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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

What’s up men you’re back with Technic as well as today I have another rate test for you however this time between the xiaomi black shock 3 pro and samsung’s galaxy s 20 altra the black shock 3 pro that i have comes paid with 8 jobs of ram as well as I have this Snapdragon it’s exciting chip under the hood over here with the Samsung I have the Snapdragon variation snapdragon 865 that is and also it comes coupled with 12 jobs of ram diversion that I have anyway both phones have actually been recently updated to the newest software application updates the other equipment specifications really feel totally free to hit time out for more information on that we have placed them at the max refresher course 820 on the samsung and also 90 on the black shock as well as drop them both to full HD plus because these samsung can only do complete HD plus with high refresh prices I have actually currently turned all the animations because this does show the true raw power of the phones and one will certainly be all about boot finger prints as well as face unlock around 2 will certainly be about preliminary opening of application rate and round 3 will certainly be about RAM administration we’re gon na stand out GoPro video at the lower left hand corner for precision this is technique without more trouble let’s go you can begin over right here in round 1 with a straightforward boot begin see which one can boot up its phone quicker the black shock 3 Pro obtains it in 20 secs simply 0.5 seconds quicker than that of the s20 though it still obtains his very first factors in round 1 now obtaining its second factors in round one due to the fact that it

showed to the application icons first when initial going into the phone now we examining out the ultrasonic finger print sensor underneath the Samsung and also the optical one underneath the black shock we simply tap these Samsung one as well as it is quicker rather a lot every time base 3 out of three over right here obtaining it its first points in round one when it comes to face acknowledgment it is basically entirely opposite the black shock appears to go straight past the lock display over here with these stamps reveals a for a yet obtaining it three out of 3 points over there 3 factors per round one on the black sock as opposed to one for the s20 I’ll try shutting off round one round 2 is gon na be everything about app rate over here opening up of apps the black shock 3 Pro open the camera application quicker switch the selfie web cam and also took the snap somewhat much faster while joking at 3 points in round 2 until now though the s20 ultra opened up the gallery app faster and opened the photo pressures while getting it at second factors is 20 ultra likewise opened the calculator app rather fast over there remember we have impaired computer animations and I did do a poll on my channel about two months ago and also you men all claimed that you would like computer animations to stay on I in fact have determined to turn them erroneous now because that actually reveals real rate of the phones when you have animations on it can type of differentiate in between the two gadgets and disappoint its real speed just due to the fact that of the optimization of the device running a web speed examination of EF slightly changed the net rate sis that I’m using I’m making use of rate

Czechia 21 secs an item of the day at no factor was allocated if it is as well close to call yah individuals I don’t assign a point whatsoever if it is just a couple of milliseconds in between the two phones when opening up an application but you can see one opening up the various other much like you saw with Photoshop after that I do designate the factors similar to I did to the s20 ultra over there we’re mosting likely to go on and also export this image that we simply lately took NES 20 Ultra exports it a little fast over there both of them do have you of this a3 storage space over below and opening Adobe thrill over here neither of them opened them up fast the Samsung type of open it up quicker yet the black shop filled quicker so I really did not allot a factors over there we’re gon na export a 4k 25 frames per 2nd clip over below and also we’re going to press it to full HD and also all-natural fresh rates I’m speeding it up right here as you men can see near the bottom right-hand man corner NES 20 ultra doesn’t in 18 seconds one minute quicker than a blackjack 3 Pro which simply got 24 seconds now 11 points for the s20 ultra as opposed to just four factors for the black shot 3 Pro the s20 ultra is absolutely shattering it I did not believe that this would certainly be the case over right here yet it is doing a terrific job nevertheless it’s 20 ultra currently with 13 points off the opening as well as turning on astral VPN quicker the only black shot 3 Pro we needed a VPN right here in China since they obstruct all the applications that we had to do with open currently such as Facebook Instagram and so on the is 20 Ultra has actually opened up all three social media sites

apps slightly fast there now with 16 points after opening a Twitter going into our following API which is YouTube which one can open up as well as pack their pasta and it does without a doubt most likely to the east 20 altra currently we’re going to head over to my account over here as well as while the is 20 ultra it appears that it did open it up quicker my profile they both signaled all the symbols quite likewise the black fox reaper actually began playing the video clip quicker after that he is 20 ultra hood obtained its v points lastly in round 2 over below in contrast to 17 points for the s20 alt now 12 factors in advance of that of the black shot cerebro currently 13 points in advance after opening up netflix slightly quicker entering into google chrome here currently 19 points instead of 5 points on the black shock 3 Pro over there going right into our initial video game over right here is subway internet users which one’s mosting likely to take it as well as you would assume the video gaming phone would certainly do it yet the East Wing ultra in fact opened its very first video game much faster making it 4 times the amount of points the black shocked 3 Pro presently has entering into our next game right here is Flip diving see which one opens it up quicker too close to call over there neither of them and also get allocates at a point over there 2nd last application of the app tray over here entering into Temple Run 2 I’ve sped it up a little and after that I have actually placed it back to a hundred times real speed over right here the h20 ultra ordered its twenty initial factors in rounded two I didn’t think that I would certainly be claiming that in this sort of examination last game I shed a Pahlavi a pop G mobile I make certain you people recognize loading times a little

bit longer than normal video games because it is fairly graphics extreme of course 20 ultra opened up 1.5 seconds quicker than that of the Black Hawk 3 Pro closing up round 2 with 22 points as opposed to 5 points on the black shot 3 Pro currently I’m gon na quicken RAM monitoring test over right here by 200% just to see which one can maintain one of the most amount of applications open in the history thus far the East Wing ultra is maintaining 5 apps open if neither of them cheap applications open in there and also allocator points if both of them keep it open then I do a decatur factors over there 7 points for the s20 ultra chamois are known for poor around management over here so I’m not shocked by this in any way now 10 points for the is 20 I’ll attempt in contrast to 0 for the black shocks the pre professional exact same point with Netflix over below and afterwards following afterwards we’re entering into is Google Chrome very same point over there and previous apps that we opened they both had to refresh the feed but the Samsung did still keep it open in the background over there la Virgin Mobile strangely enough the black chalk 3 Pro in fact maintained open over there so neither got designated 2 factors around 3:15 for the ACE 20 in contrast to 0 for the black chalk 3 Pro Overall points 8 for the black chalk 3/ 38 days 20 ultra I can’t think I’m in fact claiming that 22 points just on raw rate for the Samsung in round 2 rather than 5 for rate on the black chalk 3 Pro very intriguing preference you people let me recognize if you appreciated the content this is technic and I’ll see you in the next one

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