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DETAILED REVIEW Black Shark 3 Pro – The SUPERSIZE Gaming Smartphone! RedMagic 5G vs Black Shark 3 Pro Speed Test

when oneplus announced their very first pro model smartphone a few years back they transitioned from flagship killer to all-out flagship thus keeping in line with their die-hard slogan never settle i guess you could say that the oneplus 7 pro was a pretty huge turning point for the company a year later they released the oneplus 8 pro a phone that added in even more flagship features to the mix such as an ip68 water resistant certification and wireless charging which placed oneplus right up there with the best flagships around last year the oneplus 9 pro arrived with plenty incremental upgrades such as faster wide and wireless charging and more notably huge camera improvements today i’m here with oneplus latest flagship device and after using the phone for a little over a week now i think it’s safe to say that oneplus have settled but in saying so is that really such a bad thing this is tech neck and this is my extremely detailed full review of the oneplus 10 pro [Music] the oneplus 10 pro comes in two main color ways you can pick it up in volcanic black or the color that i have here with me today called emerald forest green they’re both sandstone and they both have micro crystals that resemble glittering which is actually found underneath the top glass layer

and while the design that being the camera module resembles that a lot of the s21 ultra of last year the camera module and the design of the oneplus 10 pro is actually kind of growing on me it has its own little unique look and flair it’s glossy it has a ceramic finish it has a nice cutout that has a good feel at the back of it overall i’m pretty impressed with the design language of this year’s pro model from oneplus we do have that silicon case bundled in the box and unfortunately it is not sandstone like we’ve seen sandstone cases from oneplus they do sell them it would have been cool to see them include a premium case such as that with a premium device such as this inside the phone we are kitted with a huge upgraded 5000mah battery 50 watt wireless charging which has remained the same in terms of speed as opposed to last year’s 9 pro but this time we see a bumped up 80 watt supervooc wire charging system so we’re gonna test that out from one to a hundred percent right now we’re gonna start from one percent to 100 because they advertised one to 132 minutes we’re going to see if it can do just that we do have a wattage meter at the bottom left-hand corner and as

you can see the highest i have gotten is a reading of 60 watts and now it’s kind of stabilizing at 40 watts and we got 12 minutes 54 seconds to get to 50 22 minutes to get to 80 it’s dropping all the way down to 16 watts and we got 100 in 32 minutes and 36 seconds so i guess you could say it is what they advertised it to be but it only hit a max wattage of 60 watts and it kind of landed up getting the same time as last year’s 9 pro which did it in 33 minutes other than battery and charging we are kitted with the latest snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset run on 4 nanometer process node technology we also have a new vapor chamber cooling system here it has lpddr5 ram ufs 3.1 storage but unfortunately no ip certification this time around however this time we do have gorilla glass victus protection on the display as well as an aluminum frame and a gorilla glass sandstone back inside that flowy camera module sits the exact same main and telephoto lens of last year this time around however we do have a new ultrawide sensor and no it can go all the way up to 150 degrees field of view last year’s oneplus 9 pro actually had a better ultrawide sensor which was actually a larger lens you can shoot a fisheyed mode with that new 150 degree field of view and

without the fisheye effect as well there is distortion though or you can crop it down to 110 degrees field of view and use the native 50 megapixel cam you can’t use that with the 150 degree the main looks pretty decent bend down even better thanks to ai we do have two times digital zoom of yes still using the main but as soon as we flick over to 3.3 times then we kick in the 8 megapixel telephoto sensor it does pretty well 3.3 at 5 not too bad either 10 times kind of borderlines most main camera sensors since they have a higher megapixel count and 30 times is the max zoom that fisheye effect is probably the biggest selling point of this year’s camera setup of the new oneplus 10 pro and while it does do a great job there is quite a bit of distortion i guess that’s kind of the effect that you would be going for with a fisheye lens on a regular camera but it’s just a bit of a bummer that you can’t shoot at native 50 megapixel mode when using 150 degrees and the fisheye effect drops it all the way down to 9 megapixels which in some people’s eyes might be a bit of a bummer the main sensor takes a decent shot up close with portrait 1x looks okay there is a 2x portrait mode option not 3.3 strangely enough not really perfect edge detection and though we

do have that crazy ultrawide camera and there is no macro mode over here and if you do try use the new camera to get up close and personal it doesn’t do a good job at all we do have a new hasselblad promo 2.

