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i have this theory that the the new like animation that plays when you hit like on a youtube video on mobile is just there to increase engagement it’s the exact same thing as when you like a post with the hashtag wwdc now apple has to pay for the hashtag but same idea anyway yo what’s up mkbhd here so apple’s wwdc was today it’s their developer conference so we know there’s going to be a ton of software announcements and there was but of course we were expecting a little bit of an extra surprise on top maybe some hardware and we got that too so there’s a lot to talk about today let’s just jump right into it philip defranco so the biggest update is what’s coming to ios 16. this will be coming out eventually as an update to your iphone and launching on the next iphone when that comes out in the fall and there’s a lot of new features here so the biggest one easily is the new overhaul to the lock screen on our phones so forever just for the longest time our lock screens on our iphones have been the same thing it’s the time at the top and then just a long list of notifications and then whatever your wallpaper was behind all that fine in ios 16 the lock screen is way more i think the word is personalized which is actually not typical of what we see from apple but this is a really nice update here so you can mess with not just the fonts and colors of your clock which is cool but it’ll even play with your wallpaper a little bit so if you have a portrait mode photo or something with depth in your wallpaper that can look really cool but most importantly two things one notifications now will roll in from the bottom of the display it’s the opposite of android right now and that’s much better for actually seeing your wallpaper and it’s much more reachable if say apple is getting ready to sell a bunch of really big iphones but then also two widgets on the lock screen that that is some real personality on a lock screen it’s a welcome feature of course not only that we also be able to save multiple different lock screens with different wallpapers different clocks and

different combinations of widgets and save those lock screens so they can switch between those at any time it’s like swapping watch faces on your watch but then you can also tie a lock screen to a focus mode so if you have your sleep focus mode and you have your sleep home screen you now also have a sleep lock screen with your sleep widgets and your sleep clock and you can have your work lock screen and your do not disturb lock screen all those things will be synced when you change your focus mode they’ll all have different wallpapers different clocks different widgets whatever you want that is personality that that is really nice music controls are also at the bottom now too instead of being this massive huge thing right under your clock in the middle oh and there’s now live updating notifications too so you know some apps will send you just a bunch of notifications as things update or as things change uh maybe a live score update for example sends you one after the first quarter and at half time well now there’s a new feature called what is it called uh live activities but it’s exactly what it sounds like now one notification can continually update with the latest information instead of having a bunch of notifications from that one app that is nice and i know a bunch of apps that could use that update so the lock screen is a big new thing in ios 16.

But then there’s also a bunch of little features sprinkled within the rest of the os2 one of them in messages is you can now edit imessage messages so that is going to be hilarious uh i kind of want to try to see if there’s any sort of indicator next to the message that’s been edited i’ll play around with this in the beta i would say definitely get subscribed to see the videos on these new softwares when i actually get to play with them and dive into them deep and make my feature reviews but yes you will be able to edit imessages and you’ll also be able to undo send and you can also mark a thread as unread and yes i am a little bit salty that you can edit an imessage before you can edit tweets assuming that doesn’t happen by fall there’s also a couple new share play experiences to easily discover things you can watch together with someone and they dramatically improved on-device dictation so you can move back and forth between voice and touch as you’re typing something this feature looks really cool it actually looks very

similar to what google just did with the last version of the pixel which made the pixel the best voice to text phone on the planet and really change the way i use it so i’m looking forward to seeing if this is as good as that but that’s a welcome feature but then there’s a couple other highlights do you remember uh live text where you take a picture of a sign or any anything with text in it and you can always just highlight the text in that photo straight away well they’re bringing that to videos so any video you take with text in it you’ll be able to pause and live select and if that works well that’s going to be i think incredible i mean i feel like that’s low-key unreal for students like you just record your whiteboard after a lecture and it just makes your notes more useful but then they took it another step further and they also showed a demo of touching and holding a subject of a photo and it lifts the subject into an object that you can copy and paste like text that that is that’s amazing obviously it’s pretty next level it kind of just takes all the work out of like tracing something out and making it like a discord sticker or something we would have used in the past so that again i want to try it but that seems amazing then apple maps adds multi-stop routing apple news adds more live sports coverage they also overhauled the home app in a way that i would very much like google to copy with their home

