Anker eufy Robovac X8-Newest Twin Turbine Technology

in this video clip i’m going to have a look at the robovac x8 by yuffie a robotic vacuum that guarantees leading level performance at a rather practical rate point specifically when contrasted with various other robot vacuum on the market now yuffie are funding this video so with that in mind i’ll be leaving my opinions out of this video and will certainly rather focus on only realities but i will information you with my exact experience of establishing this thing up as well as having it go to work in our house over the past number of weeks the robovac x8 features everything you need to get started included in the box obviously the robovac itself a billing factor and wire for connecting it an extra collection of side brushes and also an extra filter all the appropriate paperwork and also instructions you would certainly expect along with some wire connections which i’ll be entirely sincere i have not determined what they’re for setup is an item of cake just place the billing base in a suitable setting as well as link into power ufe have included a section in all-time low where you can coil any additional cord not just does this make the charging base look neater it also stays clear of having running cable which can get entangled up in the robovax brushes when your robovac is completely charged and also this can take up to five hours from absolutely empty as well as you’ve set the base station up anywhere you ‘d like it your robovac is type of like bringing a pet home for the first time it’s gon na wish to discover as well as figure out its new surroundings push the power button on the top of it and also the vacuum cleaner will confidently exit its base station rotate around a couple of times before rotating off to have a look at its brand-new home this is a super integral part of the process this is the mapping phase where the

robovac will certainly try to draw a 3d map of your house which it will after that use on all future cleans while it’s appealing to just strike the go button as well as see what happens you’re mosting likely to intend to do a tiny bit of preparation here to make certain that you get the very best outcomes first of all make certain that your robovac has a full charge as the mapping procedure can take a while depending upon the dimension of your residence and you ideally do not want it to lack juice while it’s mapping although it can choose up where it ended if that does happen second open all doors in your residence to rooms that you would certainly such as the robo-vac to be able to access also if you don’t prepare on the robo-back cleaning a certain space there and after that if you want it to include that space in its map permit it gain access to alternatively you must obstruct anywhere that you don’t desire it to have accessibility to thirdly go around your house and eliminate as many points from the flooring as you can to permit the most extensive map of your space currently obviously i’m not talking furnishings right here yet if you have actually got little light objects small footstools that example it deserves getting them up and out of the means to allow the vac to do its task remember this thing can probably obtain under your couch and other things of furnishings that you could not typically vacuum so offer it the room to do its work with that preparation out of the method the robo-vac will certainly vanish off on its first trip as well as while yuffie recommend that you follow it around to ensure it doesn’t get stuck i obstacle you not to i was following this thing around like a kid with a.

young puppy it will certainly go around the perimeter of your entire flooring initially trying to draw up where wall surfaces as well as doors are and after that once it’s managed to produce a loophole it will then head into the middle and attempt and fill in the spaces it does every one of this with what yuffie are calling its ipath laser navigation system and ai map 2.0 modern technology enabling the vacuum to create and save up to 5 maps in the app this can in theory be for various homes if you’re living life like that however, for many of us i presume this will be to permit you to have a map for upstairs and a map for downstairs that’s certainly what we have actually done this specific laser navigating as well as smart preparation permits the vacuum cleaner to create an efficient cleaning pattern around your residence which naturally is going to save battery obviously all of this intelligent navigation would certainly be a little bit pointless if the vacuum cleaner couldn’t do its job of well drawing very well according to yuffie the x8 is the very first robotic vacuum cleaner to include twin cyclone technology with 2 fans each producing 2 000 pascal stress systems of power which yuffie case rises inwards air circulation by 80 percent contrasted to just a solitary fan you can manage the suction power in the app varying from pure near the bottom end completely approximately max at the top end together with an increase iq mode which intends to change the suction depending upon the sort of floor it’s on this really does function i have actually seen the vacuum go across the boundary from our floored corridor to our grassy living-room as well as immediately listened to the fizz of the cyclones kicking up a gear i found that as a whole when the vacuum cleaner is cleaning our kitchen hallway.

