DETAILED Review OnePlus 8T Extremely: The Outcast.

the oneplus 8t is finally here and it packs a punch with some slice improvements over its predecessors the oneplus 8 and oneplus 7t but is it worth upgrading to if you already own one of those devices well let’s find out in my unboxing an extremely detailed review of the oneplus 8t in which i will be covering the design and build comparing it to other devices testing out its display a 65 watt charging speed test software speakers 120 frames per second gaming benchmarks and finally cameras but first let’s find out what’s inside the box no surprise here that oneplus have once again boxed up the 8t in a long lanky red box cheapest price we can find is indeed the 8 gig of ram 128 gigs of storage variants cheapest here in china of course second cheapest in india then the uk and the most expensive in the usa but unfortunately in the states you can only get it in a 12 gig of ram variance bringing it all the way up to 750 usd we get not one sticker like you see in apple’s iphone but plenty one plus stickers over here we also get included a nice tpu case with that never settle slogan at the back there and for the first time we get a usb type c to type c instead of type a to type c because of that wonderful warp charge 65.

There is the block indeed not quite as big as i was expecting pretty much the same size as the warp 30t block though it’s really nice to see that it says 65 watt max at the back [Music] the phone looks absolutely stunning in this lunar silver color i was expecting it to be more of like a grayish tint than a baby bluish to a silver tint nevertheless it still looks spectacular much like you would expect from a frosted glass back matte finish one plus device though not really a fingerprint magnet you can definitely see your fingers in certain lighting conditions though thankfully we have that wonderful cover so slap it on and you should be good to go on the fingerprint front we have a nice spacey power button over there as well as a mute switch which we’ve seen for the past couple years on one plus devices and a non split volume rocker i’m still disappointed that that is not split we do fortunately have a dual sim tray here unfortunately 5g only works with one of them and there is no space for an sd card slot we do have usb 3.1 speeds and a 4500 milliamp hour battery and dual stereo speakers with dolby atmos support which is great we have an aluminum frame and gorilla glass 5 at the front and back of the device and we do have a bit of a camera bumper here though not quite as big as its bigger brother the oneplus 8 pro and it is slightly bigger than the xiaomi mi 10 ultra both of which cost a bit more than the one plus a tp1 oneplus 8t has less of a camera wobble the design looks pretty similar to the oneplus 8 pro over here though it is slightly

thinner and lighter it is much lighter and much thinner than the xiaomi mi 10 ultra with a similar form factor that back looks absolutely stunning but what about the front of the device well we are welcomed to a 20 by nine aspect ratio 6.55 inch fluid amoled display with 16 million colors it is indeed full hd plus with hdr 10 plus supports it comes with over a thousand nits of peak brightness and a wonderful 120 hertz refresh rate panel up from the 90 on the oneplus 8 matching the oneplus 8 pros 120 but lacking the qhd plus panel that the oneplus 8 pro does indeed have but it is cheaper so you kind of understand it up close and personal it still looks perfectly clear in vivid mode using the display option within the phone it is not quite as bright as the eight pro it’s pretty much on par with the mi 10 ultra and it only has two options for variable refresh rates only between 60 and 120 and you can notice the difference it just would have been nice for them to have included 90 here as well if you want to preserve a little bit more battery life but you don’t want to use that dog slow 60 hertz like we’ve seen on the latest iphones leave that for another video we’re going to be comparing the 120 hertz to the other two devices here the oneplus 8 pro and the mi 10 ultra which i have in my studio with me it looks pretty much as fluid you can see just as much ghosting the ghosting gives you an indication of how smooth it is you would actually have to go install it feel it for yourself it is absolutely incredible using a high refresh panel it’s really hard to go back to 60.

It’s going to be tough for me to go for the iphone 12 but anyway i’ll give it a go we do have a couple of other display options 41 plus a t over here unfortunately not all apps can go into full screen mode which sucks we do have dark mode but we can’t choose between different levels of dark mode like we saw with oppo’s latest color os though we can use certain third-party apps we can’t use facebook but we can use apps like twitter and it dawkins pretty much everything as you would expect you can also change the accent color over here to make it look nicer with that dark background and of course we have an ambient display this time around you can keep it always on day or night and you can schedule it as well which is great we also have something called insights which pretty much takes a chunk out of this colorful bar every time you use your phone screen on time that is and also indicates your unlocks but it is a bit dim which kind of sucks and there’s no way of changing this but in order to use all these wonderful features you’re gonna want to charge up your phone thankfully oneplus have finally moved on from 30 watts which has been going on for two years to 65 watts so let’s give it a go drain my phone over here and zero percent in zero zero minutes battery optimization is indeed off and just an interesting thing about battery optimization if you turn it on it learns your charging patterns and make sure it just trickles charging through while you sleep which is absolutely awesome but that’s not why we’re here 26 in 10 minutes is pretty darn great i would say not the fastest i have seen remember the oneplus 8 pro has a very similar size battery but 30 watts of charging it did a full charge in 69 minutes an hour and nine minutes the real me x7 pro is the same size charging block and battery and it did it in 36

