Hollyland Mars 400S Pro Wireless Video for streaming and monitoring

today i have a thorough review of hololens mars 400s professional video clip transmitter as well as receiver combination so allow’s go what’s heros my name is choose nikita as well as you’re seeing no restrictions on network so today we’re having an evaluation of holy land mars 400 s professional video transmitter as well as the receiver so let’s see what’s in the set it can be found in a very little as well as compact box in the box we have the transmitter as well as receiver themselves additionally some directions greeting cards they state hi to us and also here we have five antennas 4 antennas for the units themselves as well as one as an additional additionally we have some little security covers for your antenna you understand ports let me claim and also we have the power cord wire with the locking connection it screws onto the place as well as secure place yet only one so to power up the 2nd you’ll need a separate battery or power bank we’ll speak about it soon so let’s speak regarding the weight each unit evaluates around 200 grams so both systems around 400 certainly as well as the set is not that rich it’s not that huge to ensure that is why i like to bring those in this box to secure it due to the fact that it’s constructed of aluminum i assumption or some type of steel and also you can quickly scratch those if you just throw them in the back also they sync immediately when you transform those on they simply immediately find the right channel the most clear

network and connect immediately which is great what is a cordless transmission system basically it indicates that you have a receiver which is on the display connected to the monitor and the transmitter which gets on the electronic camera as well as the camera sends out the feed approximately 1080p 60 frameworks per second and the screen is revealing the photo wirelessly so you can send out the signal for example to your supervisor supervisor just how do you pronounce it correctly supervisor likewise to the customer for instance and also they can keep track of the picture quickly or to your focus puller or you can use something similar to this unit which is the atem mini and you can link up to 4 various hdmi cords or hdmi sources and stream to youtube as well as for example you can stream from this point and also your cameraman can be somewhere in the different components of the space shooting something interesting on the phase or anything else so that’s generally the usage for those devices this system has 12 megabytes not mega little bits yet megabytes per 2nd bitrate which permits us to obtain extremely abundant and also great bitrate for your full hd video clip signal okay now let’s talk concerning the devices themselves right here we have the sdi port i do have an sdi video camera but i do not have the cable television so it’s simply below it has a lower latency virtually no latency and also the hdmi out likewise which has the latency the hdmi always has some latency to it yet it doesn’t have the hdmi loop

through so it’s just one port for hdmi as well as you can not loophole the signal to your screen you can do it just vice versa from the screen to the transmitter but it will certainly provide you with even more latency actually a great deal more latency and also it’s not the best choice for streaming for circumstances likewise right here we have the on off button the area for the charger for the cable to bill the unit i imply to power the unit not to charge also the usb type-c port to power the device by means of your power financial institution with power distribution likewise right here we have the battery blade for sony np batteries as well as the release switch antennas additionally right here we have the ok button or the menu switch and to arrowheads backwards and forwards so it’s a quite simple device as well as i do enjoy a lot of options for power in this device those sdi and hdmis are cross exchangeable so if you send out the sdi signal from the transmitter and you obtain the receiver and also you plug in the hdmi cable television it will certainly cross transform the signal as well as you’ll get the sdi to hdmi signal and also it’s a rather awesome feature oh as well as i neglected to point out that if you utilize this cordless transmission to your uh you understand real-time streaming it will certainly be a little extra with the latency than the normal straight connect into hdmi into cam and to the it and also mini so that is why you have to keep that in mind it’s not a huge latency it’s like one or two perhaps 3 structures yet just

something to observe and also currently about the power alternatives so we can utilize the dc in with the wire obviously yet we have just one in the kit likewise we can make use of the sony np kind of batteries the tiniest one with 2 000 milliamp hrs will certainly supply you with 3 to 4 hours of use the bigger one with 5 400 million powers will certainly give you with 5 to six hrs of work time most likely perhaps even a lot more and the biggest one will provide you with even more than 7 hours of job time which is excellent i’m using the center one for 5 400 million powers and i had not been able to drain pipes the battery while examining so this is fantastic and as you can see now on the ninja the signal is right here and also i can use this transmitter as it need to be made use of and by the means you can utilize your power shipment power financial institution below is the xiaomi 20 000 milliamp hrs power bank with power shipment as well as you can connect it right below with no battery right there and simply utilize it as so fantastic alternatives as well as now about the latency there is no hdmi loophole so you can loophole it through the ninja 5 for example or via any type of other screen with the loop function however when you placed the signal initially into the screen and also after that via the loop to the transmitter you get a much bigger latency periodically it can be like 4 times bigger

