Preview Poco M3 Pro 5G Tour & M3 Comparison

so if you’re a fan of the direct deity bless you you crazy more for you may recall that i recently reviewed the uber cheap poco m3 cost you well under 200 quid regrettably held back by somewhat ropey accomplishment well bollocks for that anyway because it’s already antiquated because along strolls the poco m3 pro 5g an upgraded edition of the standard poco m3 now with beefier accomplishment politenes of a mediatek feature 700 chipset yes that is fully five geofide and it’s acre right here in blighty on july the 8th now the cornerstone model of the poco m3 pro 5g boasts 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage and that will cost you 179 quid here in the uk but if you’re super fast you can snaffle it for the early bird price of a hundred and thirty nine quid and when i say super fast i ain’t kidding you’ll have to be quicker than usain rod with a firecracker lodged a biz ass because that early bird offer intent at midnight july the 9th otherwise for time 20 quid more you can get six gigs of ram and double the storage that’s 199 pounds usually otherwise 159 quid with the early bird price so enough of the yakity yakety-yak i’m going to lash the poco m3 pro five jone out of the box take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software and compare it instantly with the original poco m3 to see what the difference is and from all the latest and greatest tech satisfy do thrusting subscribe and ding that notifications bell glees delight please truly hope they sent me the yellow one no they haven’t they transmit me the pitch-black one ours anyway too bundled in the box you get one

adapter you go on handily labeled usb cable you’ve got a chocolate little expanse of stickers slap them on your kids swipe them on your cat cause the world know what a poco love you are and oh yes fellow spartans you do indeed get a rubber johnny condom case bundled in there to keep your pocket m3 pro nice and safe and that’s your fastening nice and easy so now let’s check out the poco m3 pro now the poco m3 pro much like the poco m3 is fabricated from plastic around back although it’s gone for a very different style of blueprint while the original poco m3 had this sort of thickened leather form textured finish you’ve got a perfectly silky smooth finish now on the poco m3 pro it’s kind of like a frosted mirror wording finish i don’t actually relatively like it looks very neat very smart although unsurprisingly it’s proven a little of a fingerprint grease magnet all previously despite uh the relatively twilight finish on this capability black model you can grab the pocket m3 pro in three different hues this is the power black you are eligible to seizure it in cool blue or poco yellowed and hopefully that’s at least as yellow-bellied as the box once again of course you have that highly unsubtle bit of poco brandon around back so certainly nobody is going to be asking you what kind of phone you’re rock and the round front on the pocket m3 pro you’ve got gorilla glass 3 protecting that display as well just like on the original and as an added bonus you likewise get a pre-installed screen protector here on the poco m3

pro as well so pretty safe now if you only poke open the age-old sim tray and experience what we’re working with here and what we have here is ps4 2 sim placards at the same time and also you can slip in a micro sd remember placard although you’ll have to do that in the second sim slot there’s not a dedicated slot for that unlike the original poco m3 all right so amply set up the poco m3 pro 5g and on here is a bit of android 11 action with of course miui 12 slathered on top how we know and adore it i’m not going to spend long banging on about me ui 12 because if you’ve seen any of my coverage of pocophones and me phones or anything like that this year you’ll know my anticipates on this in a nutshell it’s the most stock android account of me ui that i’ve had so far so you’ve got an app straw by default which is great you can drag down that notifications forbid you’ve got the excellent control center which has been completely shamelessly ripped off from ios and i really really like it fast access to all of your main toggles got the google discover feed all of that good shenanigans downsides are regrettably get tons of crapware pre-installed on any kind of miui device lots of generic sports like block question bubble popper dual screen all kinds of stuff like that my own personal favorite tile entertaining which is about as amusing as a kick down the kidneys and then on