0 over here it does all things the pro mode should do and we do have focus peaking which is an awesome thing for smartphone enthusiasts when it comes to cameras and now we have jpeg which of course looks decent we have raw which is great for post processing and we have raw plus which offers more detail and a wider range of brightness there is another mode that we have over here which is known as x-pan mode which was first debuted with the hasselblad x-pan cameras it does a pretty awesome job by widening up the shot and giving you a cinematic view we do have 1080p 60fps 110 degree field of view ultra wide recording no 150 degree field of view ultra wide recording at all which is a huge bummer for a phone that boasts about its new 150 degree field of view ultrawide mode same thing 4k 30fps ultrawide this is the highest fps that you can get at 4k with ultrawide and the highest field of view is 110 crops in by quite a bit we do have 8k 24 fps as well though this has no stabilization it still looks pretty

good and i guess it would be more well suited when you’re standing still than recording moving objects not really the other way around like i’m doing over here 4k 120 fps though it’s awesome once again no stabilization similar thing if you recording i guess a car race or a horse race it could look potentially pretty awesome we do have regular 4k 60fps mode here as well as you can see the stabilization is kicking in now and it’s doing a pretty good job a few jitters here and there but overall the video quality is more than decent and there is really good lighting on the day that i took these videos so it shouldn’t have much of a problem getting a lot of dynamic range and detail and colors which it’s not really doing 1080p 60fps is another option that we have of course 1080p 30fps is the only resolution and frame count that we can shoot ar highlight video at which supposedly pops the colors more and adds more detail i can’t really see that and we do have 1080p 30fps which is the max for bokeh video even though the snapdragon 801 is actually capable of 4k bokeh video something that we still have not seen in a snapdragon 81 powered smartphone this year 1080p 60fps ultra steady is currently off i am really running over here it was pretty exhausting and switching ultra steady mode on no it makes it a bit more stable i guess you could say it really deteriorates the quality over here we

do have 4k movie mode it kind of crops in the top and bottom looks really awesome and with that movie mode we can shoot hdr to give you a cinematic effect of course you’re going to want to do a lot of post processing after filming this and for post processing we do have log which gives us greater dynamic range and freedom in once again post processing we can also shoot log file formats with the ultrawide sensor and we can use the ultrawide sensor to shoot movie mode with hdr as well and we do have the regular movie mode too once again looks pretty good i’m not sure how often i would use it but it’s nice to know that that feature is there using those movie modes at night is not really the best situation to use those movie modes at but i mean it doesn’t do a bad job hdr is not really made for taking knight footage but the dynamic range is kind of there 8k 24 frames per second once again no stability recording at night it does an okay job shooting over to a 4k 120 it actually doesn’t look too bad for such a high frame rate the quality is pretty much on par 4k 60 fps is brighter but coming from 120 the details have really dropped quite a lot 4k 30 once again is the brightest because of the lower frame rate but the details just get completely blown out we do have ar highlight video on the right hand side which as you can see is a lot brighter than the left hand side 60 fps but

