DETAILED REVIEW Lenovo Legion Phone Pro – Stylish on the Outside. Savage on the Inside.

style contrasts present 90 watt charging audio software program gaming benchmarks and also finally video cameras this is my unpacking an exceptionally comprehensive review of the lenovo legion professional video gaming smart device it is littered with specs however do those specifications theoretically in fact come out in truth pay attention to this unboxing after we obtain past that little sound effect it says on this box trendy on the outside vicious on the inside we discover a little usb type c to 3.5 millimeter jack we likewise locate a tough shell case in the box which looks really fascinating and also we obtain a 5 ampere type-c to kind c cable television in package we obtain a 45 watt charging block the highest end variation of the phone includes a 90 watt block but the base variation that i have here can still bill at 90 watts if you have the 90 watt block but i have two 45 watt obstructs the one that can be found in package and also a samsung which has the exact same volts as well as amperes as the lenovo one so we’ll check that out in a little bit [Songs] after unpacking the stunning device you can see it is everything about class i must state the very first point that stands out into my head is various it even has text saying fashionable outside vicious inside and there is a whole lot taking place on the back of this phone however i sort of like it we have this thick skin situation over here and is actually the same on both sides so it does not matter which way you put it on it adds some additional hold to the phone i guess you would certainly state it’s not the worst cover i’ve seen though it makes it look a little bit funky we have an entire bunch of various rgbs on the back below which i’ll reveal you individuals in a.

2nd and the sides of the phone almost have like a rough feel to them it feels really great in the hand obviously we have these rgbs as i was saying you can enter into the settings and you can alter the top legion logo design over there which looks really cool yet it’s stuck to red with the lights effect of the myriad logo in the facility of the phone you can transform the colors but there are only six various colors and few choices certainly most video gaming mobile phones nowadays likewise compared to rgb led lights i presume it kind of comes down to your choice we have a power button on top of the pop-up selfie cam i’m not sure how that’s mosting likely to last over the long run we additionally have touch causes on top though no imprint which type of sucks i prefer that on the red magic 5g or 5s respectively when you put your cover on the touch triggers are as well far in order for it to actually aid you when gaming little lenovo logo design on the side a non-split quantity rocker as well as we have a usb type-c port on the left hand side of the gadget this is restricted to usb 1.0 speeds the same it can be said with the bottom port as well though at least that is centered unlike the asus rog 3 which is a bit pushed to the side we have a double sim tray inside the phone itself yet we are unfortunately lacking a micro sd card port we have a light weight aluminum structure and also a glass front and also back with water repellent finish very fascinating we additionally get double front-facing stereo audio speakers with huge acoustic chambers so lenovo has stated as well as we have some odd edges on this phone i hunch if you compare it to others they’re a whole lot more rounded it’s rather similar in size to other gaming smart devices and also it’s quite hefty actually not quite as.

