Review Prtukyt ANC 918 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

this week we thought we’d take a real good look for some really affordable headphones something within the budget that’s not too well known but does look rather promising and well after searching just a few pages on amazon we did come across these particular headphones today they are 44 pounds that’s around 60 in u.s dollars and they are indeed the um hopefully it’s the right pronunciation the perticute the perticute anc 918 bluetooth headphones now these did stand out to us as they are specified as having a massive 50 hours music playback time 50 hours obviously like most headphones though i’m guessing that that is while using 40 of the volume nevertheless we will be checking out that max uses time for ourselves using a hundred percent volume but for now let’s check inside the box all right so whoa we are supplied with a snazzy hardshell case it does have a zip opening all the way around it let’s open it up ah i’m liking the look of these headphones i’ve got to be honest and then they are certainly lightweight they have an adjustable headband those drivers do swivel 180 degrees do they fold though nope nope they don’t but they do have good flexibility so

they should fit any size head now i’m kind of surprised because on amazon as they are described as being black in color now the main phones was these headphones actually look a shade of gray dark green fat yeah 50 shades of dark grey because they do a little bit naughty no joking aside though i really do actually like this color and first impressions really surprised and impressed by the overall build quality but before we go any further let’s first check out what accessories we do get so within that little pocket to the top we oh i’m gonna suck do like how soft that inner lining is of the case it’s real nice put your back to that little pocket within it we get a very very detailed instruction manual which is always good to see there is a 3.5 millimeter audio cable included so you can listen to music in wired mode but i’ve just noticed guys that one end is indeed an l-shaped connection so when using it to say on a pc or laptop it’s gonna be perfectly fine using this cable but throughout experience as i’ve known when plugging it into a mobile phone when a mobile phone is in your pocket or that l-shaped end is susceptible to failing i just wish they would have

included a basic flat 3.5 millimeter cable really now in way of charging that bluetooth headset we are supplied with a micro usb charge cable hello i’m a micro usb charge cable from four to five years ago oh i’ve lost my worthless originals have anyone got one oh my god come on it’s 2021 type c is the way to be all right so let’s check out the functions shall we so we do have a very clicky play pause call answering button do you like how these buttons feel guys so you can feel for these buttons blindly i think but we do have a previous and extract selection that also access your volume up and down button there’s an led indication light there’s that micro usb charge port guys yep as well as a cvc 8.0 microphone and yep we have that active noise cancellation switch now they look good but how comfortable are they let’s try them on okay let’s adjust the headband oh you got the left and right icons that’s good nice and easy to see and you don’t have to worry about this particular headset fit in any size head if it’s perfect i would say that they are fairly glued to my head let me just make the point though that although the specifications do state that these are over the ear pads in fact nope they do indeed feel like they are just touching the outer rim of my ears now these are memory protein ear pads which i’ve fitted on top of those 40

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millimeter drivers nice and firm not going anywhere they are really comfortable and that is thanks to that memory protein padding of the headband and those matching air and i will make one over points guys these earpads they can’t be replaced and they have in fact glued in let’s hook them up using that bluetooth 5.0 connection all right so okay there it is pure to kit anc 918 and connection just take only a few seconds that’s pretty good noting that there is also a battery indication percentage which is displayed on your mobile phone screen depending on what mobile phone you’re using that is alrighty then let’s play um a track be a tune with some good bass i think oh my days that bassline wow the bass with this headset is fantastic no it’s not too overpowering and those high tones are really good too okay let’s choose another track with roll calls let’s choose ice cube you guys won’t be able to hear this due to copyright but i’m gonna blast it out okay let’s turn that volume down and when it comes to the mid-range i’ve got to be honest it does sound somewhat rather distant when it comes to particular genres of music so i’ve got hip-hop music playing a bit of ice cube it just seemed a bit drawn back at times well what’s the most

shocking thing about this headset check this out guys so if we go ahead and switch it to anc mode on now usually the audio quality when a anc is on would rarely drop just so um it would silence all the outside world and basically drop certain tones and it’s sort of a gamble with particular headsets but this headset this is the most amazing thing check this out yes let’s pause that again copyright now the most amazing thing is when the anc mode is switched on with this headset all the audio levels sound almost spot-on even the mid-range the local sound mode up front and all the tones just fall into one another so basically nc mode does work and the audio quality is actually really brilliant too but one thing again i will note is that when the anc mode is switched on some people are stating that you get around 90 to 80 percent outside noise blockage unfortunately that’s not true that is only when music is playing so with the music playing the music

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volume will actually add to that silencing you will only get 40 outside noise blockage so again with that initial 40 outside noise blockage and music playing at nearly full volume you will easily block out most of the outside noise so yeah keep that in mind when you’re looking for anc headphones that’s usually when it states it’s got about 80 to 90 outside noise blockage to me that anc has been tested with music playing in addition to that with these ear pads being on the air pads rather than over the air you are obviously going to have some sound leakage and that’s to be expected with on the airplane i’m afraid now we have tested these proto kit headphones out over the past few days using 100 volume all of the time we did get 25 hours used using 100 volume 15 hours used with that anc mode on but you can dramatically improve that usage time by reducing the volume to 50 percent reaching up to 50 hours of music playback time and 30 hours music playback time with that anc mode on comfort wise for long use i would advise nothing more than three hours at one given time as again those on the air air pads do tend to make your ears feel a bit hot at times and a bit sweaty and when it comes to that bluetooth connection but it’s simply well mental i honestly got past 80 meters before that bluetooth

switched off so way way past that distance in the specifications in fact in my workplace i managed to get to the second floor and it still didn’t cut off overall whatever you’ve intended usage is when you’re buying a budget set of headphones whether you’re just wanting it for your kids for yourself to listen to music at home or maybe to use within a workplace these purity kit anc 918s will certainly surprise you for the price they do have that above average audio for that price range and because they won’t break the bank and because they do have a real good look about them being as they do come in three different color choices too i most definitely can recommend them for comfort i’m going to give them an 8 out of ten for functionality i’m gonna give them a nine for audio i’m gonna give them another eight with an overall rating of eight out of ten again based on these pure ticket headphones within the budget price range category now i really love doing this review this week and i actually really really loved looking for some good bargains and you know what i’m going to leave a link in the video description down below i’m not affiliated in any type of way you can go and check that link out should you wish but if you ever liked what you’ve seen today well why not go get yours while you’re in that video description guys it means so much if you please smash a like on this video today most importantly please subscribe to this channel making sure to stay tuned by hitting that bell notification option so you guys will stay updated on all our new uploads now we’ve got some brand new tech in the house today and we’re going to be testing out over the next week or so so stay tuned for those new uploads but as usual guys please stay safe and thank you ever so much peace you

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