once again details fall short 110 degree field of view ultrawide mode once again 150 degrees 1080p 60 4k 30 is the sweet spot for recording ultrawide at night as i mentioned with all smartphones and taking photos at night using the fisheye mode it does an okay job at 150 degrees field of view switching over to the regular cropped in 110 looks okay night mode on can only work with the cropped in mode you cannot turn night mode on with the 150 degree lens which really sucks night mode on with the main looks great and you know qualcomm have actually stated that they’re using mega knight mode this time around with their new chipsets i can’t really see much improvements from last year and the telephoto lens does not kick in at 3.3 times it does not get used that five times i’ve checked the resolution i’ve checked the megapixel count of the exported renders and no it is sitting at the main camera’s resolution of 12 megapixels the whole time meaning it’s using digital zoom even at 3.3 times but strangely enough it kicks in at 30 times and you can use night mode all the way up to 30 times the main sensor with a close-up subject at night looks okay night mode on looks okay and long exposure mode is another thing that’s there the camera system is a bit of a mixed bag i guess you could kind of put it in the range of mid-ranges of this year we have a power button on the right hand side as

well as the alert slider which can switch between ring vibrate and silent on the left of the device we have a volume rocker and at the bottom we have a dual sim 5g standby tray unfortunately there is no expandable storage and even though there is no ip certification there is still a water resistant seal next to that we have a usb 3.1 type c port and aside that we have a dual stereo speaker which is matched with the one at the top found inside the earpiece at the top left hand corner we find a punch hole which houses the 26 millimeter selfie camera which is of course the new 32 megapixel sony imx615 sensor which is actually larger than last year’s camera so it should make for some decent shots regular selfies actually come out looking great with plenty of detail as you can see in my beard over there portrait mode is pretty fantastic too with almost no edge detection sometimes there’s a bit of jaggedy edges around my head but otherwise not too shabby what’s up guys technic here recording a selfie video on the oneplus 10 pro unfortunately it is still capped at 1080p resolution and it is still capped at 30 frames per second a bit of a bummer for such a what could have been an impressive device nevertheless let me know what you guys think of this

since it is using a new selfie sensor we can also record 1080p 30fps selfie bokeh video which looks okay but the biggest drawback over here for me personally is the fact that this phone can only shoot at 30 frames per second and has a max resolution when recording with a selfie cam of 1080p stabilization’s okay i guess you could say 1080p at night drops even lower to 20 fps obviously to brighten up the look a bit it’s okay it’s i’ve seen better we do have night mode over here and when you flick it on it’s a bit blurry i guess maybe my hands were a tad shaky but it shouldn’t be affected that much right portrait mode looks okay at night in the flash mode i mean you you guys let me know what you think of the selfie cam for me once again it’s a bit of a mixed bag a tad bit lackluster but powering on the device maybe things can improve and turn that frown upside down for me anyway we do have an always on display over here and underneath that

always on display we do have an under display fingerprint sensor which is optical unfortunately not ultrasonic we do have loads of different always on display options and it can display at just one hertz which means longer lasting battery when your always on display is on we do have portrait silhouettes over here as well as omoji which is um pretty much copy paste of memoji from apple but anyway we can also make our own always on display using kaleidoscopes and it’s pretty satisfying i mean you’d make it once and kind of get bored of it after a while i guess but it’s it’s still a cool nifty feature we do have 2d face unlock over here but we don’t have the new fourth isp being used for it which can actually allow for the phone to be unlocked without you even touching it which is another thing that oneplus have overlooked and the display is the exact same size as last year at 6.7 inches it is still amoled it still has an aspect ratio of 20×9 and it’s still curved it is still wqhd plus with a ppi of 526.

It still has a billion colors hdr 10 plus 10 but all that jazz it has the exact same brightness as last year at 1300 nits and the screen to body ratio has dropped compared to last year’s two i really do miss the oneplus 7 pros pop-up camera and completely uninterrupted display of course we do have that wqhd plus display and when it’s paired with ltpo 2.0 technology really makes for a nice fluid experience as you can see i’m using third-party software which i actually had to connect to a pc to use and you can see the frames are dropping all the way down to one sometimes even zero when on a store screen which is great meaning the technology is actually being used on some recent android phones that have the same technology i actually haven’t seen it be used that well and it only really drops to 30 and can go to 60 and 120 but this can go all the way down to one which is fantastic not to mention we do have a thousand hertz touch sampling rate which is i guess cool if you know what that is we do have brightness over here and we have eye comfort mode and screen color modes and this time around we actually have dual color calibration which means that we can see more details within colors at lower and higher brightness levels we have image

