Detailed REVIEW Mi Mix 4: Xiaomi’s Greatest Creation.

the original xiaomi mix device took the world by storm with its near bezel-less display back in  2016 which paved the way for other smartphone companies to start trimming down their bezels  following the same formula xiaomi released the me mix 2 and 2s in 2017 and 2018 respectively  by slightly improving the form factor but keeping the fundamentals the same with the  selfie cameras found on the bottom bezels of the device seven months after the mix 2s  xiaomi announced the me mix 3 which introduced a sliding mechanism at the top of the screen to  hide its top mounted selfie cameras in order to maintain an almost bezel-less design by cutting  off the bottom chin it took nearly 3 years but we finally have a successor to the mix 3  and its name you guessed it the meme mix 4.

Not only is this xiaomi’s very first mass-produced  smartphone to incorporate an in-display selfie camera but the world’s first announced phone  to pack in qualcomm’s latest flagship processing chipset the snapdragon triple h plus with all that  said it’s time to deep dive into my extremely detailed full review of xiaomi’s me mix 4.  the me mix 4 comes in three different color variants you can pick it up in either black  ceramic white ceramic or the color that i have a shadow gray which is also ceramic it looks  absolutely phenomenal with this gray finish and comes packed with a 4500mah battery 120 watt wide  charging 50 watt wireless charging ip53 dust and splash protection gorilla glass victus display a  tiny aluminum frame wrapping around the phone as well as a ceramic backing wrapping to the display  of course the back does pick up a fair amount of fingerprint smudges but at least we do get  included a silicon case in the box which is good to use on day one not the classiest case around  but it will do the job on day one we have a power button and volume rocker on the right hand side  we have a dual sim 5g standby tray at the bottom of the phone no option for expandable storage  unfortunately there is indeed a water

resistant seal we have usb 2.0 type c at the bottom and the  first dual speaker which is tuned by homer cotton at the bottom another one at the top next to the  ir blaster we do have an in-display selfie camera over here it is just showing now because of the  cutouts in the screen protector and at the back the cameras are quite hefty while that camera  rectangular block is pretty hefty pretty much the biggest around on par with the me 11 ultra meaning  that when on a flat surface it is gonna suffer from quite a bit of surface wobble the back design  doesn’t necessarily look the most unique around with other phones looking slightly more impressive  though it is slightly lighter than other flagship devices around at 225 grams and pretty thin at  eight millimeters in thickness the back design is arguably pretty amazing i guess you could  say but the front is where it is all happening thanks to that undisplay selfie camera leading  us to an uninterrupted 6.67 inch amoled 20 by 9 aspect ratio curved display it is unfortunately  only full hd plus with a pixels per inch of 395 1 300 and its peak brightness 120 hertz refresh rate  and 480 hertz touch sampling rate of course when compared to the m11 ultra it is lacking  a slightly larger and more pixel packed wqhd plus panel with quad curves however it is not lacking a  completely uninterrupted bezel-less display thanks to the under display tech seen in the mix 4.

But  i should inform you that sometimes it is visible outdoors when you are viewing different colored  backgrounds and the display is angled but the good thing is is that it is not visible at all with a  white background even when outdoors the reason the meme mix falls under display camera sensor  is just so darn near to invisible is because they use micro diamond pixel patterns with 400 pixels  per inch screening over the camera to ensure great clarity and reduce a haze effect and when  compared to other panels around seeing no notch whatsoever at the top of the screen is phenomenal  not to mention that we are lacking quad curves which i actually prefer and the curves are quite  subtle the color accuracy is just on point with the rest of the devices over here and it is also  pretty darn bright if you ask me the white color balance is once again on par with other flagship  smartphones around even though it is cheaper than those phones but the brightness is not the highest  up there the good thing is that it’s not the dimmest device around there are other devices  that can’t get quite as bright as the mix 4 but once again the best thing here is that looking  at that ugly ass notch on the iphone it is not apparent at all on the me mix 4.

