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DETAILED REVIEW Black Shark 3 Pro – The SUPERSIZE Gaming Smartphone! RedMagic 5G vs Black Shark 3 Pro Speed Test

vivo initial partnered with zeiss at the end of 2020 and their initial zeiss co-engineered mobile phone was presented with vivo’s x60 series tools at the beginning of 2021. the only issues with the flagship x60 pro plus was the reality that the phone lacked a high resolution display screen cordless charging and an ip68 qualification every one of which was attended to at the end of in 2015 with the x70 pro plus it’s now 2022 as well as vivo have actually lastly launched this the vivo x80 pro which is a straight successor to the x70 pro plus regardless of dropping the word plus in its name the x80 pro has whatever that made the x70 pro plus so excellent and afterwards takes points to the following level we’re speaking a redefined video camera system an updated chipset a slightly enhanced present a bigger battery and faster billing this is technic as well as this is my unboxing and testimonial of the vivo x80 pro the worldwide variation of the vivo x80 pro that i have with me here today only can be found in one shade variant that being planetary black but it is a fluorite anti-glare glass and it has a small little micro appearances on its back for a really good smooth feel of training course in the box as vivo always do they have consisted of a premium vegan natural leather black case and we do have that ceramic cloud home window to deal with off reflections inside the tool we have a 4 700 million power battery with 80 watt large billing and also 50 watt cordless charging we have a snapdragon 8gen1 chipset huge vapor chamber cooling system boosted lpddr5 ram and ufs 3.1 storage the front is protected by scott’s sensation up glass we have a light weight aluminum frame twisting around as well as that anti-glare glass at the back as well as we also have an ip68 dust and water resistance certification but the celebrity of the shoya is no question the back video camera setup we have a 48 megapixel imx 598 ultrawide sensing unit 50 megapixel iso cell gnv which is a custom-made made gn1 sensor as its major

camera a portrait telephoto 12 megapixel imx 663 sensor which actually has gimbal optical picture stablizing which is currently moved from the ultrawide that we saw in its predecessor to the telephoto this time around we also have a periscope telephoto which can get to all the means as much as five times optical zoom ultra vast renders appeared great at nature 48 megapixel flexing down looks even far better many thanks to zeiss filter ring we also have 50 megapixel mano virtual reality with that gn v sensing unit and we can bend it to 12.5 megapixel we have 12 megapixel telephoto stills right here 2 times optical five times optical for eight megapixels periscope as well as the periscope can do 10 times hybrid 30 times digital and the maximum that we have more than right here is 60 times which i presume you can still type of make out we also have a macro setting below which uses the ultra wide sensor does a rather good task as well as well as we have picture setting so beginning with the routine primary sensing unit 1x picture mode right here making use of the main video camera changing to both times picture telephoto looks wonderful and also currently we have this brand-new zeiss motion picture setting which looks even much better and also it can exchange video clip 2 for 2 times optical video clip recording with dimension cinematic picture video we can likewise tune into 1x if that’s your favorite as opposed to zooming into 2x as well as you can switch over to

the natural portrait video clip not cinematic it does not look as excellent as the cinematic portrait video clip settings and i do still feel that the 2 times optical setting looks a hell of a great deal far better than when taping with the primary sensing unit we can additionally shoot 8k 30 fps with the telephoto at 2 times optical zoom which is quite amazing since it has that gimbal at the rear of that sensing unit as you can see right over there the telephoto on top recognized as the picture telephoto lens and we can fire 4k 60 fps two times optical zoomed extremely constant shots as well as 4k 60 main and 4k 60 ultrawide video clips over right here or with typical stablizing nevertheless for horizon leveling stablizing we are capped at 30fps 1080p and ultra vast as well as for ultra stabilization 1080p 60fps when utilizing the main video camera points are looking rather sharp when it involves video clip especially with the fact that we can videotape with 8k 30fps 1x and no uncertainty we can likewise shoot 4k 60 fps buttery smooth with the main sensor along with 4k 60fps ultrawide now if we move over to nighttime video clip it doesn’t look the most effective when you’re taping at 60fps especially when you’re doing 4k ultrawide during the night dropping it to 30 fps brightens it up a little you can see a little little bit a lot more detail still not ideal when it comes to the ultra wide changing over to the main sensor