sharpener as well as video color enhancer and we do have bright hdr video mode for anyone that cares we also have dark mode over here which you can set to turn on at a specific time or sunrise or sunset and we do have three different dark mode options thanks and courtesy to calories enhanced been my favorite one nice dark and deep rich blacks and it does change the color of your wallpaper on your home screen as well as your widgets it works with third-party apps and looks fantastic across the board we are kitted with color os 12.1 out the box here in china the global version might be labeled oxygen always 12 but i’m pretty sure it’s going to be the exact same thing with a few little twists and turns here to make it a bit more kitted out and moving around on it it’s nice and fluid it’s very clean it’s got a lot of customization options within the personalizations menu over here such as wallpapers as well as always on displays and the list just goes on forever we’re talking about different themes and icons that you can adjust and change with different text and different shapes and sizes as well as your notification tray you can change the icons within that and you do have

wallpaper color picking it doesn’t work the best it kind of just chooses one color but it still does the job as you would expect it to do color os is still absolutely fantastic software which has a smart sidebar over here in order to get access to your apps that you use most and we do have floating window which is nice and neat as well as split screen over here where we can switch between the top and bottom of the split screen and we can adjust the size of each one too so i guess multitasking is a bit of a plus when it comes to oxygen os as well oxygen os is super clean and yes we do have google over here i mean it is a one plus device and of course the play store does work you would expect that from oneplus but it works on the chinese version too and the haptics are more than impressive putting it right up there with the best of the best but what about the audio let’s go ahead and give a listen to two of the best sounding smartphones i’ve ever tested and now it’s time to go ahead and test out audio when gaming [Applause] so with the wind at the one plus events oneplus spent a full 20 minutes speaking about hyper boost which automatically pushes your hardware to the limit while gaming it automatically turns on but only with

certain games we do have game assist overlay over here which is great we also have a pro gamer mode over here which can boost all your clock speeds up and we do have ultra steady frames which can apparently keep your frame rate i guess as red ultra steady so let’s test it out in games and impact highest possible graphics max fps we are fluctuating a ton over here anywhere between 26 and 59 frames per second hovering around the 40 frames per second mark most of the time which is the worst i’ve seen from snapdragon 801 performance so far so i guess their new hyper boost turbo tech whatever it’s called is not ready doing the job too fresh i mean other snapdragon agent one powered smartphones are getting between 42 and 57 and not fluctuating that much and don’t cost as much as this and that new vapor cooler inside of it doesn’t seem to be doing the best job setting it around 50 60 degrees when room temperature is at 25 testing out bullet force over here we can turn on pro gamer mode but we cannot turn on ultra steady frame mode over here since it is not supported and hyper boost did not get kicked in with this game since it is not supported and we are also getting capped at 60 frames per second even though this game has an unlimited frames per second cap meaning it can go all the way up to 120 or whatever your device’s refresh rate can reach in this case being 120 and we’re sitting at 60.

Same thing can be said with real racing we can use pro gamer we cannot use ultra steady frame mode over here and it is capping at 60 despite the fact that the game can actually hit an unlimited frame meaning that it should be able to hit 120 on this device since this device can get capped at 120 fps thanks to its 120 hertz refresh rate panel but i mean not all things are lost we do have ram expansion over here that can boost your ram all the way up to 19 gigs so it uses the ufs 3.1 storage and we do have the new snapdragon 801 processing chip which is supposedly 20 more powerful and 30 more power efficient but what does that mean for benchmarks and before we get started with running through three different benchmark tests over here we’re gonna make sure to enable oppo’s enabled high performance mode on our oneplus device and check the temperature at the start of the test as well as the percentage of battery and we’ll compare that at the end of the test kickstarting things off here with antutu version 9.

