Asus Zephyrus G15 vs Gigabyte Aero 15 XC – RTX 3070

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a comparison between the asus zephyrus g15 on the left and the gigabyte arrow 15 on the right now i did compare these previously but the arrow is an upgrade we’ve got the xc model which retails for 2200 as opposed to the 1800 us that the g15 retails for key difference between this model and the kc that i covered previously is that it has nvidia’s rtx 3070 as well as 32 gigs of ram and a one terabyte nvme where the kc had only 16 gigs of ram of course a and a half terabyte nvme otherwise the machine is identical same cpu so the g15 still has the more powerful especially per watt uh amd cpu over the intel chip on the right and the arrow but we do have a little bit more ram here same gpu quite different displays yet both very appealing and that’s where we’re going to start a 15.6 inch 16×9 165 hertz refresh rate qhd color accurate panel on the left it is ips that’s why it looks a little washed out already and then we’ve got a 15.6 inch 4k also 16×9 60hz oled

panel on the right which is brighter this panel tops out a little over 300 nits this over 400 so with the oled inherently even though it only has a 60hz refresh rate there are a lot of advantages but of course the main advantage of the g15 is its refresh rate let’s go ahead and take a look and a listen [Music] so [Music] so [Music] and we’ll stop it right there hopefully that demonstrates the point that i think is very obvious which again both displays are great i think they favor different users but of course overlap because these are two of the best offerings i think ever made for both gaming and content creation alike so what it comes down to with the display in my opinion is really simple if you are going to do the majority of your gaming on the panel and you need that higher refresh rate go with the g15 the g15s panel is color accurate i don’t think that its brightness level is a problem i actually think it’s quite good i have very little backlight bleed a lot of you have been concerned about that so that should give you some peace of mind on the other hand if like me you aren’t going to do the majority of the gaming uh or even content creation for that matter on the panel that either machine has then i think the arrow 15 is the better choice because you’re getting a better display for general use the 4k oled on here is stunning it’s a samsung panel for those of you worried about burn-in i’ve only had burn-in on lg tvs i’m not saying that i haven’t seen burn in on samsung phones but i haven’t personally experienced it and i’ve been using samsung phones for well almost a decade in terms of oled based so i know

it happens but you’ve gotta have some pretty bad luck i’m not saying i can guarantee anything by the way i’m not affiliated with either of these companies i purchased these both for review purposes to figure out which one would be right for me the point i’m getting at is that if you’re going to be hooked up to an external monitor it may not matter at all but i personally would rather have the brightness contrast color accuracy and vividness that the oled especially the extra resolution delivers and for me personally gaming on a 60 hertz panel in a pinch really isn’t a problem in fact because of the 30 70 that’s in both of these you can actually game at native 4k res granted not with very high settings and you’ll probably get around 30 frames per second but with older titles of course you can get higher than 30 frames per second i’m talking about current aaa stuff so it’s really a matter of personal preference for me i prefer the 4k oled and know that i can output 4k 120 hertz or 1440 or i can game in this of course at 1080p still at 60 hertz but with everything set to high the same applies here even with the 1440p mode now let’s focus on speaker quality the asus has the better overall experience but does have a notorious popping issue which you likely are not going to hear and by the way if you didn’t notice matte versus glossy that’s why i have the backlight off on the keyboards if i bring it up you will instantly see the blue light from the keyboard on the high gloss display on the right but let’s take a listen to the speakers on the asus even

though this isn’t really a great audio test you can still get an idea okay now there was no popping there but that’s because there was no base so keep that in mind anything with base like the intro to my actual video that you’re watching right now that will make essentially it will crush the base and it will sound like a little fart a little popping noise uh now for me that’s not a game breaker for those of you who are going to tell me there’s an update now i’m up to date on everything today is march 6th unless i’m losing my mind saturday so there’s no eq setting or anything i mean you can dampen it but you cannot eliminate the issue however it would not prevent me from recommending this laptop because after all if you follow my channel you know when it comes to ultrabooks i went with the hp spectre x360 13t because it checked every box even though it has terrible speakers so i’m willing to accept the popping speaker issue i still think the audio on this laptop is top-notch and if you don’t go beyond 50 volume this is at 100 now you are likely not going to run into that popping issue i don’t know if that makes you feel better about it but it’s something you should know now on the right by the way both screens are 100 brightness i don’t know if i mentioned that i should have let’s take a listen to the arrow which doesn’t come anywhere near to being as loud as the asus but it doesn’t have the distortion problem actually make sure that the volume is all the way up inside youtube i think that makes it incredibly obvious what i was pointing to what i just said which is that even though these speakers aren’t notorious people are you know essentially

