Review Hue Dimmer Switch V2

hello my name’s tom and this appertains truthful tech the philips hue dimmer button is not brand-new innovation by any kind of implies the initial has actually been out for a number of years now it’s a low-cost accessory that you can contribute to your existing hue configuration to regulate your lights without the need for a mobile phone and viewing just recently assesses of the item have constantly been overwhelmingly excellent philips just introduced version 2 of the switch and also as i never ever grabbed the initial i determined to grab one so in this video clip we’ll unbox the device obtain it contributed to my configuration and also get some initial ideas and also impressions so unboxing very first and also absolutely nothing extremely off the beaten track the gadget can be found in a wonderful small box with every one of the typical information and details you ‘d expect to see on the outdoors opening it up you’ve obtained the switch itself which i’ll propound one side we’ll take a look at that in just a minute the only various other 2 points you have actually entered the box after that are direction guidebooks and also as ever before philip seemed to chop down a whole tree each of these that they sell jokes apart it’s a real shame and also i can not assist however ask yourself why they don’t place this sort of stuff online to minimize

packaging especially when you recognize that every one of your end customers are going to have to have access to a smart device but there you go considering the button itself now it comes in this piece of cardboard with the installing bracket in the back it’s odd on the installing brace there’s this little item of plastic that i idea was going to peel yet in fact isn’t affixed in any way it just befalls when you tip it over on the back are the normal placing alternatives screws if you intend to install it in this way although you have to provide them yourself or else it’s 3m tape the installing plate does have magnets so the remote clicks nicely as well as safely into area meaning that if you wish to wall mount this you have actually constantly obtained the choice of utilizing it as a routine light switch or popping the button out and having it with you like a remote the button itself is constructed from plastic as well as honestly really feels concerning the means you ‘d expect it to for a device that just costs regarding 17 extra pounds as well as i state that in a great way i had not been anticipating apple top quality yet i likewise wasn’t let down with what i obtained on the rear is a little compartment which can be opened utilizing a coin and this includes both the battery and also a tiny reset


button which frustratingly i did have to use when i included the tool to my setup however more on that in simply a min on the front you have actually obtained three switches although the center is divided out right into two so four switches the leading switch is a power switch the tone button at the bottom is for cycling through scenes and the middle switches enable you to enhance or reduce illumination the button is likewise magnetic so it will stay with both the mounting plate that’s included or any type of magnetic surface area so it’s best if you desire to put this on a fridge or as in my instance the steel drawers alongside my desk so all great thus far currently on to establishing as well as this is where i encountered a problem not an offer breaker issue i was able to fix it all in about 10 minutes yet it does frustrate me that in my experience establishing tone lights and accessories is never ever as straightforward as the guidelines would recommend the guidelines ask you to open your hue application head to setups and accessory configuration and afterwards choose add accessory click with these screens as well as after that at the very same time press as well as hold the power switch on the brand name new switch up until the led up top flashes problem is mine never ever did that it simply comes on red momentarily and no matter the number of times i duplicated the procedure from the

starting it never ever helped me ultimately i needed to open up the back up make use of a toothpick to reset the unit and after that repeat the procedure which did eventually work like i claim not an offer breaker yet frustrating for a brand-new device with the device connected you can after that head right into the setups to establish what you want your button to do and this is where i was really happy with what i saw you can select the mode for the switch either scene cycle which is what i usage or time-based light you can then select which space or area you intend to regulate using the remote i’m utilizing it for my computer desk which has four color lights affixed to it 2 light bars and also two light bulbs so it’s truly convenient currently having the ability to control these individually of the other lights in the space without needing to grab my phone after that you can get granular regarding what you ‘d such as each of the buttons to do the power switch for instance a single press will toggle the selected lights on as well as off whereas holding the power switch acts as a kill button for all lights in your home if you want then for each press of the color button you can pick what scene you wish to toggle via so for example i might desire something a little bit fancier than the regular analysis or concentrate scenes as well as i can choose that below action time is prompt which is something i have actually constantly

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observed with hue accessories they respond means quicker than the application and what i truly like is that as someone that uses apple home a great deal there are arrangement options in there also so if i wanted to avoid the tone application after including it to my network i can do all of my arrangement in here instead and also i have actually still obtained all of the choices for the numerous different button presses which truly is it i’m in fact truly delighted with it it’s a straightforward device yet it does what it does incredibly well which is all you want from something that costs around 17 pounds and also with it being reasonably economical i can see some individuals getting enough of these to place throughout their house changing traditional light switches or possibly just leave them relaxing in spaces like conventional remote controls i hope you located this video helpful if you have not currently seen it you might also desire to have a look at my tone smart switch video clip although i’m thinking i’m mosting likely to do a comparison video clip of both quite quickly thanks for watching as well as if you valued this video please do think about providing me a thumbs up and signing up for the network for even more material such as this in the future see you on the following

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