not the very best with 60 fps yet dropping it to 30 fps actually does brighten points up programs a fair bit more information over right here looks rather extraordinary if you ask me but one of the most crucial thing here is that we in fact have actually something called ai night video as well as it is essentially all the time in terms of information however light type of often tends to be burnt out a bit despite the fact that it’s a bit brighter as well as everything else is a bit a lot more thorough it simply can not actually manage light that well now with evening mode off as well as night setting on in the ultrawide taking pictures it’s once more like evening and day same thing with the major camera sensing unit over below deals with a night digital photography very well yet when we conform to 2 times zoom we ought to be seeing the telephoto however it adheres to the main video camera whether you’re making use of evening mode on or off the very same thing can be claimed with 5 times ought to be optical with the periscope once again staying with the major cam periscope finally starts once we reach 10 times zoom evening mode or for on 30 times sticks with the periscope whether you have evening setting off or on as well as 60 times once more stays with the periscope however we still have a night setting choice when using max zoom at 60 times currently just to reveal you just how amazing the evening time photography is he has evening setting off he has evening mode on in

my studio as well as while it appears like it’s a daytime circumstance have an appearance at this video over right here 4k 60 you can see just how darn dark it is contending evening with evening setting off it already looks wonderful evening mode on definitely incredible looks similar to daytime the video camera sensors at the back are probably the most effective feature of this phone and also on the right side of the tool we have the power button above that the volume rocker near the bottom we have a twin sim 5g standby tray unfortunately no expanding storage space over below though we do have a water resistant seal we have usb 3.1 type c port near the bottom and together with that is the initial double stereo audio speaker the second one is discovered within the earpiece over there and also at the top we do have an ir blaster not truly something you see on a lot of phones as well as it says specialist digital photography at the top which kind of ties into the selfie camera which is a 32 megapixel if a 2.5 selfie snapper the same from in 2015’s x70 pro plus but when it involves selfie stills things look absolutely sensational practically ideal edge detection i would state not quite there with the most effective of the very best it does a.

even more than good job but what concerning video clip yo what’s up guys technic below videotaping a 1080p at 30fps selfie video clip on the new vivo x80 pro however it’s topped at 1080p and at 30fps however let me know what you men think about the sound and video quality when videotaping on vivo’s new flagship it’s unfortunate that there is no 4k video clip when taping with the selfie electronic camera though we do have all-natural selfie picture video clips whereas zeiss motion picture portrait video i’m uncertain if the zeiss optics is consisted of with the selfie camera however it’s still an alternative when you switch up the software application and also utilizing the picture video clip modes in the evening looks alright it defaults to 24 fps obviously and also nighttime images do not look also poor either though with evening setting on type of cleans out the colors a great deal and also obscures points out a bit way too much and with the evening images making use of the picture setting looks the finest with the flash on the selfie electronic camera is a little bit of a variety however still takes greater than decent snaps and also videos sadly no 4k video clip tape-recording nevertheless we do have qualcomm’s enormous 3d sonic max finger print sensing unit which we saw in the vivo x note which is just available in china it’s now right here to the worldwide markets with the vivo x80 pro you can use a two-finger authentication if you would certainly such as the regular finger print location is absolutely massive it takes simply one tap to register and less than a faucet i guess you might say to obtain right into your phone it is so darn quick you can use it when the display is.

wet it is a lot quicker than previous generation under display screen finger print sensors in terms of ultrasonic tech and it is a lot larger as well making it truly very easy to enter your phone wherever you plug your finger down we likewise have 2d face unlock as well as fortunately no 3d face unlock over below simply utilizes the selfie video camera nevertheless it is exceptionally snappy and also when it boils down to the screen points are maintained practically the exact same as in 2015 however just bumping up a slide yet we have a 6.78 inch e5 amoled 20 by nine element proportion bent dot show it has 1 billion colors it is 10 bits and also has a thousand 500 nits of peak illumination not to mention it makes use of the exact same wqhd plus resolution as in 2014 and while the refresh price at 120 hertz is unmodified it is making use of ltpo 3.0 modern technology as opposed to its precursor’s ltpo 2.0 modern technology extremely similar over right here in between 1 and also 120 hertz but this is evidently a lot more energy effective we are running fun touch os 12 skinned over android 12 year in the international market and also i must say it’s not as poor as i thought it would be when coming from origin os in the chinese market it actually does an excellent job of maintaining things very google central very supply looking with a couple of additional tweaks and transforms here to assist your modification requires points behave as well as liquid and also breaking around the ui is very smooth you have your widgets alongside your apps in your application draw alert shader is rather simplified also and also we do have 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram with an extra four that you can add with extended ram as well as the wonderful 4 nanometer run snapdragon.