calling defect i have myself in videos because there is an issue with them they are better than what you’re getting with the arrow but if you’re going to be made crazy by the popping noise then you know a little bit of ocd anal whatever you want to call it then obviously the arrow isn’t going to make you nuts it’s just not going to be very loud of course you can use headphones with either one and then the whole subject is moot now let’s move away from the display conversation because again i think it’s clear if you want a game with a high refresh panel you’ve got it here if it’s if it’s more important to you to have the better panel and not just a higher refresh rate you’re going with the arrow and displays are important uh you know for me again either one of these will live the majority of its life hooked up to an external display but i would always rather know that i’ve got that panel and again this is personal preference if i knew i didn’t have an external monitor to use and i actually planned on gaming on this then the 165 hertz qhd panel becomes more attractive in many ways so just to make that clear you know i don’t think it’s that one is better than the other i think each suits a different customer different person’s needs for me the arrow 15 takes it because i’d rather have that oled and have an external monitor for high refresh rate gaming this is better for overall personal use and as i mentioned i have no problem gaming on a 60hz 4k display like this since we finally have laptops that can actually do that and you know all about audio quality so let’s jump out of this let’s talk about the rest of the machines so i said 1800 versus 2200.

the amd cpu the ryzen 9 5900 hs at 35 watts is at least synthetically more powerful than the intel core i7 that drives this and the less expensive kc model that is the core i7 10870h which is also an 8 core cpu but i’ll tell you right now and i’ve said this in my previous videos more stability on the right and by the way i’ve got to lower that brightness don’t i because it just looks blown out and this again tells you about the difference in brightness for this machine the arrow i’m just going to see what we’ve got to go down to probably right around 50 in order to be at the same brightness approximately this one’s a little bit brighter i’m going to leave it like that i could i could also lower the brightness on this if we really really need it but i don’t think so anyway the point is uh because i think you want to know how bright this display can get since already it’s got a reputation for not being bright enough right and this kind of tells you because this is 100 this is 50 you already get an idea but to the hardware processor the amd is the again superior chip it’s brand new the 10th gen chip here is new but nowhere near as new as this it runs hotter than the amd it draws more power by the way you will get less run time from the aero 15.

on both of these i’m gonna stick to my six hour mark can you get more out of each of them of course uh the battery life on the amd driven g15 is better than the arrow 15. no question about it whether you go kc or xc like i have here but how much better is really a matter of personal use for me i’ve seen an hour maybe an hour and a half more battery life out of the amd and that’s with turning the igpu mode off so that no power is going to the 30-70 but that’s pretty much it and you know while i’d love to tell you that the battery life is more important to me than the overall performance and everything the machine delivers in terms of every box that i hope to check because again i have no affiliation with asus or gigabyte who knows going forward but i’m trying to decide i purchased these uh on which is going to be my next workhorse you know it’s something where you need to find what is right for you clearly so the nvidia and amd marriage i feel like is a little bit more unstable i’ve had more issues here than i have i’ve really had no issues with the gigabyte i had a thunderbolt issue but that was software related and i think eventually probably by next year the maturation that amd needs in the market will be

there they’ve been for a while now killing intel so that’s the reason pricing has become so aggressive machines like this last year would have been 500 more at least 400 more but this year because we actually have parity competition now uh it’s a benefit to all of us as consumers so you can’t go wrong with either one in terms of the cpu gpu combo but do know better battery life lives on the left you know better stability on the right but shorter runtime also you do have trickle charge through what you know both of the type c ports on the left also the proprietary charger that comes with the asus g15 will charge this machine up faster about a little over an hour about an hour and 25 minutes here you’re looking at closer to two hours with its uh 230 watt uh power supply now this does have a thunderbolt 3 port no thunderbolt here that’s a big light down for me personally but unfortunately no trickle charge through that thunderbolt port and this is a perfect you know example of where i can say boy every manufacturer finds a way to screw things up don’t they the keyboards both are rgb but you do have per key lighting on the right with the arrow 15 you also have a numerical pad that may be important to you i like having that that’s a personal preference there’s no question the arrow it’s pitched as being a content creation machine and that’s exactly what i think it delivers a hybrid whereas of course the g15 is squarely aimed at being a gaming machine first but because of its color accurate display and the fact that it doesn’t look like a martian vehicle it does end up i think appealing again to both audiences

