iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max for video WORTH UPGRADING?

what’s good guys my name is electing kitten you’re watching no limits on channel from russia with love and today we’re comparing the iphone 12 pro max with the 13 pro max in terms of video all of the aspects let’s go [Music] so let’s start off with a comparison of dynamic range with the ultra white camera we can basically see identical pictures just a little different white balance the 13 pro max is a little warmer and it’s okay in terms of sharpness we see identical pictures i guess maybe two or three percent of edge to the 13 pro max but it’s negligible the same situation with the white camera maybe it’s a touch more noisy on the 12 pro max especially in the shadows when we get closer to 100 it’s almost identical once again maybe a touch sharper the 13 pro max here we have 4k 60 slowed down clip almost identical sky almost identical sharpness almost identical everything so 1x camera with good lighting conditions is kinda the same i guess and the selfie camera test one two three mic check one two three mic check the car is passing by of course and in terms of hdr it looks almost the same oh a ball is rising from my head so yeah this is it basically kind of identical

performance i guess but maybe 13 is a little bit better just a tiny tiny little bit it’s almost identical cameras in terms of sound the 13 pro max has a little bit more bass i guess just let me know in the comment section below what do you think about the sound on this shot with the ultra white we can see that the dynamic range is a little different we do not have hot spots from the sun at the left corner of the building but in the shadows we do get almost identical information on this ultra wide shot we can see the difference in color the 12 pro max has a little mod towards green and the 13 pro max towards yellow or red and basically it was the same in real life as the 13 pro max colors close to those and on this crop we can see that both cameras are just a total pixel mass when we crop in a lot what’s good from st petersburg one two three mic check one two three mic check also as a disclaimer have to mention that i wiped all of the lenses of both bones before each shot so they are not dirty or something it’s just the best conditions of those lenses in terms of physics and you know fingerprints on the ultra wide shot we can see the lack of contrast with the 12 bromax on the white shot we can see that it’s getting better but i do prefer the white balance of 13 promax it’s more true to life and on the telephoto module we can see the difference in focal length it’s not that big of a difference guys and when we grow pen 400 percent we can see that the 13 pro max

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telephoto lens is a touch sharper just two three percent when we just crop in and pixel people up by the way i have to mention that i do prefer the stabilization of 13 pro max it seems less artifacty if you have a word than the 12 pro max and overall the stability is a touch better in my opinion share thoughts in the comment section below if you feel in a different way and also you can see the difference in 4k 60 and 4k 25 which are basically identical in terms of sharpness and detail and now let’s compare the 12 pro max and 13 pro max full screen pictures with the ultra wide lens and pay attention to the grass and especially at the corners of the picture it’s very soft and noisy on the 12 pro max and a touch better but still noisy and a lot of noise reduction with the 13 pro max but it’s a tiny bit better now let’s get inside and basically we can see with the white camera two identical shots white balance is a touch different but overall it’s kind of the same and here we have mixed lighting conditions with a wide camera the light from the window and also the artificial light and its warm light but i can definitely say that those pictures look just identical both of those and especially the white balance is kind of the same on this picture in particular and overall i’d like

to say that they are identical completely the slow motion capabilities full hd 120p it’s okay and it’s identical once again nothing is changed right here in the 13 pro max 240p is just it’s horrendous i won’t use it at all because it’s too soft and not usable basically and now it’s getting much more interesting once again i wiped both phones before each shot very carefully and gently and it was clean the ultra wide module became much better in the 13 pro max we can definitely see that it’s sharper it’s more contrasty and definitely has less noise reduction the 12 pro max is just a total noise reduction everywhere blocks of color and noise the white camera is also getting better it gets a little bit more light and you can definitely see the difference below the windows when we crop in look at the bricks we almost don’t have the bricks under the windows with the 12 pro max but the telephoto module is better on the 12 pro max because it has 2.4 aperture versus 2.8 on the 13 pro max and we can see that it’s sharper and has less noise reduction the same works with those whoosh you know writing things i also do prefer the 12 for max picture because it’s less noisy the time lapses are still 1080p which is sad and they look pretty close to each other i wouldn’t pick one over another and maybe the white balance is a touch

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difference but it’s okay let’s have a look at some other night shots you can clearly see this little ugly flares all over the picture you know on the night sky and they are not going anywhere and it’s a weak spot of any iphone basically also we can see the stabilization test once again i do not like the stabilization during the night time because we have some ghosting right here and the pictures are really really close in terms of picture quality sharpness and stability and let me say the white balance is a touch difference i do prefer the 13 pro max white balance and stability as well but overall it’s negligible you can definitely use one phone over another and you won’t notice a difference straight away and one more comparison the white camera has more contrast on 13 pro max and the ultra wide camera isn’t like the biggest difference if you want to use the ultrawide camera in low light pick iphone 13 pro max if you want to use the telephoto module in low light in video mode you can pick the iphone 12 pro max because it has less noise in the telephoto camera in video mode not in photo mode in photo mode the telephoto camera because of the night mode is better on the 13 pro max and a few words about the modes that the 12 pro max doesn’t have and 13 pro max does have this is the macro mode and here is

the example it’s looking pretty decent in my opinion and also we have a lot of hype around cinematic mode of the iphone 13 pro max but in my opinion it’s only 1080p at first and the detachment from the background is really laggy maybe it’s just the first generation of phones with it and the first firmware actually but i do not like the cinematic mode for now maybe later on it will be better but for now it’s not the best feature i guess so guys let’s conclude should you upgrade your iphone 12 pro max for the 13 pro max for shooting video my answer is no so if you do need desperately need the ultra wide better camera maybe you can upgrade but all in all it’s basically the identical camera system and even better in low light with the telephoto camera the iphone 12 pro max so guys please share your thoughts in the comment section below did you see the difference maybe something else is away from my mind and you saw something interesting and by the way the comparison with the sony a7s 3 is coming soon and smash the like and subscribe bottles if you find this video interesting and enjoyable here is my instagram and a couple of videos for you to watch next guys my name is electric kitchen from russia with love and i see you in the next take care bye

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