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what’s heros my name is electric cooking area and you’re seeing no limits on the channel regarding an advantage of being a freelancer as well as yesterday we had new apple presentation concerning apple silicon mac m1 chip and also i not i yet arm style and also 2020 is not worsening individuals it’s obtaining better so let’s go so yesterday people we had the very best apple presentation throughout the entire 2020 because this discussion as well as this technology will certainly press the market in the direction of us the the consumers you understand as well as let’s look what apple has offered i’m not mosting likely to undergo the presentation and also just simply duplicate the words they stated in fact i need to know how this will influence the market exactly how this will certainly affect intel and apple and also what do we as consumers obtain from this presentation so remain tuned throughout 2020 the intel shares went down from 68 to 44. as well as i assumption they will come to be also lower following time throughout the 2021 for example because apple currently is not based on intel they make their very own cpus one of the very best ones on ir not i why am i saying i arm technology this allows apple to make a small

rather little chip which has actually incorporated everything it has actually the cpu integrated the gpu integrated the protection system the artificial intelligence or neural engine system as well as several even more it’s a quite complex thing however really it offers us with just wonderful great efficiency therefore nice effectiveness apple can have chosen whether we have an increase in effectiveness or in efficiency yet they gave us both so allow’s take a look m1 chip is a single chip rather than multiple chips and that is why every one of the processor being a lot more rapid and also reliable and you recognize a lot more effective overall likewise it features five nanometers architecture which offers us with even better and also much faster changes as well as it has 16 billion transistors which is simply enormous quantity individuals the battery life as a result of this structure in this system and because we have now the bigger battery inside our new macbook professional 13-inch macbook air the brand-new generation and also mac mini which actually doesn’t have a battery yet still the battery ends up being bigger because we have much more genuine estate in there and we have up to 20 hours of video clip playback in macbook professional 13 inch which is fantastic since in the previous generation we had only 10 so it’s practically doubles the battery life which is excellent also it has an eight core processor four cores for type of you recognize basic make use of some internet surfing or you understand as well as four cores for some hard stuff for video clip

editing and enhancing photoshop i do not understand 3d graphics and all that things so it is a lot more effective due to the fact that it doesn’t use all the 8 cores every single time it utilizes partly 4 cores for easy tasks as well as 4 cores for those difficult jobs it has eight core gpu which is five times much faster as apple claims than the previous generation as well as it implies that we are as videographers photographers editors you understand designers we obtain a lot more efficiency out of the very same type element as well as sort of the exact same cost actually it’s priced around thirteen hundred dollars for the base design i mean the macbook professional 13 inch which is great we practically really did not get the development in rate however we obtain five times better video clip graphics as well as it’s amazing due to the fact that now we can allow ourselves to spend and to be sure that it will certainly be a long-lasting investment additionally it includes 16 core neural engine with 11 times quicker device learning so the computer will understand what points you’re doing one of the most as well as it will certainly sort of push the power towards those things and also lower the power from various other points that you don’t make use of which is great so it’s likewise a big big bonus for them also they have boosted the safety part which is always regarding apple they’re all concerning safety and security and it’s likewise excellent as well as it has actually the integrated hdr module for the video editing and enhancing in hdr and h. 265 is not a problem and also not an

issue for those laptop computers or mac mini any longer which is terrific because our cameras are obtaining h. 265 codex increasingly more but there is a disadvantage for this system for this m1 chip due to the fact that it has no upgrade ability it’s just stuck with the very same quantity of you recognize ram inside and the same graphics and you can not upgrade it whatsoever so you have to make a decision carefully what to update before you purchase the following huge thing is bixer new os it includes new design and the compatibility of apps from your apples iphone as well as your ipads which permits you to utilize even more of those applications and to make the apple echos resemble environment much more efficient as well as a lot more trustworthy due to the fact that prior to we just had duplicate and paste message or something like airdrop or you begin keying in your notes on your phone and it appears in your laptop computer or your desktop however currently it’s much more incorporated and for those you understand designers as well as developers it’s obtaining much better because they can currently do a simple one app which will certainly deal with all of the apple ecosystem why i’m stating echo community additionally now the computer will certainly wake up promptly equally as your iphone or ipad it additionally aids to become a lot more trusted and also fast in your job since time is cash and also we want the very best performance feasible as well as the fastest performance possible apple will still support the intel computers as well as the intel you recognize applications and also we have a rosetta special adjustment for this and also for the developers and designers so do not worry they will certainly be still supporting the older computer systems and now we