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which is why i purchased both so you already know about the amd chip in here being better than the intel processor the 3070s which is probably the next most important or even possibly more important than the eight core processors you got five more watts here it’s just the way they were designed so that actually does give you a gaming edge with the gigabyte now is that edge enough for me to tell you go out and buy the gigabyte instead no because again you might prefer the g15 just because you want the higher refresh display or just because you want the larger track pad by the way both of these have fingerprint scanners one here one here they’re both you know fingerprint scanners people keep saying to me how good are they neither is great you know i don’t rely on a fingerprint scanner i generally look for windows hello ir cameras neither of these have those however the g15 has no webcam which is ridiculous but obviously i was able to look past that so before anyone comments and says you can just get a webcam do you really not think i have a webcam and with the arrow i think it’s a better than nothing little potato cam that you have above the power button there with a privacy switch i mean at least it feels like it’s come from a time where they’re aware there’s a pandemic let alone you know webcams have been on laptops forever so it’s just bizarre that asus does this in a pandemic but hey if it’s cost cutting or whatever i don’t know either way it wouldn’t prevent me from recommending this machine but it is really strange so back to what i was saying trackpad on the g15 is better but i have no problems with the trackpad on the arrow so you know bigger maybe better for you for me personally i’m looking for again the best

balance i find it here the back lighting on the keyboard with the g15 apparently does not exist outside of the states uh unless you go with the 3080 white build which don’t do that that’s a complete waste of money this best buy model does have rgb backlighting and you can select the color i’m not sure why right now i don’t have i’ll probably i turned it off there we go so i have blue i can select any color but it is a uniform you know single you can’t do per key of course with the arrow you can do per key so if that’s your jam then you know jump into the control center and do whatever you want to do so essentially you go into the fusion tab and you know i can make this something incredibly annoying breathing wave i mean whatever you want you know let’s just go through it you’re not going to be able to do this now do i care about this no this is one of those features i couldn’t give a crap about so it’s really a matter of what you’re looking for um that’s how i look at this but you know some of you will really care the raindrop is a cool effect a little you know again it’s a matter of personal preference i did just realize i have this on battery saver which is why it’s probably acting a little wonky uh let’s go ahead and shut that off sorry about that and it just boosted brightness on me again thanks for nothing laptop um but at any rate something to be aware of with the keyboards now in terms of the actual typing experience i do prefer the g15 however that does not mean i have not become acclimated to the gigabyte arrow 15 i have so i think you get a more satisfying a little more key travel i like the feel of the typing

experience on the g15 more than the arrow but not enough that that would sway my decision one way or the other uh dedicated buttons up here to get to the armory crate you know it’s good to have a hot key like that do you need it no um there’s none here but i could map something right if i wanted to obviously so but here’s the thing the gigabyte control center is pretty much terrible um the armory crate is better the control center more dynamic because it covers you know also updating but i do not recommend using the smart utility update that is what actually killed my thunderbolt 3 port on the kc model at least that’s what i suspect it was something that was installed by gigabyte so i would tread lightly on their drivers that they’re pushing stick to the website rather than the utility until they get their act together the dashboard because that’s what you’re looking at with the armory crate on the left you know gives you essentially performance profiles uh and you can switch in and out of them it’s more dynamic than what you’re getting out of the gigabyte control center no question about it i mean yeah i can i can step up and boost this uh the the cpu and gpu performance but we have to be on a different power plan than power saver and that’s easy to manage but the whole point here is is that both have i would say genki software but asus definitely does a better job also with the my asus software update as well so just be aware okay it’s something that you are going to want to be aware of go ahead switch over to high performance i am up to date show you that right now because so many questions people are always like is everything up to date ed are you sure you have the latest firmware uh you know latest bios yes i’m sure i’m positive unless it actually happened right now and it didn’t um and look show latest version only and there’s nothing so moral of the story is when it comes to software i found that while i really don’t like the control center on the right with the gigabyte the overall experience i mean i’ve had blue

