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so the s10 under estimate up in Belize for plan new clean look and design but with the s9 + cosmetically not looking that different than the si plus was just just a bridge in between was the improvements with the s10 and does the s9 + still hold it in the year 2019 let’s have a quick recap and let’s find out hello guys and welcome back I’m ed from the go get yours review channel go ahead and click the subscribe button hit that Bell notification option and well let’s get started with this video so the Samsung S 9 plus was released in early 2018 what you got within the box was the usual Samsung well presented package which includes a good choice of accessories like first of all the world package Quick Start Guide instruction manual SIM card slot key UK power brick USBC connector Michael USB connector a USB C charge cable some akf earphones which you also get with the SI plus and well we got the aspyn plus itself which this one by here comes in midnight black this also comes in titanium grey lavender and the blue version looking at the handset it’s noticeably larger than the standard s9 slightly smaller than the SI plus they still us that metal frame with curved panels above sh+ and the s9 + come with a 6.2 inch display comparing the screen to the s10 + s9 is a bit longer but what you do get with the s10

obviously is a larger improved screen that measures six point four inch as I plus coming in at 6 point 2 inch the s9 + is also thicker than both the s8 and s10 phones and is also heavier weighing 189 grams I must say that the fingerprint sensor to the back is better place than s 8 to the better position is super responsive and it’s easy to press while using the phone one-handed again the sensor on sm + now has been implemented under the screen with that ultrasonic scanner not everyone has other great experiments with the unlock method but as I’m aware there have been improvements to this that I’ve been made a software updates talking about fingerprints this midnight black version on the SPI applause is a massive fingerprint magnet it’s the same with a glossy layer to the back to oaky does give it a premium look I have however had bad experience especially in the s7 s where the glass layer to the back was easily cracked as you can see here so the rights of the Samsung S 9 plus is the power button to the left hand side a volume rocker and a dedicated Bigsby button to the top there is a sim a memory card tray with that memory expandable up to 512 gigabytes the bottom there’s a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack and the multi-purpose USB type-c ports the Samsung S 9 plus has six gigabytes RAM 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes ROM depending on which one you buy it’s running Android Pi as a chipset Samsung Exynos 9810 yes 8 cores with a CPU 2.8 gigahertz quad-core arm on place 7 gigahertz quad core and it also has graphics Amala G 72mph winter anti texture 64 bits looking at the screen is indeed 6 points of inch you don’t have any notches on the screen I wouldn’t necessarily say that the s temp loss doesn’t have a notch because as you may know the front-facing camera is implemented within its display play still cooler the s9 still has the usual round edges on these edge type screens again with that gas edge hmm it’s your own preference really but to me I don’t really like it myself I’ve never been a fan of it oh well this is the

reason yep two of my s7 edge mobile phones well the screen was easily cracked however this estline plus does host Gorilla Glass 5 not impossible to damage but toughen off well it’s all good though it’s nothing that a free hundred sixty degrees case can fix like this one just here or how about this one these will also help get rid of those pesky fingerprints links are provided in the video description below in case one of these to take your fancy this s lamp off screen has a very vibrant Super AMOLED infinity 1440 by mm 960 pixel edge to edge display it is hich the arts and compliance and everything looks sharp and colorful the canvas to the fonts well we have an 8 megapixel camera good for them selfies or painting your face with the AR emoji and the spin on opposing air to the back we have dual 12 megapixel cameras on wide angle and 1 telephoto I think it’s great that it has a variable aperture of f15 and f2 point four which will automatically change to the highest aperture when taking a picture in low light has autofocus optical image stabilization so no or like though why are we PNC CRO you want to get that wobbly video recording while vlogging etc there’s plenty of angles and video modes to choose from say if you want to focus and keep something center of attention you can choose the life focus mode which you can set how blurred out you want that background to be this is the same with the front camber – well obviously it’s not gonna be the best preferred quality compared to the dual buck lenses we’ve got your rear camera having 4k + HD recording on finger mode is – super slow-motion mode which adds breeze when something catches the screen and

when it does it shoots in 950 frames per second so you have to be expected while it’s recording slow motion mode the quality will drop someone please still fantastic everything is just so easy to operate the responsiveness of the formative spots on and all the time is the same – s7 and the same – over the years of use they’ve had no leg problems with the s9 + menus are easiest and updates I’ll find your favorite apps easily also not say still uses the edge screen menu which is good I love that neutralization and it’s really customizable because of how long the s9 is you do also have that one handed mode you can split the screen but you apps running at the same time – like I said Bixby is included with that dedicated button what do you do when you do a poo hi big spare when was the Samsung S 9 + first released in the UK okay here’s a summary of what I found the Samsung Galaxy S 9 release date was March 16th 2018 the galaxy s 9 price at launch was 739 pounds okay Google when was the Samsung S 9 plus first released in the UK here’s a summary from The Telegraph the Samsung Galaxy S 9 will be released on Friday the 16th of March with pre-orders starting on the 1st of March it was announced on the 25th of February and the voices but only Google hi big spare Google’s better than you good answer welcome back oh well of us will try coordinate s line force it has to surround species of electrum right is slightly louder than si plus for the sm + has better audio improvements what which is handset just here is loudly enough with that

doggie average technologies the battery in this Samsung guest 9 is a three thousand five hundred million power battery it’s the same as the si plus get in three to six hours out of on screen use that as 10 however as a imp read 4100 milliamp hour battery which is a much improved step or this s time cloth supports fast charging averaging one hour 33 minutes from 0% to a full charge it’s also held wireless charging capability which to be expected is 50% slower than standard charge time taking about four to five hours football charge went back to the rear of the phone you still do after that heart rate sensor to the right-hand side of the dual cameras I’m flippin to the front again to the top right-hand side you have that iris recognition camera onto the opposite side the iris recognition LED sensor wasn’t too bad but has been improved via the software update overall this s9 + sister a fantastic phone ok does have the same look as the si plus with the exemption of a few dates but now the S 10 has been released well now you can pick this s time for supper a heavier discounted price but will up though that if you’re updating say from an SI plus should you call for the s9 or the s10 but I certainly choose sm+ because of the overall improvements compared to the s9 + s 10 plus is more modern-looking as a bigger display an improved bezel more premium looking a really stylish camera layout and design and well yeah there’s only one clear winner and is where the question now lies is the s9 + to kill in 2019 well I actually think so as I

mentioned with those prices now getting lower due to the release of the s10 plus and furthermore due to now mobile for contracts being extended from a 24 month period to three years it might be a good idea and a great option to grab a good deal right now in addition of gone through a lot of Samsung mobile phones and have only ever had a problem that being a battery drain problem with my wickedly old generation s5 but with these new Samsung handsets this will hold up now s7 and SAS if certain lasted through the years and saw world s 9 at least until next year anyway and then you’ll be able to depict it as temple ji-woo anyway guys I hoped you liked this video today please go ahead and share this video wherever possible if you’re very much appreciated please go ahead and smash that like button subscribe thank you sure when you do to hit that Bell notification option so you guys stay updated on all my new uploads I’ll see you guys real soon and a brand new tech review and thanks peace

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