Of course we are  lacking a wqhd plus panel which all the other phones here have but we do have 120hz refresh  rates which is something that the iphone lacks maybe that will change pretty soon nevertheless  it is just as smooth and just as fluid as the mi 11 ultra p50 pro and samsung galaxy s 21 ultra  you can fluctuate between 120 and 60 hertz but not on the fly you actually have to choose the option  there is no option for auto refresh rate so that it can choose it between apps in order to preserve  battery life and there is no adaptive refresh rate either we do have automatic brightness of  course and you can adjust the brightness that you like manually we also have anti-flicker mode but  you can’t keep 120 hertz on at the same time we have reading mode to make your bezel-less display  smartphone feel like a book and we have a whole bunch of different color schemes with adaptive  colors to change based on the ambient light currently in the room which is impressive to  say the least of course we have other ai features such as super resolution ai image enhancements ai  hdr

enhancements and memc which can boost up the frames per second in native 60 hertz media files  of course we also have dark mode over here which gets nice deep and black and it can be used with  third-party apps as well such as facebook of course first party apps too and yes we also have  an always-on display clock over here and we can display it in a scheduled manner we can just tap  the display to view it or we can keep it on all the time there are loads of options pre-installed  the outer space one is arguably my favorite over here if i am going for something glamorous though  we do have kaleidoscopes too i’m a pretty simple guy so i’m not the biggest fan of all these things  especially customizing you’re always on display like this you can do it but i prefer the simple  stuff just the plain white clock there looks great we do have an under display optical fingerprint  sensor when paired up against the xiaomi mi 11 ultra since it’s using the exact same one it is  identical slightly faster than the huawei p50 pro it is not quite as quick or as reliable as  the ultrasonic samsung galaxy s21 ultra and the iphone lacks any form of fingerprint recognition  so we stick into 3d face unlock over there the xiaomi is faster than that the xiaomi uses 2d  face unlock much like we see in the mi 11 ultra once again on par in terms of speed with that the  huawei p50 pro has now ditched 3d

face unlock for 2d face unlock so on par with that and the samsung  and the iphone is on par with it but you got to remember that the iphone you have to flick up in  order to unlock your device that’s not the only thing about the selfie camera though which you  cannot see because it’s inside of the screen it is a 27 millimeter under display selfie camera it is  20 megapixels with an aperture of f 2.2 taking a selfie snap with good lighting conditions  looks pretty darn great if you ask me with the sun in the background does a pretty great job but if  you do have the sun behind you and you’re taking the snap it doesn’t really know how to control  light very well but if you have it in the reverse manner it takes one of the best selfie snaps i can  arguably say around it really does do a great job but not necessarily the best in terms of  edge detection this is technic recording a 1080p at 30fps video using the brand new me  mix 4 the mi mix 4 is completely capped at 1080p and 30fps unfortunately when using the selfie  cam to record video unlike previous or recent me 11 devices that can go all the way up to 60 fps  when using a selfie video recording let me know what you guys think of the audio and video quality  when using the video of an under display selfie camera and there is also a similar feature to what  we’ve seen recently known as frontal audio sound it only picks up the microphone from in front of  the phone and filters out all background noise so let me know if you guys can hear a difference this  is technic recording a 1080p at 30 fps video on this the me mix 4 and 1080p at 60fps video on

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this  you show me me 11 ultra let me know which one you guys think looks the crispiest and sounds the  best in terms of my quality you’ve got to remember that the mix 4 is capped at 30 fps when using the  selfie cam to record video while the mi 11 ultra can go all the way up to 60 fps when it comes to  comparing these selfie pictures against the mi 11 ultra you can clearly see the mi 11 ultras coming  out on top with better edge detection over there and at night it takes a better lit up shot with  night mode off night mode on is even better the mi mix 4 lacks night mode when using the selfie cam  and with the flash on doesn’t know once again how to handle the light quite right with that white  screen coming through when it comes to nighttime selfie video once again the mi 11 ultra is out  shining over here and can record all the way up to 60 fps where the mix 4 is locking at 30 frames  per second of course using that one individually and seeing it in its own i would say it doesn’t do  a half bad job but it’s really hazy and quite pixelated 20 megapixel selfie in the front at  night doesn’t look the best even with bokeh on once again that flash kind of ruining the  shot as well when it comes to the back we are kitted with a 12 millimeter ultra wide  13 megapixel snapper a 24 millimeter 108 megapixel iso cell hmx main sensor with laser auto focus and  optical image stabilization now you’ve got to bear in mind that this is the exact same sensor  seen inside the mi 10 mi 10 pro and me 11.