screen a few blue screens of death with the g15 that just hasn’t happened over here on the right and when it comes to gaming because we’re getting a little more wattage out of the arrow that does mean you can game a little bit i would say with a little more prowess my video editing is also a little bit faster it’s not a huge difference talking about exporting uh in 4k but it’s enough that i care about it so let me turn off the the stupid lights so that’s important to know but again when it comes to gaming expect to on both of these 1440p everything is maxed out you’ll be fine if you want to go to the 4k native resolution as i was saying you’re going to be looking at you know 30 frames really at best possibly a few more depending on title possibly a few less if they’re older games then that frame rate is going to go up but you can always drop this down uh to i mean a 1080p max everything out also here 1080p max everything out that’s the beauty of the 30 series generation or 3000 rtx gpus in my opinion this whole getting rid of the branding associated with the wattage they get i think they tried to make it less confusing but they’ve made it more confusing um feels like some sort of apple move at anywhere at any rate uh the point is is that you know they’re both going to do an incredibly uh solid job at gaming and rendering video editing photo editing you’re not gonna have a problem on either of these but ultimately uh in benchmarking the arrow has eclipsed uh the g15 that is the xc model that i’m comparing here the kc model did not uh you know 3d mark scores were somewhere originally over 9000 a little over 9000 for the g15 the kc model was a little under 9000 here were right over 9000 91 9200 on any given benchmark this machine with driver updates has actually dropped now to under 9000.

so this synthetically will outperform at least in 3d mark what we have on the left and that’s not because of the additional ram uh it does get some points because i have upgraded the kingston nvme one terabyte that’s included with this but the one terabyte nvme inside of the asus outperforms that kingston out of the box but that’s not at the end of the day the reason we’re getting better overall scores it plays into it but again it’s that extra wattage on the gpu in terms of other things to know the g15 stays quiet stays cool the arrow does get hotter but it can stay quiet which is unique on an intel laptop and that’s something gigabyte really focused on with the arrow 15 line because it was known for thermal throttling so they had to get their act together and they did a new cooling system and i have to say you know when either of these are under load video editing or gaming you know you’re going to be plugged in obviously you cannot get full performance without connecting uh the respective power brick they’re going to be loud but both have the ability to be silent when they’re being used as productivity machines which is a beautiful thing the amd a little bit more quiet a little bit more but again shockingly the intel machine which draws more power is able to shut up as well so that’s a good thing but remember battery life is better here and you have the ability to trickle charge no trickle charge here that just kills me gigabyte i said it once i said i said it twice three times why the hell didn’t you do it but in the same vein why didn’t asus give us hdmi 2.1 you have an hdmi 2.1 port here you do not here you have a displayport mini albeit a true displayport 1.4 port on here you’ve got two type c multi usb ports that can serve as power delivery up to 100 watts uh of course display displayport 1.4 the gigabyte used to have one of those

they took it away i don’t know why they should have left it there they replaced it with a dedicated displayport mini displayport which is good but again trickle charge man come on other things to know we have a micro sd card slot on here we have a full size sd card slot on here something again that appeals to me now i could perfectly happily live with the micro sd card slots i don’t think that’s changing my choice it’s not but it might change yours we have type a usb ports of course uh we also have uh what am i forgetting of course an ethernet port on both of these machines so both through different methods we’ll use displayport to deliver 4k 120hz gaming although some of you may think that’s ridiculous you can do it for real especially older titles looks great these machines can pull it off which is what is amazing about them on the gaming side beyond what they can do alone you know as a single unit and then on the video editing side as i said and photo editing really really close but slight edge goes to the arrow now are there some areas where the amd chip’s raw performance which is better than the intel’s chip intel chip will come to life sure there are but in my personal applications it doesn’t so again synthetic uh you know benchmarks don’t help me uh with work or play at the end of the day i just happen to rhyme what can i say so be aware uh so i think the more complete package is the arrow 15.

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you’ve got all the modern ports but i do want to remind you that even though this has hdmi 2.1 and this has hdmi 2.0 you’re still going to need to use the display ports to leverage the gpus i mean in most cases so be aware of that okay and in terms of build quality this is an aluminum plastic or magnesium combo it feels mostly like plastic still feels solid solidly made well built the arrow on the other hand is all aluminum so build quality in my opinion goes to the arrow the arrow’s a little bit heavier they’re both a little over four pounds with the brick even a little heavier i think this is 4.2 without the brick i think this is 4.

