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the Xperia 1 Mach 2 is Sony’s latest flagship and by far the best two dates but how does it stack up against Samsung’s incredible Galaxy is 20 ultra they are very similarly SPECT both of them are paid with Qualcomm latest snapdragon 865 processing chip run on 7 an immediate Plus technology they both have UF s3 storage and they both have al p dr v ram know these samsung has 12 gigs of ram here and the sony has just eights here the hardware specs feel free to pause for more information we have updated the software on both fronts here and we are keeping the Samsung to full HD plus so that we can enable the wonderful 128 Hertz refresh rate in order to test it against the motion blur reduction on the Xperia 1 mark – we’re gonna leave all animations disabled here in order to test out raw speed round 1 is going to be all about booting up the phone going into the phone itself and doing a fingerprint unlock test round 2 will be all about initial opening of app speed and round 3 will be all about RAM management’s we’re gonna pop GoPro footage at the bottom left hand corner for accuracy this is technic and without further ado let’s go round 1 we’ll start with a boot avea to see which one can get into the phone quick slaps bit things at bottom right hand corner 16 seconds for the Xperia as opposed to 22 seconds for the s20 first point they allocated to the sony and going into the phone itself refreshing the app icons sony picks up its second points over there fingerprint senses we have a physical one on the side of the sony as opposed to an ultrasonic one under the display of the samsung the sony was quicker the first time the samsung was quicker the second time and it was a draw the third time so no points were allocated over here wrapping up around one over there with two points for the sony as opposed to zero on years 20 we have closed all apps in the background and the first app that we have in round 2 the actual speed test is the camera app which the s20 ultra opens up quicker flipping to the Safi Kammler strangely enough the Xperia 1 mark 2 opens that up quicker and it also takes the snap quicker saves the picture at the bottom right hand corner quicker than the s20 ultra going into the photo app the s20 ultra was quicker but it’s not surprising as since Sony is so stock Android it’s photos calculator as well as the phone app are all actual Google apps since this is such stock Android if they had actual system you are apps over here it should be a lot quicker it just sucks that Sony have scrapped quite a few of those and just opted for Google but if you prefer a stock experience then this is what you’re gonna get and that is why Samsung is not sitting on five points as opposed to two on your Sony stay tuned guys it gets really interesting down the line over here opening up speed check and internet speed test we’re gonna speed things up at the bottom right hand corner in a second once the Sony gets underway and we’re gonna test as soon as it shows the actual pink icon over there going to download and upload we’re not gonna look at download upload speeds we’re just going to look at how long it takes to run this speed test this internet speed says that is 22 seconds for the Xperia just a second quicker than that of the s20 I’ll try getting at its fourth point now in round two now it’s 50 points off the opening up Spotify slightly quicker then that of the galaxy s 20 ultra and the next step that we have you a little bit heavier to load is Adobe Photoshop Express which the s20 ultra opens up quicker getting it at sixth point now ahead of the Sony going into the actual photo the samsung was quicker as well we’re gonna export it to gallery both heavy fs3 storage so it was extremely similar they’re pretty much exactly the same no point was allocated their next Apia is adobe premiere rush over here and going into rush the s20 altra opened it up quicker and went into the project quicker as well now we’re going to export this 4k 25 frames per second clip but we’re going to compress it down to 1080p match the frame rate of 25 frames per second and go ahead and export to see which one can do it quick up spit things up at once again at the bottom right hand corner over there and we’re gonna see which one comes in first place yet and it is indeed the s20 ultra with 19 seconds just a second quicker than that of the Xperia since they are both paired with wonderful ufs a 3.0 storage the next step that we have here is astral VPN we need a VPN here in China in order to open the next run of apps any Xperia 1 Mach 2 opens that one up quicker they turn them on at pretty much the same speed first social media app here that we have is Facebook the s20 ultra actually opened it up quicker but the xperia loaded the page quicker so neither point was allocated the Xperia though did open up Instagram faster Twitter was way too close to call over there so no point was allocated so far 10 points for the Samsung as opposed to 7 on the Sony going into YouTube the Samsung opened it quicker but once again the Estonia loaded the page quicker so no point was allocated but going into my channel over here the sony xperia 1 Mach 2 opens that up slightly quicker getting in its eighth point are just two points behind that of the Samsung going into a video they both started playing at the same time but the Sony loaded the page once again slightly quicker than the Samsung getting it’s ninth point not just one point behind me Samsung over here going into our next app which is indeed Netflix loading the actual profile icons the Xperia did a better job and it went into my profile slightly quicker than the Samsung as well now pulling ahead of the Samsung but the Samsung quickly pulled back one after opening up Chrome now I’m making it 11 points apiece first game over here out of four is subway surface we’re gonna see which one can go into it quicker is indeed the sony xperia one Moxie or should I say PS 5 of the future so nevertheless games are slightly opening a pasta on new Sony Xperia one more to you’ll see what I mean now going into flip diving just a hair of a second quicker on the Xperia does pick up its thirteenth point now two points ahead of that of the ace 20 altra our next app that we have here is indeed Temple Run 2 a lot longer to load than the previous ones I sped things up a bit and then slowed it back down and once again the Sony Mark 2 gets it a fourteenth point there as opposed to the 11 points on the s20 ultra not three points ahead most graphics intense longest loading game is indeed pop G Mobile I’m sure many of you guys play it I personally love the game same speed sixteen point four seconds I couldn’t believe it very close there at no point was allocated closer they’re closing down round two with 14 points on the Xperia is opposed to 11 on the edge 20 now we’re testing out RAM management remember we have 12 gigs on the Samsung as opposed to eight on the Sony over here and they’re all keeping every single app open a couple system apps close that they both closed on both devices exactly so no points were allocated only if one phone keeps an app open and the other one kills it then hi allocated points but if they both kill it I don’t and if they both keep it open I don’t either so 12 gigs 8 gigs around go check my RAM management taste out on my YouTube channel after this video and make sure that you hit that subscribe button as well I explained why there is not much of a difference between 8 and 12 kicks around total score here 16 points for the sony xperia one mach 2 as opposed to 11 for the s20 ultra just a five-point difference so via but if we look at just floor speed which is all about Run 2 over there you certainly got 14 points as opposed to be 11 points on the s20 ultra just 3 points ahead they very similarly pressed phones so it just comes down to personal preference guys I personally love both of them for different reasons I hope that you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did making it and until next time this is technic [Music]

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