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ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the severant thunderbolt 3 docking station now this currently retails for roughly 170 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and this was sent over by sabrin for review purposes when this originally launched a few years ago it retailed for a little under 300 again u.s and that was the going rate for thunderbolt docks back then this is still a very relevant product like many thunderbolt docks that launched a while back because it does still have the full throughput the 40 gigabits per second that thunderbolt 3 has to offer and actually thunderbolt 4 is exactly the same so let’s get this thing out of the box before we do that just a quick look at the port selection uh on the back we have of course the power jack hdmi out that is capable of 4k 60 hertz you then have the thunderbolt 3 port which is also capable i believe a 4k at 60 hertz and of course power delivery and sharing i should say then we have another thunderbolt 3 for data and then we have a gigabit ethernet three usb type a ports and as you may have already seen on the front but it may not be perfectly clear audio in and out

two usb type a ports an sd card reader and some activity lights so let’s go ahead and get this thing out of the box uh again there are a lot of docks out there if you’ve been following my channel then you already saw recently i unboxed an hp that’s about the same age as this severant as well as an anchor that was a more modern uh thunderbolt 3 dock and i say that because you know many thunderbolt 3 docks are essentially just like this the design here is very similar reminiscent to the corsair which uh is not you know necessarily what everyone’s looking for because uh something you have to keep in mind with this is that it only does 60 hertz on the power delivery side so if you have a laptop that requires i would say more than 65 watts this probably isn’t going to cut it but if you have a mac which is what i feel this was really designed for back in 2018 then you’re probably going to be good to go and at the price you know a lot of people will probably say i would rather spend more to get higher power delivery or more ports i completely understand that in the same vein this is coming from in my

opinion a reputable manufacturer uh that delivers solid build quality and overall performance if you’ve seen any of the nvmes and other accessories that i’ve covered from saver then you already know they make quality products so again as i described move this over but i’ll get back to that in a moment you can see the audio jack on the front the two type a usb ports the sd card reader and some activity lights and then on the back of the unit we have again the power port the dc port hdmi out thunderbolt 3 with display out thunderbolt 3 for data and then you have ethernet and 3 type a ports now the one thing i will tell you about this other than the limitation of this you know the 60 watts on power delivery is that i would have liked to have seen more type c connections but uh we have to take into account uh pricing and again when this launched back in 2018 uh thunderbolt 3 docks didn’t have that many type c ports and that’s quite frankly because the proliferation of type c products just wasn’t there yet so if you’re looking for more type c ports this probably isn’t going to be the right dock for you in my case i’m really only going to need one so uh to be the main line i have to actually use in at least my workflow situation with my thunderbolt 3 dock i will need to use a direct display out to my monitor because it you know with the dream color 31 inch hp it’s just not going to happen through any thunderbolt 3 dock in my experience thus far so all the accessories are out looks like we got some international charging cables as well which is certainly a nice thing paperwork right there so that’ll take you through everything you need to know but i’ve pretty much covered it already in

terms of cables this looks like it is our thunderbolt 3 cable yep and take a look at that it doesn’t look that long but i have to say the only dock that i’ve gotten so far that actually had a decent length on the thunderbolt 3 cable itself was probably the hp but the hp i feel like is the most limited of the group so there is the actual thunderbolt 3 cable and then we have uh the actual plug that will go into this power brick right here and power bricks are not something you’re going to be able to avoid in the thunderbolt 3 powered dock realm they are unfortunately a necessity that’s the only way that a dock like this or any other is going to be able to do what you’re looking for which is really give you a single cable connection to accommodate all of your peripherals and of course video out you know that one umbilical so here in the states you’ll be using this but you know sabrin does include cables for those of you overseas so that it’s a good thing i mean you know a lot of people they look at this and they say why did they even do this it’s really obvious it’s because they make one product that they can ship internationally so it’s not just made for different regions and i think that’s good because at the end of the day if you know you’re going somewhere and you want to take that travel cable you can of course adapters still work so they’re not necessary but it’s nice to have it’s an added bonus so that’s pretty much it out of the box with the 60 watts i’m going to be very curious to see whether or not this is going to allow me to

operate my spectre x360 that is my hp 21 that i’ll be connecting it to to operate in performance mode because that is the one concern i have with the 60 watts again if you’re an apple user this won’t be an issue unless you have one of the larger macbook pros like the 16 inch versions pretty much everything underneath that smaller machines will be perfectly fine with the 60 hertz output but again i think the only thing that anyone has to sweat with this is really the display port excuse me i meant the type c ports because uh you know to not even have one on the front i could see how that would be an issue but otherwise the key here is again quality build which we have with this aluminum plastic combo i thought this was going to be heavier larger it’s thankfully not and beyond that it’s really just again utilizing the full bandwidth at thunderbolt 3 which is the same as thunderbolt 4 has to offer so i think this is gonna work out nicely if it lives up to its spec which i expect with sabrin because again uh their reputation is solid just like the build quality on basically every single product i’ve ever covered here on the channel any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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