Review Alienware M15 R6 360Hz Gaming Laptop

so dell is back in action with yet another souped-up 15 -inch gaming laptop this here alienware m1 5 r6 boston 11 th gen intel smarts your pick of rtx 30 streaks gpu and a flaunt boasting a lustrous smooth hertz refresh rate if you opt for the top distort the alienware m15 r6 starts at a very cool grand and a half here in the uk although this ear model with the core i7 11 800 h and that rtx 3080 gpu is the exceedingly top-end offering and this will place you back a nutsac dehydrating 2749 quid so i’ve been using this very expensive bit of paraphernalium as my full-time gaming laptop for the last week and a bit now says my in-depth alienware m1 5 r6 review and for more on the latest and greatest tech satisfy do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell praises so first up kind of goes without saying but the m15 is a proper beefcake not just because of the performance on offer but likewise the size of the bloody thing it’s a little bit of a chunky monkey no denying that and it weighs around 2.5 kilos as well depending on the exact config that you go for so if you are lugging it around in a backpack all day long you’ll certainly start to feel your sticker compress by the end of that day the thing not great news if you’re already a suitable abruptly arse like myself the alienware m15 r6 is unmistakably a gaming

machine as usual that visual elegance is about as slight as a kick down the with that glossy alien psyche lid logo and of course the ability button too plus that radiating exhaust around back so yeah this thing would basically stick out in a business meeting like a juicy sausage sit there all proud at a solid buffet but the good news is you can change the hues of those radiating parts to suit your humor so a lovely glowing blue for those happier ages or a penetrating scarlet red when you’re getting your blood giving on and actually the esthetics are fairly torn down are comparable to some of the alienwares of yesteryear the ones i used to review like a decade ago in my good age-old what laptop periods i’m talking about the ones that actually looks like a sound to ufo so i actually found myself relatively liking the petulant design here differentiated with those brighter light up components and yeah you do only get the single hue alternative here on the alienware m15 r6 but i do love how it’s called light area of the moon various kinds of starts me want to slap on some flares and then light up a spliff precisely various kinds of gutted i’ve got no chance of flourish out in afro and the port selection is rather respectable too no bigger goals so over on the right edge you’ve got a pair of taipei usb 3.2 ports one with powershare carry on the back end you’ve got a usb 3.2 type-c port with

thunderbolt 4 and exhibition port 1.4 endorsement as well as a type-a usb 3.

2 gen1 port and an hdmi 2.1 port for gushing out 4k 120 hertz visuals on the external check of your choosing and then over on the left edge you’ve got an rj45 ethernet port which can get you networking at up to one gigabit per second so overall despite the usual lack of ingenuity i do really like dell’s design work here and that certainly extends to that mechanical keyboard as well which feels proper premium terminated with some stainless steel switch action to ensure you get some real mileage out of this thing it’s a super serene committee even when you’re mush those keys at full pelt with a shallow but still cozy trip magnitude plus well-sized keys for touch typing even the cursor keys are suitable full-sized attempts my merely real grumble is that the media keys are lived down that right margin because the top dissolve of members of the board is reserved for that hexagonal duct the alienware’s rgb backlighting is divided into four different zones and each song can be individually customized with the colourings bleeding into each other in a more satisfactory manner you’ve got usual marsh standard 720 p hd webcam housed in that reasonably skinny bezel simply above the presentation um visualizes are a little bit grainy when the lighting isn’t particularly strong so as you can see there i look kind of pixelated which isn’t enormou so if you’re going to be doing some

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streaming or something like that for example i unquestionably recommend getting a suitable respectable webcam but it’s absolutely fine for simply you know your bit of video chat activity there’s no kind of slide and sheathe regrettably to shield that camera when you’re not actually using it but there’s a pretty obvious light that blinks on right next to it whenever an app is employ the camera so at least you’re aware of it and the m15s built-in mics are caught up my articulation absolutely fine even in a fairly boisterous environment when i was doing a bit of video chatting but as always i just recommend consuming a headset and another highlight of the alienware m15 r6 is that 15.6 inch full hd display with a pull 16 x9 design it’ s an absolute blinder for all of your gaming and movie watching needs the visuals are sharp-worded and you’ve got full 100 coverage of that srgb compas plus 80 of the adobe rgb and this thing stumbles 240 nits on top brightness and that combined with the anti-glare cordon means you can comfortably use the alienware m1 5 outdoors even on those uncommon pleasant epoches and this super expensive top-end billy big-hearted bollocks pattern also supports 360 hertz freshen on subsidized plays quite a rare feat even for the purposes of an expensive gaming laptop and yeah that comes with some very necessary nvidia g-sync support as well so your gaming session isn’t ruined