have a lot more you know wide variety of possibilities and also currently allow’s talk about the macbook pro 13 inch the new design with m1 chip i guess it’s one of the most interesting version at the very least for me because it’s a portable all-in-one style loaded with functions machine so macbook air is terrific however it has no followers so it’s completely silent however it’s not really for video editing and enhancing yet it still has the m1 chip so the efficiency is still going to be great yet without you recognize throttling and all that stuff this has to do with the macbook pro 13-inch so it will certainly have 2.5 times faster cpu approximately five times much faster gpu likewise it has a neural engine as i claimed prior to with 11 times much faster device learning it will have nearly double the battery life due to its brand-new functions the much better protection updates as well as the price is still 1300 bucks so this maker is simply the finest i assumption choice for you take a trip videographers for your traveling digital photographers as well as really i have a complete testimonial of this system this is the macbook pro 13-inch 2019 however it includes the exact same body as well as almost the exact same you understand hardware when you things that you can touch not the within course as well as you can take a look at this evaluation and comprehend why do you need such a laptop computer even if you have you recognize fixed computers such as imac or mac pro so what to expect from apple in their larger systems in their larger laptop computers and also their bigger you understand imacs and also mac pros really the m1 chip has actually everything integrated so it’s not type of a making great friends and not concerning friendship with the external gpus and

some you recognize gpus that are not incorporated into the chip itself so we’ll see what do they have however still i guess it will certainly be a high high jump in performance as well as performance in the 16 inch macbook pros and also a fantastic dive in efficiency and also you recognize reliability and also all of that benefits in the larger imacs and also the bigger you recognize not macbook simply mac pros you recognize those massive boxes for massive amount of cash and all this event as well as this new modern technology presses the market in the direction of us and in the direction of you know competitors because apple has currently simply raised bench so high and also all the various other business will certainly try to get to apple as close as feasible and it will simply bring us closer to the you understand extra reliable much more inexpensive alternatives as well as more you recognize a lot more wonderful technology total apple did an extremely wise step since they do deny the intel’s processors anymore they make their very own ones as well as they recognize that whatever will be functioning as efficient as possible as reputable as feasible and we’ll have much less bugs as well as issues with this system when it’s polished maybe it’s not specifically the most effective point now however it will be polished and also it’s an excellent thing since they will certainly press

every little thing out of each software and hardware to offer us with the very best top quality possible so what does it imply for apple and also for intel apple will have a fantastic impact as well as a wonderful development since a growing number of people and also freelancers like we are are mosting likely to buy the macbook pros as well as the macbook airs as well as really apple items extra and also intel is going to have a hard time just trust me people it’s going to struggle this is the new period of technology individuals as well as right here’s the quote of the episode by steve jobs remainder in peace steve you know your people are doing great development distinguishes in between a leader as well as a fan as a disclaimer i would love to say that i’ve been utilizing apple items for greater than eight years now and i do love their products but i’m not an apple fanboy i simply comprehend that they offer us with the most effective you understand technology available right currently as well as they want the competitors to be you called hard as feasible to really make as long as possible however still it provides us with the most effective equipment and also it’s simply insane and also good for me as a.

freelance videographer that does not actually earn millions of bucks as well as attempting my ideal to supply you with the web content and also to provide my customers with great content as well as they bring us the devices available devices actually to do it with comfort effortlessly and with terrific technology and also with satisfaction due to the fact that it’s a pleasure to utilize if you make use of apple’s tech you understand what i’m stating and the question of the episode guys what do you consider apple’s new products and also information irm that i arm system as well as bixer brand-new os and total regarding this new innovation where it’s going so men please share your ideas in the remark section listed below additionally do not neglect to strike the like as well as subscribe containers switches whatever you call them i will highly appreciate this and also do not neglect to hit the notices bell if you like what you see on my networks i have a russian network different this is the english one as well as likewise this channel is concerning video clip technology you recognize gear reviews and also editing and enhancing pointers so if you have an interest in all that please guys subscribe this resembled nikita as well as no restrictions on see you in the next video individuals take treatment bye you.

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