app with the organization and filter toggles at the top and live camera views this is a really nice upgrade but then that’s pretty much it for ios again it’s not you know some huge visual overhaul that’s not what’s happening with ios updates anymore even though it did happen with android but lots of you know neat features stacked on top of each other boom ios update can we talk about carplay for a second so they had this statement on stage that apparently 79 of new car buyers would only consider a new car if it has carplay in it which i don’t even know if that’s accurate that seems a little high but i think the point that they’re trying to make that i agree with is that most in-car infotainment systems suck they’ve been bad for a long time and so just having apple carplay in your car made the infotainment system much better and much more usable that’s what people wanted and that was the old car play today we got a sneak peek at the next generation of carplay coming out later this year which not only revamps the ui a bit but basically is now able to just take over a new car’s entire software experience on every screen lots of new cars have screens instead of tacks so the screen behind the steering wheel a screen to the side of the steering wheel and carplay will literally just be able to take them all over and be consistent across everything so this this is pretty sick i’ve always used carplay when i have the opportunity on a car that has it two things come to mind one why

would anyone ever use the built-in infotainment system in a car if you have carplay just doing everything and it seems like there’s no motivation now for car manufacturers to get really good at making that software it’s just not gonna be as good as car play i don’t know maybe that’s a pessimistic view but two hey apple have you ever considered making the rest of the car and this is probably a totally new idea you’ve never heard before but you know you’ve made a bunch of the pieces of the software and using the car maybe the rest maybe like an electric it’s probably never mind so okay when watch os came up on the screen at the keynote as the next software they were going to talk about the first thing i thought was group challenges please let us do group fitness challenges if they don’t do it now are they ever going to let us do it please add that feature so they added some other more granular information for tracking certain activities so now instead of just doing a running workout with just distance and elevation like they always do this will keep track of not just heart rate but heart rate zones and let you set up interval training if you want to do that type of stuff which i do that’s super useful to me uh triathlon workouts will now automatically be able to detect when you’ve switched from swimming to biking and to running so you don’t have to do it for you for yourself cool but there’s also some more

information that will be tracked with sleep so it’ll track your sleep stages so i do wear the watch to sleep and it does give me a very basic overview of what’s happening but now it’ll tell you all the same stuff basically samsung’s apps has been telling me which is if you’re in rem sleep or core sleep or light sleep or deep sleep cool but yeah no group challenges it never came up they talked about fitness all the time and you can actually close your rings with just an iphone now and no watch so they do want people closing their rings and feeling motivated by the rings but yeah no no group challenges there’s got to be a reason they haven’t added it yet right but then we got to our first bit of hardware at wwdc which is the second generation of apple silicon in the mac the m2 chip it is officially unveiled and we’ll get to hear all about it now we knew the apple silicon transition because they told us would take about two years right so the only computer that hasn’t transitioned from intel stuff to apple silicon is the mac pro that’ll probably happen sometime in the next few months we didn’t get a teaser of it or anything but that’s the last one but this m2 is basically just a second generation of the baseline bottom end of the episode lineup so m1 pro and m1 ultra are still higher end chips than this but m2 is replacing m1 and it’s interesting this is the first time they’re going to be able to compare a new

mac chip to themselves to something that they’ve done in the past so it’ll be interesting to see what type of performance gains to expect and there’s some decent numbers so it’s a new generation still five nanometer chip with 20 billion transistors which is 25 more than m1 the unified memory bandwidth is now 100 gigabytes per second which is 50 more than m1 it supports up to 24 gigs of unified memory which again is 50 more than m1 and cpu performance is generally about 20 percent higher while gpu performance is about 35 percent higher and the media engine gets a huge upgrade as well so while this is the lowest end chip in the lineup this is absolutely going to get some claimed performance improvements over the m1 i could do a whole separate video on the graphs and the performance stuff i might actually do that uh obviously that’s down the road but you do need a new machine to put these new chips in and so we got that too actually we literally got two but the one that most people are gonna care about is the new macbook air it’s a new redesign it comes in four colors now and it’s got a brand new refreshed look it’s not a wedge shape anymore it’s absolutely more flat and it’s looking much more similar in aesthetics to the other new macbook pros it’s still extremely thin 11.3 millimeters thick and 2.7 pounds and overall 20 percent less internal volume than the last macbook air but it gets a new magsafe port for charging on the left along with two thunderbolt ports and on the right there’s a high

impedance audio jack the keyboard now has a full size function row at the top with a touch id button along with a new quad speaker setup and new microphones but the biggest change is actually the display it’s a larger 13.