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minutes let’s see what happens with the oneplus 8t here if it can match that the oneplus 8t is advertised to finish in 39 minutes at 100 juice but we just have 62 63 after 30 minutes over here moving on up to that 39 minute mark let’s see if it can reach the advertised time no it can’t one plus advertise 100 in 39 minutes i got 81 in 39 minutes which kind of sucks considering the x7 pro with the same block and battery size did it in 36 minutes this only got 100 in 50 minutes so definitely quicker than the oneplus 8 pro’s 30 watt charging of over an hour pretty much an hour and 10 minutes about 20 minutes quicker than that and we set at about 40 degrees celsius the entire time which is not too hard considering we’re using 65 watt charging and two split 2 250 milliamp hour battery cells once your phone’s fully charged up you can go ahead and use that wonderful optical fingerprint sensor underneath the display it’s pretty much exactly the same as the one you see underneath the display of the oneplus 8 pro pretty much the same speed as well definitely a tad quicker than the one that you see under the xiaomi mi 10 ultra over here due to xiaomi’s crazy animations we also have 2d facial recognition not very secure but it is nice and snappy not quite as quick as the oneplus 8 primer must add very strange in that department but it is definitely slightly quicker once again to the more expensive xiaomi mi 10 ultra though still a wonderful device before we get diving deep into software i want to show you guys a couple awesome customization options of course you can set the fingerprints to no animation at all which is

awesome and we have this new thing called canvas which can pretty much get set as you’re always on display and your wallpaper so it’s my face jump into the phone and it’s a regular wallpaper it says it works better with faces so if you don’t want it to be your face and you want it to be a regular wallpaper doesn’t look that great on your always on display if you want to use your favorite fictional characters such as rick and morty for me doesn’t really do a good job even though they are faces and with this amazing spider-man picture over here would have been really cool for this to be outlined and then go into it on my always-on display fortunately it doesn’t work so well though we do have some nice new live wallpapers which do a superb job on the oneplus 8t and we get android 11 out the box diving deeper into the software fronts over here we do have hydrogen os here in china it is known as oxygen always around the world they’re pretty much identical it is nice fluid and fresh if anything it feels and looks a lot more like samsung one ui than oxygen os oxygen os has always been about stock android giving you the stock android experience and they’re kind of adding on top of that what samsung have been doing for years and i’m not quite sure how i feel about it nevertheless it still looks nice clean and neat and have changed some of their system applications finally it’s been a while such as the photos app as well as the weather app and the icons actually change as you progress through today we also have a new notes app which is great and you can also use a voice speaking to text over here which is

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once again another great plus and the haptics feel just as great as the more expensive oneplus 8 pro the power button has changed but you can take a screenshot from there and they want you to use things more one-handed but these options go right to the top and if you have a google home device it can also pop up there which is great and of course we have the wonderful mute switch on the side which is amazing and talking about sound we also have dolby atmos which we’re going to be testing out with the wonderful game space and enabling game fanatic mode over here to boost our performance once we are in a game you can actually pull down from either corner of the device to check the temperature and the time as well as notification settings and we of course have that wonderful snapdragon 865 processing chip which we’re going to put to the test right now call of duty mobile maxing out graphics as well as fps and getting a solid 60 since the game is capped at that pubg mobile is the next game that we have here and usually when you hit on smooth you get a 90 frames per second option unfortunately that is not yet available for android 11 and the newly released oneplus 8c hopefully that gets improved with a future software update but so far we’re getting a solid 60.