2.7 to test out the gpu and the cpu over here at the end we’re going to

compare it to a whole bunch of other snapdragon 801 powered smartphones as well as last year’s oneplus 9 pro and after going through geekbench we’re testing out 3dmark and getting to the battery drain results it drained by 10 with a million power per minute range of 33.3 which is higher than the average tested on my channel when it comes to temperature it’s a tad bit better adding only 21.4 degrees in celsius which is still a lot but it’s a lot better than the average on my channel which adds about 27.1 and when it comes to antutu while it did score over a million which is fantastic it was neck and neck with the real me gt2 pro and the xiaomi 12 pro but the iq9 pro which is made by the same parent company bbk electronics got a whopping score of a million and 28 000 points though it did beat the motorola aj30 with the same chipset i guess and the oneplus 9 pro right at the bottom there with just shy of 800 000 points when it comes to geekbench testing out the cpu over here the single core score got the highest score i’ve ever seen on an android phone running a qualcomm chipset ever with 1261 points beating everything underneath it but the multi-core score is a bit of a sad case over there considering the fact that the oneplus 9 pro got just six points less in terms of multi-core score and last but not least 3dmark wildlife testing are just gpu over here with that new adreno 730 integrated gpu it got a score of 9931 points getting an fps of 59.5 of course that is the average fps and it was only beat by the

motorola ajx30 which got an fps of 60.1 so not far off of that it beat every other snapdragon 801 powered smartphone on my channel and of course leaving the oneplus 9 pro in the dust oneplus have no doubt put most of their energy this year into their latest flagship design the oneplus 10 pro has a stunning looking backplate thanks to its sandstone matte gloss finish trapping in micro crystals that aid in a subtle glittering effect and while they might have taken a page out of samsung’s book when designing their new ceramic camera module which wraps into the phone’s frame it’s actually kinda growing on me inside that stylish camera bump sits three very lackluster sensors the main and telephoto cameras have remained the exact same as last year’s the only upgrade here is found within the ultrawide mode thanks to the new 150 degree field of view sensor and while it’s fun to mess around with i can’t help but feel that last year’s ultrawide camera was a lot better thanks to its much larger sensor size this year’s sensei is not only smaller but lacks the ability to shoot native 50 megapixel still shots at 150 degrees and can’t even record video at that crazy field of view either speaking of video 4k 120 fps is great to have but oneplus have completely neglected the new qualcomm chipset’s ability to record 4k portrait video not to mention that selfie video is still capped at 1080p 30fps once in the device we are kitted with fully fledged oppo software due to their recent partnership and while some of you may feel heartbroken by the end of the oxygen os era i can assure you that oppo’s coloroa software skin is one of the best experiences around due to its clean look and feature-packed customizations the global version may very well keep the oxygen os branding but i have no doubt it will look identical to color os 12.

We have loads of ram on board and of course the device is powered by the new 4 nanometer run snapdragon 801 chipset which aids in a smooth user experience thanks to ltpo 2.0 technology that allows the display to range between 1 and 120 hertz refresh rates hyper boost activates when opening up some games and while it promises stable frame rates and insane performance it doesn’t deliver in either and its new cooling system doesn’t seem to make much of a difference at all not to mention that every game i’ve tested gets capped at 60 frames per second the display while not having changed much from its predecessor other than the new ltpo 2.0 tech is still very bright and extremely colorful not to mention it can produce more accurate colors at lower and higher brightness levels thanks to dual color calibration the battery has finally increased to 5 000 milliamps and while wireless charging has remained the same at 50 watts wide charging has been bumped up to 80 watts with that said it only managed to reach a peak of 60 watts which had it filling up in the same time as last year’s 9 pro which kind of sums up this year’s flagship from what once was a great community-driven smartphone company so yes oneplus have settled with their latest flagship entry and don’t get me wrong the oneplus 10 pro is still a fantastic smartphone it just had so much potential to be so much better

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