4 or 4.5 the arrow generally seems to feel heavier not just because it is but because of that all aluminum build i also happen to like the bezel on the arrow more because it does have a rubber liner that runs around it we don’t have that here we have plastic and then for those of you worried about the bezel on the bottom and the design with the ventilation i get it over time who knows look i haven’t even talked about the fact that eight gigs of ram here is soldered and we’re 27 42 in 43 44.

Um now for many of you the soldered ram is not going to be an issue and for most of you that are watching this you already knew that that eight gigs of the 16 in this machine is permanent for life if that breaks for any reason which is rare but if it happens and especially out of warranty you’ve the bed so to speak you’re going to have a tremendous bill so extended warranty on either of these i highly recommend and i generally don’t recommend extended warranties but i don’t really trust either manufacturer when it comes to build quality but i have had more build quality issues with the aces so if you haven’t watched my coverage but be aware of that so dual channel support ends at 16 gigs so while you can max this machine out at 40 gigs with the one available uh you know ram slot that you can upgrade with a 32 gig dim your dual channel support ends at 16 gigs here you can go up to 64 dual channel this machine has 32 right now which for me is enough but i love that down the road if i want to upgrade to 64 which i might i maintain dual channel performance so again food for thought and just it speaks to upgradability and one manufacturer may be expecting their

product to last longer or one manufacturer not trying to get you to upgrade as soon as the other that might be the best way of putting it now for those of you who will defend soddered ram i don’t know why you would thin light yes in ultrabooks totally understandable some of you will point out smartphones tablets also understandable those do not have the lifespan in my opinion of laptops especially machines that are this big this powerful the solder ram makes absolutely no sense it’s kind of like the lack of webcam if you try to justify that you’re on kool-aid doesn’t mean the g15 isn’t a great machine so what do we know both have great panels tailored to different but overlapping audiences as i’ve stated speaker performance even though we’ve got a flaw with the g15 is better louder better sound stage than the aero keyboard experience the typing experience i prefer the g15 but i prefer uh the entire package we’re getting here with the numerical keypad and the per key rgb lighting i mean come on in this case i feel like more is more for me personally and also no print screen button yes we all know there’s a workaround who the hell wants a workaround i mean that’s just a giant pain in the ass and totally strange okay totally totally strange by the way rtx game ready drivers installed here studio drivers installed here have i tried both yes benchmarking has been basically the same so studio drivers are pitched as just being really more stable to my knowledge and they should yield better performance in things that are studio related so uh autodesk um you know basically anything architecture related anything graphic design related anything editing related video or still alike um davinci resolve all of those things kind of mentioned that already didn’t i sh you know the studio driver should give you more of a quadro esque

experience but gaming is not screwed that’s the point as the screen actually dims but overall i personally do prefer the arrow 15 and i mean you know i’ve there’s so many good things about the g15 but now that we’re on even footing even if it’s more expensive 2200 versus 1800 i can’t help but find a reason to justify the asus or asus rogue or rog g15 zephyrus especially missing thunderbolt 3 something that is so three years ago but so necessary in my workflow i have a ton of external nvme drives that even though this machine’s type c ports can deliver nice throughput we’re talking about 800 megabytes a second solid here i can get over a gig a second and then let’s not forget docking if like me you’re not going to always be gaming and you do have a thunderbolt 3 or 4 dock they are rolling out those thunderbolt 4 dogs not really much of a difference except for ak video support one plug does it all yeah power you’ll still need power but that’s true of either of these but then one cable will do everything it will connect you to that hub which will have all of your peripherals in my case all of my external storage uh my mouse my keyboard i mean why would i want to give that up now would i give it up if the g15 smoked it the arrow absolutely because i’m not you know crazy i’m not like i’m not in love with either of these i’m not trying to you know go on a date or get married i’m trying to game and you know do work so with that in mind even if i had to have four or five cables coming out of this or just you know use a regular hub which you can they’re a little bit more messy uh not as consistent throughput for 4k output as well which is a requirement for me then i would go the g15 but the thunderbolt 3 here is a winning recipe when i put together the sum of all the parts of the arrow 15.