bullet force has no frames per second cap so it can and should go all the way up to 120 but we’re getting capped at 60. 120 hertz refresh rate phone capping at 60. dead trigger 2 also has no fps cap and it actually says it’s running at 120 but once again capping at 60 on the oneplus 8t real racing 3 once again no frames per second cap but the 8t is capping it at 60 once more i really hope this gets fixed with a future software updates but performance can be tested through benchmarks as well so let’s go ahead and give antutu version eight a run for its money on the new oneplus 8t unfortunately we don’t have the newly improved snapdragon 865 plus processing chip but we are using fnatic mode with the snapdragon 865 the battery drained by four percent instead of the average five percent and we jumped up 10.8 degrees in celsius in the battery department instead of the regular 2.7 and when it comes to the cpu it got 2 degrees hotter than it should and it added 10 degrees in celsius where on most snapdragon 865 part phones it only usually adds 3.5 it got an overall score of 573 2555

points on antutu version 8.4.7 which is a slight improvement over the oneplus 8 but it is not quite hitting heights of the oneplus 8 pro though the 8 pro cost more money they are using the same chipset inside of them the next benchmark we’ll be testing out here using fanatic mode once more is indeed geekbench 5.2 we’re doing a cpu run opencl and vulcan gpu test we got a single core score of 895 and a multi-core score of 3183 which is lower than the average snapdragon 865 powered smartphone score opencl gpu api we got a score of 3211 which is indeed slightly higher than the average snapdragon 865 score when it comes to vulcan gpu api we got a score of 3117 which is lower than the 865 we get the same 16 megapixel selfie snapper that we had in the oneplus 8 pro and it takes some pretty decent pictures the main selfie looks great and the bokeh looks great but as i say with all oneplus devices the edge detection is not perfect what’s up guys this is technic recording a 1080p 30fps video on the oneplus 8t it is completely capped at 1080p and 30 frames per second let me know what you guys think of the video and audio quality when recording using the selfie cam on the oneplus 8t we have the same 48 megapixel sony imx 586 sensor that we saw on the oneplus 8 oneplus nord oneplus 7t and yes even the oneplus 7.

The ultra wide camera is exactly the same as the oneplus 8 though we do have a slightly higher field of view of 123.

the ultra wide snapper looks absolutely great i have nothing to complain about with this picture as well as the 48 megapixel main 12 megapixel bend 4-1 binning over here looks picture perfect two times digital zoom doesn’t look terrible five times it’s really crushing the barrier over here ten times is the max zoom and it looks unusable guys don’t even try this at home 12 megapixel main close-up doesn’t look the best the five megapixel macro i guess get some extra detail if you’re into that we have the regular natural bokeh effect here and then using the actual depth sensor does a great job too here is me with the regular sensor and then with the depth sensor perfect edge detection i look a bit strange and we do have 1080p 30 frames per second video portrait mode now and i must say it doesn’t look terrible hopefully this gets a quality boost in the coming years we have

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1080p 60 frames per second nice and smooth with that wonderful optical image stabilization lens that we have coming from the main sensor over here 4k 60 same thing can be said with that even clearer even more detail we always get crispy clean video from oneplus devices especially the t-series devices if my opinion is anything to go by unfortunately when it comes to ultra wide we are capped at 30 frames per second with 1080p there is no 60fps option over here as well as 4k 30fps no 60 fps option here when it comes to ultrawide it still looks great the color accuracy is on par and it picks up light pretty well we have super stable on on the right hand side and off on the left the drop in quality is just not worth it for stability the oneplus 8t has a lot going for it if you look at it on its own it has a stunning design with a beautiful frosted glass matte back finish a physical mute switch dual stereo speakers with dolby atmos 65 watt ultra sharp fast warp charging paired with a large 4 500 milliamp hour battery improved software with android 11 out the box as well as an increased 120 hertz refresh rate fluid amino display however it’s not alone the competition in this price brackets is steep we’re talking google pixel 5 samsung galaxy s20 fan edition and even the newly released iphone 12.

All of which feature an ip certified water and dust resistance rating as well as wireless charging support two features which prevent the oneplus 8t from taking the top spot the s20 fan edition even supports storage expansion with the support for a micro sd card slot it is however worth mentioning that the oneplus 8t is indeed cheaper than all of these smartphones outside of the united states its charging may not be miles faster than its predecessors it might have adopted a samsung one ui software approach it uses the same primary sony imx 586 sensor that we’ve seen on the oneplus nord oneplus 8 oneplus 7t and even the oneplus 7 and it still lacks a telephoto camera and replaces that with a macro and depth sensor and to top it all off that wonderful 120 hertz refresh rate panel is pretty much only useful for ultra smooth scrolling as oneplus has said recently but it seems to cap all high refresh rate supported games at 60.

but if you can look past these lack of features and find one at a decent price point it might just very well be worth getting the oneplus 8t in your pocket after all it is a oneplus and oneplus devices are fast however if you currently own a oneplus device later than the oneplus 7 i recommend you skip this one

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