Asus ROG Phone 3 vs Lenovo Legion Phone Pro Speed Test

there is a brand-new package on the block to equal versus the extraordinary rog phone 3 and also its name the lenovo myriad phone pro both of them come combined with a snapdragon 865 plus processing chip the current from qualcomm both have lp ddr5 ram currently we have 12 on the rog as well as simply eight on the lenovo over here and they’re both contrasted with ufs 3.1 storage here are the hardware specs feel cost-free to hit time out over here for more details we have updated their software to the most up to date version readily available on both gadgets as well as we’re leaving them at their native 144 hertz panels we’re going to be utilizing their particular pc gaming settings on both tools over below and also we’re mosting likely to be utilizing optiflex on the rog phone 3 which enables for faster application launchers we’re mosting likely to make certain that all the applications utilized in the rate examination are not making use of battery optimization for around 3 round administration we’re gon na disable all computer animations over below in order to evaluate that raw rate round one will be all about boots and also finger print unlock rounded 2 will certainly be everything about preliminary opening app rate as well as round 3 will certainly be everything about ram

administration using my fingers over here so to keep things precise we’re gon na stand out gopro footage near the bottom left-hand edge this is method and also without more trouble allow’s go we’re gon na start over right here in round one with an easy boot you can see we have landscape mode on the legion over there the rock phone gets its initial factor over there with 14 seconds just a 2nd quicker consequently on as opposed to the myriad phone going right into the phone itself freshening the application icons the myriad grabs its very first rating there in round one now making it one factor item screening out the optical fingerprint sensors discovered underneath both screens over here they’re extremely comparable though the myriad seems to be a little faster every time so it grabs its second and last points in round one with three wins rather than three losses on the rog making certain that we get on the same wi-fi network as well as that all applications behind-the-scenes are without a doubt closed going right into round 2 of you to test out our rate test opening up the video camera was as well close to call changing to the selfie cam naturally the rog phone took it due to the fact that we have a sideways pop-up sensor on the myriad and taking the snap over there one of them took it quicker the various other one waited’s a.

gallery faster so no factor was designated there going into the photos app the rog took it as well as it opened up the picture quicker too now 3 points in contrast to zero on the myriad opening up the calculator application was also close to call over there one more time as well as our next action over right here is phone application once more tale system application getting the myriad as first factors in rounded two entering into the settings apovia the legion grabs its second factor currently i’m relocating far from systems applications going into a web rate examination called speed check we’re not gon na be testing out download upload speed but more so for how long it really takes to survive the examination i sped it up bottom right-hand man edge 22 seconds on the rog phone 3 rather than a very comparable specifically the same 22 seconds on the myriad phone pro so no point was allocated that time around next up that we have is a music app being spotify going right into it it was also close to call because they both filled different points at various times yet ended up loading at the same time going into photoshop share over below an image editing app entering into it the myriad phone pro opened it up a tad quicker than that of the rock phone yet the rock phone opened the picture faster than that saving them to gallery it was exactly the same using that remarkable ufs 3.1 storage space on both devices as well as our following app that we have is adobe rush which is a video editing program likewise once more by adobe going right into the real app it was too close to call however the rog phone opened the project somewhat quicker.

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currently we’re mosting likely to go ahead as well as export this 4k 25 frames per 2nd documents we’re going to compress it down to 1080p match the 25 frames per second frame rate that we have and also hit export over below let’s see which one reaches export it quicker than the various other one and also as you people can see the rog phone gets it in 18 secs instead of 20.5 secs on the legion a little disappointing for lenovo yeah since they’re both shaking the very same ufs 3.1 storage space in that regard the dimension of the ram does not matter although it’s 12 gigs on the rog and eight gigs on the myriad entering into celestial vpn considering that we need a vpn right here in china the rog opens it up quicker and also they both turn them on at the precise same time going into facebook our first social media sites application this is one of the reasons why we really require a vpn right here in china one of the phones opened it up quicker the other one being the myriad loaded the web page quicker so no factor was allocated over there they opened instagram up quite similarly over there and also the next social media application that we have competing us is twitter going right into twitter the myriad selects up its fifth point currently simply two points behind the rog phone 3 yet stick with me people it obtains seriously interesting later in the test entering into youtube now which phone is mosting likely to take it and it looks like the myriad phone professional got that factor now simply one point behind that of the rog phone 3. Entering into my channel however the one phone opened up the app quicker which was going into my network quicker which was undoubtedly the rog phone 3 as well as entering into the video which one is gon na get this factor once more the rog phone three now with 9 points a 3 point lead in contrast to the myriad phone pro on a 6 factors over there as opposed to 9 on the rog phone entering into netflix though the myriad breaks back another point with 7 factors going into my profile 8 factors now simply one factor once more behind the rog phone 3 so it is trading back there as well as entering into google chrome the rog phone grabs its double digit 10 factors over there rather than eight points on the legion going into our initial game over here both with their respective video game launches going into it let’s see which one can open a video game quicker since these are both.

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video gaming monster gadgets and the myriad phone professional in fact grabs that aim currently with nine factors rather than 10 on the rog so the rog still has the lead yet we still have three more games to experience so allow’s see which one is mosting likely to triumph going right into flip diving over right here once more running our game introduces going into it the myriad phone programs its 10th factor now matching that of the rog phone 3’s 10 factors as well 2nd last video game right here second last application of the 20 temple run 2 i sped it up slowed it back down and once more the legion of phone professional opened up this 3rd game somewhat quicker than that of the rog currently for the very first time in the test taking the lead with 11 factors rather than 10 on the rog going right into pubg mobile a slightly longer app to load than the previous games that we opened and the legion phone professional took it 12.5 seconds a 2nd quicker than the 13.5 on the rog phone 3 shutting off rounded 2 with a win to the lenovo going into round three it’s all concerning ram management now individuals remember we’re rocking the very same lpddr5 ram that is what issues over below not the real storage space of the ram the dimension of the storage space being 12 on the rock and also 8 on the legion the 12 job of ram legion would carry out the same over right here and it does not look also helpful for lenovo this time around around it is.

killing a whole lot of apps which the rog phone 3 is maintaining open if both of them eliminate the application i do not assign a factor if both of them maintain it open i don’t assign a factor the one phone has to keep it open and the other one has to kill it in order for me to allot a point and that is why the rog phone is not sitting on seven points lenovo is beginning to look a bit like xiaomi when it comes to ram administration and also as you guys saw in the intro of this exact video clip i did keep all optimization or battery optimizations off so none of these applications should be eliminated behind-the-scenes also the iphone with 4 gigs of ram can maintain this numerous apps open behind-the-scenes not all of them yet most definitely much better than that of the legion of phone pro the asus rog phone 3 is definitely damaging the legion phone when it pertains to ram monitoring finishing up rounded 3 with 14 factors instead of zero on the myriad so go for you there asus rog overall points 25 for the rog phone 3 instead of 14 on the legion of phone pro yet if we consider just raw rate when it pertains to round 2 the myriad really triumphed with 12 points instead of 10 on the rog phone 3. both incredible gaming monsters allow me recognize which phone that you guys like down below in the remark section this is techneck and i’ll see you in the following one.

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