so again gaming essentially a wash you can check out my gaming demos of both machines well actually the gaming demo for the arrow 15 xc in this review isn’t up yet but it will be soon and you know again they’re really really close slight edge here productivity you have a little more battery life here but you may encounter more blue screens of death also uh the screen flickering has stopped for me uh now some of you thought that was when i connect the power to it which is when the refresh rate changes from 60hz to 165 that is not what i’m referring to i’m talking about it doing it on its own when either on power or off power so nothing to do with changing uh the power supply limitations or the ceiling so just something to be aware of the beauty is is that i don’t feel you can really go wrong with either of these they’re both fantastic i think that they as i’ve stated overlap in terms of their capability no question about it upgradeability i didn’t mention besides the ram both have two nvme slots so you can upgrade those i’ve already thrown in a severant well these are the two drives i’ve thrown in that’ll be another video sabrin rocket uh q4 terabyte and the os i cloned onto a sovereign rocket four plus even though this is next-gen that is fourth-gen speed technically which this doesn’t support neither does no mobile chipsets do yet i like the future proofing there because you know in that gen 4 performance you do have over 5000 on the read write which is just crazy but right now yeah this has a little bit of an edge this is over 3000 on the read write this is close but not quite and that’s why the nvme that does come stock here is better than the one in the kc model or the xc model keep that in mind so you’re going to want to upgrade that but that’s pretty much it in terms of upgradeability of course ram here you can go up to 64 gigs and uh yeah so right now i’ve got one terabyte here stock and i’ve got six in this machine but both are easy to open up uh phillips screws t6 on the right one person asked me about breaking the warranty now does it avoid the warranty good question i don’t really know um oh before i close this

and do the last final tour of the body and wrap this thing up here on that note which i’m going to speak to there were two screws on the gigabyte that had stickers on them which would imply that penetrating those stickers somehow would void the warranty but keep in mind that gigabyte gives you two thermal pads for nvme drives so very mixed signals don’t rely on me reach out to gigabyte i’ve reached out no response yet but then again look i have no relationship with either of these companies so am i doing hey i’ll be friends if they want to be friends uh but i talked about the ventilation here i didn’t talk about the led notifications now on the right is the single led right near the charging port on the arrow we’ve got three lights here if you’re over six feet or i’m going to say six feet tall or more i’m and i’m completely guesstimating you are going to physically see the lights while you’re working or gaming or whatever on this machine even if you’re below six feet tall you’re gonna see the lights reflecting off of the plastic chin the bezel that may make you nuts it doesn’t bother me but enough people have complained that i would be you know leaving something out if i did not make mention so now let’s close them up and let’s talk about how ugly they are this stays lit by the way which is cute but you know suck some juice obviously all right and that’s an oled in the background if you’re trying to figure it out so the g15 let’s start with it it’s little rainbow finish which may or may not come across i’m trying to make it happen and trying trying oh oh oh there it is i am not a fan of this stuff i mean i’m all for rgb but what the i don’t know what the hell this is supposed to be now the kids and i’m not

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that old but the kids may love this i don’t know most gaming laptops are hideous this one as i keep saying isn’t ugly enough to turn me off we’ve got the republic of gamers branding right there as i’ve mentioned the leds are built into the ventilation right there it’s a nice machine i i mean it’s if it was if i thought it was hideous i would not have purchased it i purchased both of these with the intent of keeping one um you know the kc had the problem with the thunderbolt port which is why it’s gone on the right side kensington lock ventilation micro sd card slot by the way one of you asked does the micro sd card go in upside for you know like you don’t have to flip it upside down it does and i i know where you live i don’t mean that literally i know what you mean that’s what the expression is meant to mean there some laptops do force you to flip it it’s a little stupid it’s just the way they design the board the card reader in this case right side up is the right side type a usb port the left side is cluttered it’s where all the action is so the quick charger uh the power port right there hdmi 2.0 b ethernet another type a port two type c ports that as i mentioned are combo ports for displayport power delivery all of that good stuff and then your headphone microphone combo jack i’m almost losing my voice here it seems ventilation you know this stays cooler i’ve mentioned that the machine does stay cooler than the arrow that may matter more to you but the arrow is pretty much sheer on the bottom which is also a first of its kind for me personally phillips screws all around you will have to pluck these little suckers out to get inside i don’t know that i’m going to do that because i don’t think i’m going with this machine if you haven’t put that together yet as good as the g15 is still sold out everywhere ah the aero xc is a little bit more my speed heavier as i mentioned definitely feels like a little bit more of a solid laptop not in love