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top of that you’ve got your ticking tocks your facebooks your linkedins all of that shenanigans which thankfully can be uninstalled which is the uh the one save and prayer so yes linkedin very much off you and i do enjoy the little festivities each time you uninstall something like facebook little way off it travels and of course with me ui machines you’re not guaranteed the same sort of level of support for revises and security revises in particular that you will get from other manufacturers like oneplus and nokia but that said i know quite a lot of people who’ve got you know still got a redmi smartphone for instance from about three four years ago still passing absolutely fine now one piece which you get here on the poco m3 pro 5g which you didn’t get on the standard poco m3 is a good bit of nfc support there should be somewhere hidden amongst uh this ocean of icons there it is right at the extremely foot a bit of nfc so that’s good news and then if we dive on into the decideds and going to see about phone you’ll see you’ve got a selection of either 64 or 128 gigs of storage with the poco m3 pro it’s ufs 2.2 storage i’ve got the 128 gig prototype and so far no real surprises whatsoever seems to be running reasonably smoothly and everything now the poco m3 pro 5g athletics a 6.5 inch ips expose somewhat box standard for a sub 200 pound fund smartphone it’s a tiny bit smaller than the standard pocket m3s display but we’re talking fractions here and it’s essentially the same output

you’ve got a full hd plus solving so you get reasonably fine item despite the size of this thing colors aren’t accurately super poppy in your face oh my god when you’re watching a little of anime animation or whatever but they’re absolutely fine they don’t seem muted or saturated viewing slants are fine as well top brightness levels not shocking though so you might struggle to see what’s going on on a very bright sunshiny day and while the original poco m3 boasted a very quaint old-fashioned notch up top you’ve got your more standard sphincter cut out right here on the pocket m3 pro centrally stood which is now all the rage of course and also if we dive right into the display aims on the poco m3 pro you’ll notice another improvement here are comparable to the original poco m3 and that is the fact you’ ve now got a 90 hertz refresh pace alternative and this is apparently dynamic refresh as well so it can’t actually scale itself down to 60 or even 30 hertz when you’re doing something that doesn’t requires that fast freshen pace simply to help preserve the battery life and here you’ve got the usual uh standard exhibition names as well you can boost those hues with the saturated mode which to be honest doesn’t really make a huge amount of difference anyway and you can also play around with the colour temperature and one aspect now on the poco m3 pro that i’m super keen to test out is the refurbished automobile brightness may not sound specially provoking but that’s just the vehicle brightness on the original poco m3 was about as reliable as a candy floss helmet the main problem with the original pocket m3 was that the screen was always still too dark at night time i always had to manually improve up the brightness but apparently you’ve now got dual light-headed sensors here on the poco m3 pro one at the breast and one in various regions of the back and apparently this

will help to keep that screen at only the excellent height of brightness at all epoch as i say i’ll be testing that out for my evaluate is for your audio well uh the speaker system is of course simply a mono talker and down now below you don’t get a stereo speaker output but let’s lump up the capacity see if it’s any good on the latest and greatest tech delight subscribe and take that notifications bell okay so not super thunderou on that top loudnes but raucou enough to be heard over you are familiar with a rational extent of background clamour and the precision is pretty strong at least on that top capacity so that’s to be commended you does in fact have a headphone jack up top as well thank christ here on the poco m3 pro for high res audio certification as well so you get your high purity lines on the go but the most important area where the poco m3 pro drops its trousers and billows it’s really at the standard poco m3 is the performance because you’ve got the much beefier mediatek 700 chipset backpack in this thing compared with the snapdragon 662 banged in the original poco m3 i’ ve already noticed precisely from playing with the poco m3 pro for over an hour or two now that the performance is much smoother as “youre seeing” the geek bench orchestrate is much better as well rarely the inapp can take a little while to load up now on the poco m3 pro but it clearly seems that overall they seem to have sorted one of the major bug makes i had with the original poco m3 is that oh there we go eventually get a bit of netflix on the go uh but yeah it seems to be a lot smoother only in general navigating the ui material like that let’s try uh testing out a little of bawl of duty act as well um so no let’s not romp block riddle or bubble crap-shooter let’s play a bit of label of duty and actually sure when you’re playing video games like bawl of duty bar g whatever your game of pick may be just going to swipe in from this oblique area we’ll get there in the end