country one cpu which supplies even more performance and even more power effectiveness and pairing that with the ultra game setting and within that the performance mode hopping into antutu we have received a score of 1 million 9 266 points which is simply shy of the typical snapdragon 8gen 1 powered smart device on my network and when it pertains to geekbench variation 5 simply concentrating on cpu the solitary core and also multi-core score was very the same to various other snapdragon 801 run mobile phones i have actually tested on my network and ultimately when it involves 3dmark wild animals just cardiovascular test the gpu over right here we obtained a rating of 9784 with an ordinary fps of 58.6 which places it over the performance scores of the ordinary snapdragon 801 phones i have actually examined yet obviously this phone can do more than simply run a couple benchmarks jumping into a game below that being gentian impact most likely the most graphically requiring video game you can work on a mobile platform we’re placing on performance mode and also watchful eye view over right here within the ultra game mode and also we also have actually something called framework price interpolation and this can give us a steady framework rate or a frame rate increase stable structure just maintains things running exactly the same so it’s mosting likely to drop it to 30 yet it will keep it at 30 at all times if you turn that off we’ll get back to our routine framework price over right here before we activate framework price boost you can see things are sitting in between 40 50 60 fps transforming on structure rate boost is.

expected to enhance the structure rate yet it keeps it around the same if not a little reduced and hopping into games and also effect over right here with the greatest feasible graphics setups and also limit fps you have actually got to remember that this video game is topped at 60 fps and we’re sitting in between 28 and also 46 whereas the average snapdragon 801 phone i have actually tested on my channel rests in between 34 and also 58 it’s rather similar i presume you might say it’s a bit a lot more stable than other phones that i have actually evaluated on my channel however it doesn’t quite reach the highs of other smart devices i have actually tested you obtained to keep in mind this is even more of an electronic camera phone than a video gaming phone and also jumping into bullet pressure over here where the frames per 2nd cap is endless as well as we can utilize limit 120 fps we however do not have the structure rate interpolation tool that we saw in generation effect given that it’s just for particular video games yet we’re getting to up to 120 fps as well as getting to a reduced fps of 92 which is not as constant as various other snapdragon 801 phones have actually tested on my channel but it still does a more than decent work and it never actually felt too hot in the hand which is always a good idea but what concerning the audio allow’s go in advance and offer these speakers a pay attention the vivo x80 pro is one of the most unbelievable phones i have actually ever tested it has an incredibly brilliant color rich ltpo 3.0 120 hertz e5 amoled screen which is driven by a.

powerful snapdragon 801 chipset to generate a pixel standing out wqhd plus resolution experience it’s vivo’s very first globally released gadget to sporting activities qualcomm’s massive 3d sonic max ultrasonic fingerprint sensing unit which is miles much better than any kind of various other finger print reader currently available but there is regrettably no 3d face id as well as while selfie photos come out fantastic selfie video clips are still capped at complete hd resolution flip the phone around however as well as you are treated to perhaps the best cam setup ever before made each lens exceeds my assumptions whether you are taking breaks or recording video clips many thanks to more than outstanding equipment zeiss co-engineered lenses as well as software vivo’s v1 plus dedicated image processing chip in addition to the large ceramic cloud home window which exists to eliminate off light sound as well as representations the layout is sophisticated which boasts mini distinctive anti-glare glass for a smoother touch and inside its lovely body it sets a bigger battery and also faster billing which leads me to say that i am greater than delighted to suggest the vivo x80 pro to any type of smart device fanatic around seeking one of the ideal all-round front runners ever made.

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