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DETAILED REVIEW Black Shark 3 Pro – The SUPERSIZE Gaming Smartphone! RedMagic 5G vs Black Shark 3 Pro Speed Test

today we are having a look at this superbox s1 pro wise android television box so there’s in fact 2 versions of the incredibly box there’s a four gigabyte variation which is the plus version today i have actually obtained the typical version which basically features two gigabytes ddr3 ram it does certainly have 2.4 5g twin band wifi and well in the box yet the s1 pro android tv box just to the leading simply place it to the side just for currently beneath it likewise obtains fairly a typical hdmi wire we do have that wi-fi antenna which we will connect to the tv box real soon there is from foreign power source which we can absolutely require that conversion power adapter oh currently so we’ve got rather a glossy yet full-featured remote control that is certainly different and also rather refreshing taking into consideration that a lot of android television boxes nowadays do really come with rather a simplistic remote as well as it does without a doubt take 2 aaa batteries oh yes as well as we have actually additionally got some practical feature controls which are provided simply to the rear currently we do have a rather basic direction individual overview as well as back to the tv box which definitely looks extremely various so we’ve got that matte surface to the top with that said incredibly box logo design central yes it certainly

looks kind of different however i certainly like the gloss layout to the outside sides now to the front it appears like we have actually obtained some type of digital display we’ll take a look in a second once it’s powered up but to the side we do have yes a sd card slot you can enhance up that interior memory if you want we’ve obtained our usb 3.0 port a usb 2.0 port and also a solitary pin reset button to the back so the antenna remains in place and what we’re looking at is we’ve got a av port a hdmi port a 100 megabyte lan as well as a dc 5 volt power port got 4 sturdy rubber feet with not much ventilation to be truthful let’s plug it in as well as no we in fact do not get any electronic display screen simply instead an led power lights turning this android tv box on we are greeted by the incredibly box start-up logo followed by the perfectly outlined main menu with a couple of faster ways as well as the internet web browser which will work wonderful with both the wireless usb or a wired computer mouse and key-board mix with the net browser yes it

does provide you quick web page opening times with very smooth scroll activity also this s1 pro tv box has bluetooth 4.1 connection it will link to bluetooth earphones also a ps4 controller which will certainly work with a few suitable video games that is with the storage indeed we do have simply listed below 10 gigabytes continuing to be of that 16 gigabytes internal memory that wants we have downloaded and install a few video games and a few media streaming apps and yes this tv box is running android 7.0 nougat which is a little bit dated to be honest but so much everything appears to be working smoothly with the included great level of sensitivity of that push-button control that is supplied back to the main menu now and also yep we do obtain the time and day in the bottom right-hand man corner we obtain a file manager to the left a tidy up service a wastebasket where you can pick download the material to be deleted and we have actually obtained a consumer service on-line assistance with a number of means to contact by scanning among the 4 qr codes extremely handy within the apps as mentioned we have actually downloaded and install a few games like pubg as an example downloaded by the apptide application next there is the hunger tv application where you can choose

from a number of downloadable media streaming applications and also while discussing streaming well we have actually obtained netflix and although a few customers have actually specified that this remote control right below will not work with apps like youtube and so on well i will keep in mind that that is undoubtedly wrong actually it’s actually netflix where this remote however isn’t compatible with it it will nonetheless need you to utilize a computer mouse once a mouse is connected netflix is speedy to use motion pictures play flawlessly great although they are limited to 720p hd so unfortunately no 4k netflix flick playback isn’t easily accessible presently however nonetheless 4k content is obtainable by utilizing youtube with 4k video clip playback please faultlessly but i will include that as well using superfast fiber broadband again keeping that remote working perfectly fine with this youtube app currently one app that is totally cost-free to use as well as is wonderful well it’s the blue tv application nope it’s not blue since it’s for mischievous films it is to provide you with a substantial 1 200 networks to select from whoa to get loads of channels to pick through as well as a lot of networks start within a couple of seconds and those channels stream effortlessly so yes you’ve obtained sporting activities news films and so on as well as for dedicated brand-new film releases well we have actually got that blue vod application where you have a vast quantity of movies to select from with the most recent box collections 2. Google voice search is easily accessible using a usb microphone inserted just like this here television times in enhancement we do also have miracast constructed in to allow you to mirror your cellphone to this tv box fine when playing video games just a handful of games are compatible out of a big collection with numerous only being accessible through leading screen so certainly they are primarily mobile video game variations we did affix a keyboard and also mouse combination and also we used this to play pubg i got ta claim gameplay had not been too negative with just a few minor stutters throughout the video game she’s rather swift playing however games like asphalt airborne 8 unfortunately does not function yet pay attention overall personally for me i needed to update an existing bed room tv with my tv antenna signal being rather negative however this superbox s1 pro is precisely what i required for remarkable utmost tv streaming solutions so of course i’m a boxer addict and you’ll obtain loads on this television box with numerous tv shows to pick from and i simply assume that this s1 pro is actually great and also i hunch with the exemption of gaming most aspects of the tv box software application job fairly swiftly and also smooth amazing for web looking and shopping and also although it’s only running android 7.0 which is a bit dated for 2020 well i’ve directly been utilizing this s1 pro television box for a few days currently as well as solely for devoted tv streaming services while this television box is definitely reputable a great remote as well as well as if i was to price this tv box today out of my usual score out of 10 then i’m gon na give it uh 7 no i’m mosting likely to provide it a 8 out of 10. that’s due to the fact that you understand what i did like the quick bluetooth connection to my cordless headset which was excellent for those late evening activity films so that’s essentially it actually so yeah individuals to find out some more information on this specific tv box today i will certainly leave a web link in the video clip description down listed below i am not affiliated in any kind of means so you’re free to inspect that out ought to you desire however if you simulate what you see as well as you want something dependable well why not go get yours while you’re in that video clip summary men why not just take a 2nd that like button i would certainly practically value it please register for this network today making certain yes you struck that bell alert option so you guys stay updated on all my new uploads so indeed people i’m mosting likely to be doing a few even more video clips coming today as well as perhaps quickly ps5 ps5 console yeah that’s appearing so stay tuned for the unboxing of that as normal many thanks please stay safe and also tranquility you

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