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energy area or any type of various other part of our house that is knocked down the pure suction is normally excellent enough for day-to-day cleaning yet i simulate to push everything the means as much as max when on carpeting keep in mind it’s going to go back to its base station and recharge after each clean so for the odd tidy right here and also there you could intend to push the power as much as know you’re obtaining the very best performance and it does appear to make a distinction when you search in the dust collector which yuffie case has ultra pack dust compression innovation in various other words it can squeeze a lot more in compared to their 30c version the exact same size of collection container can hold 127 percent extra dust and dust which certainly indicates the vacuum cleaner can set about its company for longer without you having to get involved talking the container clearing it is dead very easy you just remove it from the vacuum open it up as well as clear the filter is removable and washable and also it also includes a little magnetic device to assist you obtain any type of frustrating dirt out oh and also a vacuum evaluation wouldn’t be complete without a required suction examination where you throw a load of things on the floor and also see what occurs so i did simply that a mixture of ground up rice krispies some flour a little bit of hair and some weetabix crumbs freely spread regarding a large location of our kitchen flooring and you can see on the video clip just how the vacuum cleaner dealt with it i did locate that the blossom called for pushing the suction up from pure to max yet that’s just a tap in the app and on the maximum setup there was no chance any one of the dirt was still going.

to be on the flooring after one sweep of the area i ‘d claim 98 of the dirt seemed cleaned up there were literally simply a couple of stray rice krispies that had been knocked about by the sweeper blades still on the flooring as well as for those i simply set the vacuum off on a 2nd run hi modifying tom right here for a minute i’m simply placing the finishing touches to this video as well as i have actually understood that i’ve disregarded to discuss something which i believe in hindsight a lot of consumers are going to be interested in which is this vacuum’s ability to manage hair both human hair and also pet fur we don’t have a family pet which is possibly why i didn’t think to include it we do have hair in fairness you are afraid declaring a 57 improvement on this vacuum’s capacity to deal with hair and hair over the previous model all i recognize is that we have actually had this point running in our room which is a carpeted flooring we have actually had this thing running in our shower room which is a difficult floor yet both of those are locations where i would certainly expect this to get a lot of um human hair and also absolutely when we look after this thing has done its cleaning we can not see any on the flooring so i can only assume that this is doing an excellent work and also there is always fairly a great deal in the dirt collection container at the end of each clean too the roller cycle on the bottom is most likely doing a great deal of job to assist with that i’ve had to slightly disentangle that once yet when you take into consideration that this has actually been functioning type of daily for the last 2 weeks as well as when i state disentangle a very very.

small untangle so nothing specifically stressing there it does an actually excellent work of obtaining hair into the container as well as not obtaining it captured up in the brushes which is excellent alright back to the major video clip the application is certainly an essential component of the robovac experience and also i’ve found it to be usually excellent you’ll use the app to obtain your robo vac established in the very first area linking it to your residence wi-fi updating the firmware and also all of that common stuff as well as with that said done you’ll have the ability to make use of the app to both inform your robo-vac what to do as well as see what your overback has been up to while you’ve been away there are a variety of cleaning settings readily available vehicle will essentially just have your vacuum leave its billing base and also go with a marvel cleansing whatever it locates in the process i have actually located that it still follows the exact same pattern of starting with the outdoors initial developing a loop after that filling that loop in and what i typically do is shut doors to rooms that i do not want the vacuum cleaner to experience to it’s wise enough to exercise that the door is shut and also we’ll simply approach cleaning up whatever it has accessibility to rather as well as automobile you have area which enables you to choose a room for it to clean area where you can map out a zone and place where you can drop a pin on the map and.

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have the vacuum clean just that location you can also use the application to set no-go zones barrier discovery is actually impressive to view apparent points like walls cabinets the vacuum simply carefully run into them on its first mapping run and afterwards knows to avoid them in the future but it’s still able to position itself so as to get its cleansing brush right into edges as it goes along the location that i was eager to see it find out was our kitchen table chairs and bench it’s a mess of legs the specific place of each leg is regularly transforming each time we rise or take a seat and also some of the gaps are huge enough for the vac to get through a few of them definitely aren’t it was truthfully fantastic to watch the vacuum cleaner bargain with this it would certainly push delicately up versus each leg after that kind of circle around it as finest it could pushing with the voids it can fit through backing out to the voids it couldn’t i viewed it obtain stuck once getting part of its body caught versus a chair leg and also was concerning to rise to aid it when it all of a sudden quit turned around back and corrected itself besides that this thing hasn’t got stuck once it has lost its charging base a couple of times where it sort of comes close yet not rather right and once more it seems to understand that if it just has a look around make some minor changes it usually obtains it right on the 2nd or third attempt it’s creative things the application additionally includes a factor and also go function which is where the vacuum will most likely to whatever factor on the map you send it to.

