Review Blitzwolf AirAux AA-UM15 Ultra Thin Wireless Earphones

we have been checking out for some ultra-thin earphones for some time currently with a fee case that can not only healthy discreetly within your pocket yet with the earphones that also appear excellent too and well i believe that we may just have actually found some these are the new blitzwolf airbox aaa um 15 tws enc earphones we did locate them on the online seller internet site retailing at 28 extra pounds that’s around 35 in u.s dollars inside the box you must receive a typical very in-depth airbox customer manual there’s a little compartment to the left hand side concealing a type-c charge wire which is great it looks like we’ve got quick charging and as well as being well packaged as well as extremely shielded in this type protective border padding we have actually wow jesus a very thin rectangular shape round bordered 300 million power charge instance it’s really great i suggest when we look just how thin this procedures 17 millimeters thick it likewise is light too evaluating 39 grams which i ‘d be pleased to discuss it will without a doubt fit really discreetly within your pocket which i may include cost situation might be the slimmest fee instance we’ve really examined on this network except for that is the previously assessed lenovo xt95 to the base of the situation we have that tanksy fee port to the top

we have the aerox logo as well as there’s a little lip to the front of the lid which is indeed magnetically secured as well yes really pleasing now what’s sort of one-of-a-kind with this cost case is that hinged opening style which i assume you’re gon na have to be extremely mild with in fact do believe that this will probably break over time if you resemble me if you’re a bit forceful with it aside from that the earphones do rest extremely snug within the earphone cost case itself keeping that embedded lid holding them nice as well as secure maintaining these um 15s in position without lettering around now although the inner side of the fee instance is made from abs plastic the outer shell is actually made of metal of course all right it is rather minimalistic however in its own method it does look very smooth certainly as soon as the earphones are gotten the cost case they will instantly go right into pairing setting which i may include just how these 15s will in fact pair to your device is they have a such thing called qualcomm genuinely wireless mirroring technology which essentially one of the earphones will certainly attach to your tool while the second earbud will certainly sync to the very first earbud what that makes it possible for is constant connection for seamless music playback so also if you take one earphone out of your a or as an example the battery in one of the earphones goes dead and transforms off your earphones will continue to play with among the other earphones regardless of which one it is yet we will certainly without a doubt be testing this aspect out real soon looking very closely at

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the earphones themselves they also are almost razor blade slim four millimeter thin upright stems with all the usual touch controls to both sides like on off play time out phone call addressing the previous and following track selections as well as voice assist and the game mode for reduced latency responses for using these earphones while gaming or utilizing them for voice calls and so on now we do have some ventilation openings upon that actually tiny earpiece which when put within your ears does fit quite wonderful as well as snug so no way they’re not going to befall anytime soon they are extremely little and portable and also paving these earphones is likewise swift too using that internal bluetooth qcc 3040 chip with that said bluetooth chip it need to offer you with as much as 10 meters transmission range however truthfully exactly how do these airbox aa um15s in fact execute well we have actually certainly evaluated them out over the past pair of weeks and as a matter of fact let me just inform you people the music high quality is really extremely excellent undoubtedly those 13 millimeter motorist units supply amazingly good bass there is great distinctive noise with high levels of treble an attractive mid array not also distant or not as well ahead of time it is simply flawlessly placed with low tones that sound simply as great as well so directly my impact of the audio high quality is great the volume is rather high and also in relation to that volume

comparing that’s 5 hours use time that is stated within the specifications i’ll be sincere reasonably you’ll obtain closer to 2 hrs 40 mins while using 100 volume regularly which isn’t regrettable thinking about the size of these earphones they are super light-weight 3.2 grams each with a really tiny 30 milliamp hour battery but even though those 2 hrs 40 mins will be made use of up just bang him back right into the charge case and also you ought to get a fast boost over thirty minutes or wait one hr 40 minutes for a complete charge let him claim when putting these earphones within the video gaming mode it is simply spot-on many thanks to those cvc microphones and that’s the same when making telephone call as well bluetooth link you should anticipate to get below 7 meters out of the 10 meters that was specified due to the fact that these earphones are utilizing that qualcomm really wireless matching technology we did experience a couple of interferences once in a while specifically when sliding in your bed in the evening with these

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earphones put within your ears it does get rather annoying at times changing from one air to the various other and also this is possibly the only adverse point when it involves evaluating these earphones this week just thing i will certainly say is maintain the earphones actually near your device keep your device within your pocket and also you shouldn’t truly have a problem however general as well as these resembling truly great earphones with a nice elegant cost case that’s rather small with the earphones having terrific appearing audio great microphones they also profit with ipx5 water-proof resistance which ought to be good sufficient for exercising or strolling within light showers so do not be going on as well as soak them in water or anything like that so for audio we are mosting likely to provide a 9 out of 10. For style we’re going to provide an additional 9 for capability a large 10 out of 10 microphone high quality a 9 out of 10 with our general score for these blitzwolf airbox aa um 15s sitting at an excellent score of 8 out of 10. currently we will certainly certainly leave a web link for these earphones for you individuals to proceed and also have a look at within the video clip summary down listed below if you have liked what you’ve seen within this video clip please proceed take a look at for yourselves and why not go get your own while you’re in that video clip description individuals it indicates a lot if you please like and also share this video clip today along with sustaining this network and also striking that subscribe button bearing in mind all to click that bell notice option so you men stay updated on all our brand-new uploads now it’s been wonderful examining these earphones this week and also they hope to be doing some even more intriguing technology reviews can be found in the following few days so remain tuned for them but customarily people please remain safe and thank you ever before a lot peace you

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