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latency so if it’s just for checking for you understand for director or for your customer it’s okay however if it’s for your focus puller or for streaming needs it’s a much worse situation to ensure that is why keep that in mind and also most likely you shouldn’t make use of a screen when you do need this low latency this layout and also this placing system is type of limiting because we have just the hot shoe mount as well as the quarter inch string beneath this mount as well as this indicates that if the supervisor has an unique display you need to understand how to attach those points as well as periodically it can be pretty difficult as well as if you have a rather huge as well as bulky rig this also might be a trouble due to the fact that it takes not a great deal of room however it does take some room as well as the only mounting factor is type of a drag both transmitter and receiver have the lcd display a pretty intense one you can see certainly in a bright sunshine and below is the menu you click and hold the facility switch and also below we have the scene setting you can pick between hd setting for much better picture top quality balance setting for both a low latency as well as far better high quality for video clip and the rate mode the quality of the video is not as vital but the rate is the most essential for myself i didn’t see any type of difference in between those settings i was messing about with those as well as i didn’t see the reduced latency or the better signal so i’ll just leave it in balance setting additionally below we have the follower speed it gets on car by default and it’s rather quiet incidentally let me do it such as this probably when we will be utilizing it for a longer amount of time it will certainly be a.

little bit a lot more obvious but we can utilize the slow setup or to turn it off totally so we have some changes here likewise right here we have the system setup which is the pairing setup then the language by the means here we have english chinese russian also french as well as some various other languages also we have the reset to default setups as well as nothing else below also we can see the password for wi-fi by default it’s one 2 3 4 five 6 7 8 also we can see the variation info and also departure from here so it’s a quite uncomplicated and marginal menu system i like it some customers make a latency test however i choose not to do this because latency is a really tough point to you know record and to see as well as primarily it depends really on the electronic camera on the hdmi cable television on the screen on the unit itself on the distance on the interference and also all that things so you ought to understand that it’s a rather reduced latency unit and you won’t notice it if you’re refraining from doing something like extremely extremely essential you’ll be absolutely fine with it however do not use it with the loophole out from the monitor this will cause a a lot more latency result and you’ll see it like from one camera you’ll see a hand like this you change the video camera and it will certainly do like this once more so it’s simply a thing to observe hololens mars 400 s professional has three methods of work three kinds really you can make use of one receiver and 2 transmitters as well as currently no ipad’s.

apple iphone mobile phones at the same time due to the fact that you’ll be using the hdmi wire and the sdi port so you’ll have two signals at the exact same time for one receiver also you can use one receiver one transmitter and two gadgets like wise gadgets using wi-fi as well as they’ll be revealing you the photo as a routine screen with low latency of 80 nanoseconds which is wonderful and also you can make use of no receiver only the transmitter which is receiver is here the transmitter is right here just the transmitter and also 4 gadgets like 4 tablet computers as an example at the exact same time which is wonderful through the app you can do a network scan and the firmware upgrade of both systems which behaves and allow’s go to the application so people now about the app as you can see on the cellphone now we have the application working and you can see the latency incidentally oh rolling shutter is here and also allow’s see what do we have in the app essentially in the application we have numerous features it’s the waveform and also if we hold press and hold we can pick the opacity of it likewise right here’s the histogram emphasis selecting if we push and also hold we can select the shade of this focus selecting and also the amount of focus selecting or the threshold also we can set the zebra degrees and you can likewise check and choose the zebra levels right here we have the how do you call it you got me i neglected the name of it [Music] whatever and also if we push and also hold we have a great deal of things to pick from likewise we have a pinch to zoom feature we can scroll with the shot right below additionally right here we have the incorrect shade device and also if we press and also hold we can see all the values of your exposure so it’s much easier to browse additionally we.

