BATTERY CHARGE TEST – Sony Xperia 1 ii vs S20 Ultra / OnePlus 8 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max

Japan South Korea China North America these countries fix a few of the very best flagship mobile phones in the world but how do they do when utilizing the battery charger that comes coupled with them in the Box in a billing speed examination initially up we have the Sony Xperia 1 mark 2 with an 18 watt billing block in the box and it comes coupled with a four thousand milliamp power battery under the hood next up we have the samsung galaxy s 20 altra with a 25 watt billing block in package and a five thousand milliamp hour battery you do get a 45 hr charge up for this though I’m gon na stay with 25 watts to see what I can do instead of the 45 watt charger who won plus a pro features a 30 watt warp battery charger in the box as well as a 4510 milliamp hr battery and lastly well type of the least the apple iphone II reside in Promax with a 3969 mignon power battery and accounts paid with an 18 watts of charger in the box as well as the sony did men these are amazing cell phones I can not wait to share this test with you this is Technic as well as lapidaire trouble allow’s go we’re gon na start right here by clearly tapping on the timer over there as well as connecting all the phones in we have the time period on top left edge over there the real phone keeping the moment is on the left of the screen as well as at the bottom of the brandings of each phone we do have the portion which is in relationship to that time interval we have

disabled all billing optimizations on all tools as I just showed you guys there and after the 10-minute interval we have 10% on the exterior one mark to 10% on the s20 ultra 13% on the iPhone and the leader here is the 1 + 8 Pro with 18 percent off – simply 10 minutes after 15 mins we have 17 percent on the sony 20% warm samsung 24 percent on the 8 pro shop leading the pack as well as just behind that the iPhone 11 Pro max 18 while billing 22 percent off – 15 mins really impressive there after 20 minutes we have 24 percent bright sony currently falling behind the 29 percent on the samsung 31 percent just 1 + and also 29 percent on the apple iphone the iPhone is truly capturing up to the 1 plus right here even though that has a much of faster billing power level carrying on to that 30 minute mark now this is what most individuals will certainly have time to charge their phone to 39 percent on the Sony 47 nearly 50 percent on the Samsung now leading the pack 44 percent just one pass as well as 44 percent also on the apple iphone 11 Pro Mac’s most individuals only have half an hour to energize their phone so when it pertains to for charging that’s what actually matters I’ll get 2 million powers in the initial 30

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minutes of the test a little later on in addition to milliamp hours per min throughout the entire examination after 45 minutes we have 59% sony sony 71 % still leading the pack on the is 20 ultra 64 % just 1 + 8 Pro and 67 percent on the 11 a professional max which is in fact doing much better than the 1 plus a pro 1 plus has actually truly slowed down these last few mins of yeah but allow’s see the length of time it takes to obtain to 100 we’re shutting in on that 1 hr time period 9 after we struck we have 73 percent sony sony mansi’s % still leading the pack the s20 ultra 83 percent now defeating the iphone the 1 + 8/ + 80 percent the apple iphone is known to decrease off the 80% however however 80 percent off the 1 hour over below allow’s see how much time it takes to do that 20% after just one hr closing in a 1 hr and 15 minutes the samsung galaxy s 20 altra knocked out with a hundred percent softer a hr as well as 15 minutes not best the very best result that I’ve seen on the s20 ultra was a hr as well as one minute yet that was with the 45 watt charging block though I have God’s an hour in 11 minutes with the exact same 45 watt billing block so very little of a.

difference over there 1.3 percent permanence as well as 67 million powers permanent they’re not long after that the 1 plus 8 Pro knocks out at 1 hr and 22 mins they’re very outstanding not the most excellent we have actually seen 1 plus on my channel obtain a hr and also 9 mins so it has faltered a bit right here however 1.2% per minute 55 milliamp hrs per min over there 37 factor 6 degrees Celsius so it is a lot hotter than that of the Samsung and it is doing less milliamp hours per minute below also so we’re reaching the 1 hour and 45 minute mark and we have 90 percent on in the sony as opposed to 94 percent on the 11pro max which is really defeating after the 1 hour thirty minutes mark yet after 1 hour 45 97 percent on the sony and also 97 percent on the 11pro max the 11pro max is certainly reducing down it’s billing rate rather a bit I have switched off billing optimizations on both tools and they do have actually really comparable sized batteries as well as very a similar sized wattage which is 18 watts exactly the same however the sony comes in first their hour as well as 54 minutes not the very best I regard under 2 hours as type of quick billing under a hr incredibly rapid billing most phones these days can do it in 30 minutes most Chinese phones anyhow.

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100% for the iPhone 11 Pro max after an hour as well as 58 mins actually not bad considering its previous examination that I did did it in practically an hour later on but I did have optimizations switch on intriguing a point here in the initial of half an hour the Sony Xperia 1 mark 2 really did the worst milliamp hour per minute 52 over theirs opposed to the 58 on the apple iphone 11 Pro Max as well as he Samsung did a whole lot better in its very first half an hour than its general total amount with 78 as well as the exact same can be claimed with the oneplus with 66 milliamp hrs per min rather than overall 55 fourth-place we have the iPhone yeven Promax with one hr and also 58 minutes with it’s 18 watt billing block and also 3969 milliamp hour battery it can increase to 20 1 watt billing if you obtain a PD obstruct the exact same can be stated with the Sony however it can only do so in the center of the billing it does not really impact the result of the rating however 3rd location the Sony with an hour and also 54 mins over there 2nd place the 1 +8 pro with a hr and also 22 mins 30 watt warp charging we have actually seen any individual plus obtain much better results in the past with its 4510 milliamp hr battery as well as warp billing first location King over below is the South Korean large firm Samsung with its East Wing eltra one hour and also 15 mins not the fastest I’ve seen from the is twenty hundred 25 what charging obstructs still pretty.

wonderful now if they were all the exact same battery at 4 thousand milliamp hrs the a Sony would certainly stay the very same the iPhone would include a minute over there because it’s virtually 4,000 the Samsung would certainly lose 15 mins anyone plus a pro would shed a 10 mins over there certainly since they have larger batteries than 4000 milliamps I have actually not tasted the Sony Xperia one waktu before this is the initial time however as for the s20 ultra its best result was one hour in one min making use of the 45 or what billing block so it was 14 minutes slower this time around with the 25 watt block however I have actually gotten an outcome of a hr in 11 minutes with the 45 watt block so because case it’s just four mins slower than that so if I were you stay with the 25 watt block that comes in package as for the oneplus and iron 22 minutes of this test however 13 minutes slower than the previous one it’s based outcomes on my network got a hr and 9 mins there as well as the apple iphone 11 pro Max’s best outcome was 2 hours and also 2 mins so it in fact improved by 4 minutes over there truly terrific work us giants Apple for obtaining that rights yet however it is still the slowest of the buncha individuals I wish that you enjoyed viewing this video clip as much as I did making it this is Method and I’ll see you in the next one.

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