We also are kitted with 120 millimeter periscope telephoto  lens which is of course eight megapixels and can go all the way up to five times optical zoom  taking a look at the ultra wide shot it doesn’t look too bad it’s pretty filled with detail the  main 108 megapixel shot non-bend looks okay the bend one looks even better going into two times  digital zoom we can use the 108 megapixel mode for this or we can use the bin down 27 megapixel mode  going into eight megapixel periscope five times optical zoom looks great 10 times digital  not too shabby going into 30 times digital zoom it starts to pixelate a bit going into 50 times  which is the max is pretty unusable if you ask me 27 megapixel main here once again bend down using  the bokeh portrait effect now with the 12 megapixel for some reason it jumps down to nine  to one pixel bending when using the portrait mode though it still looks pretty fantastic with pretty  much no edge

detection aka 24 frames per second video is the highest resolution that we can get  we can get higher frames but only using different resolution modes ak looks pretty fantastic over  here as xiaomi have been doing for the last year or so and nothing to complain about when  it comes to 8k 4k 60 frames per second nice and fluid and smooth this is the sweet spot for me  if your phone cannot do 4k 60fps you may as well buy a new one just kidding for those out there 4k  30fps is still fantastic going into 1080p 60 frames per second obviously all of these  using gyro electronic image stabilization which is what is used for video things are nice and stable  1080p doesn’t look as detailed as 4k but 60fps nonetheless nice and smooth we also have a 1080p  30fps video mode when using ai video which kind of pops out all the colors but in my opinion  is pretty useless since it drains all the detail 4k 30fps is the max fps that we can use when  recording 4k at ultrawide once again using a gyro electronic image stabilization here for a nice  steady wobble-free effect 1080p 60fps is the only mode that we can use 60 frames per second at  with a high ish

resolution when using the ultra wide cam looks pretty great if you ask me 1080p  30fps using ai video and ultrawide once again we have ai video this time with the ultrawide  sensor once again pretty useless if you ask me since it drains all the detail of course we also  have the focus testing here which i’ve decided to throw in it doesn’t do too much of a bad job  when jumping into focus in and out of focus and we do have a bokeh video here though it is  lacking support for high resolution and frame rate of course we also have steady video it is  currently off at the moment and throwing it on for some strange reason it jumps to 2x zoom it doesn’t  do a terrible job though it is kept at 1080p and 30 frames per second comparing the stability to  the mi 11 ultra using the same steady video the mi 11 ultra has better stability enemy 11 ultra also  has steady video pro which is lacking in the mean mix of four and it tends to use more of an ultra  wide perspective for an even more fluid experience giving you something more close to a gopro  the mi 11 ultra compared to the me mix for me 11 ultra of course being on the right hand side  comparing ak video over here things are identical with the mi 11 ultra showing slightly more detail  and comparing 4k 60 fps once again the mi 11 ultra shows almost no camera wobble or shake at all  where it is slightly present on the mix 4 because of

the hmx sensor where the mi 11 ultra is using  a samsung gn2 sensor which is one of the best sensors around 4k at 60 frames per second over  here using ultrawide on the m11 ultra and we’re kept at 30 fps using ultrawide on the mix 4  showing the main photos of here going through a bunch of regular bend down shots remember  the xiaomi is jumping down from 50 megapixel 4 to 1 binning to 12.5 where the mix 4 is using  108 megapixels 4 to 1 binning to 27 megapixels and it’s not all about the megapixel count it is about  the lens as well and the xiaomi sensor is quite a bit larger than the mmx4 lens which gives you more  detailed and more depth effect shots especially when taking portrait shots over here you can see  that the m11 ultra is separating its subject from its background slightly better than the mix 4 only  on some occasions though on other occasions sometimes it looks like the mix 4 is doing a  better job there is no macro mode option at all on the mix 4 milli 11 ultra does still have that  and going into five times optical zoom over here you can see the sure amount of detail on the mi 11  ultra thanks to the 48 megapixel telephoto sensor 48 megapixel ultra wide on the mi 11 ultra has  also been done which looks slightly better than the me mix 4.

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And going into the main sensors bend  down once again over here they are very similar if you ask me i do think that the mi 11 ultra does  handle lights a tad more than the mix 4. periscope is the biggest difference over here 8 megapixels  on the mix 4 as opposed to 48 on the mi 11 ultra which can be used in 48 megapixel mode or been  down to 12 megapixel mode which looks even better if you ask me but once we get to 50 times zoom  they’re pretty similar and the me 11 ultra can of course go all the way up to 120 x zoom taking  snaps at night over here ultra wide looks slightly better on the mix 4 with night mode off or on  and with night mode off with the regular shot over here pretty similar results if you ask me  the mi mix 4 actually looks slightly better taking a night mode on shot on 1x zoom and for  some strange reason once the periscope should kick in at 5x and even 10x it doesn’t do so on  the mix 4 it sticks to digital zoom but then it goes to periscope once and using optical zoom  once we turn night mode on very strange over there me 11 ultra drops 60 fps down to 33 fps  when recording 4k at night to brighten it up the mix 4 doesn’t do that because of processing  and the mi 11 ultra and mix 4 at 1080p 30fps using ai video once again doesn’t look necessarily the  best on either device 8k 24 frames per second on the mix 4 over here very hazy very pixelated  but it is 8k at night what do you expect 4k 60fps slightly better still got that slight haze effect  though we’ve got to drop down the fps to 30 fps in order to see it brighten up 1080p60 once again  still quite dumb but looking at the street