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have the monochrome function with various colors if you would certainly like to let’s establish the routine one and also the 3d whole lot we have right here different log accounts for circumstances s-log 3 as well as you can choose from those it’s a fantastic application you can additionally take a photo right below make a tv recording straight on the phone and in right here you can alter the wi-fi password and select a clear cleaner more clear clearer clearer just how do you pronounce this word more clear channel a lot more clear network so for the application i offer it a thumbs up as well as currently the most prominent examination for the wireless transmission systems it’s the variety examination but you need to enjoy it with a grain of salt since if you have a very hectic wi-fi and also mobile and all that things space like you know the middle of the city where it’s a great deal of stuff taking place you can obtain much worse outcomes than you would certainly obtain with a much smaller amount of wi-fi as well as mobile for circumstances in the desert or in the forest like i was using it nearly in the forest and also i obtained an extremely really nice outcome yet people you can get some even worse results if you remain in a busy place so allow’s watch the variety test as well as hereafter we’ll be talking about the prices and also the choices for this system allow’s go so individuals currently we’re examining out the variety of holy land mars 400s professional i’m outside the electronic camera is on the 5th flooring below’s an arrowhead as well as i’m mosting likely to be going away from it to the woodland behind me so i’m display recording this part so you can see the connection and is it still sending the signal so let’s go men so i’m transforming backwards to the cam it is best behind me kids are screaming the wind is below also yet we’ll be going deeply within the forest in.

moscow yeah i live in moscow near the woodland so guys currently we’re around uh 70 meters it said that it’s 120 meters of array as they say on the internet site or for 100 feet that is why it is called 400s by the way so and currently we’re going deeply inside the woodland as well as i can see myself still right here is an arrow once more where i am and also now it’s around 100 to 120 meters as well as i can see the signal still it is quite solid and i’m still recording now we lag the trees and really it’s appearing like 180 possibly as well as we still have the signal so allow’s relocate additionally currently we are at probably around 200 meters which is much more than they state and also we are maintain going keep going i can not see myself any longer or perhaps a little bit on the screen and also now it’s a lot far better than the marketed 100 feet i guess it’s about 250 meters today i’m most likely not the most effective individual in regards to you know measuring the length uh with my eyes but i assume it’s more than enough and also the mars 400 s professional is showing you know great performance right here so i’m still having the signal when do we lose it it’s looking like around 300 meters right now on the open room but when it was vacating my flat it shed the signal in the elevator which is i guess fine for such a system and also we still have the signal right below so where are we it’s yeah it’s shed it so men allow’s return and also perhaps we’ll obtain the signal back it will do it immediately so it links instantly and also reconnects immediately if it sheds the signal my ninja.

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five is showing the kangaroo indication which is the indicator of the arrow arrowhead mistake rubra row and it says that the signal was shed and something’s incorrect with the connection as well as uh allow’s see when do we obtain the signal back so i’m moving backwards towards the electronic camera with the transmitter as well as we have the signal back so the signal is about 200 meters which is greater than the promoted number as well as i’m very completely satisfied with the results so people let’s go back to the workshop so individuals now regarding the prices this combination this unit and also this unit and the whole package costs 650 dollars which resembles a quite large quantity of money really yet if you check out the functions the sdi connection the hdmi connectivity reduced latency great build quality and all that things it’s a pretty you recognize it’s well worth it additionally we have some different choices from divine land as an example divine land mars x which is more affordable it’s around 200 even less like around 200 bucks and it’s just the smartphone or tablet compatible so it’s only the transmitter and also your tablet computer or smartphone is a receiver so it’s a terrific option if you get on a budget and you desire to have some type of you understand director’s screen or whatever so additionally we have the divine land mars 300 professional enhanced which is hdmi only systems but it has the loophole with so you can loophole your display first you of training course connect your wireless transmission and after that to your screen so you can consider the display and still have the fantastic reduced latency transmission to your receiver so you may consider this one if you don’t make use of sdi and also you need a loophole through as well as you don’t care concerning a little bit larger latency however it’s not you recognize noticeable for human eye anyway so i’m pretty alright with a little bit bigger latency it resembles 0.1 seconds as well as this one is.08 seconds so it’s it’s all right so people what do you think concerning those cordless systems do you make use of one do you like one which one do you prefer please share your ideas in the comment section below if you simulate this video clip please smash such as well as subscribe containers as i say in my video clips as well as the alerts bell naturally as well as i will certainly see you in the next guys make sure as well as fire some fascinating things why did i say that whatever bye take you.