hefty as the rog phone 3 as well as black shark 3 pro though it is a little larger than the red magic 5g as well as unfortunately it lacks a headphone jack where the black shark as well as the red magic both preserve that when you have them level on a surface the myriad pro practically has no wobble on a level surface whatsoever contrasted to the various other gaming smart devices it obtains a bit bad especially with the black shark the lenovo is tuning approximately be a wonderful video gaming device yet what concerning the display screen well we have a 19.5 by 9 element ratio 6.65 inches amoled with 16 million shades regrettably it’s adhered to complete hd plus resolution it seems brighter than many various other pc gaming phones hdr 10 plus 144 hertz freshen price panel as well as 240 hertz touch tasting price several various other pc gaming phones have 270 hertz touch tasting price so that type of sucks and contrasting it to the other video gaming phones over right here it has a quite good sized display and i should claim the colors truly do pop on the lenovo as compared to the others and i do not know the knits i’ve done a great deal of study on it but i can’t quite find it out though it does seem brighter than the various other phones yet the main marketing point below is that 144hz present you can only alter in between 1690 as well as 144 so there’s no 120 hertz alternative and also comparing the 3 side-by-side you can see exactly how several even more frames that you can actually see in slow movement with the 144 hertz display instead of the 60 or perhaps 90. Going into a scrolling screen over here you can see a great deal more frames once more on the 144 hertz yet individuals you honestly just have to go into a shop as well as really feel just how smooth this phone actually feels we have 344 hertz screens on the left 90 hertz is limited on the black shark 3 pro on the right and also you can see the 144 hertz look definitely impressive but contrasted to 120 hertz such as you would see on the oneplus 8 pro like it’s much of a muchness you won’t truly observe much of a difference we have a couple other settings when it concerns the display though the range is sort of lacking though we do have a brightness enhancement which makes it also brighter outdoors which is fantastic we also have dark setting which you usually see on amoled panels and also it is really black unlike a whole lot of phones which undershoots it as well as go for more of a gray and also we certainly have an always on display screen which is incredibly bright actually incredible however people we require to bill up this 5 000 milliamp hour battery phone in order to make use of all of these fantastic attributes and also reach see that incredible display so we have a 45 watt block in the base versions box but we have the exact same volts 2 milliamps on the samsung block that i have which is likewise 45 watts so we’re mosting likely to connect the samsung one on the left side and also we’re gon na plug the lenovo one at the bottom 45 plus 45 amounts to 90. As you can see when i plug in the 2nd charger it goes right into double turbo charging over there so i’m going to do simply an extremely fast test below it need to be quick because it is 90 watts i have some results of previous phones at the bottom over there being the black shark 3 pro with 65 watts and the actual me x2 pro which is currently being the king on my network 39 after 10 mins 55 after 15 mins is absolutely absurd we’re gon na go to that 20 minute mark currently and see just how much we can charge our phone 70 percent in 20 mins men you essentially have to shower as well as your phone is virtually completely charged 84 in 25 mins is absolutely absurd now lenovo did state on the website that it can get to full fee in just 30 mins yet we’re sitting at 94 after thirty minutes which is pretty near what they mentioned so i presume you do not actually require a splurge for their 90 watt block you simply need to obtain 245 watt blocks with the exact same ampere as well as voltage analysis 100 in 35 mins is wonderful with the ryomi x2 pro with a 50 watt block and also a little 4000mah battery did it in 27 minutes so it’s still not the fastest even though it has virtually dual the size of its charging block yet a much larger battery at that with 142 milliamp hrs per minute excusable when you go on from that always on screen once you have your phone completely billed we have an optical under screen fingerprint sensor over right here which works quite well though it is truly reduced down compared to the asus rog on the right-hand man side over there though they desire you to make use of the phone in landscape so i hunch after that it kind of makes even more sense when contrasting rate to the rock 3 over below you can see the lenovo legion is in fact a little bit faster though we are doing not have facial acknowledgment which is because we have a pop-up side mounted yes you heard best side placed pop-up selfie electronic camera to make sure that does not appear to identify your face for face id which sort of sucks but if you do drop your phone it does find it and it draws the video camera system back in they desire you to use the phone in landscape mode though when you place in vehicle revolves it mosts likely to picture setting when you encounter it in this way but you’re either stuck to automobile turn or landscape you can not simply lock picture setting which really sucks we have a couple outstanding styles that i choose the supply android looking style over below we are running zui 12 skinned over android 10. The lenovo z6 professional took almost a year to obtain android 10 so do not expect numerous upgrades when it involves the myriad professional with any luck they enhance this the software feels really incredible they have a couple amazing little functions as well as indeed we do have google as well as we have accessibility to the play store so no requirement to fret about that we have twin x straight electric motors which involves resonances yet the haptics honestly do not really feel the finest but they’re still pretty suitable for a video gaming mobile phone compared to others though i wouldn’t state quite comparable to the asus rog phone 3 we likewise have semi actual resonance but that is lacking when it comes to the applications department we have the lenovo world over right here where you can transform a number of setups in video game we’ll reach that in a second we also have touch triggers which is remarkable and when you hold them down you most likely to the lenovo world gaming sensor over right here which looks truly amazing however we’re adhered to simply two inputs unlike the four on the rog also have peripherals setting connecting a keyboard and mask as well as you can stream it right to your exterior display which is great i’ll reach that in the future we’ll have unbelievable stereo twin seeming speakers so let’s go have a pay attention those sound definitely amazing as well as when you go into a video game such as call of task mobile you’ll see that pulling down from the leading you get that lenovo legion realm and also there’s a pair different setups such as back videotaping your last pair of minutes of gaming you can likewise move your little touch buttons around on the display and also you also have a digital analog stick when you relocate the activity of your phone which is fantastic yet we have the streaming feature which looks really remarkable i really wish to test this out as well as to videotape your display you simply have to hold down the power button as well as the volume up key which is outstanding i’m presently utilizing the banner function playing phone call of.

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duty mobile on the lenovo legion and there are a pair different features that we can do so i can actually eliminate my background simply with a little faucet over below kind of makes me blend into the history which is quite great as well as now there’s one more one where you can obviously transform that off as well as after that you can sort of just fade me out there so i’m actually in the history as opposed to in the foreground so let me know what you people think about the sound high quality of this in addition to the video clip top quality too and also the function in general the mic high quality really did not sound the most effective but the worst thing is that we’re stuck to hd which is 720p though obviously you can transform your display videotaping application as well as utilize an external one very first game that we’re going to check out right here is call of duty mobile we have a 60 fps cap so although we’re going to be utilizing the 144 hertz setting on the phone we’re stayed with 60 so we’re going to go in advance and also have a play as well as pay attention to those unbelievable audio speakers flying out next video game that we have right here is the worldwide variation of pubg mobile once more we’re going to max out the graphics as well as the frameworks per second step around are some touch buttons over below so that we can use those fantastic air triggers as well as obviously when again we’re stuck to 60 fps because there is a cap on the game itself expired this is video game for peace the club g variation in china once again max settings so there it goes to the leading 90 frameworks per second definitely amazing i have actually had no issues whatsoever with the touch sets off various other than them being unfathomable.

