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this is apple television however after that this is additionally apple tv as well as this is apple television but this is apple tv plus even though this is better than this overwhelmed yeah i’m not amazed that’s why in this video i’m mosting likely to discuss the distinction in between apple television apple tv apple tv plus and also apple television apple tv began its life like this a box that you would link to your television means back in 2006 although this 3rd generation box was introduced in 2012. Basically this is a little black box containing apple silicon an a5 cpu as well as the concept was that all you needed was a power cable television and an hdmi wire and also you could link this to your tv as well as gain access to apple web content collections now at the time apple material collections were basically the web content from the itunes store back when the focus was on individuals constructing their own digital library of television as well as motion picture material that you would pay to own i’ve not acquired anything from the itunes library in a while now although i do rent out films through it fairly commonly and also i have actually a master library of regarding 50 or so movies over the years as well as

the style as well as ability of the apple tv box has enhanced throughout the years the basic functionality of it has remained similar you connect it to your television and your wi-fi and afterwards use it to gain access to material in the same way that you would a roku box or a fire stick it can basically make any kind of stupid tv clever without you having to pay to upgrade the tv itself yet where things started to get made complex was when apple chose to release their own streaming service and also complete in a room that had been up to that factor completely controlled by netflix and apple released television plus back in november of 2019 and also what had started as a plan to accumulated material from significant studios developed into apple investing significant amounts of cash right into the development of original material on their actual own streaming platform so at one of the most fundamental level we can separate apple television out similar to this on the one hand you have hardware which is called apple television but nowadays is normally

adhered to by a term like 4k or hd describing the resolution that is capable of running at side note do not buy the hd the 4k is only 30 pounds much more pricey as well as is a significantly better worth proposal i honestly do not recognize why apple are still marketing the hd box and when we speak about apple tv 4k or apple tv hd we’re referring to a little box similar to this with a remote and also access to the apple television operating system tv os tv os provides you accessibility to the apple tv app shop apple gallery and also any library that you might have accumulated for many years in itunes it also gives you access to the streaming solution apple tv plus for a while you can just gain access to apple television plus through apple tools either the apple television boxes or using points like your apple iphone ipad or mac as well as that was fine while television plus was in its infancy yet apple knew that in order to take on the similarity netflix amazon and now disney they needed to be readily available on as numerous gadgets as feasible besides for a streaming solution to work you need to persuade individuals to sign up for the paid version of your solution if you after that add an added obstacle in the kind of hardware you’re making life unnecessarily challenging on your own and also so apple started releasing applications on various different clever media gadgets including tvs thanks to striking up handle the similarity lg and also

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samsung and this brought about apple tv apps beginning to show up on individuals’s tvs but this is where it gets actually complex so let me try and simplify initially of all the only method to get to tv os is to purchase an apple television box so if you’ve seen an apple television box in activity as well as believed to on your own that you wish to have access to your icloud photo collection or access apple arcade or a few of the exclusive made for television os apps you need to acquire an apple tv box that’s the only manner in which that becomes available to you past that you require to know what version of the third-party app is working on your gadget and the simplest means for us to figure that out is to take a look at several of the different alternatives i’ve obtained available in my house i’ll start with my 2017 lg television you can see that i can access an application called apple tv plus it’s quite slow-moving to tons but it does get there at some point and once it does i can access all of the programs included with my apple tv plus subscription yet don’t have accessibility to my material collection of movies that i have actually purchased or movies that i rent out via itunes content looks great displaying in dolby vision and the app seems to run simply as efficiently as it does when attaching an apple television to the television right here in the uk i can even access apple television plus through sky q as well as having just done this on

among my mini boxes the experience is virtually identical to accessing it by means of the television natively the only problem is that below the material is limited to 1080p non-hdr but that’s a constraint of the skyq mini boxes as well as not a restriction of apple tv yet on the other hand right here on my lg g1 tv i’ve got an app called apple tv the g1 was lg’s flagship tv in 2015 as well as the app experience here is rather extensive i can access the apple television plus paid streaming service much like i could on my old lg television and on sky q yet i can also access my whole itunes collection as well so all of the movies i formerly acquired are available for me to begin seeing here in the collection tab i can also make acquisitions and also leasings from below in the store area if i fire up my ps5 as well as head to the media section i can download and install the apple television application which is the exact same as the one consisted of in my lg g1 providing me accessibility to television plus my content collection and the shop although it’s worth aiming out that dolby derbyvision does not seem available here the result is 4k however the web content does not look as excellent as it does on the lg g1 app or the apple tv application itself so basically what you require to know is the apple tv plus application is access to the streaming service just the apple tv app is accessibility to the streaming service and also your


apple media collection you can access apps via a number of different methods today including amazon fire sticks as well as different brands of clever tvs if you’re looking to buy something and you have actually obtained apple television as a requirement make certain that to start with apple television is supported on your new tool and second of all figure out whether it’s apple television the wider app or apple television plus the streaming solution only the best experience readily available is by means of the apple tv streaming box undeniably but that does of training course come at a cost right now the apple tv 4k is readily available for 170 extra pounds here in the uk making it really rather pricey for a streaming box yet if you’re purchased right into the apple ecosystem you do get a lot for your money you obtain accessibility to things like your image library and also the tv os application store as well as additional paid apple content that you can subscribe to like songs and fitness you do not get things like health and fitness anywhere beyond the apple television box currently possibly due to the box syncing with your apple watch although i can obtain apple music today on my lg g1 as a separate app the apple television application on the apple tv 4k additionally acts as a wonderful material collector bringing together

material from various other apps like iplayer all 4 below in the uk netflix disney prime it makes finding and also checking out web content throughout every little thing a lot easier you just get that experience by buying an apple television box however, for you it might not be about the most effective experience possible it could simply be about the most effective experience available without spending any more money and that’s mosting likely to come down to finding out which application is readily available to you right currently with the equipment that you presently have and also if that’s not suitable what low-cost item you could need to purchase to get you access to one of the most appropriate app as i create this the current fire sticks do show up ahead with apple tv instead of tv plus as well as do sustain dolby vision so for less than 50 bucks that can be a respectable alternative so there you go ideally that makes every little thing a little bit less complicated to understand do you see any material on apple television plus if indeed what are you viewing currently or are you not a follower of the apple streaming solution drop me a remark and also let’s chat regarding it and also as ever if you found this video beneficial do please consider leaving me a like as well as registering for my channel for more content like this in the future see you on the next

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