50 mins seventh place t1 + 8 Pro with 7 hours 57 minutes virtually 8 hours this is superb battery life vehicles 8 hrs we’ll see you with 2 days if you do not utilize your displays who often sixth area

Really impressed with this person the red magic 5g which covered out at 6 hours as well as 30 mins in the last test 8 hrs and 2 minutes is brilliant battery life for a video gaming phone after that in very first place we have the Intelligence nearly 3 here at the very same time 8 hrs as well as 2 minutes as of that of the red magic 5g but the very same battery ability no question they’re gon na be similar actual mean X 50/ in fourth location with 8 hrs as well as 11 minutes extremely satisfied with this man with a small four thousand two hundred million power battery actually high up on the list of placements here third area the Xiaomi maintain four thousand 500 milliamp hour battery not the smallest battery not the largest 8 hrs 25 extremely amazed no difference between this and its higher refresh price battery drain tastes like that prior to this the s20 altra 8 hours as well as 30 mins substantial dive up from the shed preferences substantial mess a battery life you’re getting on this phone individuals very satisfied but the leading canine is indeed still the red meat a30 presume version with a huge whopping 9 hrs as well as 19 minutes I can not believe it’s the one this examination here is a table that many of you guys asked for in my previous video clip so at the top we have the branding of the phones below that we have the placement of

the max Hertz and afterwards the positioning of the 60 Hertz test which is this as well as the difference listed below that exact same point can be conserved at the bottom yet just with recommendation to time the red McCain 30 seek mission remained the same from top place the top place the s20 ultra rose five locations doing the most effective below from seventh place to 2nd area the Nietzschean pro dropped a location from second to third the x50 professional dropped a place from third 4th the near of 3 wins up 3 locations extremely amazing here from 82-foot urine magic 5g really leapt a whole lot from tenth it’s a sixth maturing 4 locations there the one plus eight pro went down one location from 6th to seventh the upper ace to swing down wall surface areas from 4th to 8th the black shark three pro dropped entire locations too from 5th to 9th as well as the top locate x2 professional dropped just one location from nine to tenth when we speaking about time right here the red Nikkei 30 seek mission did 10 mins worse when it pertained to battery drainpipe over below with the exact same sixty Hertz panel remember it does obtain maxed out at 60 Hertz the ACE 20 altra went from 120 Hertz dance the 60 Hertz and acquired a hr and 14 minutes of battery life which is amazing the Xiaomi me 10 Pro remained the very same

whether you making use of 90 Hertz or 60 Hertz obtaining the exact same 8 hrs in 25 minutes which is excellent for max refresh rates over there the actual me X 50 Pro went down by 4 minutes from 8 hrs as well as 15 to 8 hours in 11 after using 90 Hertz to 60 Hertz I would stay with 90 Hertz over there since it’s intelligent control appears to be doing a much better work than simply staying with 60 the intelligence near 3 boosted by 53 minutes because it was utilizing 104 Herts LCD panel as well as we dropped it to 60 as well as boosted by 53 minutes to 8 hours as well as 2 minutes which is truly good time the red magic 5g end up by an hour and also 36 mins the biggest dive of the entire examination over here of course it was shaking a hundred as well as forty-four Hertz prior to this but after allowing sixty Hertz as well as maintaining it to sixty Hertz it jumped up by an hour and also 36 mins really excellent task red magic twenty-eight mins lift for the one plus after putting points from 120 Hertz to sixty Hertz honestly not a huge distinction our six a 120 Hertz over there full HD full HD is the trick below individuals supply a Stu wave down 20 mins also though we’re making use of 60 Hertz as opposed to the 90 Hertz we did make use of last time it decreased by 20 mins to seven hrs in 15 mins which type of sucks so it’s a no brainer maintain the high refresh rate maxed out over there black shock 3 Pro increased 15

mins it was using a 90s panel in the previous test we made it possible for 60 Hertz mode over below rose by 15 mins you actually desire the 15 minutes what do you desire the refresh price for gaming I would certainly state choose max refresh rate their top locate x2 Pro win up 39 minutes that is rather decent over there I would think about dropping it to 90 or 60 we went from 120 to 60 over below and also it did a program rather a huge enhancement there and if all phones were utilizing the exact same capability battery or 4500 milliamp hours we would have a little different outcomes the black shock 3 Pro would certainly decrease by one place which is not the worst however the Samsung Galaxy S 20 likewise would certainly go down by 7 locations bringing it to 7 hrs as well as 39 mins making it the most awful if it had a much smaller battery with the upper ace to lifting one of the most rising 6 places the 2nd area giving it 8 hrs and 49 minutes in 2nd area as opposed to simply 8 hours and 55 minutes for top place on the raid Mackay a 30 pro zoom Version here which would certainly stay in the same area however it would certainly drop down by many minutes over there practically matching that of the upper simply as a result of the milliamp hrs per mins the redmi k 30 presume version at 8.4 milliamp hours per min during the examination considering the real results at the bottom of the screen are rather than 8.
5 million powers per min on the oppor ace – very similar drainpipe long-term over there so they’re both unbelievable battery Kings over right here except regrettably the upper is – does have a smaller sized battery so if they do slap a bigger battery on the upper ace 3 in the future possibly we could see a new battery drainpipe king of this test people I really hope that you delighted in viewing this video clip as long as I did making it ensure you shatter that subscribe button and also notification ball down listed below this is Technic and also I’ll see you in the following one

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