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in the phone it’s really hard to reach when pc gaming on the fly next video game we have here is bullet pressure which has no fps cap though we’re sitting at 90 frames per second putting it in rampage mode obtains it up to around 125 fps which type of sucks and since 144 hertz display on this phone and the red magic 5g could strike over 144 [Songs] next game we have right here is dead trigger 2 once again no fps capability ultra high graphics we’re sitting at around 125 fps once more placing on rampage doesn’t change that in all as soon as again the red magic 5g might carry out at over 144 hertz in this video game thanks pc gaming can not always check out the most when it concerns efficiency of a phone so we’re gon na run a couple standards starting with antutu over right here as you can see we’re rocking that snapdragon 865 plus processing chip right here’s the battery information as well as the cpu and also degrees celsius at the beginning of the test we’ll compare this at the end we have actually allowed rampage modia to try press an extremely high score in antutu variation 8.4.3 utilizing the lenovo legion pro here are the outcomes when it comes to battery drain minus 5 percent like the rog battery levels and also celsius obtained quite hot at 41.2 levels celsius yet only added 5.7 degrees celsius which is a bit cooler than that of the rog and in cpu the myriad phone added seven levels in celsius where the rog phone three only added six six hundred and also twenty one thousand for the lenovo legion six factor three percent better than the typical snapdragon 865 powered mobile phone so i presume you might say the lenovo is regarding a percent much better than the rog phone 3. Now we’re going to run geekbench version 5 doing a cpu solitary as well as multi-core examination all on rampage mode opencl test as well as vulcan examination for single core it got 984 factors which is rather a bit far better than the rog phone which obtained 918 points multi-core 3358 when again better than the rog phone open cl api however it really did not defeat that of the rog phone three the rock phone beat it a little much more obtained a slightly higher score vulcan gpu api over below we got over 4 000 points concerning a hundred even more than that of the beginning phone three as well as it carried out almost 22 percent much better than the vanilla snapdragon 865. indeed i recognize this phone appears like it’s everything about video gaming yet we do have that pop-up selfie video camera keep in mind 20 megapixels over here however no stabilization when it pertains to video using fifty percent bokeh it looks terrific practically no side detection even with full bokeh the phone is completely covered at 1080p and 30 structures per secondly while making use of the selfie cam let me recognize what you think about the audio as well as video quality of the myriad’s selfie web cam obviously we have those back cams as well we’re just restricted to 2 using 64 megapixel sony imx 686 sets and also we have an ultra wide second sensor at 16 megapixels regrettably video clip is capped at 30 fps the ultra large looks absolutely fantastic for a video gaming phone 64 megapixel sony imx looks pretty suitable practically as all other phones do 16 megapixel bend which is using 401 binning looks terrific however as quickly as you go right into zoom 2 times 5 times or 8 times which is limit zoom looks definitely awful just as we experienced on the rog phone 3 though using the regular bokeh result that you have within the phone it looks absolutely fantastic and we don’t have a macro sensing unit as you see on the rog but it looks even better in my opinion when it concerns video clip as i mentioned earlier we’re adhered to 30fps which is really terrible for a snapdragon 865 phone allowed alone an 865 plus smart device we do have eis or virtual reality digital picture stablizing 4k is additionally catch 30. It still looks rather terrific it is quite edgy though ultrawide as soon as again stuck on 30 fps the rog phone can go all the means up to 8k and hold 4k 60fps flawlessly great so that’s a large deal breaker for me when it comes to the myriad professional video gaming mobile phone we do also have this weird setting here called twin video clip where you can fire with the selfie cam and the back webcam you can change them on the fly while you’re recording i think it’s kind of great i’m simply unsure when i would certainly utilize this we have no stabilization mode within the real camera interface though we’re adhered to 30 fps points don’t look wonderful with the normal video camera however ultra wide does not look regrettable it nearly puts in like an all-natural stabilization setting the lenovo legion professional gaming smart device is absolutely special it is extremely fashionable as they say on the outdoors and it is quite vicious on the within though a couple of things hold it back it doesn’t fairly meet my expectations when it concerns gaming performance though it still has a wonderful 144hz display screen that weird pop-up selfie camera landscape mode i would certainly have enjoyed to have a locked-on picture setting option on the phone ideally we obtain this in a software application upgrade but when are we going to obtain software application updates from business such as lenovo though it may stand on its own two feet when seeing it alone however it does have some quite large rivals available it’s actually tough for me to suggest the myriad phone versus any kind of other pc gaming mobile phone currently on the marketplace besides for that eye-catching cost this may not be the most effective video gaming phone of 2020 but it comes really close.

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