doesn’t look too bad ultrawide is pretty much unusable as  we’ve seen in all xiaomi flagship devices or any other flagship device for that matter and using  1080p 60fps ultrawide looks even worse because of the higher frame counts over here but turning on  ai video 30fps on the mix 4 doesn’t necessarily brighten it up on the right hand side but it does  control the lighting effects a lot better and shooting at ultrawide at night looks fantastic  night mode on looks even better going into the 1x over here night mode off not too shabby but night  mode on looks like a picture perfect painting and going into the 27 megapixel bend down  from 108 two times zoom doesn’t look half bad with night mode off and on but once we reach five times  once again kicks the digital zoom looks better with night mode on because it’s actually using  the periscope camera doesn’t use the periscope camera again with nightmare author 10x digital  zoom but it does turn it on when switching on night mode now the interesting thing here  night mode off 1x 2x but we do have super moon zoom once again returning to xiaomi over here  i have turned it on over here it jumps between five times 20 times 30 times 40 times  and 50 times it looks pretty fantastic it does get a bit blurry sometimes you really have to be  steady with your hand i’m not quite sure if this is the actual moon or just a photo that xiaomi has  pre-installed on the phone nevertheless it looks pretty great of course

we do have 120 watt wide  charging advertised is 15 minutes 0 200 i did a test recently capping it at 21 minutes still  pretty quick though not what they’re advertised 50 watt wireless charging over here and we also have  10 watt reverse wireless charging which is pretty nifty saying that we saw on the mi 11 ultra  early on this year and we can also charge our accessories too we do have boost mode in order  to boost up the phone quicker when charging and optimize charging in order to slow things  down and just trickle the last a few percent just before you wake up we are skinned with miui 12.5.4  enhanced edition over android 11 over here and even though it is not dramatically changing the  software as a whole we’ll have to wait for miui 13 for that it does indeed increase the performance  and supposedly increase the optimization of the phone software working with its hardware  that we’ll have to wait and see once we start doing some performance testing very soon we do  have a wallpaper and personalization menu this time around where we can change the wallpaper of  course and we have our wonderful super wallpapers with the new one being snowy peaks and it changes  throughout the day of course it does have a three-phase change when unlocking and locking the  phone but it changes

throughout the day it looks absolutely fantastic i wish more phones did this  of course we also have the geometry ones as well which don’t really change throughout the day but  still look pretty fantastic we can also adjust the always on display from here as well as the clock  on the lock screen the icons as well and switch between the wallpapers of course fingerprint  animations there’s some new ones over there as well as incoming call notifications giving you  that edge lighting coming through and we also have a bunch of different notification features  as well as alarms which play different sounds on different days and dates of course we do  have google services over here and yes the google play store does work as well this is the chinese  variant unfortunately this won’t be coming to the global variant so you’re going to have to  import one if you do want one we do have ultra wide band technology though i couldn’t really find  it all i could find here was magic control and it only seems to work with compatible xiaomi devices  the haptics are pretty great just as good as any other phone around and we do have a dual  stereo homocarton speakers but how does it stack up to two of the best sounding phones around i bet you can’t keep up with me let it rain i’ll take that the mx4 comes with an overclocked snapdragon triple eight known as the triple h plus with  a max core clock speed of three gigahertz it is apparently twenty percent more

powerful than the  vanilla snapdragon triple eight chipsets and we do have a performance mode enhancer within the  settings i haven’t seen that on a xiaomi device before and we of course also have game turbo when  you click on it it says game space a little bit strange nevertheless you can do a bunch of things  on the interface and once you’re in a game you have a bit of an overlay over here no fps overlay  on screen all the time which kind of sucks but you can use that through the developer options  which i’ll do in a moment and we do have something called combos now which are pretty much like macro  keys that we see within gaming smartphones pretty nifty tap a bunch of buttons then you just tap one  to initiate that entire combo also have a timer we can also change the look of the display entirely  which is pretty neat and going into our first game of five over here against an impact with the  highest possible graphics settings and max frames per second sitting at around 58 frames per second  and then it drops and it goes to under 25 fps and it sits at around 20 frames per second the entire  time of my playthrough over here with loads of stuttering and yes some overheating too which i’ll  show you in a sec vary between 17 and 58 frames per second it is the most demanding game out there  but this shouldn’t be happening especially since it wasn’t happening on the mi 11 or me 11 ultra  before it so yes there is overheating pubg mobile unfortunately no 90 frames per second option yet  though the game is capped at 90 fps it’s only available on certain phones this is the chinese  released phone so the global version of pubg doesn’t have the 90 fps option though it is  sitting at a solid 60 since the game is capping it at 60 and not necessarily the device itself but it  forced another game with