6 inch screen in almost the same footprint as the last macbook air it gets brighter now up to 500 nits matching the m1 macbook pro but you can see it has a new notch the aesthetic apple is slowly getting us used to with their new laptop form factor which includes a new 1080p webcam this is a large and overall i think quite nice set of updates for the world’s most popular laptop the new chip and all the new designs and things surrounding it but definitely get subscribed i’m going to be making a full entire video on my more dedicated detailed thoughts on breaking down this new laptop and all the changes and what i think people will like about it and what i like about it including why i think the new midnight color might not actually be the best color to pick but overall really good laptop maybe a little bit on the other end of the spectrum is the new m2 macbook pro also unveiled and i say that because that is basically the same exact machine as the m1 macbook pro but just with an m2 chip inside it now that’s it same exact thing and that’s not a bad thing that’s obviously already a very good laptop that i liked a lot but it just feel like it didn’t get the same amount of love as the other new macbook pro so that was interesting to see so the new m2 macbook air starts at 11.99 so the price does go up but they are keeping

the m1 macbook air around which is a couple years old but they’re keeping it at that 9.99 price so you can still get in to a macbook air at 9.99 and then the new m2 macbook pro is 12.99 i’ll get more into this in the other video but i feel like there’s not a whole lot of people that i would recommend the m2 macbook pro to you’re giving up magsafe you’re giving up the new display you’re giving up the new speakers the new webcam the new fast charging all to just have slightly better sustained performance which you know you probably should end up getting a 14-inch m1 pro at that point but again i’ll get more into that in the other video but of course we were all wondering what the name of the software would be that they would run on these new macs they do this whole big reveal for the software name every year and so the new version of mac os for 2022 mac os ventura so they walked us through it ventura again is not so much an aesthetic change as much as it’s a bunch of useful features put together in one place you know a couple of the stock apps get better the mail app has better search features finally uh facetime handoff between devices is super dope you know get home you’re on a facetime on your phone you want to switch to the computer one button shows up and it’s a click away that’s awesome but probably the most interesting feature that i’m definitely going to want to try is called continuity camera and as you can probably understand by the

name that is literally just using the cameras on the back of the iphone as your webcam so there’s this optional belkin made magsafe mount coming out later at some point this year and i’m sure tons of other companies are working on some version of this also but basically when it’s enabled and your phone is stable your mac will just see all the cameras on the back of your iphone as webcam options basically admitting that yeah webcams usually suck so here’s an actually good camera but the craziest part this is actually probably the one feature that actually really surprised me and blew me away on stage so it’s facing you it’s the webcam right it’s got the ultra white here as well it will see that ultra wide camera and because it’s so wide and it’s facing down in front of you it can actually take the edge of that frame to see what’s in front of you cut it out flip it over stretch it and do some processing to give you a straight up top top-down view of what’s on your desk it’s called desk view and damn that is cool i want to try to see exactly how it’s creating that angle like i really want to try this and see how close to the computer i can get with the phone that will actually see the keyboard and everything in front of me but that is some impressive and clever processing happening right there well played apple well played the mac also got this feature called stage manager i found it kind of odd on the

mac but i think it’ll make a little bit more sense in a second basically it’s this side dock looking thing for your active windows and it keeps the app or apps that you’re working on front and center so on stage it’s basically acting like another set of window management tools um i’m personally probably going to stick with spaces the way i use that on the mac already but this feature is also coming to ipad os 16 so the ipad gets this so there were a lot of rumors you know people talking about the ipad is finally going to get this overhaul to be more of a computer you know wwdc that would be the time to do it and this is kind of along those lines so the m1 ipads will now let you extend your display onto an external display instead of mirroring and then stage manager acts as a sort of window management system so for the first time on an ipad you can have overlapping windows and move them around like this and actually resize them and you can also pair things up move them off to the side and have a total of up to eight active windows open four on the ipad and four more on the external display all in the foreground that is definitely something to keep an eye on i i like the way the ipad sort of slowly evolves towards being a more capable

computer it is frustratingly slow but i think that’s something i’m going to be giving a shot i’m going to dive into the betas get to know the features and actually tell you guys if they’re worth knowing about and using or not but yeah that’s about it for new software stuff that’s ipad os and that’s that’s dub dub oh wait one more thing sorry i almost forgot the ipad finally gets a weather app finally they did it they decided it was good enough yeah i don’t know if i don’t know if a calculator is happening anytime soon but bravo weather so get subscribed to see the videos that i’m talking about that are also upcoming also check out the link below i did a master class it’s just been a long time coming that actually am able to say that out loud so if you want to you can sign up that window for signing up for it and everyone taking the class at once is now open super cool and you also get a link a discount if you sign up at the link below so that’s also below that’s all i got to say for this video stay tuned catch you guys the next one peace

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