Hagibis RGB Light Wand

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the hajibus rgb light wand you can purchase this through amazon i’ll include a link in the description it was sent over for review purposes and i think this is really the least expensive product of its kind if you’re looking for a photography rgb light wand this is capable of nine different colors i think it goes from 3200 to 5600k uh 56 us dollars i don’t think you’re gonna find anything that’s going to beat this on price now i can’t speak to performance i’ve never tested this before we’ve got a ball head is the first thing that comes out of the package here and then the actual light which they do give you a carry case for which is nice and i didn’t know what to expect when they asked me if i’d be interested in reviewing this i said sure because you know these are incredibly popular but they’re also usually very expensive but that is changing with time and this is hopefully going to be a really good example of that so this does have a built-in battery a lot of these products do not a lot of them are based around or function in conjunction with a sony np type battery uh this on the other hand i believe the internal battery is like 2700 mah something around there and we’ve got three buttons here on the front obviously increase intensity lower i’m assuming this is to switch between colors and that looks like it’s it we also have a quarter 20 mount on the bottom so if you’re looking to put this on something you can tripod light stand whatever it may be let’s go ahead and see if this powers it on because i’m not seeing a power button it doesn’t look like it does the charging port is right here it is based around a micro usb something you don’t see too often anymore and

i’m just trying to figure out how to actually power this on of course there are instructions and of course i’m not using them it also does have a thread hole right here for a lanyard which i believe is in here let’s just see if any of these buttons do anything it could be dead that is a possibility i may need to charge it up in order to get functionality i could also look at instructions you know the usual stuff so it looks like we don’t have any charge out of the box and of course the light is going to emit from here let’s see what else is in the packaging i mentioned this this ball head that they include uh nice if they include it they didn’t need to and this is going to just give you a little more versatility with how you’re going to utilize it you know it’s seems fine it’s nothing high-end but again 56 us dollars uh so we’ve got a remote control that’s something i failed to mention that it is controllable with the remote let’s see if that’s how you turn it on if that’s how you turn it on then i mean i can’t imagine that it’s dependent but let’s just see i think it’s just just that we don’t have a charge and it looks like i’m right and if i had a micro usb here hardwired to something i would throw it in and get the party started now here is the micro usb cable i can go ahead and plug this in i’m not sure if it’s going to make the the run but let’s just see if it does and then we will be able to see what the light output is like so go ahead and connect that right here predominantly plastic build here i mean pretty much all

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plastic but that’s what you would expect again 56 dollars most of these generally are in the range of more around 100 us dollars it is rare to see one at this price point now let’s see if i can get this to reach no you know what it is not it’s going to be a very tough reach let’s just see if i can get this hub a little bit closer to the shot and if i can we will make this happen in fact i was just looking and i do see that i already have a threaded uh micro usb cable i’m going to give that a shot because it is longer it’s a very tight fit in there i’m not sure why it’s so tight but worst things have happened right so let’s go ahead i’ve got a micro usb here i didn’t realize that i did have it it’s um from my keyboard of course for charging purposes it is a wireless keyboard but let’s just see if this does it and it should i mean there’s no reason that it wouldn’t okay so we’re plugged in again i am not there we go we have a flashing led so i think we’re now in business let’s see i mean it’s got a charge but let’s see if it’ll turn on it’s not turning up there we go okay so we have light as you can see and i’m assuming as i said earlier that yup this is how we cycle it so there we have some daylight red just go through it i just don’t want to blind myself here pretty cool and again 56 dollars i mean i don’t know how okay i don’t wanna no seizures please and that applies to all of you at home or wherever you are you should be at home but you know i’m not trying to tell you what to do just stay safe but uh yeah this is pretty cool i mean again 56 dollars we’ll see how hot it gets we’ll see what the battery life is like it’s not a huge internal battery again 2700 milliamp hours i believe but still very cool for that price point to have this sort of

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functionality and not have to have a sony mp battery mounted on it in fact i hate that design i understand why manufacturers do it but let’s get these internal batteries inside of these things so uh you know we don’t have to mount a battery on it even if it means you have to hard wire like i did here that’s not a big deal in the scope of things that pretty much rounds it out again ajibus i think i’m pronouncing uh the name of the company right a little bit of instructions here on how to use it that’s all chinese english on the other side but um yeah i’m going to test it out i’ll get back to you i’ll let you all know what i think any questions or comments please feel free to post them at that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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