as well as wait for further guideline i didn’t think i would certainly use this attribute and also i wound up utilizing it more than i assumed i would certainly as a result of what i believe is a small insect one that i’m really hoping yuffie could conveniently take care of when the robovac very first mapped out our downstairs all of the doors were open however that’s not constantly the situation in day-to-day live initial thing in the early morning for instance i quite like establishing the robo vac off to clean the kitchen area as well as the energy our most trodden home areas and also so i shut the door to the hall the vac after that recognizes that the door to the hall is shut but it after that seems to simply sort of think that this is the case for life from that moment on when i try to ask the vacuum to clean the hallway it leaves its dock identifies where it is then announces to me that it can’t access the corridor although it hasn’t actually tried to arrive presumably because it thinks that the door is still shut prior to returning to its base station it would be good if instead it would give it a shot and also presume that the door is open there is a simple fix that i discovered which’s to use tap and most likely to place the vacuum cleaner first in the cooking area then right into the hallway and from there you can make use of the room tidy function to have it cleanse the room due to the fact that it recognizes it’s in the hallway so it counts on that the door is open on tap as well as go but not on room clean it’s not a huge deal the fix is very basic however you can not pick the vacuum cleaner up and also place it manually that would certainly ruin its mapping system so i’m wishing and also presuming that the uf designers can fix this in a future upgrade i stated at the beginning of this video clip that because of.

this being a funded video clip i would certainly keep my viewpoints to a minimum and emphasis just on facts yet what i will claim is that after a number of weeks of living with old vincenzo the vacuum cleaner as we have actually passionately called him i would not be prepared to provide him back if i was asked to do i see him replacing our very own hoover no we have actually got a dyson v15 as well as i’ll be straightforward if we spilled a lots of coffee on the floor all of a sudden i would certainly be more likely to get hold of that and also know that i can cleanse it up in 30 seconds yet will he match our vacuum cleaner definitely in truth i believe vinnie may be doing the bulk of the vacuuming in our house from currently on because a vacuum cleaner like this i believe has to do with way of living so after dinner as an example when my fiance and i lots the dishwashing machine after that head with to the living-room to see some tv i like to close the door and switch over the vacuum on as well as allow him do his thing for 20 mins in this way any kind of crumbs or mess we made preparing as well as eating dinner is managed before we closed your house as much as go to bed and also i’ve actually not had to do anything there’s something actually wonderful about knowing that everyday vacuuming just isn’t something i need to problem myself with anymore as well as for more detailed cleans up the vacuum cleaner works truly well we had guests coming this previous weekend and also instead than use the dyson i decided to take the robo back upstairs with its billing station as well as allow it do a.

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comprehensive tidy of the totality of our upstairs which is mostly all carpeting it took it concerning a hr from beginning to end but the carpetings genuinely looked like they would certainly had the most thorough vacuum they would certainly had in a while it’s remarkable yuffie declared a 180 minute battery life incidentally which i’m presuming is on pure power mode that battery is going to lower as you press the power degree up but it was able to clean up the entire of our upstairs on max setting which as i said took around a hr and also still had around half of its battery staying which goes over so there you go the yuffie robovac x8 this likewise can be found in a crossbreed design by the means which has a small water container as well as wipe attachment i can not speak for that variation as i’ve not utilized it yet it’s there if you intend to check it out if you like the appearance of the robovac x8 i’ll put some links in the description of this video where you can go and also obtain yours what regarding you do you have a robot vacuum if of course which one and also how are you getting on with it or are you absolutely versus the concept if so why drop me a comment and allow’s speak about it and also as ever if you discovered this video useful do please think about leaving me a like as well as registering for my network for more web content such as this in the future see you on the next video.