with this either it also checks that not ugly enough to make me run away box which trust me i wish these machines were actually good looking but we’re not buying them for design or at least i’m not but this one is less ugly in every possible way than the g15 no question i don’t know what these little lines are about but it’s pretty sedate compared to the the glitter i hate glitter by the way so the fact that the lid resembles glitter is just oh glitter is the devil but yeah more solid feeling on the back side i’ll flip it this way so you don’t get too confused we have an arrow logo right there get that into focus all ventilation on the rear sounds odd allowed but and all ventilation here as well i said it’s kind of sheer this thing catches hair like it’s its job i mean god forbid i you know this comes near my arms or legs or my pets i mean this thing i could see needing to clean this out all t6 screws i forget how many uh but they’re all around the chassis pretty easy to pop open the two that i was mentioning that had the seal on them right here so not sure what kind of mixed signal gigabyte is sending with that but they’re sending it so let’s start with the right side of the machine for uniformity purposes we’ve got the power port i’m actually wondering looking at that if i got this together properly i think so our full-size sd card slot which is uh s2 certified so the speeds on this fairly good up to 300 megabytes a second the magical thunderbolt 3 port that so many of you don’t care about and then some of you like me do care about it’s a must-have for me sorry it’s 20 21 cut the i don’t know how a laptop can be too grand and not have thunderbolt 3 or 4 on board when you know little ultrabooks have it that are underpowered little go everywhere machines two type a usb ports we flip

the machine around and again i feel like it’s just a better balance than what you’ve got with the g15 being so crowded on the left the hdmi 2.

1 which can natively again deliver 4k 120 hertz no 8k uh because uh actually excuse me it can deliver 8k listen to me brain farting none of this is scripted if you didn’t know that so you can get ak out of this that is the main advantage of this being hdmi 2.1 we’re talking about just watching video i don’t have an 8k tv you probably don’t have one either so really future proofing at its finest displayport 1.4 this is where the magic happens gaming at 4k 120 hertz completely doable not with everything maxed out obviously but doable which is still amazing from a 15 inch four and a half pound laptop usb type a headphone microphone combo jack and ethernet by the way the wi-fi chipset on both of these i did not mention is exactly the same and performs pretty much exactly the same it’s not the best experience i’ve ever had but it’s near the top of the performance of my orbeez wi-fi six the ax-6000 mesh systems capability so that’s pretty good i have 500 down this pulls in anywhere between three and four hundred down so that’s it’s pretty good it’s not bad so which is right for you i have no clue for me you know having spent as much time with both of these machines i believe i got this on february 12th i’ve had this only for a few days but i was working on the kc before it so i know what to expect basically unless something tragic happens in the next week i will be going with the arrow 15.

In the xc flavor i think the kc is a bargain at 1600. for those of you wondering is the 3060 that inferior to the 3070 no it’s not 3060 is the most underrated player in the game folks i think it’s the bargain it’s where the magic happens however if you have the budget you want more future proofing you want to actually be able to game in 4k which might sound crazy but it’s not trust me then go 30 70.

that’s really the answer and there is a 30 60 model on here too 1500 bucks it doesn’t have the same display uh doesn’t have the same design well most of this most of the ugliness is still there but just be aware but yeah right now i’m leaning towards the aero15xc again just because it is the more well-rounded package even with less battery life even with the slower charge time even with the inability to quick charge excuse me trickle charge it still is as close to checking every single box that i’m trying to check the g15 it sets a new standard in many ways takes a few steps back also i’m very excited to see what uh asus does next year again when amd is a little bit more optimized on the software side of things because again for me personally the tangibility if that’s i think that’s a word tangibleness or we’ll just say the ability to actually utilize the synthetic performance capability difference of that amd cpu is not realized in my current workflow or gaming so while every fan boy and girl could say amd or bust well to me it’s bust right now because this is very promising i don’t i don’t think i’ve ever seen or touched an amd machine that i could say could actually best

an intel one so good times we’re living in outside of the fact that it’s a pandemic but at least there are vaccines right i guess that’s where i’m coming to the circle life is like a circle so very promising things down the road i think next year is going to be very interesting but in the same vein i don’t think intel’s done i think people are starting to eat their cake and you know nvidia if the acquisition of arm goes through i think both intel and amd are both gonna their pants so get ready for that show folks um and if anyone after this video is curious about uh you know if a mac product competes with these i don’t know what to tell you i’m sorry you watched this video pretty much rounds it out both are great i don’t think you can go wrong you know which way i’m leaning i’m leaning right um not don’t don’t be misguided by that i just mean the arrow 15. any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later .

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