Sony ZV-1 White

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the sony zv1 now i did already cover this camera but sony just launched it in the white color and i know that may not be interesting for many of you in fact i’ve already reviewed this camera i didn’t think i’d purchase it but here i am and it just got delivered today and i don’t think the white is actually available uh at a retail level not that i’m suggesting anyone should be running into best buy even though they will let you in the store uh i’m a safety first kind of fella but here we have at least a first look at it so when i reviewed this camera i did give it a favorable review for good reason it is a really versatile and far more affordable option than sony’s traditional rx100 line but it is not an rx100 it’s not to be confused but you know at that time i didn’t think that i would necessarily have a place for it in my own personal workflow or even just from a hobby perspective but my mind changed you know things change people change right and here it is now i have to tell you the white color is really nice and that’s part of the reason that i said you know what i’m gonna share it with all of you even though i covered the zv1 because it is a new offering uh in that now we have a white version uh so i’ll likely be using this for b-roll on the channel i may be using it for some on-camera work as well since it’s ideal for that with the flip out display the fact that it’s got the real-time tracking that great uh sony one-inch sensor the 315 points of phase

detection uh so autofocus system isn’t you know necessarily their latest and greatest but it does have all the attributes you would want in something like this in this form factor basically a video camera in many ways that also happens to take really good stills and a great onboard microphone i do wish that it worked with sony’s pure digital shotgun mic but i can live without that we do have a dedicated mic jack as well sony’s multi-port the micro usb and hdmi out the battery you know i wish that we had a different battery type for this camera that’s something i covered in its original uh launch and my review that’s also your micro sd card slot uh plastic construction it is a polycarbonate of some sort we do have a touch screen overall it’s hard to go wrong with this camera at a 699 price point and you know again when i saw the white version my fiance was like the white you know it’s a really nice looking camera it’s sharp and i can’t disagree especially with the little you know blue zeiss contrast we’ve got a built-in nd filter the zv1 has a lot going for it and unlike a traditional rx100 it isn’t you know aimed at the exact same audience so there’s our micro usb cable they even have a cute little white dead cat for the microphone capsule array there so you’re going to want that to cut wind noise one thing i really liked about the zv1 that of course i did not have in my arsenal was the ability to utilize active steady shots so now we’ve got that the other things in the box here and i never did an unboxing i don’t think of the zv1 because it was a review unit is of course our x type the bx-1 battery which is not going to give amazing battery life but you can hook this up to an external power source which is likely the way i’ll be using it you have the product product focus or product feature focus mode defocus uh button right here as well if you want to instantly blur the background i mean this is an idiot-proof

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camera so it’s kind of perfect for me um that was a joke hopefully you know that but i i am being serious on that note that it is good that it is that versatile i don’t think there’s anything else in the box uh let’s go ahead and outfit the dead cat on it because you’re gonna want to use that i mean granted some people will think they don’t need it you do and the audio quality on here is really good uh better than any of sony standard uh see if i can get this off the uh i’m gonna move the screen out even though it shouldn’t make any difference it is better audio i’m having a problem with this aren’t i it is really wedged in there and it’s because i’m approaching it all wrong maybe wow i am having a problem getting it out uh you know what i’m not going to not going to keep trying to force this i got a little bit of leeway there maybe i don’t have long enough nails but the fact of the matter is i thought i’d get the the dead cat on there for this video but i don’t want to rip my nail off or some oh there we go or damage the shoe is what i was going to say kind of ripped my nail off and these are these are real fingernails you know i don’t it’s not how i roll but pop this guy on make sure i’m getting full clearance which it looks like i am and there you go now you got your little wig on the pig and you’re you’re ready to shoot with better than i would say the average audio performance you’ll get out of any other point-and-shoot camera including i have an rx100 i have a couple rx100

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still even though i’ve covered every single generation and they’re great cameras so don’t get me wrong i do think the rx100 will still remain in my lineup i just don’t know that i’m going to be on board with the next gen i don’t you know i’m sure that sony’s going to wow us with what they bring to market but i just felt like this would make a better fit for me at present also i have accessories that are no-brainers for it so it’s a win-win now the power button is slightly obscured by the the the gray the old man dead cat but uh and when i said touch screen i for lack of a you know might have been a brain fart uh you’re not gonna it’s not a full-on touch screen so keep that in mind i’m gonna jump past entering date and time you know this this has a lot of benefits going for it right now you can see uh the a7c over there another camera that just came into stock uh for me to review for all of you from sony really excited about the a7c setting some new standards uh for capability in its class this is not one of those cameras this is more about does it serve the purpose you need and of course it’s about being budget conscious but again i have reviewed this thing not to death but already been there done that this was really just about sharing with all of you this white version of it which you know sony occasionally does this but it’s been a while and especially for me i can’t think of a single sony camera that i own that has a little bit more flare if you will than the standard trim other than old action cameras that i don’t even use anymore so this is just again a first look at the zv1 in white which i believe will officially be available on

november 6th or 7th don’t hold me to that either way today is the fifth and i just want to share with all of you and you’ll be seeing results in here excited about that active steady shot excited about uh the overall stabilization in post that i’ll be capable of with this camera something that again i cannot do with my a7r iv or any of my rx100s so that is why it is now part of my stable any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later hold


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