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and this opens up the game turbo menu and as you can see there you can bring up other apps in the foreground uh exactly in a little window you can do some chit-chat you can record your gaming seminar for posterity’s sake you can clear up all the resources or free up some recognition if things are starting to chug despite the fact that the dimensionally 700 is fairly capable as far as budget-friendly chipsets are concerned it looks like call of duty mobile right now does max out at medium graphics excellence and high formulate rates let’s give it a go so you played a couple of quick competitions on call of duty mobile i wasn’t specially good as usual but the phone was absolutely flawless i didn’t notice any judders or any little action publishes played absolutely fine on that frame rate screen seemed nice and responsive so obviously no problems there a hubbub came through neat and clear through that mono speaker really had to make sure i didn’t accidentally muffle it but of course i’ll be doing fortunes more gaming testing on the poco m3 pro 5g ahead of my in-depth review to see if you know starts to overheat under stress or anything like that i’d be very surprised if it did though because the dimensionally chipsets tend to be pretty intensity efficient and you’ve got that built-in 5g substantiate as well as a little of extra future proofing that you

didn’t get with the standard poco m3 and that 5g assist is shared among both of the sim slits as well so if you do have two sims in there you’re switching between them for data both of them will be able to access 5g structures nonetheless one orbit where the original poco m3 does actually have a advantage over the pocket m3 pro 5g is the battery because that thing had a 6 000 milliamp capacity cell crammed inside it’s a mere 5 000 milliamp artillery now and the poco m3 pro has also continued prove absolutely fine for a day and a half or so of use between attacks though even with quite a bit of screen on time i’ve been pounding the crap out of this thing for the last sort of hour and a half two hours uh lots of media streaming a little of gaming and stuff as well and it hasn’t dropped too much at all so yeah it shouldn’t be a problem and when it is time to recharge the poco m3 pro it’s basic 18 watt fast indict not particularly immediate but pretty much what you’d expect at this sort of price point and of course no wireless blaming help or any of that shenanigans let’s coming to an end with the squint-eyed at the poco m3 pro’ s camera tech and it’s a triple lens that’s set up here on the arse mission of this smartphone it seems to be exactly the same hardware as the standard poco m3 so we’ve got here is a 48 megapixel primary crap-shooter which does actually shoot 12 megapixel personas by default employing pixel binning let’s get the hdr support on the go will take a little bit longer to

shoot and process an hdr photo but it’ll be worth the wait when you’ve got a high dynamic straddle big-hearted fleck of strong comparison in your background anyone who’s used a xiaomi or a poko smartphone and recent times will know exactly what you’re getting now you’ve got your pro mode with full manual limits you can play around with likes the screen hasten iso level white offset and if you want to you can get that full 48 megapixel activity on the go too the other two lenses swiped on the back end of the pocket m3 pro or a 2 megapixel penetration sensor for your painting shots really include a neat bokeh vogue impression in the background and you can tweak that to make it a bit more severe or lessen it and the final lens in this trio is a hip hip hazard a 2 megapixel macro lens how we affection it or thus probably going to give me nightmares tonight and yeah you can get up close and personal with your theme use this but it shoots 2 megapixel solution photos they’re going to be grainy and turd so frankly you might as well exactly use the standard lens and then crop in and then if you tap on more you’ve got access to a small variety of bonus modes as well including dedicated night states which can take lots of different shots at different aperture determines and then meld them all together got a dedicated 48 megapixel state there as well if you want and then if we swap to video i’m not sure what the maximum resolution is let’s check it out so it looks like 1080 p at 30 encloses per second

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unfortunately no four key option now on the pokor m3 pro i will of course be uh perfectly experimented the camera tech for my in-depth review and then if we swap around to the front it is a basic eight megapixel crap-shooter again just like the mire standard poco m3 so i’ m not expecting immense solutions out of that certainly in lower uh more ambient flame it actually precipitated on its arse but you know that one right there definitely a steward so that right there in a nutshell is the poco m3 pro as i say going on sale here in blighty from july the 8th if you want those early bird prices 40 quid offs are clearly worth noting then you’re gonna have to jump in there fairly fast because they end july the 9th at midnight and digits bridged this pro prototype will solve most of the issues with the original poco m3 the juddery recital and the bulked screen brightness merely to specify two of course the camera still was pretty basic uh unfortunately so if you are gonna be prioritizing your photos and your videos and all that i’d perhap look to get something a little different regardles full review inbound as it says delight do let me know what you think down in the comments below if there’s any particularly burning questions or anything i can hopefully answer for you in my recollect let me know and in the meantime please do blog subscribe during that notifications bell right have yourselves a splendid residue of the week and that’s it merriments love you