I use THIS LENS in 75% of my shots Sony 35mm f1.8

sony 35 millimeter f 1.8 is a terrific lens and also below is my thorough evaluation allow’s go what’s good individuals my name is alec nikitian and also you’re watching no limits on channel and below is the sony 35 millimeter f 1.8 prime lens and also it’s a great one i acquired this lens around 2 months back as well as i’ve been collaborating with it rarely it’s one of the most made use of lens now on my sony a7s iii and also below is every little thing you need to learn about this lens let’s start off with the size and weight of this little beauty it’s only 280 grams it’s a quite light-weight and very compact lens it has 65 by 73 millimeters in you know measurements and it’s an extremely extremely light-weight lens and also i can throw it into my knapsack and also even don’t feel the weight of this lens and carry it anywhere with each other with me likewise it has the 55 millimeter filter thread it’s not the most usual filter thread but i do know that virtually every filter you have will certainly fit below if you have an adapter ring which is you understand a rather affordable thing to buy 35 millimeter is a quite typical focal size and also i do take pleasure in using this focal length since it allows me to obtain a whole lot of shots during repertos shoots as well as during the actual regular you understand routine shoot i can likewise obtain a whole lot of shots using only this lens it’s a pretty quick lens f 1.8 i can use it in reduced light of course i can take a picture shot i can take you understand a large shot with it it has a very low distortion as well as it’s very sharp without a doubt in any way apertures the autofocus of this lens is just impressive

i’ve been using it nearly each time in the autofocus setting and i truly enjoy it it’s very accurate and also it’s you recognize pretty sticky as well as the monitoring feature is just extraordinary maybe it’s due to my sony a7s iii yet this combo this lens and this camera is just outstanding so usage this lens with autofocus and you’ll be pleased as well as completely satisfied with the results this lens has a switch from autofocus to hand-operated emphasis and additionally an unique button an added switch you can assign this switch to make practically everything and also i have actually designated it like this if i press and also hold this switch it is it is switching to hands-on emphasis i can adjust my focus and then release it to proceed to remain in auto emphasis actual good why not do this also this lens is weather condition sealed and also sony insurance claims that it has weather ceiling rings throughout inside the lens which is excellent as well as i have actually been firing under the rain with this lens and also it’s quite receptive and also everything was alright this lens is concentrated by cord so it’s not a mechanical focusing ring yet it’s very really receptive as well as precise you can duplicate your activities likewise if you revolve it not really quickly you can attain up to 320 360 levels of turning and it’s a really receptive array i virtually use this not a whole lot due to the autofocus yet when i do i just hit the emphasis and also i get hold of the emphasis and it’s just best it’s practically like if it was a normal

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concentrating lens without the focus by wire motor motor motor this lens has 9 blades in its aperture in its rounded aperture so you get respectable round bokehs and also really smooth out of emphasis locations and also the whole picture quality and also intensity and autofocus locations are pretty fantastic no grievances here concentrate breathing in this lens is not extremely noticeable it’s virtually none contrasting it to the sony g master 35 millimeter f 1.4 or the latest sigma 35 millimeter f 1.4 for sony e-mount they have ridiculous focus breathing as well as the photo zooms in as well as out while you’re concentrating a lot as well as if you’re respecting video features of this lens i do like this for video clip not the g master due to the fact that it’s still a very sharp excellent really fast lens yet without focus breathing virtually additionally i would love to point out that it has just 22 centimeters of minimal concentrating range and also you can generally utilize this lens as a macro lens i don’t require to lug about the macro lens a separate one i can make some shots like the wedding event rings or another thing with this lens and obtain respectable outcomes in fact and also currently regarding the prices this lens prices on b h seven hundred bucks which is a respectable cost for this little monster and also

allow’s see the various other alternatives so the most pricey one is the sigma 35 millimeter f 1.2 not 1.4 1.2 dg dn art lens dn means these nuts if you are seeing this guy on youtube you recognize what i’m discussing as well as it sets you back 1500 so it’s greater than 2 times more than this little lens and it weighs a kilogram as well as some you recognize as well as 100 grams so it’s a lot much larger and also bulkier and also bigger you got me additionally right here we have the sony fe 35 millimeter f 1.4 gm lens which is double the rate of this one fourteen hundred bucks it’s an excellent lens but it has some horrible focus breathing and it’s except video as high as this one also the marginal focusing distance is bigger so it’s except me it does not set you back 2 times extra for me i i’m not ready to pay two times for this lens the following lens is the most recent sigma 35 millimeter f 1.
4 dg dn art for sony e-mount it sets you back 900 dollars so a little extra than this as well as it’s also larger likewise with focus breathing and with very really reduced resolution on the close focusing range joe and also undone the examination on his channel and also i’m not actually pleased with the results of this lens for its


weight size and also price likewise below we have the great old sigma 35 f 1.4 dg hsm art lens for canon ef and also you can adjust this lens via mc11 adapter yet it will certainly have slower autofocus at first and afterwards the image top quality might be a little better however even worse autofocus and the size itself as well as the weight is a large factor for me and also the last alternative we have is samyang af 35 millimeter f 1.8 fe lens for sony amount it costs 380 dollars so it’s a rather affordable one however it does not have you know climate ceiling it has slower autofocus it has much less sharpness much less contrast and also general simply a less costly lens and also i heard a whole lot of um you know reviews that individuals dislike the construct top quality of those lenses as well as that they last for like a year maybe a number of years and also they simply crumble so for me this one is the best alternative resembles i’m an ambassador of sony or of this 35 millimeter but it’s saying true so adjust the door using this lens and i do advise using it for you guys so men what do you consider this lens sony 35 millimeter f 1.8 please share ideas in the comment area listed below best there likewise hit the like and subscribe switches if you really did not already i would much appreciate it individuals and i see you in the next on my channel no limitations on make sure men bye you

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