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ultra high graphics and max frames per second reaching unlimited which is  pretty great we’re sitting at between 105 and 121 fps things are looking a lot better when playing  a slightly less graphically demanding game such as bullet force when competes against an impact  going into dead trigger 2 once again it does have an unlimited frame cap in the game itself but it’s  not supported by the device yet and we can’t get ultra high graphics either we’re stuck to high  and 60 fps but it’s sitting at a solid 60 fps and on real racing it can go all the way up to  120 frames per second and it’s sitting between 114 and 121 fps which is a fantastic rounding off the  gaming section there with a bit of a bang going into benchmarks over here of course we have that  snapdragon triple a plus cpu adreno 660 integrated graphics over here and testing out the battery  drain at the start it’s hundred 4500 percent as well as its temp we’ll compare that at the end of  the test we are going to be using performance mode over here and going into a game turbo slash game  space starting off with antutu version 9.1.1 and jumping into our next benchmark which is testing  out the cpu only geekbench version 5.

Just doing a cpu benchmark on that one and wrapping things  off with 3dmark wildlife focusing just on gpu the battery drain at the end of the three benchmark  run drained by eight percent with a drain rating of 20 milliamp hours per minute which is a hell  of a lot better than the 27 milliamp hour per minute drain of the average snapdragon triple  eight smartphones on my channel when it comes to temps it is pretty hot here in shanghai china  so the temps don’t look the best but what we do need to focus on is how much it adds  and it only added 11.3 degrees in celsius where the average snapdragon 888 the vanilla chipset  of this snapdragon triple h plus usually jumps up by 18 degrees this only jumped up by 11 which is  definitely seeing an improvement we have gotten close to 850 000 in terms of score on antutu  version 9 from the oneplus devices but the devices that i’ve showed on my channel here today the m11  ultra s21 ultra and huawei p50 pro running a kirin 9000 chipset that is have all been beat by the  mixed force result of 811 056 points things don’t look too fresh when it comes to the geekbench  score though it did beat the p50 pro’s kirin 9000 chipset it was behind the galaxy s21 ultra and mi  11 ultra

housing the vanilla snapdragon triple h chipset and of course behind the crown champion of  geekbench runs the iphone 12 pro max when it comes to 3dmark wildlife focusing on graphics slightly  better than the geekbench run it was slightly better than the m11 ultra with 34.3 frames per  second as opposed to 33.3 it beat the s21 ultra as well but now the huawei made kira 9000 chipsets is  slightly above the snapdragon devices with 36.4 fps and once again you want to top the iphone  12 pro max with 47 fps but nevertheless the xiaomi did a fantastic job with a score of 5  724 points the meme x4 is an incredible phone to say the least it has a stunning ceramic grey  back design which wraps all the way to the display and even though i would have loved to see a matte  color variant the glossy finish looks extremely elegant the only gripe i have with the back design  is the boring rectangular camera bump which xiaomi has been using on almost all of their smartphones  in the past year inside that camera block however sets a trio of more than capable optics and while  they take phenomenal photos and videos they are no match for other flagships around especially  when compared to its more expensive brother the me 11 ultra but this phone is more than just  design and cameras the meme x4 is xiaomi’s very first smartphone to use in display selfie camera  technology and does so incredibly well by making room for a bright and vibrant uninterrupted

6.67  inch amoled display but unfortunately lacks crispy clear selfie photogenic moments the  mix 4 software is largely the same as it’s been since the release of miui 12 but coming with miui  12.5 enhanced out the box xiaomi has supposedly increased performance and optimization the phone  comes with impressive hardware specifications such as the beefed up snapdragon triple eight plus cpu  lpddr5 ram and ufs 3.1 storage which when paired with the fluid 120 hertz refresh rates and 480  hertz touch sampling rates games like an absolute champion most of the time but unfortunately still  suffers from heating issues the xiaomi mix 4 is certainly a unique device but falls short  in terms of display resolution flagship leading camera quality and an ip68 certification which  all of its competitors have managed to include but not only does the mi mix 4 have faster wire  charging at 120 watts extremely fast 50 watt wireless charging and a snapdragon 8 plus  cpu it is also the only true flagship material smartphone to house an under display selfie camera  which in its own right makes xiaomi’s incredible meme mix 4 extremely hard to beat you

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