by any horrible sobbing or any other cruel visual issues and the alienware’s stereo speaker setup is decent very although don’t expect that audio to clang your eardrums on top volume it’s just about loud enough to enjoy some video or some movies whatever with a fair part of ambient racket but you’ll obviously want to slap on some headphones when you’re gaming to get a proper kick now my revaluation test was powered by the 11 th gen intel core 11800 h chipset although you can also pick up the alienware m15 r6 in core i5 or i9 flavors depending on your budget it also came with 32 gigs of ddr4 ram stuffed inside but you are eligible to halve that sum as well again if you want to shave a little bit of money off the cost the good news is even if you do entered into with the 16 gig edition you can then expand that remembrance later on using the two available comprehend dim slits and my remember example came with the rtx 30 atp you do have the option of pruning that down to a 30 60 or 30 70 again depending on your budget the fairly simple and straightforward alienware command center could be used to check on the cpu the gpu and the remembering usage at any moment see if those resources already been propagandized to the limits and you can also use the command center to toggle different act and artillery states as well as customizing the keyboard lighting and all of the usual a game and laptop fare and when i

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got down to a good chip of standard and i did insure fairly median upshots for this kind of hardware in 3d assessment we’re talking around kind of 11 500 -ish compositions in each of my term agent passes and around kind of 7 000 ish for port imperial with good old-fashioned forza set to the ultra detail locateds and the 360 formulates per second limit this laptop managed to hold at around 170 makes per second throughout if you bump down the graphics establishes you’ll achieve even higher illustrations although even at half its full potential i pointed out that that gameplay was smoother than a buttered up barry white time maternal range beautifully on those ordeal item prepares as well with rear tracing enabled at the native fullhd settlement the formulate frequency bided flowing no judders of other problems be talking about while that cryotech coolant arrangement remained the alienware m15r6 from controlling over term this consists of a dual supporter setup propagandizing air out through express mostly housed at the arse tip plus the usual copper pipe shenanigans i certainly didn’t feel my fingertips heating up or any of that hot air being pushed in my general counseling during the increased gaming seminars those love been in operation at three different accelerates and on that top speed they certainly get somewhat cruel boisterou but no worse than any other gaming laptops of this sort of caliber and they only certainly very effective as for your network connectivity where you’ve got full wi-fi 6 supporter as you would expect as well as that ethernet as well and the two

can work in tandem as well if you really want to push your bandwidth while the killer control center can be used to check your tie-in health and too prioritize your games over all the other apps for your storage needs you’ve got two terabytes to work with in total that’s actually two separate one terabyte pcie nvme ssds these are capable of over three gigabits per second read and write acceleration so not the absolute best i’ve seen but still more than fast enough to keep down those pesky consignment epoches as for the battery life well as with other gaming laptops it’s not peculiarly great on this alienware you get between an hour and an hour and a half a full-on game and per accusation otherwise if you’re doing more informal tasks you can expect between three to four hours not right though in a nutshell is my experience with the alienware m15 r6 gaming laptop as i say the top point framework which rates close to three splendid and certainly if you are a super required consumer you want to be playing the latest aaa titles on those top aim detail installs with a stunning enclose frequency then clearly render it a appear because a lot of the benchmark and actions were just kind of average for the top-end specs i’ve got to say my gaming experience is perfectly flawless so my simply real grumble with this thing is that sky-high asking price and yes the the mild spinal compression when carrying around the working day but that’s pretty much a uh mishap of the job so anyway that’s what i think would be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below satisfy do set subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest deck and have yourselves a love viciou tastic respite of the week applauses everyone love you

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